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    Inside An Anthill

    Hey ho, Off we go
    We March ahead in line,
    We are programmed to explore the land
    And leave a trail behind.
    (Forager ants)

    Hey ho, Off we go
    We're workers marching all day,
    We exchange signs to find food to dine
    And feed our young larvae.
    (Worker ants, usually older)

    Hey ho, Off we go
    To the queen we pledge loyalty,
    Beware insects, who'd dare to infest
    Our territory!
    (Worker ants, usually older)

    Hey ho, Off we go
    Ploughing the earth's our drill
    We build the mound, the underground
    Construct our huge anthill.
    (Worker ants, usually younger)

    Hey ho, Off we go
    We serve the young and queen
    We keep them warm, away from harm,
    Stack food, clear and clean.
    (Worker ants, usually younger)

    Hey ho, Off we go
    We take to the seamless sky
    We were raised to propagate the race
    Mate with the queen and die.
    (Male ants)

    Hey ho, Off we go
    We do what we're prescribed,
    It's nature's law that we follow,
    For the glory of our tribe!

    First of all, Thanks a lot @galvanizedthoughts @zeee_zephyrs @asmita_chakraborty and @ayanaa for pushing me to write. I was having a great writersblock and it's so kind and thoughtful of you to check in on me and encourage me to resume. Thanks!��

    Also, a note to the readers: this poem ain't entirely fiction. I was researching a lot about the ant colony since and what I tried to portray above are things they actually do (varies with species)! I've elaborated the points mentioned in the poem down below, so check em out!

    Ant colonies have a complex hierarchical social structure. Ants’ jobs are determined and can be changed by age. As ants grow older their jobs move them farther from the queen, or center of the colony. Younger ants work within the nest protecting the queen and young. Sometimes, a queen is not present and is replaced by egg-laying workers. These worker ants can only lay haploid eggs producing sterile offspring. Despite the title of queen, she doesn't delegate the tasks to the worker ants; however, the ants choose their tasks based on personal preference. Ants as a colony also work as a collective "super mind". Ants can compare areas and solve complex problems by using information gained by each member of the colony to find the best nesting site or to find food. Some social-parasitic species of ants, known as the slave-making ant, raid and steal larvae from neighboring colonies.

    Other cool facts I found while reading
    ⭕The underground of an anthill can be 2 metres deep, that's taller than most humans!
    ⭕Male ants are haploid and are given less food and nourishment. Their sole job is reproduction. During which they usually die. If alive, the colony starves the ant as they believe it is a waste of resources to feed it since it has fulfilled it's purpose and actually leave it to die! Nature is harsh!
    ⭕Female worker ants are sterile and when young they perform jobs inside the anthill and as they grow older (and their mandible gets stronger in some cases) they go outside of the anthill to collect food.
    ⭕Forager ants make up about 10% of the colony. They are stronger and are the first to explore new areas leaving a trail behind for the worker ants to follow.

    #wnr_anv #pod #ants
    Thank you so much for your time and generous appreciation @writersnetwork Your encouragement means a lot to me.

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    Inside An Anthill

    Hey ho, Off we go
    We do what we're prescribed,
    It's nature's law that we follow,
    For the glory of our tribe

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    #moon #wod #wnr_anv #pod
    Thank you so much @writersnetwork for the generous repost. I am overwhelmed and extremely grateful. ����

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    The full moon is never wrapped up in vain
    Nor the new moon content in its disdain.
    At the peak to bow, in the fall to grow
    It learns to continuously wax and wane.

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    Together we can stop this and create better headlines and a better world!
    #wod #headlines #headline #pod #wnr_anv

    OMG! Thank you so much for the repost @writersnetwork I am truly honoured.

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    Reading approximately four headlines gives people forehead lines these days.

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    #aestheticwriting #mirakee #pod #wnr_anv
    Thank you so much for the repost @writersnetwork I'm honoured. ������

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    Aesthetic Writing

    I have not written many posts that can be considered as aesthetic writing, but I have seen many writers here do that and have keenly observed and analyzed their posts. I don't know what that way of writing is called exactly, but I guess it's sometimes referred to as "art for the sake of art" or aesthetic writing. The point of aesthetic writing is that it conveys a theme (which can be an imagery or emotion) without explicitly expressing it. It is kinda subtle and when done right can make the reader relate to it. These are some elements, I noticed which are common to most aesthetic works.

    1) A very rich vocabulary. To evoke an aesthetic feel, these writers have a wide choice of aesthetic words to choose from. (still haven't figured out from where they get such beautiful words...) The usage of such alluring words makes the readers experience the piece of writing on a deeper level while also giving an aesthetic touch to it.

    2) A theme. It can't be something too complicated, but it's something a lot of people can relate to. Common themes, again from my experience are nostalgia, love, heartbreak, death etc.

    3) Phrases that don't make literal sense are used. For example, "wilted roses" is enough to signify dying love isn't it, without explicitly stating it? Get the feel? Such phrases are used. The overall point is most often not directly put across. This has a negative drawback as well. For example, if the phrase you use is not very familiar to the majority of readers, they can easily misinterpret the poem. For example if you use " down a lantern lit cobblestone street" to signify nostalgia, your reader could take it as fear or uncertainty or anything she pleases, which again can be a bit of a drawback.

    4) No matter how far and widespread the phrases may be , and seem totally unrelated to EACH other they must be related to the overall THEME. At least in a good attempt of this kind of writing.

    5) Most often they don't have rhymes or metres. Aesthetic writing originated pretty late, that is during the time when writers were switching from traditional poetry to modern poetry that emphasized on removing restrictions and rules on rhythm and rhymes. So most often you'd find aesthetic poetry written this way.

    6) Aesthetic writing need not always be a poem. It is a separate genre on its own. They can also be written in a story-like way, where no story is actually told. Like umm... just aesthetic metaphors used to convey the development of a story rather than plots. Or it can be written as a descriptive piece that's far more abstract than a normal descriptive piece.

    Most poets/writers write this way without defining it as aesthetic writing. They do it quite instinctively with an intuitive way of looking at it rather than an analytical way. I have been reading and studying a lot of aesthetic works and the above stated points are merely my observations. This post is just a humble attempt to spread some awareness about this form of writing. I really encourage you to actually read and experience such works and get acquainted with aesthetic writing, if you haven't already.

    Happy Reading and Writing!

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    #poem #pod #wnr_anv

    OMG! Thank you so much @writersnetwork for your repost and @mirakee for the honour. It made my day super special. ��

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    A poem begins as a thread of emotions passing through beads of words to form a beautiful story.

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    #ceesadvicechallenge @writersnetwork #wnr_anv @carolyns_challenges_and_quotes I'm really sorry I am late. Thanks a lot for accepting my late entry ��

    These can't be called "advice" They are just certain things I do. Just some tips which I thought I'd share

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    There are times when writing flows. But there are times when it doesn't. In your journey of being a writer, it won't always be easy with words. Sometimes they'd flow, sometimes fly and sometimes they'd just sit there stubbornly refusing to budge.

    There are times when it is super easy to say "I give up" and put that pen down once and for all. But the true writers are the ones who are brave enough to break the barriers of blocks.

    Now here are some tips to keep the fire of writing in you alive and help it grow. I have categorised writers into three but there can be more categories. After all every writer is different, unique and special. So it's not the "one size fits all" category here. Do what best suits you.

    1 The beginners

    Every writer no matter how advanced begins as one of these. It's perhaps the most important stage of writing for it shapes your thoughts, words and writing style. To help the beginners here are some tips

    ✨ Begin with rhymes.
    A good way to begin writing poetry is by writing poems which rhyme. Not only do they make your poems look awesome they also give any poet a good training in getting rhymes right. Try the rhyme scheme abcb the easiest one and then proceed to tougher ones...

    ✨ Plan your plots
    If you are trying to write stories for the first time, then you can plan out the entire story. Create the skeleton first and then weave your story around it.

    ✨ Decide on your writing style
    Some writers create pieces which have lots to teach, while others just pour out their feelings onto paper. So decide which is your predominant style.

    ✨ Every writer needs a model. Beginners can take inspiration from everyday items around them like nature and from books they like.

    2 The Learners

    They are those who have had their grammar, spellings, vocabulary and writing style fixed and good. This is the stage where a writer has to experiment all fields of writing, and also learn to be a good reader. These are some tips to help the Learners

    ✨ Try out various forms of poetry. Now that you have your rhymes good, you can experiment with all sorts of things like metres and syllables. Haikus, sonnets, diamentes and other forms of poetry are excellent tools to help your writing expand and grow.

    ✨ Start out your stories from prompts and just write out whatever comes to your mind. You might reach a dead end in your tale but if you succeed in getting out of it, you are indeed a wonderful story weaver.

    ✨You can try writing on common emotions or even make an everyday item look alien through your writing.

    3 The experts

    You are the type of writer whose every work is masterpiece! One can never be perfect in any art but you are really close to reaching infinity.

    ✨You need not have any tips or rules for writing. You paint you canvas with true feelings which you experience or marvelous ideas. Keep it going.

    No matter what stage you are in, what your writing style is or how experienced you are, the most important part of being a writer is to keep writing!

    So happy writing

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    This is a rondeau.

    The rondeau began as a lyric form in thirteenth-century France, popular among medieval court poets and musicians.

    It's rhyme scheme is as follows where capital a represents a refrain.


    #poetry_wt challenge by @writerstolli #anvaya_fop
    #lullabyc I know I'm posting an old one... Hope you don't mind .. #wnr_anv

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    Fly little sparrow fly high
    Swing in the branches of the sky
    Float in sweet dreams' sea
    Fall into the lap of pleasant mystery
    Shape the clouds as you fly
    Skim the air as you pass by
    Lie listening to the lullaby
    Touch the stars and bring them for me
    Fly little sparrow fly high
    Catch your thoughts hidden shy
    As you listen to the night bird's soft cry
    Listen to dream's melody
    Fall into sleep's arms gently
    Shut your mind's weary eye
    Fly little sparrow fly high.

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    I am in Kerala and we are suffering from intense floods. Our houses our flooded and we are living in a hotel, Lulu. All the roads are under water. Shops, hospitals and schools flooded.
    Many have been rescued from helicopters and don't even have shelter and food. #witness #kerala #flood #malayalam #india #prayforkerala #wnr_anv

    I write to you
    As a witness
    Of a disaster.
    Nature's fury
    cannot be expressed
    In words but I'll try,
    For I speak for thousands
    Whose voices have drowned
    In water.
    If you believe
    Every morning the sun rises
    You are wrong
    For today what rose
    Here was water.
    Water greeted us
    Right at our doorsteps.
    It is creepy when you go
    To bed as a human
    And wake up as a mermaid,
    Trying to wade
    Through chest deep water.
    The air is filled with gurgles
    And cries of lost souls.
    And for the past seven days
    We haven't seen light.
    We are waiting for miracles
    Wishing for rainbows

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    This post is about the floods in Kerala. Please do read it and pray for us all.