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    It's sad to see
    The youth all lost
    Slipping distracted
    On ignorance's frost.
    They don't want to read anymore
    Words don't attract them now
    Sans knowledge of bygone ages
    They've abysmally low know-how.
    Books are necessary
    Nothing can replace them
    Without its wisdom
    All you've got are hollow gems.
    Read to widen the horizon of your mind
    History, science, prose or verse
    Devour all books you find
    See how your mind unfurls!
    Read, read and read some more
    Only knowledge can help us end
    Current wars and gruesome gore.
    This war torn world is now all yours
    This misery will end at knowledge's door.
    Go uncover the secrets that books hold
    And usher in a future that's lettered in gold...

    © Harfkaar 30-05-2021

    PS. An Ernest appeal esp to kids and teens here, please read books. Nothing will help you more in life ahead.

    Bhagat Singh said: "Study was the cry that reverberated in the corridors of my mind.... I began to study. My previous faith and convictions underwent a remarkable modification."

    So go on...and read!

    #secrets #picturec

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    They keep me under their thumb
    Deeply assured that my wings are not strong enough for flying
    Even expecting my gratefulness for their patronising protection
    Suffocating my flights.
    They discredit my choices
    Trampling over my voices
    For them I'm the natural nurturer
    Whose dreams should stay malnourished.
    For them my body is never enough
    Always falling short of their random yardsticks.
    For them I come with an expiry date
    Beyond which I am an unwanted liability
    Before which I am still a liability but at least looking fine.
    I'm allowed to work, to talk, to live
    But when they so deem right, I'm not allowed again.
    I'm discredited, invalidated, invisibilised
    But hear you me -
    I'm here,
    There are forces that outlive any oppression.
    I'm one of them.

    © Harfkaar 26-2-2021

    For my sisters @mellifluous_soul and @rani_shri
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    We are sailing in seas
    That are rarely calm
    Often meeting catastrophes
    And crashing before dawn
    We might never sail again
    And wither away in sithering pain
    But some still discover flowers blooming there
    And it might not remain so dreadful to stay.

    The road is long and journey tough
    You'll be battered
    Sailing against tides all rough.
    But scars are not ugly
    Broken is not bad
    There is kindness beneath the hate
    Kindness is all we've ever had.

    © Harfkaar 22-1-21

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    It’s since childhood that I have been seeing creams (which people buy like mad) that makes girls fair so that it leads to loveliness (Hello “Fair and Lovely”!). Because obviously, for Indians, dark skin is not lovely.

    I was once called “wheatish” by a professor in college. That was the first time I had heard that adjective for myself. I thought fair and dark were the terms for skin tones. Now there was wheatish. I was seen by my darker friends with some palpable envy. And I saw some smirk on the faces of the fairer girls. So there I was, somewhere in the middle of the newly discovered beauty scales.
    I also remember how angry/ hurt/insulted I felt for not being considered fair by the professor. Even though I did not place importance to fairness, but now I realized I subconsciously did.

    My dearest friend used to say, as a small wide eyed girl, when we were in fourth standard, that I was so beautiful, and by beautiful she meant that I was fairer than her. She told me how her mother used to apply “ubtan”, which is a homemade turmeric pack or something, to clear her skin. I had innocently asked her, “Your skin is already so clean, why clean it more”?”

    By that time I had not realised that fairness is seen as pure and darker skins are meant to be cleaned, made to glow.

    Thanks to “Black Lives Matter” movement, light has been shown to the discrimination girls face simply for their skin tones. Here in India too. But still the creams are being sold. Not as “Fair and Lovely” which is explicitly rude and demeaning to Indian women, but as “Glow and Lovely”.

    And it is still demeaning. Why can’t we live as our normal selves, why do I need to be Fair/Glowing to feel confident. Or for me to become an air hostess, a model, an actress and even a news anchor? And primarily to be married?

    All our self-worth is accumulated on our looks. If a girl by chance is fair, then we start scrutinizing her figure, and start fat shaming or preaching her to clean her body hair, or start smiling more.
    (For example, I am so criticized for my acne filled skin and for cutting my hair short, and of course for my fat!)

    Basically Indian society is stuck on the narrative of girls existing only for pleasing other people’s eyes. Not as individuals, with a mind and sense of humor but with a sense of inferiority about looks.

    I look up to Deepika Padukone, Mayawati, Phoolan Devi, Nandita Das, Konkona Sensharma, Smita Patil, Beyonce, Maya Angelo, Michelle Obama, P V Sindhu. These are tremendous forces of nature known by their work, not their skin tones.
    //It describes them, but does not define them.//

    Let’s celebrate our bodies, skins and education and fitness.

    Girls, we cannot expect society to change overnight nor the boys to start loving us as dark and fat.

    It is on US GIRLS to start appreciating ourselves and our sisters irrespective of looks. And start loving our skin without the use of fairness and skin brightening creams.

    “Your skin is not only brown
    It shines and it tells your story” ~ Beyonce

    © Harfkaar 29-12-2020

    For @adithir and @bertha_beryl who are angels scolding me to write ;) #selfmusingsofj
    I read somewhere the lines in //.//

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    A collaboration worth cherishing for my 200th post!! With the Phenomenal @pj_animation and the Stupendous @sunenasharma on mental health and love. Catch their parts at #pen_for_mental_health

    Part 3. MIND IN LOVE'S BOG

    Many times rejections hurt deep
    They gradually make sadness seep
    So deep that it grows frustration
    Pushing it away with desperation
    Torturous on mind nagging rejections
    Careless neglect nurturing dejections
    A maze of mind trapping me inside
    Thoughts intrusive can't push aside
    Doubting myself for falling for you
    Slits to let sun inside so few
    Unending circles keep mind a prisoner
    The words memories killing like trickster
    Waiting for time to end this game
    Free this trapped mind from blame.

    © Harfkaar 30-10-20
    When the day ends
    and the night begins,
    the dark descends
    and sky drips with ink.
    Of separation, and of solitude
    of broken dreams that lay in ruin
    The poet in pain pens
    and paints the night.
    Breached and broken body
    let's out the light.
    As his words adorn the crumbled parchment.
    He mimics the stars hanging in the curls of darkness.
    He lays to rest,
    the devils he has faced.
    And waits for sleep
    Praying for simpler days. ©kehta_hai_joker
    #pod #200thpost #jandjforever
    @mirakee #daadigotyourback
    BG yuugi83 on IG

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    She moved nimbly around
    Yet she knocked off a ballad on her way
    She set it straight and glided past
    To check on the couplets on the tray.

    She went into the garden now
    With the laundry just done
    She breathed in the cool zephyr
    Warm in her poetry newly spun.

    She had washed after long the leather bounds too
    And hung them on the clothesline to dry
    With fingers adept, she wringed verbose verses
    Humming quaint spells quietly, to cast off curses...

    The classics were in need of starch
    For their newly washed grim decency
    She held now the morose tragedies
    Tidying their folds holding unknown maladies.

    The light hearted comedies
    The romances of passionate scents
    Ecstasy found in their crease
    Red promises of never to leave.

    Scarves of rhymes and silken sonnets
    Hung gracefully swaying serene
    The sun caught the last of their long lyrical scenes

    Dropping soft green meters
    Hung the kerchiefs of prose
    Finally as she went in
    Through the rhythmic doors
    Into the pages of her abode....

    //This is about Miss Literature who is spending her lazy Sunday washing all her creations//

    Copyright Harfkaar August 21,2020

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    Lady Literature

    Now she went in through the rhythmic doors
    Into the pages of her abode....

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    #diamantec #challengebykriits @writersnetwork @writersbay @kriits #pod @mirakee

    Illusory, disdainful
    Beguiling, enticing, destroying
    Callous, nefarious, Generous, pious
    Enlightening, accepting, encompassing
    Virtuous, harmonious

    Copyright Harfkaar August 19, 2020

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    Humility over Vanity

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    2020 has been dismal. Down with a monstrous pandemic humanity is embroiled in questions regarding the purpose of our existence and of life in the first place. Crises show us our follies. Shortcomings in grace and brotherhood stare us in our face.

    It's now when pure souls rise with the baton of light and forthcoming.

    Let's help each other get back up. Pray and share in each other's pains.

    Here's hoping for our speedy recovery leading to a world that's more accepting and appreciating of the gifts of nature. To start living in the present and cherish life to the fullest.

    #PoetryWednesday #PLEIADES

    Pristine world is fallen now
    Prey to a malaise unknown
    Pausing with a jerk from the worldy doings
    Pangs of pain it bravely endures
    Palaces and shanties equally afflicted
    Prayers and patience redeem the dejected till
    Purity of health gets restored.

    //Let's value the life we have been gifted with :) cheers!//

    Life is a kaleidoscopic tapestry
    Love lends it beauty
    Loss gives it meaning
    Lust spells its doom
    Loathing man's duty
    Life goes on in vicious loops of longings and grief
    Let us loose these bonds to start living this life so brief.

    Copyright Harfkaar 15-7-2020

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    Will You Live?

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    Seeped in brown
    My tear and frown
    A meloncholic leaf
    Crumpled in grief.
    I had heard of fairness
    Oh! only to realise
    It's just a shade
    To please the eyes.
    White over my brown
    Fair head holds the crown
    My color shoved secondary
    To the supremacy of white
    No shade can ever color
    The depths of my plight.
    I am a kaleidoscopic
    Concoction of my true colors
    The black of mystery
    Grey of doubts
    The peace of white
    The orange of light
    Red of veracity
    Blue serene
    Yellow of Hope and
    The fertile Green --
    You can't just label a color to me
    A soul stronger
    Than the discrimination we see.

    #soulc #mirakee @writersnetwork #ceesreposts

    Copyright Harfkaar 02-07-2020

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    You can't just label a color to me
    A soul stronger
    Than the discrimination we see.

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    //for Carolyn's thoughtful challenge, I wished to do more if given an opportunity to rule the world, but it had to be in 30 lines, so here it is!//

    "If I Rule the World"

    If I rule the world

    I’ll have people adopt kids

    When they cannot give birth to one

    Rather than surrogacy or IVF.

    If I rule the world

    I’ll ban all currency

    So that people stop weighing

    Human worth in petty change.

    If I rule the world

    I’ll make parents to stop

    Putting the weight of their unrealised dreams

    On the frail beings of their children.

    If I rule the world

    I’ll provide sustenance

    To writers, to singers and painters

    So that they can work without a worry

    Of a hungry family back at home.

    If I rule the world

    I’ll let people pursue careers

    Of choice and free them

    From all needs of validation.

    If I rule the world

    I’ll let every human- rich or poor

    Breathe with dignity

    None will serve another

    At the cost of humanity.

    If I rule the word

    I’ll give each child - a childhood

    Free from guns and shells

    Unhurt by the uprising rebels.

    ©Jaya Harfkaar

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    If I rule the world

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    //For Carolyn's word prompt challenge//

    Uncertain Regards

    The stellar cosmic excellence

    Above my head

    Slides from my hold

    Bouncing beyond my comprehension

    The galactic mysteries

    And lunar lunacies

    Are all some random fallacies

    I’d rather drink in your deep-felt emotions

    Like the wonder of an aurora

    Cast over my mind’s constellation

    Blinded by dreams of bygone pasts

    Flying and drowning till my lost sleep lasts

    My birth and accomplishments fixed by zodiac

    Biding celestial positions of some planets.

    Denying that sends cheap thrills

    Down my spine

    And I let the galaxy seep into its black hole.

    #cees_wow_chall #mirakee
    ©Jaya Harfkaar

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    Uncertain Regards

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    I am dead
    Now that I've fallen
    From the branch where I used to kiss
    Lost my shade of green
    To dress in brown
    And now I make a surreal sound
    As the wild wind of wonder
    Gathers me afloat
    And it's a first that
    I am not flapping to its tunes
    But flowing with its Melody
    My last flight
    Before I merge with the dusty dunes
    Now I am free when
    I am dead
    But the selfish song I sing
    With my fallen fellow friends
    All ready in ochre hues
    We'll all lie on the gentle bosom-
    Of the still soulful earth
    Lusting to embrace the dutiful drops
    Of rain on us
    As we seep into the shy soil
    To taste the newly born precarious petrichor
    In death I rise
    Hugging the last of life
    For I am alive...

    Copyright Jaya Harfkaar

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    I am dead

    In death I rise
    Hugging the last of life
    For I am alive...