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  • vanya_saxena 20w

    We are all wolves howling to the same moon.


  • eiichiquoteslife 26w

    The Moon

    The wolves howl
    The waves crash into the sand
    Ships sail across the water
    The sea is lit up with a glow across its surface

    Everyone believes the sun is bright,
    But when day turns into night, the sun cowers away
    And allows the moon to shine brighter.

  • bulderme 27w

    Wolf Company

    I usually take walks; I sometimes like to walk in the forests of Greenland. It's cold here, and I love it. I carried some pork with me, y'know, for the wolves near my cabin. They like to live near the cabin for some reason. I don't really care about their company. I prepare to throw the pork; the wolves already close in. I throw the pork, but one was caught on my heavy coat. I literally throw myself to the snowy ground. I was embarrassed for some reason, like someone was watching me. I start to run back to the cabin and the wolves give chase. I realized that they were close, and I screamed; I thought I was gonna get shredded up to pieces. I couldn't stop now, I don't want to end up chopped up in wolf bellies. One pounced on me as I fell to the ground.. The others catch up and some start fighting for the pork on me. Some sniffed me everywhere. They must smell the scented candles I have in my cabin. I brought them from America; I go to the cabin for vacation. I thought I was wolf food until one started to pounce the other.. "What the?" I ask myself as the wolves start to play. I didn't realize what was going on until I brought myself back to my feet. They were... Nice? This should not be the case as wolves are shy creatures. I walk back into my warm, cozy cabin, looking out the window, watching them play and shred the pork. I made some pork for myself as I love eating pork. "Pulled pork sandwiches," I said, "my all-time favorite". I love being in my cozy cabin and have wolves for company. I thought I would be dead that day. I will definitely come back there again when I'm on vacation.

  • wordvomit4u 31w

    There's no silence upon sheep
    once the wolves awaken


  • paws_draws 41w

    How the wild wolves turned into winter bears.

    Freedom, excitement, busy.

    All these different words can be described towards wolves, fascinating creatures.

    Running through forests
    Prancing through snow
    Gazing through stars

    Each in their own pack,
    Busy busy busy!

    Beautiful skins shining in the sun
    Beautiful eyes shining through the moon
    Beautiful paws hitting the foliage and snow

    These wild creatures cannot be tamed
    Constantly at work and living life.

    Although each day is perfect, a large sickness came as thick as fog through the forest.

    Panic dusted the excitement.
    Many wolves fallen from breathing the heavy fog.

    Dreadful sickness killed many

    Horrible cries and howls of sickness over death

    Scary thoughts of who the sickness would get next

    Underground in deep dens to hide from the fog

    Anyone left that hasn't fallen now stays within the den.

    Scared to leave, we stay. Watching everyone else outside slowly became nothing to the fog.

    We fall into a deep hibernation within the den and caves, becoming winter bears.

    Freedom becomes less, our thoughts slowly turning into three things.


    Will we be free to roam the packed forest once again, wild wolves...

    Or will we forever be hibernating winter bears?

  • snehant 42w

    Call me weird, whatever you want to.
    But I like night time things,
    Wolves, Moons, Stars, Howls, Darkness.


  • pallavi4 44w

    The Wolves

    The wolves tore us to pieces
    To shreds in a matter of minutes
    We didn’t stand a fighting chance
    We’d tested their patience limits

    Maybe it is better this way
    We lie tattered, broken and mutilated
    While they rejoice behind our backs
    Celebrating , joyful and elated

    Had we been stronger
    Had there been more between us to contemplate
    They would’ve found a tighter bond
    An unyielding bond- harder to break

    We thought we were bound to each other
    Forever meant to be united as one
    Everlasting though our love was supposedly
    Spiders slowly a cobweb had spun

    They attacked and drew blood
    Bit and scratched what they could
    We were freed from our bond as was right
    Becoming obsolete as we ourselves should’ve


    26th of January, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Wolf Howling Watercolour by Olga Shvartsur

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  • emmaejoh 45w

    Lone wolves
    Connecting Spirits
    The mysteries of life
    We haven't unfolded
    The journey of friendship
    Begins with
    You and I.


  • cardelljhardy 45w


    When they want to haunt me down
    While I am weak and on the ground.
    Watch me try and fight back
    While they get me under attack
    Wolves coming from every corner.
    With God on my side, I won't be prey
    With Him, I am safe always.

  • writingvessels 53w

    Hope for a better year

    slippery, yet we held on
    a fierce battle for survival
    tragedy stayed with us
    still we showed smiles of hope
    smiles grew like flowers in the garden
    together we made it
    as lessons were learnt
    humility softened our hearts
    hope for a better year, no matter what it brings
    together in love, for a better year

    Be inspired!

  • _fragna_ 54w


    Don't throw her in a dark world,
    By putting your anger over her.
    She is delicate and sensitive.
    Don't let her seek the love outside,
    She may get preyed easily,
    she may get lost in the forest of wolves.

  • samtheowl 55w


    A howl to the star filled sky,
    A triumphant cry.

    Dashing through the trees,
    Amidst the midnight breeze.

    Known as a savage,
    Yet you hold so much knowledge

    I admire you from a distance,
    Thankful for your existence.

    Mighty wolf.

  • samtheowl 55w

    The Hunt

    The wind courses through my fur,
    My paws drums upon the Earth.
    Deeply kissing Their flesh.

    Scents arise on the wind.
    I can hear my kin nearby.
    A good hunt will be had.

    The sweet smell of sweat,
    The faint sounds of a thumping heart,
    Oh, my canines ache,
    For the ephemeral feel of its throat.
    The warmth of its life force.

    Ecstacy awaits, my darling.
    Let us revel in it.

  • in_fragments 56w

    Gave myself a prompt: Listen to a piece of music and write about the images that it brings into your mind.
    *The song I listened to when writing this was Wolves by Kanye West*
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    Lone Wolf, Fresh Human

    The lone wolf ran from tree to tree,
    bewilderment in her beastly
    eyes as she tried to find the mouth
    of the forest, set herself free-
    the homespun cloak of darkness bled
    into the sky above her head
    as howls from each direction rang
    around her like ghosts as she fled
    into the black, she tripped blindly
    as dirt clung on to her tightly
    and large creatures above her loomed
    to take her spirit mindlessly;
    but then, out sprang its protectors,
    baring the teeth of defenders,
    covered the lone wolf in their shade,
    fought 'til the monsters surrendered-
    then carried her through the thickets
    by the scruff of her neck, misfits
    traveling without a compass
    through lands cold and wicked.
    There was crying from the bushes-
    wolf pups with paws stuck in trenches-
    dug up and picked out to safety,
    camouflaged against the rushes;
    so a makeshift canine tribe stalked
    out of the darkness, into fog,
    pallid gray stretching for miles out,
    predators lurking in the smog-
    but the wolves ran through all their fright,
    kept fire inside to guide the night
    out of the black and white numbness
    that paralyzed the sunlight-
    claws ripped at her skin, peeled off fur
    as the whole region howled at her;
    blood-curdling, torturous screams
    cut through the mists that mixed and blurred
    the line between bodies and thoughts,
    broke barriers of secret spots
    now open, moaning in the wind,
    the scenes forgotten and left to rot-
    the lone wolf, not so lonely, sliced
    through the decay with eyes like ice,
    focused forward, into unknown
    territories with no disguise,
    she stumbled, sighed and gasped for air
    as she dragged herself through despair,
    and finally the haze broke up,
    revealed a path to anywhere;
    paws hit the road, transformed to toes,
    spine straightens higher as she goes
    skin toughens up to freedom, for
    answers the others never know-
    the path is still thick and unclear,
    a new beginning waiting here,
    howls still hounding her from within,
    her companions disappeared
    but not gone- leapt into her head
    to rest on haunches there instead,
    precise and tailored protection;
    voices coming back from the dead-
    as chirps from birds rang in the sky,
    the beast remembered how to cry,
    released banshee screams of her own,
    the ones she held and wished would die-
    but they resurrected themselves,
    memories leak out of their shells;
    a whole world alive in her mind
    emerging from the forest of hell
    a fresh human, all blood and poise,
    mental unrest, unfiltered voice-
    but it is hers, reborn from pain
    and trauma, growth and choice,
    relearning what is natural,
    evolving out of the rubble-
    each step closer to something else-
    expression, without a muzzle.

  • ilexater 57w

    Throw me to the wolves

    The funny thing about wolves,
    my dear,
    is that they understand the concept of family
    and have respect
    for strength when they see it.

    Contrary to humans,
    they are loyal to their partners,
    with the thought of infidelity
    laughable at best.

    They, unlike you,
    are willing to work together
    and protect their vulnerable.

    All this is to say,
    I would prefer being thrown to the wolves
    and take fate into my own hands
    than to live another moment
    under your despotic rule
    and propensity for betrayal.

    It would be a far more humane way of life.

  • dipsisri 59w

    Last line may sound creepy because most of u must be scared of sound of wolves.
    Idk does that mean anything or not,just wanted to write my nyctophillic love;-)��.

    Sorry if u feel like what is this!
    @darkerthanblack @wallfl0wer @hafeezhmha @shaiz_fs #night #nyctophillia #wolves #black #poem #rhymingpoems

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    I get lost in black night,
    When everything feels like "Its alright"!

    I love the glimmering stars,
    Which is plunged in night poigneir.

    I love watching the beautiful moon,
    When the twinkling starlight cover night strewn.

    I love listening to the sound of wolves,
    They give the power for the pain & scars,
    I endure.

    I just love the
    Glimmering stars!
    Black sky :))

  • yaron116 67w

    Backing down isn't my thing
    Giving up isn't my motive
    Weakness in spirit isn't embraced

    Getting back up is a habit
    Never giving up is in the Heart
    Weakness is buried daily

    ...where I come from we Believe...

    >Where I Come From


  • bill_nye_the_russian_spy_poetry 79w


    I see through my minds eye,
    I alone can pass this state.
    To the moon the wolf will cry
    To look upon their worthless fate.
    Look away from lies they bring
    Just to realise we all drown.
    The deafened silence of our king
    Who seeks out war and pain abound.
    Their deaths are not the answer
    To the peace you claim to seek.
    You don’t listen to their laughter-
    You just assume that they are weak.
    They hunt for food and water
    While you live off a silver platter.
    Like a lamb led off for slaughter,
    You act like lives are not to matter.
    You don’t listen to their footsteps-
    The gentle placement of their paw.
    Just like having an opinion
    Is now against your stupid law.
    They all struggle to survive
    But they all manage to get by.
    You are surprised they’re still alive-
    Just like to you, so am I.
    You don’t get their way of life
    And how free they seem to be.
    Which is why I chose to leave-
    And why I let them kidnap me.

  • sarahrachelea 84w

    If you're afraid of foxes and wolves
    Don't go into the wood


  • therealnickp 86w

    Feed Me To The Wolves, and Hope I Don't Come Back A Leader

    Mouths are left to starve
    Supermarkets are not filled
    The lives will fade away

    A funeral for the life that was
    The stock shelves are that no longer is
    The meals become toenail clippings and tomato juice

    The people are dying
    And the survivors are left behind
    With appalling meals

    Awaiting for when this will be done
    So we can have a sense of normalcy
    In this grim time we are stuck in fallacy

    The energy is drained
    The memories fade
    And we are left alone
    As the icy wind knocks on our beings

    Scary isn't it
    Having to look within in this mad world
    Hungry, hurt and heartbroken
    And unsure of when it will end


    The end will come, one day
    Whether it be by a hand of bone or be the light of ray