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    Thanku wn for repost ��❤(11) i was feeling low about this ��you gave me reason to smile ��

    ��poets don't have a genre they write about every other thing, they speak whatever they want sometimes for the people sometimes against the people. Their ink knows no boundary, the yellow pages knows no limits. Every Story , every word, every rhyme, every vocab carries ten thousand emotions buried in them. You never know what exactly pushed the poet to paint the rainbow of real emotions. Appreciate the art.

    Love it or hate we all became poets once for sure :)

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    I hope its not too long to read ��i went with the flow

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    Hidden poets in every personality.

    ~poet scribbling all grey and glitters ⚡
    When the sunflower blooms in the dark
    And scars eats up all the shining spark
    When the fountain flows upside down
    the crowd hides behind the mask of clown
    When miseries echoes in the empty chest
    sleeping on the floor doesn't provide you rest
    tongue licks upon some lies to recite a rhyme
    the twisted nib swirls upon paper to surpass time
    the metaphors oozes out of crushed collar bones
    rage beats the walls of heart made up of stone
    the aroma of dead memories leaks from old closet
    When the heart feels heavy with words
    I guess everyone becomes a poet.

    ~poet ranting the red love ❤
    When stars wraps the crescent moon in arms
    And burnt ashes provides naked skin holy warmth
    When the telepathy occurs between two twinkling eyes
    Love blooms in the cocoon of fluttering butterflies
    sweaty palms melt the fate lines to sketch a forever
    residing footprints walks another mile to be together
    then the serenades shuffle upon the rosy cheeks
    neptual tunes muffles under the leaves of wedding tree
    When the heart feels lighting of comfort
    I guess everyone becomes a poet.

    ~poet blabbering all the blues and black
    When a revolt breaks into the boiling blood
    And humanity drowns deep in greed's flood
    When suppressed sobbings screams to get wild
    Injustice prevails under the blind law's shield
    the firece ink flows to write a better future
    Warcries resonate to scribble society's structure
    the history pages sips on elixir of revolutionary words
    at the zenith of change pen acts mightier than any sword
    When the heart taps to tunes of triumphet
    I guess everyone becomes a poet.

    ~poet reciting the rainbows
    With every emotions leaking out of eyeballs
    For every daydream and nightmare big or small
    With every darkness kissing the peeled scars
    For every hope humming lullaby with the stars
    With every crushed cries and voice for change
    For every still days and rhapsodies of rage
    With every seasons ,every fall every hour
    For every breath every heartbreak every power
    When we speak our story without any fullstop
    And scream on top of our lungs amidst mob
    When we write the things that seizes the eyes
    from every lowkey moments to endless cries
    In all those rhymes and retro, stories and sonnet
    When the heart feels alive
    I guess everyone becomes a poet.

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    Just tried :) Thanku wn for EC (22) ❤
    Thanku so much for repost (10) ❣️�� #wnmeetssuro
    @miraquill @writersnetwork #wod #pod #ceesreposts

    Inspired by �� the Lumineers song �� sleep on the floor
    Cause if we don't leave this town
    We might never make it out !!

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    Heaven far from home!!

    Tonight is the night to leave this town
    Together we will swallow one more sundown
    Let's cross the streets of sufferings
    And sail the oceans of worldly offerings
    You and i will settle far behind the valley
    Where love runs in growing sunflowers daily
    We'll dip our fingertips into the soil of serenity
    To build bricks of our home confiding verity
    The scintillating stars will glitter our dark ceiling
    Honeycombs will drip the nectar of love from railing
    Fireflies would sing the lullabies for us to sleep
    We could have it all today if you choose to believe

    Tonight is the night to leave this town
    Together we will spit all facade of being frown
    Let's get lost in dark woods of adventure
    And capture the footsteps of extinct creatures
    You and i will paint our lips with pastoral poetry
    And stain the autumn leaves with verses of our story
    We'll weave the coat from flocks of withered wool
    To nurture our naked nightmares in winter pool
    The old man in abyss would be a part of our evenings
    Learning life in laps of nature would be our only earning
    There we could breathe freedom and sing aloud
    We could persuade simple living and escape the crowd!!

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    Thank you wn for read and repost ❤��(9) #wnmeetssuro

    ��is it a list poetry? Maybe not ��
    Anyways @writersnetwork @miraquill #kept #wod #ceesreposts

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    Museum of moments

    I've made a museum of moments
    In the little shelf of heart and in crack of bones
    and the entire cosmos of childhood cries
    With the evanescent footsteps chasing fireflies
    At days i feel an entire galaxy as a gist
    loaded upon my shoulders marked with some lists
    Of all Marinated moonlights and stolen sunrays
    Souvenir of all greetings and forgotten goodbyes

    That one golden hair strand of the plastic doll
    the paper planes and the first cricket bat and ball
    The folded uniform along with tiny winter gloves
    still smells like the golden childhood in my wardrobe.

    That first marksheet with a perfect score
    happy giggles blooming on first family tour
    Half written notes and half scribbled future goals
    still recites of all dreams i had since i was small.

    That withered yellow petals of all pressed roses
    the untitled sorrows and scribbled poetry proses
    The gentle hugs of heartbreaks,polaroids and photographs
    still seizes strength within to sail the storms of lifephases.

    Over the years i have made a list of all life lessons
    bullet points to tackle the bruises and tensions
    checklists for all dreams and desires in my head
    And universe of all euphoria until i kiss my death bed.

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    Wn ����thanku for repost (8) ��#wnmeetssuro
    Blah ��wrote it from pov of teardrop
    Does it make sense?
    @writersnetwork @miraquill
    #dewdrop #wod #ceesreposts

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    ̶D̶e̶w̶d̶r̶o̶p̶s Teardrop

    To the world
    Which walked hundred miles without me
    Bequeathed the bed of bruises and glee
    If today i shed my tears as dewdrops
    Would you carry it with you in crystal jars
    And mix some sweet melodies to my scars
    or would you just care to seal it air-tight
    And dump it in soil or throw it from a height
    If not could you just pour it down in blue sea
    And watch me sail the sorrow till i feel free
    Maybe then if i survive the torments and tide
    My existence would trace the terra of other side
    Where grass is greener and moon recites lullaby
    Where love is the language and light comes from firefly
    Where i m more alive than just being blood and bone
    Where i could walk few more miles without being alone
    Where endings are not end but mere a interval to breathe
    and then maybe i will bleed as an ink to write my life story all complete.

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    @miraquill ����❤you sure? POD (1) i can't put in words what it means to me seriously i don't even know if its worthy enough for pod ��you made my year forsure.
    I M GRATEFUL & I LOVE YOU��❤ seriously this was unexpected it means whole lot to this kiddo :)
    *happy tears*
    Since this post gonna be forever one for me how can i not mention my dear ones ��you all are more happy than me i know.
    Sanam dii, purva dii, reetika di, bidya di ,rani di ,moonie, amruta dii, rajeev bhaiya, mona di ��❤finallyyyyy you all know right
    Aqsa, mariya, buttery, sumii ,rimi, bhavya, shobhana, rizwan, mark, ����❤✨i m thankful���� really.. Take my dil ��
    Thank you all ����

    Thanku wn �� for repost (7) much grateful ✋❤��
    Thank you for EC (15) ��❤ ily team
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    Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet
    -Plato ❤

    Will be active here now after a month ��✋tata

    Honestly it was a fun to write this ��
    @writersnetwork @miraquill #epistrophe #wod #pod #ceesreposts #alliteration #writec

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    I often wonder what makes us a true poet?
    Adorning the alliterations makes you a poet
    Bedecking your bruises makes you a poet
    Crushing your cries in concrete makes you a poet
    Depicting your distress makes you a poet
    Etching eulogies about emotions makes you a poet
    Filtering your furrowed fury makes you a poet
    Gathering your gist of glee makes you a poet
    Humming the happy haikus makes you a poet
    Inscribing the ironies in imagery makes you a poet
    Jottting down your justified joys makes you a poet
    Knitting your kinks with kindness makes you a poet
    Liberating your love in lines makes you a poet
    Measuring your miseries in meterlines makes you a poet.
    Narrating your nightmares makes you a poet
    Observing your obstacles makes you a poet
    Painting your plethora of pain makes you a poet
    Quenching your quill with queries makes you a poet
    Rhyming your rage makes you a poet
    Scribbling your silence makes you a poet
    Titling your tragic tales makes you a poet
    Underlining your usance makes you a poet
    Verifying your vicious valour makes you a poet
    Writing your worth and wisdom makes you a poet
    Xeroxing your xenial makes you a poet
    Yielding your youthfulness makes you a poet
    Zesting your zeal of zenith makes you a poet

    //Scribbling your silence and stories makes you a poet
    Portraying your peace and pain makes you a poet
    Everything you erase and etch makes you a poet
    Whatever you wish and write makes you a poet
    The moment you choose to hear your heart
    And write whatever you feel without falling apart
    Every letter, every word, every emotion then
    altogether makes you a P-O-E-T //
    2nd Sept.

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    Thanku @writersnetwork for repost (6) #wnmeetssuro
    EC (12) ❤ i m happpieeeeeee ��
    ❤what a timing boss @queen_butterfly ��✨

    I might try another one ��this is just a rant .
    Sorry for suddenly disappearing like that(as if anybody noticed lol ) ��
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    Chained verses

    I shut the echoes of crowd in solitude
    Solitude that is suffused with silence
    Silence that scarred my soul with scars
    Scars that spit the cold betrayed blood
    Blood that took birth as blue crystal tears
    Tears which talked about torment nights
    Nights when i hugged the old photographs
    Photographs that were painted with smiles
    Smiles that carried essence of blooming love
    Love that poured peace and faded with time
    Time which kept count of every false hope

    Hope that died a thousand death in single breath
    Breaths that puffs and pierce my lungs with pain

    Pain that persuades me to sail paper boats
    Boats that would stand still against the storm
    Storm of suppressed emotions and silent cries
    Cries that have been ruthlessly caged for years
    Years which passed and withered like autumn
    Autumn leaves which got crushed by breezes
    Breezes of bruises that agitated the forest fires
    Fires that took the fuel of fury and farewells

    Farewells that flickered in beads of broken bands
    Bands which clinged to complete unwritten Story
    Story that chose to dip the deadself in blue ink
    Ink which scribbled every if and but in vague letter
    Letters which recited the rhymes of lost poetry
    Poetry which personified peace with metaphors
    Metaphors that made me a heartbroken poet

    Poet whose poetries tried to impart a voice
    Voice that chokes chaos with chained verses!

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    @writersnetwork seriously you have been very kind to me these days ��❤thanku for repost (5) and everything!!

    We keep this love in a photograph
    We made these memories for ourselves
    Where our eyes are never closing
    Hearts are never broken
    And time's forever frozen, still..
    - Ed Sheeran❤

    Just a first time try on #autobiography ��
    @writersnetwork @miraquill #wod #pod #ceesreposts

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    Plastic memories!

    I came into existence as mode of 90s nostalgia
    Carrying plastics pockets for polaroid euphoria
    Under the blue fancy covers and binder folders
    I tucked the plastic memories beneath my protector ..
    My compartments were a montage of life phases
    providing shelter to past prints in unbending pages

    In my adhesive corners,
    families stood united wearing smiles
    And mothers captured the
    first walk of their babies in style
    In some sheets, there were
    glimpse of first shared toy of siblings
    And on some, the wedding pics
    marked the blooming feelings
    Somedays my white sheets
    acted as shroud for farewells
    And at times, the happy
    get-togethers casted a magical spell
    I carried the load of all smile
    and tears every moment..
    And today i lie abandoned
    in dark rusted closet

    As giggles glitters only in scroll of phone gallery
    I found my existence stuck in fate of poor mallory
    High resolution cameras dazzled gray pictures
    Now nomore i trace the gentle flips of fingers
    I was woven with thread of ecstasy, an ethereal art
    Now in mysteries of modernization, i fall apart

    I m just another chapter of
    lost history and harmony
    Slowly fading away from the
    pages of world's life story
    Hoping one day they would
    once again adore my amalgam
    Until then i reside in solitude
    as an abandoned photo album!!

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    so i consider it a big yes from you ��
    Thankuuu for repost!! (4) ❤

    So will you accompany me to such city of poets ��❤
    #city #wod #pod #ceesreposts

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    City of poets

    If i could, i would allow my spirit
    To travel someday the city of poets
    And let my quill reside in haiku huts
    to scribble silence without if and buts..
    My ambience will roam around allegories
    And smiles will capture blooming similes
    Like a reckless kid,will steal some metaphors
    And crush the chide to breathe poetic hours !!

    If i could, i would
    travel through unknown ways
    To pluck Wordsworth daffodils
    swaying under sunrays
    And let the paper planes fly
    over Sylvia path's tiny tulips
    to release the unsaid emotions
    locked betwixt my silent lips
    My flickering eyes would trace
    the footprints of fame
    Like an adherent admirer,
    i would witness
    Shakespeare's life play!!

    If i could, i would visit
    van Gogh's sunflowers
    And recite the rhymes
    of john Keat's brightest star
    And let my devotion pluck
    some white lillies and scribbled cards
    to stay a little longer amidst
    their land of graveyards
    My old pale diary would
    scream my unsaid stories
    Like a disciple,
    i would collect the plethora of poetries!!

    If i could, i would
    reside there from summer to springs
    And let my vague imagination sprout it wings !!
    And if all of it seems impossible, i will fetch
    Some broken crayons and cries to sketch
    allusion and alliteration, peace and personification
    Satire and symphonies,Few imagery and irony,
    fable and facade ,some serenades and sonnets
    Slowly on crumbled pages,
    i will carve city of poets! !

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    Thanku so much @writersnetwork for kind read and repost (3) ��❤i love you!! Seriously ��much needed
    #wnmeetssuro ��

    @miraquill ❤ EC (9) !! Its been so longgg.. Thanku��

    Just a try ���� maybe too long '-' ( used all three prompts)

    @fromwitchpen ❤��thanku dii you encouraged me!!

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #start #wod #pod #ceesreposts #poet #poetry

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    As the sun goes down,
    my anxiety sits in a corner
    Nocturnal noises hums
    past melodies beside souvenir
    Stress clutches the curve of my
    smile behind closed doors
    I snatch the lifeless pillow and
    greet solitude lying on floor
    Parched blue eyes have now
    witnessed enough storms to survive
    Sounds of lub-dub suffocates
    beneath the shroud of life
    Slowly scars of sin oozes
    out of my skinny bones
    Demons of past chokes
    my voice with loud tones
    Dying poet inside me quest the
    quill with poignant poetry
    With black ink of welkin,
    i scribble dark chapters of life story!!

    And as sun scatters
    scorching beams all around
    I put on mask of silence
    and walk against the crowd
    They say there's a
    transparent ocean in your eyes
    Caressing the crystal pearls
    coated with sugar lies
    With every blink,smudged
    lashes flickers hope
    And shuts the echoes of
    chaos betwixt the mob
    Little did they know the
    torment waves of endless fears
    now demolishes my dimples
    with stroke of tepid tears..
    Ambience of saudade
    cwtches my murky breaths
    Within verses of vitality,
    unsaid letters recite death!!

    For i have never known the
    address of happiness till date
    My peace is mere a nomad
    tracing love amidst woods of hate
    My miseries roam around
    the meadow of mulberries
    And seize sunshine
    by crushing the wilted daisies
    Rustling leaves are my
    lullabies of torment nights
    And i travel till infinity to escape
    cobwebs of wrong and right..
    Chasing the day when my soul
    will emerge out of these dark hours
    And once again i will pluck peace
    and happy metaphors
    And just like the white light
    i will split as chromatic rainbow
    Spreading light and peace,
    chanting prayers of better tomorrow
    My muse will weave
    symphonies of smiles and endless sonnet
    And that day i will finally become a true poet!!

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    Oh @writersnetwork ❤��thankuuuuu so much for kind read and repost ������ .. Seems like you are selenetor too ����❤ahhh made my day (2)
    @miraquill EC (8)��❤ahh


    So before anything Happy birthdayy to my queen selena ��❤❤ .. I love her way too much so this is nothing more than just a collection of her song names ��lol i literally mentioned 50 or more songs ��good job well ��.. #selenetor ��

    Any Selenator out theree you got my love okk ����

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #oldenglish maybe okk ����coz i included your words..

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    Selena gomez!

    There was a time i felt like a nobody
    Stuck in crowded room suffocating in agony
    Everything was falling down,
    my heart was on fire
    Lover in me was seeking revival
    from titles of survivor
    Betwixt drunken nights my soul
    was all sober kinda crazy
    Fetish of past life made everything
    a little bit hazy
    My dilemma and delusions kept me
    lost in middle of somewhere
    amidst Souvenir of selfish love ,
    self love was rare
    I was stuck in cobwebs of anxiety and uhtceare
    Nothing healed me for better
    as i crumbled with fear
    All the people i know preached me perfection
    and all my heart wanted was to disappear..
    And then you came and said hold on girl..
    Forget forever trust me honey music feels better..
    Paint your demons and wolves with hopeful hues
    Hit the lights of love, that's only good for you
    Me and your rhythm altogether weaved magic
    Stars danced along under spotlight of your new classic
    When the sun goes down i was no more undercover
    You taught me how to own the night
    and i wanted more..
    You took me to a sweeter place and
    caressed my elflock
    You gifted me cologne of smiles and
    stayed till i was out of shock
    And when you said "I got you "
    I legit felt like a champion..
    I chose to dance over again
    and trust my breathing intuition
    Now summer was no more hot,
    i cherished year without rain
    Killed all hatred with kindness,
    my heart no longer embraced pain
    My mornings were painted
    blackpink and sweet dreams
    Watching you yearning for boyfriend
    my heart melted like an ice cream..
    Taki taki rumba added more blast
    to my solitude birthday..
    "love will always remember"
    So get up and save the day
    I chose to be me with you
    and to the world i won't apologize
    It was only you that gave my heart
    wings to fly and rise ..
    I survived the storms of silence & bitter fall
    When you said heart wants what it wants afterall
    I cried with you too when u cried
    on stage stucked with sorrow
    And then you brought smile again
    with look at her now . .

    With you i grew up more beautiful and strong..
    How do i put in words that i love you like a love song...

    ~surbhi , forever Selenetor ❤

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    Goshh am i dreaming or what... My first ever repost ����
    Thanku @writersnetwork this means so much to me!! ❤❤ Truly made my day... (12th❤)
    24may 2021

    ~Compared to beautiful hearts all these beauty standard seems all vague to me ~
    '���� �������������� ���� �������� ������ ���� ����������, ���� ���������� �������� ���� ���� �������� ������ ���� ���� ������������" -���������� ��������������


    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersbay
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    Her soul lied in the moon, body resembled twinkling stars
    Now i see her shattered on ground smacked with scars
    I heard few drops of his venom touched her pristine soul
    Meek crowd witnessed her skin burning like soggy coal

    Bottle of acid blazed her eager wings into deadly ashes
    Inch by inch her skin melted down in gist of all splashes
    Slowly the smile faded ,no more was she beautiful & bold
    Rosy lips glossy cheeks all numb, stripped heart all cold

    She sobbed all nights asking what was her fault
    Dazzled eyes, wavy hair what exactly led to this assault
    Does the blame goes to her attire or to burning desire
    Unheard screams repeatedly asked to the silent mirror

    Repeated surgeries, deformed dimples marks all over
    All engraved by those sinful hands of her claimed lover
    Petition cases judgment dates all made it to headline
    Amidst all the chaos, lively bosom faced bitter decline

    Once the lovable lad of all,now crumbled under the veil
    Vigliant eyes questioned her character denying all wail
    World at last titled her victim, but she chose to be warrior
    Writing her own fate , gradually she became stronger

    The face that was burnt was the face now she loved
    Wrinkled, marked fragile cruticle but her heart all above
    Showering strength to others, no more beauty standards
    With her pious dreams,those charred hands did wonders!