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  • _writeria__ 10h

    Each and every woman in her life encounters a beast,
    Who plays with her peace and leave a void there,
    Which is never filled,
    Sooner or later she has to face something somewhere,
    At the age of 14,
    The beast shown up and shook my life to the core,
    Still fighting with the same thing daily but with more courage and strength,
    I know I'll bloom with the best petals and fragrance one day,
    And so will you,
    So keep fighting and battling,
    The ground is yours!!!

    #women #womenempowerment #fightback

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    Putting all his shame at the vagina,
    There he was right above her,
    And there she was just below him uncertain about the certain plan.

  • lettersinink 3d

    Let's change the world

    Don't you think it's time
    to change our world a bit
    to change our perspectives
    to change ourselves a bit.

    Don't you think it's time we learn
    that a woman has dreams too
    that she breathes air and lives too
    that she has feelings too.

    Don't you think it's time we see a woman
    as someone with equal cerebral capacity
    and not a Barbie doll on the shelf,
    that we rewrite our fairy tales
    and weave stories of brave women
    and not damsels awaiting Mr. Prince Charming.

    Don't you think it's time we knew
    that equality is not only physical
    that a girl can voice her opinions too
    that she has the right to succeed too.

    Don't you think it's time we accept
    that a woman can work and manage a house too,
    that a man can work and help in the kitchen too.

    Don't you think it's time we understand
    that a woman's body is hers
    that she has the right to choose
    that she is not an object but a human too.

    Don't you think it's time we realize
    that a victim is not to be blamed
    and the culprit is not to be protected,
    that a woman is not be shackled
    but it's our vile thoughts that should be chained.

    Don't you think it's time we must be taught
    that a man and woman are not antithesis
    but a different version of the same species,
    that we do not succeed by defeating the other
    but by joining hands and working together.

    Don't you think it's time we acknowledge
    that we as women need to change ourselves
    that we must give up hate,jealousy,ego and have each other's back,
    that we are not rivalries
    but the same spirit in different bodies.

    I don't know what you all think
    but I think it's time to change the world
    that it's time we let a girl breathe
    it's time for women to join hands, break barriers and march into a better world.

    Kavya Menon

  • nocturnal_enigma 3d

    * 22.9.2021; 5.50 P.M (Malaysia)

    #womenc #women #challenge @writersbay

    #acrostic #NuEmAcPo

    A force to be reckon with =
    someone who is strong and cannot be ignored

    #Onomatopoeia #NuEmOnomatopoeia

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    WOMEN ~

    Weak? No. We're forces to be reckon with!
    Overthinkers. We are worrywarts. Oops!
    Maternal instinct. We want to be mothers.
    Embraced by our men. We like it. *Ehem.*
    Nuisance. We can be annoying. *Neigh*

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • shilpim 5d

    अकेली रह जाओगी

    तुमने न सीखा रिश्ते निभाना
    ना सीखा हस के गलतियाँ भुलाना
    तुम क्या घर में खुशियाँ लाओगी
    तंग कपड़े पहन मर्दों को फसाओगी
    समाज के कायदे में तुम क्या रह पाओगी
    बिना रिश्तों के दुनिया की नजरों में गिर जाओगी
    खुद को सही माननेवाली तुम क्या घर बसाओगी
    काबिल खुद समझने वाली एक दिन बावली कहलाओगी

    तुम अकेली रह जाओगी
    वंश कहाँ से चलाओगी
    कोई ना पूछेगा तुमको
    अकेली ही मर जाओगी

  • machoboy 5d

    Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.” – Oscar Wilde

    So my argument comes with this quote of Oscar wilde written above��.

    If this is true then why women wants them to be understood by someone. It is only because firstly they are also a human like men and they also need to be understood by others. And if you could not able to understand someone then how would you be able to love them. Because I guess, in love understandings plays a vital role.

    Through understanding only, you would be able to know about women various feelings and then only in response you will be able to act accordingly. Suppose, a woman wants you to leave her alone for a moment when she is not in good mood and that time you tries to show your love. Now, you can surely know what would may happened to you next��.

    See, this is true that no one can fully understand the other at once but with time and effort one can easily achieve this. And not only woman every gender is hard to understood. To love someone, first you have to understand them similarly, to love women, you must understand them.

    #Argument #Miraquillfamily #Mirquill #Writersnetwork #Women #Every_gender #Equality

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    Not only women even every gender
    expects their feelings to be understood
    by their partner before making love to them.
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  • jubikasharma 1w

    औरत अकेले में जिससे ज़लील होती है,
    पूरी दुनिया में उसीकी वाह वाही करती है।


  • vishalrachchh_vira 1w

    "વ્યથાની વાત"

    મારો મોંઘેરો ખજાનો એ લૂંટી ગયા બદમાશો, મને કહેશો કે શું ગુનો છે મારો?
    મલમ મળ્યા શારીરિક ઘાવને, માનસિક પરિતાપની દવા ક્યાં, મને કહેશો કે શું ગુનો છે મારો?
    નરાધમ, પાપી, દુષ્ટો, મારી આત્માને મારનાર હત્યારાઓ, મને કહેશો કે શું ગુનો છે મારો?
    અત્યાચાર તમારો એક ઘડી ભૂલી પણ શકું, પણ સમાજનો આ રોજનો દુરાચાર, મને કહેશો કે શું ગુનો છે મારો?
    સ્ત્રી હોવાની સજા મળી કે પછી કળિયુગ હોવાનો નમૂનો, મને કહેશો કે શું ગુનો છે મારો?
    શરીર તૂટ્યું, આ મન તૂટી પડ્યું ને ખૂટી પડ્યા મારા આ રુદનના ડૂસકાંઓ, મને કહેશો કે શું ગુનો છે મારો?
    નહીં વળતર કે નહીં જોઈતો સજાનો હુકમ મારે, મુક્તિ જોઈએ આ વિચારોના વમળમાંથી, મને કહેશો કે શું ગુનો છે મારો?
    પ્રાર્થના ઓ ઈશ્વર કે આપે એમને સ્ત્રી અવતાર આવતા ભવે,ને પૂછે એ જ પ્રશ્ન કે મને કહેશો કે શું ગુનો છે મારો?


  • curiositylive 2w

    I'm one of a kind

    Crossing mountains, fires and desserts,
    A rollercoaster of life,
    I've been drowned, beaten by life in everyway.
    I still wake up stronger than ever,
    Like the diamond burning through your soul.

    I don't wear a mask, cause I'm me.
    One of a kind.
    Fierce, wild and nothing alike.

    *I make my own happiness and spread them*

  • nainnshu 2w

    That one out of all!

    Fused always in the ink of many,
    A theme found commonly in most of the poems and even tales so-many,
    Pictured over a canvas completely neat and clean,
    Only to be colored at the end by the perspective of its readers most unique!

    The canvas behind overshadows the whole Glittering-World outside,
    Each day consuming each of its inhabitant within its not-so-real limelight,
    Each day, some more number gets added to this list,
    Only to get detached from their own silhouette at the end indeed!

    But one Being out of so many still tries to not get trapped within this web,
    She, from her inbuilt technique of intelligence stands apart-always solely unique,
    Although, the World bounds her forever within its own made-up laws and rules strange,
    Yet, She carries that immense power unparalleled to any other existing being till date.

    Her Silhouette unlike others outshines this deceptive cage made up only for show,
    For only She emerges much stronger and inhibits the power to fight for her own role,
    Mostly portrayed as a being, dependent on some or the other counterpart, who must be a Male,
    She out-throws all such clutches and maintain her very corporeal self always!

  • _scratched_emotions 2w

    For Women Hockey Team ❤️

    हार कर भी जिन्होंने सबका दिल जीता,,
    उस खेल का नाम हॉकी हैं
    ये तो लड़कियों के दिल में लगी एक चिंगारी है,,
    2024 में आग लगाना अभी बाक़ी हैं


  • chithuyiapfoze 2w

    "We heard of mock tales"

    Generalise as weak; women is she indeed a soul!
    Taught all the don'ts; her success was being troll
    The society seems another unpolished clutters
    Only they serve in judgment, was raising fingers

    Made her learn tales about monsters in the dark
    Can somebody also teach her how to also bark!?
    She was told exposing skin was greatly unholy
    Did you bother to tell she was beautiful tottaly?

    Taught her limitations and shouldn't go beyond
    Did you bother to know her potential beyond?
    Taught her marriage was ultimate end for her
    Did you try giving her; her own wings as men!?

    It's now a world where men and women fits in it!
    Did we try knowing how she made all through it?
    Did you wonder after ALL,her heart being so pale
    Still proved them wrong;that this was just a"Tale"
    __Chithuyia pfoze


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    Why gender!? Go for their ability their POTENTIAL!!...

  • laconic_words 2w

    Is it a #haiku ?
    I've been trying hard to write one and this the closest I've reached to it. Also I've wished to write about #women's #menstruation from so long but am still trying to look for the #Beauty in it.

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    The crimson Red
    Between her legs
    Symbolism of
    no flower bloomed yet.

  • ana_vah 2w

    A Tuesday

    It was Tuesday and like any other Tuesday it started in a rush.
    The bed was left undone, the food half cooked, the mantle showed specks of dust.
    The blouse that covered my bosom, was wrinkled at my cleavage.
    It wasn't meant to be suggestive while the rest of me was dishevelled.

    It was a Tuesday, Pouring down like any other summer day,
    Outside the incessant rain, inside the indomitable perspiration, Trickling down my face.
    The ceiling fan blew against my body, plastering my clothes like second skin.
    In the heat of the summer, it wasn't meant to be second skin.

    It was a Tuesday on a summer morning where a crowded bus tormented me.
    My sweaty wet clothes became an excuse for others to grope,
    As if large hands need reasons to desecrate wide hips,
    As if the body isn't already a foreign temple, For others to vandalise and loot?

  • vangelis 3w

    Hi all, it's been a long time that I've written something. I was stuck between the hustles of life.
    #miraquill #women #poem #thoughts

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    To the hands of the creator,
    A meek wormy soul wrote.
    Pardon me! It's hard to say.
    The hands did a mistake.
    The hands shaped men
    The hands shaped women
    And sent them to live, but that's a lie.

    He sent them to perpetuate in a world
    that turned into a nutshell.
    Men became rulers, with strength,
    muscle power and bravery.
    With women he made a family.
    Men fought while women raised
    their children, they lived happily.
    Some strong women ruled,
    while the rest produced rulers.
    But what about the ones
    who couldn't produce a king?
    who couldn't produce at all?

    Black and white air swept away.
    In the new world of technical nerds,
    Women became MACHINES.
    They were the same back then.
    But the eyes of the camera
    that explored her beauty and within,
    made her a famous machine.
    Women skin, highly demanded.
    Her attributes, cute and sweet.
    Was she a meal, for wolves to feed in?

    Some women believed, beautiful is ideal.
    It is to feed and to be fed.
    (To be fed is a lie again!)
    While others tolerated the pain.
    So they won't hurt the main.
    She don't have muscle power, they said.
    All she got is flesh and blood.
    But she got pain that can turn to power.
    Still, she was an object.
    Object of amusement.
    A machine to give birth.
    She objectified herself,
    some for money
    and some for tradition.

    Even in a country of Goddess,
    Women are not safe.
    Oh God, why did you create her?
    To give birth?

  • aj1993 3w

    Queen Bee

    She was the queen bee to her family,
    She built beautiful bee hive for her family and feed her family sweet honey with the sweat and blood of her hard work,
    She travelled thousands of miles every day before sunrise, crossing mountain of obstacles, facing many insults, fighting through dangers daily for her family.
    As she was daughter of mother Earth she had infinite amount of patience and strength to keep every pain, insults inside her for herself and have a big beautiful smile always on her face.

    The beautiful big smile did not last forever, as the evil souls of hell who were only filled with greed , lust and only evil pounced upon her.

    As the daughter of mother Earth she fought bravely alone for long till her last breath, she hoped till the end of her time may be some help will come to her rescue but no help came for her rescue.

    With her hope of help was lost she took her last breath, with the last breath of our queen bee, her beautiful hive was collapsed and her entire family was destroyed.
    After this destruction the evil souls of hell continued there hunting for next prey of Queen Bee

  • miss_as 3w


    Never Giveup
    We might need a Coffee
    We might need a Good Cry
    We might need a Day in Bed
    But we will always
    Comeback Stronger


  • arjeet02 4w

    World will mind

    If you want to break up
    You felt cheated
    There is no other way.
    You won't path ways
    If you were an Indian.

    If you mind what will world share
    Let me tell you this no one care
    If that World would be a utopia.
    But world is a cruel locus.


     about 1% of all married couples end their family life with a dissolution of marriage.did you felt proud?
    37 per cent of the women committing suicide in the world are Indian.
    Every Sixth Victim of Suicide in India Is a Housewife.
    Dowry system also kills 2.4% of Indian girls.
    (()(((Repost this as much you can)))())

  • cryptic_lines 4w

    women are most beautiful dream of god created to balance the world..


  • neha_warang 4w

    Saw her coming out late
    My oh my!
    She went for work and ran late
    Cry heavens cry!

    You are lady, you can do what you want,
    People will judge you, they can't digest the fact,
    Climbing the ladder you are breaking the bind,
    Keep going girl, you are our pride!
    Taunting, yapping, they'll try to bring you down,
    Trampling over you, they will try shutting you down,
    Aww so sweet..look at their efforts!
    It's a shame they don't know that you can't be bound!
    You are self made, you don't need a golden cage.
    Smart, successful, you are lady of this age!
    Lots of opportunities, the world is your stage,
    Your life's a book, awaits next page!

  • sabhyarai21 4w

    #women # ��

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    Agar ma chup hu iska
    Matlab yha ni ki ma
    Shant hu ...
    Agar ma hus rahi iska
    Matlab yha ni ki ma kush hu ...
    Agar ma chal rahi iska matlab
    Yha ni ki ma bhag ni sakti
    Bolna sabko aata h
    Lakin kerna Khali mujha ha...