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    Jane walked through the gallery smelling like a leftover tragedy and went straight to her grandmother's room. She knelt on the floor and lifted the lid of a glass jar kept in the corner. Letters tied with jute threads, dried roses and old photographs, all looking like someone just took them out straight from a broken hearts museum. A museum to store memories that made her grandma cry and smile at the same time until her last breath. They smelled of love and her precious tears.
    They were from her grampy. He was a handsome sailor who died 40 years ago. He was madly in love with grandma and she told her that he used to write her every time he went to the sea. He told her everything about the places he visited, the people he met on the way, the terrible food he had there but most importantly, how much he missed her. They met in high school and decided to stick around for some time while all their other friends left that small town to study in their dream college. Grandma got pregnant after a couple of years with Jane's father and Grampy got his dream job as a sailor to see the world. He wanted to stay back with grandma and help her through the pregnancy but she insisted that he shouldn't give up on his dream. He kept surprising her by visiting her every now and then and they would go visit their old spots to freshen up some old memories and fabricate some new ones for the parting days. They would make their own fairy world with them and all their kids travelling together some day and how they would complain about being home sick every month. Grampy died after his ship got caught up in a really bad storm and grandma decided to never leave that town.

    Jane, with her shaking and wet hands, opened up the jute thread. In that moment, she remembered how every time she asked grandma if she could read those letters, she would just laugh and say, "well, of course love. But only after I die. Till then, these are just mine".

    With tears rolling down her eyes, she opened up one of those letters. It was dated 17 February 1869. That was the last letter he wrote. It was old and a bit worn out at the folds.


    "My beloved Paige,

    I am in London right now. Yes, you guessed it right. I am visiting the beautiful Buckingham palace, first thing in the morning. I still clearly remember you told me how much you loved London after you returned back from your last field trip back in school. Now I see why these streets fascinated you so much. Oh, my love! In this moment, I can give up anything to be with you and to be able to hold you in my arms. This, touring around, visiting all these beautiful, remarkable places all over the world, it's all completely meaningless if you are not with me. I miss you so much. I have decided to come back to you and be with you for rest of my life. I had so much to tell you when I began writing this letter but now I am getting carried away with the thought of being with you, forever!
    See you soon my love!

    Yours and only yours
    Finch S."


    Jane sat there for a while with that letter, held close to her heart, tears rolling down her eyes and a faint smile on her face. Having shared such an important part of her grandma's memory, she felt even more close to her in that moment. She finally gathered enough strength to say her final goodbye to her sweet grandma. She got up, went to the open casket to tell her how much she loved her, carefully placed her favorite lilies in her beautiful, pale hands and read all those letters to her one last time.


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