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  • e11eventhwolf 1d

    You can cleanse your soul
    Through crying,
    Through screaming,
    Through writing,
    Through creating,
    Through enduring and sitting with the pain of birthing new versions of yourself.
    You can cleanse your soul


  • melcus86 8w

    Say Less

    I can Barely withstand
    the awkwardness of silence
    awaiting Anxiously
    For you to say anything
    Something to escape the quiet
    Cut to me carrying every conversation
    From becoming
    The ever so toxic atrocity
    Who Talks Gossip on anyone who's anybody

  • laws_ofthe_universe 12w

    Practice in Peace

    The name of the game
    Might not be the same
    For you or for me
    For he or for she
    Is it nine? Is it six?
    Tell me what is your fix?
    Don't be stingy
    We all learned to share
    The attitude is cringy
    And why do you care?
    Sure I could understand
    Your slight unamusement
    But tell me is it worth
    All this intrusion?
    Practice in peace
    Let the ignorant preach
    You know your truth
    Why so eager to speak?
    Let it grow
    Let it die
    The truth will show
    This too will subside

  • istillwrite 15w

    Hamster wheel ->>>> Life

    Life is bliss. Bliss is life. So why not cut the pretence.

    What do people see when they look at you? Is that the real you or is it nothing but an extension of the truth? Do you enjoy pretending like you do on social media these days? Or you're just going with the flow? What's the one thing you possess that catch their attention?

    The most obvious part of human is the body and how it has been lowered to nothing is alarming. I cringe when I hear people's opinions on how they boldly utilise their so-called 'property' (body).

    So I hope the body would be given more respect after this.Yes, we've all changed. From our traditional and Orthodox views, perspective and reasoning to being termed "woke" in this generation.

    However, I've sat myself down to see whether truly, our generation is better than the previous. Our common "woke" generation is getting involved in far more wild and dangerous engagements, all in the name of Fame and getting rich quick. Well, we would all love to evade this obvious threats. But till later. We've all become accustomed to all those things we bash people for.

    And recently I learnt that you never accuse or blame someone for something they did until you've walked a mile in their shoe. But again, self discipline can also go a long way. Until then!

    From parental care to education to sensitization to enlightenment to orientation to relationship to communication to common sense to personal decisions to actions even our thoughts.

    Truly, your thoughts shape your actions, thus out of it flows the issues of life.

  • laws_ofthe_universe 22w

    We Are Power

    If you feel fear then they are in control.
    If you believe they will achieve their goal.
    You must be strong! You must be wise!
    They are filled with nothing more than lies!
    And it's sad to see such a weak disguise.
    Dilute so many to abandon their brain.
    Jump on any ole social train.
    This is a mistake! It is not real!
    Reach out your hands! What do you feel?
    Nothing. Absolutely nothing! Holograms and clones.
    They will never leave us alone!
    It is us who truly have the power.
    They would be nothing if we hadn't built their tower.
    Tear it down! It is time to rise above!
    Claim this world once built for love!

  • evelovestar 29w

    Waking Up To Love

    I used to be asleep.
    Going through the world
    Expecting deceit,
    Which I received.

    Luck was on my side.
    I met you one night.
    I looked at your eyes
    And melted inside.

    Patiently, you taught me
    To Love and be free,
    To live passionately,
    And be grounded like a tree.

    And in your sweet embrace
    My fate was changed.
    You opened my eyes,
    And woke up my heart to Love. ❤️


  • sheikh_huzaifa 31w

    U know what! On the day of rain we can wish anything we want and it comes true... But, all days are for praying and wishing...
    #woke #up #lucky #wind #rain #camed #wish #me #showered #blessings #birthday #special #ever #big #gift #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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    I woke up!
    I am so lucky...
    Winds and rain camed to wish me!
    They showered me with the blessings...
    This, birthday been more special than ever.
    This, is a big gift for me.....

  • w3ston 49w

    Surpassing faith

    Faith is important to have. It's believing in something you have never seen or senced or heard proof of.surpassing that becomes an entire new ball game. Now I know it's fact. Now I know it's real. Now obedience becomes the test. Now I have enemies and am called crazy. Breaking habits that are in sinful nature. It's not easy. But because the truth of it hits you after you unknowingly do what's been habbit. You are disappointed. Now it's my soul. It's always been important and IV had faith in God but was never confirmed and witness to it. So I recognize the reality of my everyday life and truly how far in the dark we are. The light is rare. A bright light will stir the absence of God like roaches. The evil has a darker Shadow and can be recognized when a bright light is in the room. I'm that light. I stir the roaches and I make what's evil be seen by those who are blind. Anyways. These are the things I stress to people but I am brand new to this life. And thought I was with it. But it's difficult. If you are witness like me. I want to hear from you. My story is deep but only people who have heard and seen can understand and believe. But we are not alone.

    Weston Thompson

  • viviella 59w

    Are you surprised that I now write in this pattern? Well, welcome to the new month. Some of us balled into it in this format. #sensation #newmonthruns #woke @wokewithsleepyeyes @wokeupdim @writersbag

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  • wifey_suicide 61w


    Anything that is true, is labeled a conspiracy
    Which leaves life nothing but a mystery
    You can have thousands of sources
    And still have a theory
    Not because nobody wants to hear it
    It’s because all of it is in bits and pieces
    Nothing makes sense
    Life is nothing but a evil joke
    And you have to put the puzzle together
    Without looking at the picture

    The devil wants nothing but your throat
    He’s the greatest of all time, that’s why he’s a goat
    He makes you believe money is the only way for hope and change
    While you spend it all on pizza
    Even that has a story of it’s own

    But truth to be told
    Nobody even holds family close
    They rather be the lonely lost sheep, than the pack of the wolf
    To keep us all protected

    The devil mocks on all creation
    While we all forget about the Constitution and Bill of Rights
    While the devil creates a new app, united we fall into hatred and confusion
    Normalizing what is wrong, so we hate on the things that are right

    Selling sexual body parts to pedophilia without being labeled prostitution while overdosing on drugs, while being told it would help mental health, before seeking actual help, while the neighbor’s kid goes missing, while we stay stuck inside losing our minds to a disease so deadly, that only a mask can save us this time.

    That’s only one percent of it.

    Open your third eye.

    The devil is brilliant for ruining our lives.

  • evelovestar 68w

    Not Here to Suffer

    I woke up today
    On the right side of the bed
    And I realized
    I'm not here to suffer,
    I am here to thrive!


  • lostprofit 73w

    Black Unicorn

    She bats her eyes and cracks a smile
    Most men stumble and fall into the pile
    She Cries wolf and deceives
    Just so men will fall to her knees
    She is smart and intellectual
    But only knows how to use her sexual prowess
    She has convinced herself of doing no wrong
    Even tho she has layed waste to the ones who
    Would do her no harm.
    She was a unicorn in a town full of scum
    That made the fools succumb
    I saw glimpses of Love and perfection
    And soul brightening affection
    Only to see the Darkness in her soul
    Consume her ability to see the light
    Excuses and lies have become truths
    And facts
    When faced with honesty and logic
    She goes on the attack
    A beautiful mind so polluted with hate and hurt
    The only thing people see is a fake painted face
    The real have fallen and the snakes have risen
    Hopefully god or karma gives her the vision
    This unicorn I speak of i have seen face to face
    She made my world quake
    I fell to my knees like a fool
    And became one of her many tools
    But this I know and I truly believe
    Somewhere in there her soul is waiting to escape the darkness from within.
    But until then i must say goodbye to the unenlightened
    The black unicorn that kills men.

  • mirakee_quote_master 76w

    Quote #38

    "They try to think seven generations ahead, yet their minds are haunted by quarterly profits instead." ~ Mirakee_Quote_Master

  • rithu_saji 79w

    Perfect illusion...

    To have the power to see through the perfect illusion of a happy world with people who seem to have it all figured out is to have the power to distinguish between the wonderfully sugarcoated lies and the bare truths that the world has always shied away from..


  • drewgekyume 85w

    2020 American game of chess

    A pawn is defined as a person or thing manipulated and used by others. A person unwittingly used in a scheme and taken advantage of by others is an example of a pawn.

    You protesters are the pawns, and your worse mistake is thinking you are in control. You are all playing into the game created by those you hate. Sooner than later you will face a force much greater than you could ever imagine.

    A force that is yet to come, yet to be known. However, no wandering eye can deny the events to be somewhat of a checklist to a much bigger picture and all of the pieces are falling into place.

    Brothers and sisters we are all humans on one planet here to live the best life on this beautiful rock not to destroy our home and eachother. Do not be sheep, do not feed into the media, protect yourself, protect your family, and stay woke. I promise the worst is yet to come.

  • royalconduit 86w

    Safe Spaces

    Now, more than ever

    Our hearts need to be safe spaces
    For people to reside
    Our ears, safe places
    For secrets to chide
    Not hide

    Left defenceless
    By ego and pride,

    To take up another's vulnerability and say,
    "Tomorrow-my friend-tomorrow; you will arise"


  • royalconduit 87w

    Safe Spaces

    Now, more than ever

    Our hearts need to be safe spaces
    For people to reside
    Our ears, safe places
    For secrets to chide
    Not hide

    Left defenceless
    By ego and pride,

    To take up another's vulnerability and say,
    "Tomorrow-my friend-tomorrow; you will arise"


  • royalconduit 87w

    African Skin

    My beauty is defined
    by the passing hands of time
    by the soulful winds of change
    from the wells of wisdom
    by ancestors
    once held captive to oppression.

    My curves tell the tale
    Of voices without names
    And faces without tongues
    Speaking in oracles
    Of Victories to come
    My breasts are the oasis
    That fed a nation's hunger for freedom
    Yet now, lies open- prey to ignorance
    Yet still, I stand.

    For my feet are rooted upon the foundation where acceptance was laid.
    There, where Love became the legislation:
    Black and White infused to form
    This glorious gold Dawn
    And I awoke,
    to find myself
    within the skin
    of an African.


  • ltsoul 102w

    I feel like our social society
    Has built a mound of fragility,
    That has become a mountain of egos
    We get our value from devices and clothes
    As we celebrate money and pride
    So it doesn't matter what's inside
    Material achievements are the goals

    So sadly these the results...
    We feed our egos and starve our souls
    And keep pain inside that nobody knows
    Until it's too late... we depreciate
    And realize our mistakes...
    All the negativity we ate
    Only to regurgitate.
    Wake up now...
    or atleast contemplate.

    -LiTerrius M.

  • canadian_cowboy 105w

    He woke up
    in the dirt;
    and realized
    this would now
    be his home.