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  • jayanthdeshmukh 12m

    Years are always not what they seem. You start with something and it turns out to be something else. This birthday I take time to reflect on how we mask ourselves in hope at the beginning but end up in misery

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    A Masked Birthday

    Yet another year goes by
    A year filled with regret
    A year filled with people I wish to forget
    A year filled with sorrow
    A year filled wishing I didn’t wake up tomorrow
    It was not the best year out there I have to say
    I found it difficult to be objective, put my emotions away
    Yet another year comes by
    A year filled with hope
    A year filled with a woman I see a future with
    A year filled with friends sweetest to the pith
    A year filled wishing I continue to fight
    A year filled with trying to achieve things that go beyond my sight
    A year to be grateful for
    For the dove and pigeon have just met
    And I wonder what emotions the birds would beget

  • divyamukharjee 41m

    BE YOU!

    There are truth not many know about you. But, If you're in my life, I want you to be in your own transparent skin, without any masked skin. We all here are wayfaring traveller's. Trudging on our own very roads. But all roads twist and turn. But don't give up on hoping, when your road is at dead end. It's likely that you'll find somebody, who is going our way too, and while they walk beside us, "The sky seems a bit more blue.."
    I am a straight forward person, what I feel is what I speak and that very time my mind don't think, if my words are hurting someone and if it does, "I am pardon about it.!"
    But, I don't want to surround myself with people who are constantly positive, always smiling to mask the, false happy hopes, bullshit life they actually have. I prefer to surround myself with people who are real, honest, raw and bold. A life that embraces who you are and honors your dreams and desires. Express your truth, fully unapologetically and live life on our own terms, regardless of what that looks like for others. Fearlessly show up the real you, rather than hiding it behind a mask of happiness.
    If your day sucks, I want to hear about why it sucks, what keeps you up at night, your insecurity and fears so I can try my best to make it better. If you're not really happy, don't fake a smile on my behalf also, show up your truth.
    Hiding one's self behind a mask is just gonna give you heartaches, will disable you from within, evoking fear and doubts within you, not more than that.
    Without a doubt, Live a life that is curated by you and not some expectations of just fake hopes and smiles.

  • somiee99 1h

    Rape Never Leaves After

    Her  tongue is disciplined whenever he's near,
    Her hips are unblemished and afraid, they obeys. 
    She remains chained and hidden in her cage,
    Sobs escaped the corner of her lips then die
    before they were given life to escape the
    nightmare which she's forced to relive.

    The police and reporter has a plot twist to
    the reality that transpired that day, lies. 

    She wasn't only kidnapped or taken while
    on her way to the grocery store that day. 

    She was shanghaied, misused, crushed
    and despoiled to the abductor satisfaction. 

    She was given an experience without her
    consent, she was used as an apparatus to 
    primp the rayless cupidity hidden in the 
    nethermost corner of her abductor soul.

    The famishment she once felt to escape
    the cage, doesn't stem from her flesh anymore
    it doesn't galvanize her mental health like 
    it did from the very start, the sound of home
    isn't comforting, everything sounds like a 
    foreign sound to her, she's dead inside there's
    no going back from being raped and caged up. 


  • yamini_sinha 1h


    Gone are the days of lilac lips ,
    Love is expressed by kissing poetry.
    Idioms and phrases celebrate companionship
    Kins playing carom boards
    And children with their paper boats
    Are now haikus of yellow tulips .
    Smiles are no more visible ,
    tears shed like April showers from the dewy hills
    Masks, masks all around
    No face is familiar,
    Yet the heart recognizes the soul skilled.


  • yashvibansal 1h

    Masks. They've risen to prominence nowadays. The Covid-19 pandemic saw to that. But masks were always around, way before the disaster that was 2020, and the nightmare that is 2021. "I know,"you'll say. "The Spanish flu had people wearing masks. What's new in that?"
    There's nothing new. Except for the fact that masks materialize during a pandemic (or epidemic, for that matter). They're still around when no menacing threat is around. They're something worn by everyone, except children. (If children wear masks, they don't really realise it, just as the very young are bewildered about the pandemic).
    Masks always cover the soul. Severus Snape, the great character who gave us that choking,"Always," always wore a mask. In fact, he wore so many masks that we're still debating whether he was a hero or a villain, a redeemed devil or a fallen angel, thus terming him a gray character.
    The Covid 19 pandemic has people wearing double, triple masks, something everyone hates. But the truth? Everyone has for eternity covered their soul, in uncountable layers.
    The life of the party masks their loneliness under their ever chattering demeanor.
    The quietest person actually has the most to say, but they mask that, choosing to let awkward silences fill the air.
    The most serious person is actually the happiest and silliest, but alas! They have a reputation to maintain.
    So that's the way we live our lives, haunted and hidden. And in the pandemic, we complain about wearing masks, conveniently forgetting the black veils hiding our soul,just as the skull hides the brain.
    14 May 2021

    I decided to use both meanings of mask.

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    Image credit to Pixabay.

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    Masks always cover the soul...

  • dark_abyss 1h


    She took off her mask and kept it on the shelf.
    Oh the shelf...!! It's filled with them---
    Hundreds of masks with Hundreds of expressions...
    Each one is useful to cover thousands of emotions.

    Each morning she chooses one from them
    To help her go through the long day...
    She uses them to laugh... uses them to cry,
    She uses them to show strength... uses them to stand by.

    She looks at them now that the day has ended...
    Her face is bare with mind all stranded...
    You may say you know her story,
    Don't be fooled by the masks my friend, she's a mystery.


    #mask #pod #wod #she #running_thoughts #Mirakee

    Picture cr. Pinterest

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  • pooja17 1h


  • _beingbeautiful_ 1h


    #mask #wod
    People wear marks
    To hide their fellings.
    But have no choice.

    Hiding smiles ,
    Hiding emotions
    Inside .
    But have no choice .

    The whole world
    Now wanted
    An end of this .

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  • revathychandrasekhar 1h


    Anger and anguish
    concealed within the mask of
    tolerance and grin.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #wod #mask #senryu

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  • dhanak_meena 2h


    Shields on face
    Common these days
    To protect and fight
    Not to hide always
    Covering visage
    Saves from virus
    Equally protect mind
    From all the ailments
    Health leads to happiness
    Physical and pranic prosperity


  • mohua_leo 2h


    It is difficult to find the one genuine person behind all those masked faces
    I think that is why they say that appearances can be deceptive
    Each one of us hiding behind a mask
    As if the world will not accept us as we are
    Is it true or is it only my assumption?
    I am searching for the answer for long
    My mask has tattered and I does not want to create a new one...

    Image: Pinterest

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    My mask has tattered and I does not want to create a new one...


  • k_lair 2h


    You say you love my smile,
    How wide and cherry it is.
    You say you love how my eyes light up in response to the movement of my cheek.
    You say I look happy, I am happy.

    I have decided to take off my mask.
    So you'd see me for who I really am.
    You'd see a smile broken and weak,
    With dull, swollen eyes and dried tears on my cheek.

    Then, you'd realize that I only make you see what I want you to and what you want me to be.


  • utkarshwrittess 2h

    Hold Your Mask Firm...

    Smile to express concern
    But remember to hold your mask firm
    For we know not when In life it will be our turn

    Situations change in a jiffy
    Relationships too turn fishy
    Yet we need to go on
    And face trials later or soon

    Though life may seem grim
    Tears to fill the brim
    Smile your fears away
    We've got to walk a long way

    Problems are with everyone
    Yet difficulties have been won
    Smile with soft lips
    Let not the mask slip

    For no one does really peep in
    To check how well you've been
    The smile is the only means
    In which your happiness is seen

    So do be ever alert
    With a smile every problem revert
    Nothing may change if you're gloom
    For distrust and malice leave no room

    Let the world be happy anyway
    Let us touch lives as we walk our way Yes, smile and express concern
    But remember to hold your mask firm..

  • midnightwords 2h

    BOY: What happened to your face

    GIRL : Have u seen my Mask

    BOY: No, what does it look like

    GIRL: it's fake
    It's painted in all shades i'm not
    It projects all emotions I can't
    it looks happy and excited like it has no worries about tomorrow
    like the pain people feel isn't something it has ever felt.

    It knows how to die the questions out...
    Questions about the scars on my face
    The ones left behind by self hate

    It knows how to survive the insults
    the assault and still not show it's result
    It knows how to stretch that smile across my lips
    those glitters across my eyes
    the beauty that's nothing but lies
    It knows how
    it knows how to do it all.

    #pod #wod @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #challenge #mask #writersnetwork

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    Help find my faces
    The ones that shield away my emotions

  • niharikatatikayala 2h

    How many of you have a feeling for rain?
    Raindrops suddenly vanishes your pain.
    Look, the clouds are dark in anger,
    Listen to the sounds made by the thunder.
    The sun is hiding behind the clouds,
    Maybe cause it’s afraid of the sounds.
    I stand still in my balcony,
    With a cup of hot coffee.
    I’am drinking my first sip,
    Making weird sounds when the coffee touches my lips.
    Now, I’m nowhere searching for the sun,
    Focusing on the first drop on my skin to have some fun.
    The uniform raindrops are a pleasure,
    This scene is actually a mind refresher.
    And the smell of mud soon after rain, is it your favourite too?
    You just want the time to freeze, isn’t that true?
    Hey! Look on the other side,
    The view is beautiful and wide.
    The sky is wearing a multicoloured crown,
    And i’m busy writing my thoughts down.

  • free_brd 2h

    Our untiring effort to be socially desirable, makes us put the mask of our persona, we strive to hide behind.


  • satishkumark 3h

    ☆ Masked

    Mask just has traveled inside out.
    We used to put it on to the subtle mind
    Now we wear on the face.
    We took sadistic pleasure while showing long face
    We loathed inside grinning on the outside.
    Volcanoes erupted inside showing indifference external
    Such is our nature
    No one taught us to put up
    No one monitored while we forayed
    We did discriminate and we did differentiate
    We Filtered our feelings
    Moved about impersonating the antonymical feelings.
    It is a farce to say that you're being choked now because of a cloth piece on your face.
    Choking started much earlier when the consciousness itself got contaminated.

  • roopa7 2h

    What was an Equality...?
    India is an democratic country,who can have an equal rights and laws...right..?oh..yeah!they are standing on a same line irrespective of cadre like political leaders,business people, as well as poor people at the time of elections....

    Is this we can call it as equality???
    Standing in same line doesn't make equal...Nd the whole day poor people will not survive like an wealthy people... ....
    So please don't call it INDIA is an DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY....

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  • the_muted_voice 3h

    @mirakee @writersnetwork


    1. Masquerade - the way of behaving that you hide the truth
    2. Lopsided - with unbalanced sides.
    3.Deciet - act of causing someone to accept as true
    4. Phoney - fake
    5. Enshroud - envelop completely and hide.
    6. Chimera - monter like creature

    **Masquerade morning**

    I was deformed in all the possible ways,

    But masquerade myself, anxiously assuming what the society conveys

    My personality was lopsided with morality accompanied by outcry,

    Which had to be disguised into deceit by miscellaneous try.

    **Enveloped Evening**

    When I ought to cry my heart out,

    I mould my lips into an arc and gloss it with phoney glee

    Although I fall under the established lesbian bracket,

    I endeavour to appear a typical girl with camouflaged feelings.

    Regardless to how well I enshroud my extrinsically,

    I am predestined to snivel harassing internal serenity, cause, it can’t be enveloped.

    **Nihilistic Night**

    My background is bound to define me,

    I end up bewildered about the reason of existence.

    If I could be flawed in any potential way,

    The humanity would offer me expensive face packs with and extraordinary offer.

    That’s when mankind, ease its face on its mask of chimera.


    P.S. this wasnt my cup of tea actually, sorry if I had made any errors or misplaced metaphors.

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  • thoughtsprocess 16m

    We need to remove
    the masks of
    worries of the future
    Repentance of the past
    and the mask of pretending
    We should not try to look
    what we are not
    And learn to leave the habit
    of controlling everything
    and every situation
    Then and then we will find
    and meet our true selves
    And then only we will get
    that precious thing which
    we have been searching
    for everywhere
    That thing is
    the peace of mind