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  • treble_clef 3w

    A thought triggered by today's prompt..

    #hyperbole , #wnluv

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the kind repost ����

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    Insignificant dust, the human,
    with looming darkness of an ego
    claimed the ownership of the universe
    only to perish with 'her' single nod 


  • treble_clef 6w


    Ever wondered why since ages people have been looking for elixir of youth.?

    Well thank you @writersnetwork for this pleasant surprise ������������������ #wnluv

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    Just a number?

    Age is just a number you say? 

    Tell it to the receding hair
    that's rapidly changing color 
    and now can be counted on fingers

    Age is just a number you say? 

    Tell it to the gathering wrinkles 
    which once were called soft and supple
    now wilting on the shrinking muscles

    Age is just a number you say? 

    Tell it to the slowing wobbly gait
    needing a stick to share the weight
    Or two extra hands to keep you straight

    Age is just a number you say? 

    Tell it to the ever weakening senses, 
    the hours of the nights spent sleepless
    the tremble, the tremors, the uncalled penance

    Age is just a number you say? 

    Tell it to your ignorant future self
    that one day will sit alone wishing longingly
    for those wasted good ole merry days. 

  • treble_clef 7w

    #grandma, #uralivec

    A few days ago I wrote a tribute to my grandma on nostalgia challenge..
    There's plenty more to say... So why will I ever let go of this chance.. ��

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the kind repost ��������

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    Grandma and her Kitchen

    Have you ever known
    what richness l o o k s  like?
    Half empty jars of the best quality spices
    neatly stacked in the spotless
    kitchen shelves. 

    Have you ever known
    what passion t a s t e s like? 
    It's the deep orange heavenly drop from
    the home grown unadulterated vegetable curry 
    that nourishes both body and soul. 

    Have you ever known
    what  excellence s m e l l s like? 
    The dish with impeccable balance of flavours
    and textures finished with aromatic seasoning 
    that even a fleeting thought or mention
    can make your mouth water. 

    Have you ever known
    what unconditional love f e e l s like? 
    A snuggly embrace of the aroma from
    the bottomless mud pot that invites you 
    no matter the distance, any time of any day. 

    Have you ever known
    what a michelin star review s o u n d s like? 
    The praises for a humble mango Achar
    that trumped the taste of the main course
    at the wedding banquet; that still gets a finger licking  mention at the Silver Jubilee celebration. 

    Have you ever known
    who the w o r l d 's b e s t m a s t e r c h e f is, 
    was and will always be? 
    Undoubtedly it's my grandma. 
    And the best thing of all is... 
    she knew, she was the best. 

    Have you ever known
    why I am richer than a multimillionaire? 
    I have the blessings of 
    those flavourful hands 
    and when I enter my kitchen, 
    her aroma still lingers around. 

    "Yes Mai, when the flames
    of my oven comes on,
    my kitchen nods along with me,
    as I whisper 'y o u a r e a l i v e'. "


  • treble_clef 10w

    It's not really an #argument ...! Just some lingering thoughts that met my pen and paper.

    'Time and tide wait for none'
    isn't it a saying of the wise?
    Why then time stops still when
    I look into those sapphire eyes?

    'Time flies by like the shooting star',
    pouts the little girl
    at the town fair as she hops out
    of the Carousel
    Her mother's eyes keep oscillating
    to the clock tower
    She is keyed up why the hands are
    moving much slower

    Time is sipped in customized glasses
    by every terrestrial soul
    Its speedometer runs wayward
    It's attuned to your smile and scowl
    Time spent laughing, with your loved ones,
    is shrunken by the dial
    Time's ruthless torture, knows the
    man in the six by eight cell

    Time is a tireless ruler,
    Time, a masterly healer,
    Time wipes the flowing tears;
    Time, a dying man's prayer,
    Time destroys, begets havoc,
    tumbles the empires down
    Time crumbles the sturdiest forts,
    transforms a mere stone divine.

    Time has seen - the dawn of faith,
    earth shrink to the size of a grain
    No one dares to capture it's girth
    None have witnessed it's birth.
    I watch it slip through my fingers,
    my fist fails to arrest
    Caught in Time's colossal web,
    I am just a miniscule spec.


    Thank you for another awesome surprise @miraquill .. 3rd POD!!!! Couldn't be happier ������
    Thanks a million.. �� #podluv
    Thank you @miraquill for the EC ���� #ecluv
    Thank you @writersnetwork for the kind repost ����

    Thank you all for the read, ❤, reposts, and all the constant encouragement and support.. ������

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    'Time and tide wait for none'
    isn't it a saying of the wise?
    Why then time stops still when
    I look into those sapphire eyes?

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    This one's for 'Her'

    #gogyohka, #wnluv, #podluv

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the repost ��. You made my day��.
    POD!!! Thanks @miraquill for the honor. What an unexpected surprise! I'm humbled. This will only make me want to strive to write better.

    (*for those interested in an explanation, you'll find it in the comment section)

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    Shrivelling dreams

    The viridescent dreams 
    are shrivelling apace
    as the avarice bipeds 
    plunder and pillage
    their emerald manse 

    Pangaea pleads
    for sylvan grace
    that plays hide and seek
    with the burgeoning trend
    of regressive race. 


  • treble_clef 14w

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the repost ����
    Thank you @miraquill for the EC ����

    #city, #wnluv, #ecluv

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    City Of Dreams

    City of broken dreams
    hobbling about in crutches
    Eyes on 2D dwellings
    trapped in fate's clutches

    Streets abuzz with whims
    Sell needs and wishes enmeshed
    Drains clogged with sins
    reek of shrieks of sold flesh

    Shiny metal contraptions
    ferry insatiable tantrums
    Tiny palms gather ration
    as metal clinks play the rhythm

    Chaos always in order
    Disruption dances in synchrony
    Pause, has gone awol
    Everything moves with money

    It's a city of dreams
    Where nightmares are sown
    Amidst the dwindling space
    Hopes keep finding new dawn


  • treble_clef 15w

    #object, #wnluv, #ecluv

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the repost ����
    Thank you @miraquill for the EC ����

    Something light for today ��


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    My Pen

    Is tall
    Like the dainty model
    wearing silver gown, stylishly
    walking on the white paper ramp. 

    Is sleepy, most of the time,
    dozing in a cozy corner of my 
    wooden drawer, like the naughty kitten
    sneaking off to snuggle by the hearthstone. 

    Is clingy, 
    Doesn't leave my fingers;
    When my mind cracks open
    with a burst of emotions, its ink
    flows as if from the broken tap of my kitchen. 

    Is clever, 
    My mind's disciplined twin! 
    It surprises me often, gets my
    thoughts sorted in the most organized manner. 


  • treble_clef 18w

    #wod, #decay, #wnluv, #ecluv

    Thank you @miraquill for the EC ����
    Thank you @writersnetwork for the repost ����


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    Caught up in the rat race of reaching nowhere
    We pile up possessions, leave the hearts vacant
    Ensnared by the gloss of glitter and glamour
    We polish our skin and let the soul decay


  • treble_clef 33w


    #gifts, #wod, #naturesgift, #give, #wnluv

    Thank you for the repost @writersnetwork . ��❤
    Thanks everyone for showering ❤.

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    Give what you Receive


    Nature's gifts bountiful 
    spread far and wide
    all at mankind's disposal. 

    A solitary soul with heart grateful
    gazing at the sight so beautiful
    wished to do something in return
    for such a magnificent gesture
    of the nurturing nature. 

    A warm embrace 
    of the balmy breeze;
    With a voice most kind
    he gently whispered.. 

    'Nourishing nature's gifts 
    enjoy you must.. 
    Remember to not forget
    to hand them down 
    in perfect condition
    to the future generation. 
    Remember to give 
    what you freely receive".


  • treble_clef 38w

    Happy Song

    I want to write a happy song

    Song with rainbow colours

    Colours with tints of joy

    Joy that spreads all around

    Around all the dark corners

    Corners even of your hearts. 

    Hearts with shades of greys

    Greys that weigh you down

    Down the alleyways of gloom

    Gloom shall be painted rainbow

    Rainbow of rhythm and melody

    Melody sung by you and I.


  • treble_clef 39w

    #wod, #brilliancec, #writersbay, #ecluv, #wnluv, #podluv

    Tried weaving a story in the chain verse.

    Thank you @mirakee for this honor... I am really humbled. I never thought I'd ever win a POD. I'm over the moon and the stars and everything else��

    Thank you @writersnetwork for your love and your constant encouragement. I really appreciate it.

    Thanks @everyone for showering your love. It means a lot❤


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    Smiling through the wreckage


    Brilliance of the sun shines in her eyes
    Eyes that mirror her precious heart
    Heart, scattered with leaves of the past
    Past seasons endured the treacherous storms

    Storms left her ship in mangled wreckage
    Wreckage that she did solely Salvage
    Salvaged her home from crumbling ruins
    Ruins transfigured into indestructible walls

    Walls of her heart though are full of cracks
    Cracks, she fills with her golden smiles
    Smiles that she beams around her world
    World rejuvenated in her sheer brilliance. 


  • treble_clef 41w

    #wnluv, #ecluv

    Thank you @writersnetwork and everyone for showering love.. ❤. I'm honored.. ☺


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    You are there.

    Your love for me
    doesn't rhyme
    Nor does it strew
    rose petals in my path. 
    It doesn't whisper 
    'I love you's in my ears, 
    or croon at midnight
    strumming guitar. 

    You are there beside me
    no matter the rainy storms
    or the freezing snow. . 
    Even when my mood reflects
    the colour of the darkest nights
    'You are there'
    And I know... 
    Love doesn't need a filmy story. 


  • treble_clef 47w

    If wind had eyes and a beating heart.....


    Thank you @writersnetwork for reposting. I'm thrilled!
    Thank you @miraquill for the EC.. ��������

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    Wind : A Journey

    Leaving behind it's womb the sea
    The timid wind begins it's journey 
    Swiftly crossing the sandy beach 
    Tickles the leaves of coconut trees

    Laughing lads, play hide and seek;
    Women are sorting the catch squatting. 
    While men get busy with nets to clean
    Wind smiles at the folks and swirls with glee

    Gliding past the lush green sight,
    it floats to the place that looks like a maze
    Perplexed wind pushes it's way with might
    Coughs in the frowsty sulfurous black haze

    Through the slums, tastings sweat and tears
    Thousand dwellings in hundred square feet
    It crashes against the concrete structures
    No welcome, no way in, but through the ACs

    The sweat and the tears it carried along, 
    are crushed and shattered and thrown aside
    People inside have forgotten how to breathe
    No care; No love; Are they all machines? 

    Gaping gaps in the concrete jungle
    Distraught wind is stricken with despair
    Seeks refuge from the mountain standing tall;
    A silent witness to the growing divide.