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  • light_ofthe_heart 4m

    The Poet In Me Bloomed

  • somiee69 2h

    My mom said goodbye to her youth, the happy and vibrant young soul she was before she met my father.
    Now all that she knows of is abuse everyday, so good-bye to my mom's freedom and happiness.


  • disisdiplim 3h

    If content were a man

    The scent of certain content seduces my soul
    Makes me desperate
    I rush towards him, he walks away
    I follow him through the wolves, through the giant woods
    Through the shallow and deeps of water
    He waits not!
    Just walks to an unknown uncertainty
    Making me bereft
    Leaving me by myself in this grim garden of grey roses

    I catch a glimpse of him
    Adonis like beauty, serpent like fast
    Hides like a shadow, camouflages like a transparent organism
    In my sleeplessness, I think of him, dream of him
    My life's purpose , my mind's love
    Yet I am unaware how to woe him
    There is chaos in my heart,Content must swallow up the dark clouds
    Or i am doomed to insomnia and restless opaque thoughts.

    All I tasted is a scent of him, and now i can only seek more
    A creature of darkness would never know the glory of light , once she knows , she can never go back to the bosom of the doomed dark.
    I have been driven by the madness of finding content
    He has teased my soul
    Now there is more insanity than ever
    Now I am no less than a lovelorn waste.


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    If content were a man


  • nighty 5h

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Struggle

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    Struggle, strife, cry at the travail in my life

  • siyahiii 5h

    Goodbyes can be both painful, beautiful. Sometimes it just clears your vision towards life and sometimes it resembles a dark cloud veiling life. Some unsaid Goodbyes can change your life upside down. Those unsaid Goodbyes mainly wake you up from the dream you are living beautifully. Goodbye is a feeling that needs to be mutual to be right. But when a person exits from another person life without saying a proper Goodbye it makes thing more difficult.

    One thing about Goodbyes is that there is nothing good about it exist. But sometimes some Goodbyes need to happen to let you meet a renewed soul. The effect of Goodbyes falls the way you want to take it. You just have to carry Hope in your heart and make the Goodbyes memorable.

  • sproutedseeds 5h


    Good byes are parting words
    at every level of life.
    Every level has new experience.
    Keep moving to understand life.

    Goodbyes are an indication
    of getting connected
    to the future
    from the present
    with the memories of the past.

  • gaurangig 5h

    I stopped being me
    The day you said goodbye

    You took a piece of me
    The day you said goodbye!

    I was lost in the shadows
    The day you said goodbye

    I was sent to the gallows
    The day you said goodbye!


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    When goodbyes end everything!

  • sanika_maisara_zaheen 6h

    #goodbye #wod #mirakee

    This creation of mine is truly dedicated to my very lovely one and only late grandmother. She passed away last year when no one expected it. And due to this pandemic, it was in my fate that that I could not catch a last glimpse of her. She was my only grandparent ever since I was born, the only parent to both my parents................. “Nanu” I hope you are listening to me and I know you are here.....I want to remember you not with my tears but the happiest moments I’ve ever spent with you...🥲🥲❤️❤️

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    You came too late
    But why you left so early?
    You were halfway with me
    But why your path left mine?
    I held on to you tight
    But when did your hand slip from mine?
    You wanted to see me smile
    But your abandonment made me cry
    I wanted to laugh with you
    But why your silence silenced my laughter?
    I wanted to hug you tight
    But why your hands didn’t wrap aroud me?
    I wanted to feel your warmth
    But why your desertion left me cold?
    You were there when I couldn’t sleep
    But why did you go to sleep forever?
    I wanted to see your platinum smile one last time
    But why you were snatched before that?
    You came too late
    But why you left so early???


  • wilmaneels1 6h

    We don't always get the opportunity to say goodbye
    Whether it be death or a relationship ending
    We sometimes walk the road of what if
    Like it will change anything
    It won't
    It doesn't
    You will still feel that lost
    You will still feel that missing parts

    We have this illusion that saying goodbye brings closure
    I ain't sure about that
    We say goodbye at funerals
    We sometimes say goodbye when relationships end

    I still say treasure the good memories
    Living a what if existence will just rob you of spending time with people who are still present
    One day - someday they will be gone too

  • egoisticsoul 6h

    नाम ही रहेगा पहचान खाक हो जाएगी
    ना जाने जिन्दगी कब आम से खास हो जाएगी


  • lovesunflower20 6h

    To my beloved

    Hallo love,
    How are you doing?
    It's been really long since i heard anything from you
    I hope your doing..just fine without me
    That's why you never respond to my latter's..i wrote you hundreds of letters all this time but,
    Today is the last time I'm writing to you so read carefully my love
    It's a last letter from me to you.

    It was midwinter,
    Streets covered with snow..the sky look beyond beautiful that day for some reason,
    It must have been my imagination but i could hear the wind
    howling across the street..i was fifteen at that time it was just me,
    when i had nothing to accompany me,
    i couldn't know what future holds for me..and then you came,
    like a prophetic angel thrusting your hand at me with confidence
    that was my first time encounter with you..my heart thumped running towards you with deep intensity,
    in that moment i couldn't take my eyes of you..as you walked away like a warm sun that i would follow to the end of..universe's it was when i realized what,
    "Falling in love" meant
    it was cold midwinter day but in that freezing moment my fast
    unrequited love bloomed like spring,
    but you pretend not to know anything it's make me more curious to know what you feel through me,
    you can resist my love and behave very well in front of me..,
    as well as makes sing that you had feelings for me?
    your every single gesture they float in my heart..and now I'm standing in ashes of unrequited love of mine,
    maybe it is simple for you to not dig deeper inside my heart,
    cause no matter what i do..my love it's can't reach you at all
    and now the pain i got from loving you become my everything..but your millionaire away from me,
    all of this time i spend waiting for you..my youth passing by me..still i couldn't get angry at you for some reason,
    i cried, i cursed myself..but it's been really long time since I've seen you my love,
    so it scare me a little..cause your the first person whose close to me yet your like a stranger who seems so far away...,
    i write this goodbye letter to my beloved..who may i never met in future,
    if i surrender now maybe it doesn't hurt like before, all or this emotions..that i thought had hardened up inside me,
    suddenly weakened...and now i want to end all this..instead of your an significant other i want to go back to being..a person who never knows you,
    i can do that right?love
    it doesn't matter now where you are..I'm not going to find you this time,
    it's okay even if hate me..for this
    just don't be hurt love now that I'm writing you this later..it seems the feelings i have had for you are gone..the nameless love of mine..end's here,
    and i don't think i need your love in my life anymore
    not yours anymore

    #goodbyes #wod

    P.S: I was trying to write a Goodbye letter but..I'm not good at this ����

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  • dhanak_meena 6h

    Good bye

    Never thought I would bid farewell to you
    In your absence my life would progress
    Initially the Idea was weakening me
    But one fine day firmly I decided
    Might spot you often somewhere
    Yet wouldn't come closer to you
    Saying goodbye hurts for sometime
    Certain ends are must for a new start
    No more of your toxins I will allow
    New freshness and haleness I find .


  • inkandfable670 7h

    The subway is moving continuously on its track :
    A series of memories is flashing without any break ,
    That pillow fight, talks of mid-night ,games we played
    Along with cousins ,the moments I shared ,

    My craving after getting the aroma of granny's dish,
    'I wish I could stay here forever ' , was my only wish,
    I'm gonna miss all those gratifying hours,
    Compassion of granny, scolding of grandfather ,
    Although I knew, I have to come back

    Yet the detachment aches so bad,
    Days have passed smoothly but swifter
    And now it's time to bid farewell,
    My tearful eyes are ready to roll them down ,

    My journey is over now I'm in hometown;
    No matter how much love ,care you receive here
    No matter how much you want to live here forever,
    At the end ,we have to go back to whom we belong ,

    May be, this is the reason why the GOODBYES
    are formed.


    It's is a light reminiscence of my summer vacation which I used to spent at my nani's( maternal grandparents) home ..

    P.C. : Pinterest

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    #mirakee #poetry
    #nostalgic #writing
    #mirakeeworld #childhood
    #thoughts #delightdays

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    May be, this is the reason
    why GOODBYES are formed .

  • absynth 7h


    A half hearted goodbye it is
    That always pulls me back to you,
    You can't be suppressed just like a sneeze
    And I can't recover from this bout of flu.
    Infect me a little more please
    Then serve me a medicated brew
    So that everytime that I wheeze,
    I want to inhale only you.
    You caress first like the cool breeze
    then a gale of a girl you turn into,
    With always a new tease up your sleeve
    You seek new peaks in all plateaus.
    Immune to all our past deeds,
    You repeat the same mistakes fresh and anew,
    You must be a lunatic to laugh at your memories
    And toss them aside with such ado.
    The balls of lust you swallow with such expertise
    Then spill out the cud on me, Eew!
    The kinks, the kicks, the slime and the grease
    Now are my sweet treats for messing with you.
    I'm dripping wet in my excuses and pleas
    For my lips are sealed shut with your superglue.


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  • soni_ss 7h

    Bidding Adieu

    I set her free, from my garden of glee
    She felt captured,
    was my loved one tortured..?
    I saw her go away, she was changing her way
    I was bound to the strings of past
    A spell that on future it overcast
    How to stop her from escape
    Her memories run like video tape
    In the towers of my aloofness
    I was searching my absoluteness
    She was bound with her duty
    I couldn't stop that beauty
    Fears and sorrows clouding this night
    I wish I could express my right
    The right to be loved, and
    Shower the same on beloved
    Alas the night is harsh
    There ain't a clearer sky
    She's gone away into her world
    Let me bid her a heartbreaking goodbye.


  • somiee69 8h

    Don't sugarcoat the truth with a lie just to please
    my itching ears and dancing heart. 
    Tell me all of the bitter truth, dump it all on me
    let it break and rip me apart. 
    Don't tell me things to protect my fragile heart.
    Drive the whole truth into my stomach allow it
    to upturn the levelness inside of me. 
    You prefer keeping the honesty to yourself,
    but I crave the nasty truth, the one thing that
    will destroy me until I am ashes at your doorstep. 
    The truth builds you, lies only eat you apart. 


  • nikitabinigoswami 10h

    You were 6 year old and it was the first summer rain while you sat next to me in the balcony watching the garden full of white lilies beneath it, asking what ever hurt me the most and I smiled saying, “ unsaid goodbyes” while you chuckled as if that was the funniest answer you could hear . I wished only if you knew or I could tell you.

    That innocent laughter of yours revived a similar voice which otherwise laid dead under the graveyard of my memories.

    Years ago sitting with someone on that same balcony, I asked her the same question that you asked me and she said with much strength that nothing could hurt her and maybe I took it way more seriously than she meant.

    She was the best person I had ever met. She had the exact pair of eyes that you resemble and trust me there was surely some magic hidden in the way she looked at me,for each time she did I would wish for the time to freeze so I could get lost in the labyrinths of the vast galaxy that found home in her pair of hazels.

    She was the best lover anyone could ever have and if you would seen her seeing me I bet you would have idealised your lover to look at you in the same way.

    We were the happiest humans together. Her love bloomed new promises everyday while mine was reaching new heights.

    We made this home far away from the crowds because we wanted to keep our love safe from the judgements of being socially right or wrong. We knew our love was too pure to be understood by dusty - mundane minds. So, this high valley became our peaceful abode of togetherness, far away from the noise of the big and small cities.

    This place remained out of reach of everyone else except us.

    With her, even the autumns would drip hope and prosperity with each of its falling leaf and winter winds would ignite the passion of our hearts to interwine and beat together in synchrony.

    After 13 springs of togetherness we finally decided to give our love a body and life. With much pain and secrecy you were embedded into her womb and after 9 months of penance you were born to us .You brought out the unexperienced yet always careful and loving parents in us. You became the living existence of our love.

    Life seemed to be perfect.

    Untill one afternoon while you were cradling in the 6 month of your life.
    I was sitting on the same balcony waiting for the onset of twilight while she stood beside me waiting to unfold out the darkest night of my life.

    She held my hands with a sudden fright and I could feel the trembling in them. I looked at her and for the first time she looked away from me. My heart felt a kind of suffocation it never felt before.

    I wrapped up her in my arms and asked her what it was.After two hours of crying her lips finally gathered the courage to move and with each of her words she was slowly killing me. She shattered my faith in love. She said she could no longer live in an illegitimate relationship ,hidden from the world. She said me I was wrong for her,we were for socially unacceptably and that you were a mere sign of an immoral love.

    I cried and begged her to have mercy. I tried explaining her that love doesn’t care about the two bodies being same or opposites before binding them into one.
    But she kept packing up her stuff and telling me if only either of one was not born as a woman our love would have lasted till forever.

    I kept begging her to stay and finally after much pleading she decided to wait only for that night for the last time .

    In the intial few hours before the dawn I laid down beside her, wondering if it was all just a bad dream.

    It was about 3:30 when she suddenly woke up quite disturbed and grabbed me into a passionate kiss which led our bodies to experience the holy moment of salvation and oneness; where she was me and I was her. Our bodies shared the same soul and it was allowed to breathe for the last time.

    The sun had begun to rise and I could see the soft curve of her body shining like the crescence of the moon.

    Our last time was about to come to an end.

    Just then, she rolled over on top of me and gripped my face firmly while my hands traced the familiar collar bones seated at the base of her neck. She looked at me right into my eyes. With much innocence she asked me if I was hurt and if I would ever forget her.

    I was silent for a long time. I turned pale and remained motionless like a dead body with my eyes wide open staring at her face.
    And before my own silence started deafening me I slided my fingers slowly closer to the vocal cords of that sweet voice which was still ringing in my ears despite the noisy silence.
    Then I somehow smiled and told her “unsaid goodbyes hurt me me the most” with the last word that breathed out of my lips I choked her into a deep slumber of death with the same hands that were caressing her just a few moments ago.

    Her soul left my body with an unsaid goodbye.

    I kissed her corpse for quite long before I cremated her right under the balcony which now embeds the garden of your and her favourite white lilies.

    11 years later, today on your 17th birthday while you have come to the end of this letter, you have also come closer to the final goodbye that I'm bidding off to you today.

    I wish you will also water my favorite pink lilies that will start growing after somedays exactly beneath this balcony.
    Love Forever,




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  • karumpiravee 10h

    It's not good to say goodbye

  • onlywarrior 5h

    Words are itself dead .
    What is hatred,love for me
    May Differs to person to person
    So I wonder
    Why we value words this much .

    I wonder,
    Who creates RIGHT and WRONG.
    Why should I believe in ethics which is define by you
    Why can't I make them like I make coffee.
    Seriously, we are living our life in someone else definitions
    Isn't it is irony ,
    Selfish people talks about KARMA
    casanova says I respect girls
    We are living in democratic country(INDIA) ,still observing inherent autocracy

    We are constantly trying to prove themselves in someone else definitions..either it is success or happy marriage

    Words have no meaning in itself
    I think
    Connection is something transcendental
    We can't share most of the things we feel
    Because bunch of dictionary of words cannot fulfill it
    Don't you think
    I still wonder .
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    #words #life #feel #regrets #lifestruggle #share #success #content #like #share #wod #pod #live #livelong #livelife

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