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  • nikinew 36w

    lmao idk what this is but meh
    #newwriter #womansday. this is me to my mom :))

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    I am fine,
    Fine when i look it your eyes,
    And i see the shining light.
    Fine when i see you sleeping tight,
    And match your breathing with mine.
    Fine when you look at me like i am the sky.
    Fine when i see you smile.
    I am just fine.

  • rafeeababar 45w

    Happy Woman's day!

    To those who believe in being woman!

    We were created like this and we should be proud of what we are!

    Khanna b sath garam karengy, kapray b sath me press karengy, job bhi dono karengy! If I get angry, you get me an ice-cream and If you will get furious I'll cook you something special. We'll live together.


  • shreedapoetry_vaishali 45w

    देर से सही मगर हाज़िर हूँ कविता हर एक 'औरत' को समर्पित करते हुए
    first of all Happy Woman's Day
    महिला दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामना


    एक औरत का बहुत बड़ा role होता है सबकी ज़िंदगी में आख़िर वो सबसे अहम किरदार जो निभा रही होती है फिर चाहें वो माँ के रूप में, बहन ke रूप में या फिर पत्नी के रूप में तमाम रिश्तों निभाती है और ये बातजो बहुत प्रचलित है वो मैं ज़रूर कहना चाहूँगी कि वो अकेली औरत दो परिवार साथ ले कर चलती है तो कुछ lines likhi hai Maine for all the Women....................
    #womansday #womanempowerment 👭

    वो दुर्गा का रूप होती है
    औरत शक्तिशाली होती है

    फिर क्यूँ माँगती है भीक इज़्ज़त की
    वो बदनाम सरेआम होती है

    हाँ अब कहने ज़रूर लगे है लोग
    कि नारी स्वतंत्र होती है
    क्या सच में होती है ?

    क्या तुम्हारे 4 by 4 के कमरे में
    थोड़ी जगह उसकी भी होती है ?

    टी.वी. देखना का हक़ तो
    पूरे परिवार को मिला साहब
    सब बिस्तर में होते हैं,वो आधी रात बर्तन धोती है

    सुबह office तो तुमको जाना होता है ना
    वो अभी भी नाश्ते की तैयारी कर रही होती है

    सच बताओ ना क्या तुम कर पाओगे इतना सब कुछ
    जो वो औरत सुबह-ओ-शाम कर रही होती है है

    सुनो, गर तुम कुल का दीपक हो,तो वो ज्योति है
    हाँ वो दुर्गा का रूप होती है
    औरत बेहद शक्तिशाली होती है

    Vaishali Thakur🕊

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  • ayayrunsblog 45w

    #women #woman #womansday #wod #appreciation #thoughtful

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    Who Is A Woman?

    What best describes being a woman?
    For the many thoughts that come to mind, this visits most often.
    Is it the way she's brave, when she wants and needs to be?
    She stands up high and tall in the face of adversity.
    Is it her power, that intimidates certain people in the room?
    Scared of the fact that their jobs, she'd have quite soon.
    Or is it how she bridges the gap that society created?
    Small victories daily; the ladder of inequality, eradicated.
    Perhaps it's the resilience that she carries around herself?
    Constantly let down by society but still within her, she finds strength.
    And if it isn't all of that then surely it's the love?
    Her unwavering compassion intertwined with great resolve.
    But the more I think is the more I realize,
    That the essence of a woman cannot be categorized.
    It's everything and then some along the way,
    And to this I raise a toast, to all the women on this symbolic day.
    Continue to rise with grit and dedication that never fades,
    And always be reminded that you're fearfully and wonderfully made.

  • wordsofsh 45w

    Let her be,
    Today and everyday
    Let her feel,
    Today and everyday
    Let her dance,
    Let her have moods,
    Let her behave childishly
    Let her be mature
    Today and everyday
    Respect her,
    Celebrate her,
    Cherish her,
    Not just today, but everyday!
    Trust her,
    Believe her,
    Value her,
    Not just today,but everyday!

    She is a miracle, a wonder,
    Who is the reason,
    earth will keep growing
    Today and everyday!

    #wordsofsh #pod #womansday @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay @odysseus

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    She the woman

    Let her be,
    Today and everyday
    Let her feel,
    Today and everyday


  • najar7515 45w

    The Woman

    We are special
    And so we deserve Attention
    We are Tender and so we need pampering
    We are Determine and so architect
    Of great innovations

    We are purpose driven unstoppable we are
    We are professionals Masters in our Fields
    We are mothers we build the nation
    We are bold undeterred by challenges
    We have a womb and so we nurture great ideas

    We are physically strong
    Emotionally stable
    We are capable and so give us a chance
    We don't need to prove who we are
    We showcase what we are capable of
    So you know who we are not

    We are what we are
    Because we choose who we are
    We have the power to become who we want
    For we are Women

    © Noah Ademola 8.3.2021 (women's Day)

  • khadijachughtai 45w

    fear the girls
    you use and abuse
    fear the girls
    you treat as inferior and weak
    for when they become
    the women of strength
    for when they learn
    how to defend
    the monster in them
    never sleeps

    Khadija Chughtai

  • khadijachughtai 45w

    If she is everything you want and you can't bear
    then she is the award that you don't deserve.

    ©Khadija Chughtai

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  • khadijachughtai 45w

    love her as she deserves
    everyday a little more
    and she will return it
    a million folds

    ©Khadija Chughtai

  • sulagna2019 45w

    When she puts on stilletos and glides gracefully,
    She conceals all her pains and triumphs successfully

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  • xangex 45w


    "Woman" destined to
    Take Care ,Rear and Bear,
    And still smile
    with all the Pain in there.
    If not such an experience
    she's said to be "RARE"

  • sillysadar 45w

    National Woman's Day

    Today isn't about giving a woman strength but,
    Letting her show her strength
    Today is not the day they hide weather it may be because of their skin or fear of danger
    They must have a day where they feel free, no?
    Where they're worries will float away as they remember how much they achieved

    Marie Curie got a Nobel prize in physics which inspired us, remember?
    5 woman, Joann Morgan, Margaret Hamilton, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson and Judy Sullivan
    These woman helped astronauts go to the moon which inspired us once again, remember?

    There are many achievements we should be proud of as well as us in general
    Look how far we've come, how strong we are and our patience
    Notice your achievements as well weather it be big or small be proud of it
    Be proud of yourself like I'm sure others are

  • shahid_ishfaq 45w


    woman is power behind man's strength.


  • mishti__ 45w

    Because I'm a woman !

    I'm short heightened and tiny.
    Yet you fall to my feets, when I walk in.
    With that wonderous gaze and a amazed look;
    I get noticed and admired.
    Because, I'm a woman!

    I'm a fantasy, a dream.
    Well, I can also be your worst nightmare.
    I can fight with my impactful voice;
    I can keep glowing with my gaze.
    Because, I'm a woman!

    I care for people surrounded by me.
    I'm the one who rules around.
    I don't only run my house;
    I run the entire world.
    Because, I'm a woman!

    I bleed every month;
    Bearing the pain I feel.
    I don't burry myself in the roofs;
    I go out to let my shine get noticed.
    Because, I'm a woman!

    I'm a survivor, a fighter, a struggler.
    Used to float my emotions and tears.
    I face toxic trolls and sexist comments daily;
    I still continue to be free.
    Because , I'm a woman!

    I carry a soul in me for 9 months;
    I feel pain, but baby is worth it,
    I'm happy to feel it.
    I'm not only a mother , but a sister, a daughter, a wife.
    Because , I'm a woman!

    I've a very dirty and fascinating imagination;
    I fall for people easily than I wish.
    I feel every thing which I shouldn't and ;
    I cry over sad movies and daily soap.
    Because I'm a woman.

    I'm adorable, unfathomable, impeccable, incridible.
    I can have men wrapped around my tiny finger.
    I work harder everyday and;
    I can speak my heart out and be bold.
    Because , I'm a woman!


    Happy Woman's Day y'all. And hello beautiful woman across the whole world. Lemme tell you that I'm a proud woman and I feel grateful to be a woman.✨
    #woman #womansday #me #free #float #mirakee #writersnetwork #wod #pod #ceesrepost

    Thanks @writersnetwork for ❤️

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay ❤️

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    I'm brown, maybe a little ugly.
    I hide my scars to look perfect sometimes,
    But I have realised that it doesn't matter.
    "I am the most beautiful creature";
    This is the only thing I gotta feel.
    Because, I am a woman!

  • firefly_world4854 45w

    Dear girls don't say you
    are ugly or useless,
    Know that God made you for a reason

  • aditii_ 45w

    I gave my best efforts on this , tried to portray all the struggles but I'm not sure if I did so or not.
    Although I just spoilt it.


    Born on the silence of dark night,
    She smiled with her beauteous lips,
    And closed her eyes to take a deep sleep.

    Her daddy held her in his arms,
    Saying "O dear baby you are my star".

    He had a million of dreams in his eyes,
    As she was his princess,
    How can he let her die.

    Till she grew up eighteen,
    They somehow kept her safe,
    After it they let her fly away.

    She flew away like a bird,
    And became a pilot at the end of the day.
    From an interlocked cage
    To the open sky she came away here a long way,
    No one ever uplifted her
    because she was a girl child.

    Time flew away and,
    No one realised when this small little baby grew up into a woman,
    She got a small little girl,
    Who was her princess.

    Her princess was a ray of hope to her,
    As her husband left her.
    The divorce made her weak,
    But she was a woman,
    So she had to be a pillar to her child.

    It was time,
    When it walked away no one realised,
    She grew up old,
    But her mirror image,
    Grew up young.

    As always she supported her princess till her last breath,
    But a unwanted day arrived which made her princess,
    A rape victim.

    The mirrors fell down,
    Shattered into pieces,
    Tears were freezed,
    As her emotions died.

    Her princess was mortified by the heartless society,
    When a female needs a support they tried to disheartened her.

    She and her princess somehow ignored that thing and went on and on,
    But this fate had no peace that all pains were written in her princess's life,
    All her beauty vanished at once from that acid attack!

    This now felt more disowned,
    The worse of worst was here for here,
    Her only support was also growing old,
    But she promised her princess to be with her till it's last breath.

    Her princess was strong and she'll stay strong,
    Ups and downs are there but she'll stand always strong.

    Where the whole world disobeyed her,
    She found a love,
    Who became her support system.

    Life went on and on,
    Her princess became a queen with beauty of scars.
    Her priceless smile was one of the most beautiful thing on her face.

    She gave a birth to a boy who was girly,
    Yes the boy was a transgender,
    And she was never ever felt bad about it.
    He maybe was a boy,
    But she gave him the tag of a female.

    The three generations taught the society alot,
    But it depends if they did understood or not.

    A woman emotions are Something which is hard to understand,
    She never speaks,
    But speaks alot!
    The bg is not trying to offend anyone. Hope you understand. And there is no problem in talking about this is thing in public because it's comman and at some or the other point we all have studied about this topic. So please :)

    WN�� (19)

    #writersnetwork #womansday #ceesreposts

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  • aabanerjee 46w

    तेरे होने से ही ये दुनिया है,
    तू हर जीवन की जननी है,
    तू सच है, तेरा वजूद सबसे ऊंचा है,
    तू ही आसमान,
    तू ही धारा है,
    तू ही मां की ममता है,
    तू ही दुर्गा का क्रोध है,
    तू ही शांति है,
    तू ही कराल रूपा है,
    तू ही प्रेम है,
    तू ही ईर्षा है,
    तू ही तपस्या है,
    तू ही मोह माया है,
    तू ही सच है
    क्योंकि तेरे ही होने से ये दुनिया है।


  • nightboii 75w

    Woman's Day

    A Woman with so much potential
    Everyone of them are so essential
    They should be idolized
    Not fantasized

    A Woman with so much wisdom
    Enough to take down whole kingdoms
    Respect those who give birth
    They're the reason your on Earth

    A Woman deserve respect
    Nothing less
    An angel in disguise
    Send from God himself

    Every Woman needs to know
    They value more than they would know
    Woman have :

    Overwhelming love
    Meaningful souls
    Endless happiness
    Non-stop respect for others

    That is a Women