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  • lovesmessenger 7w

    Probably makes no sense. I wanted to do a story using chained verses and lines. Found it interesting so I tried ��

    Wishing Well

    A wishing well of great importance
    importance that shall not be forgotten
    forgotten and lost people come from all over
    over pain and desperation they seek it
    it dwells within the land of the forsaken

    Forsaken yet tales of it still remains
    remains of the lost are found here
    here where the search for the well ended
    ended yet begins is the eternal cycle of the waters
    waters that's filled with hope that beacons the lost

    Lost but for the ones that found it
    it is salvation that they throw their coins of destiny
    destiny allows them to find it so they can change
    change of the lucky few soaks in the bottom of the well
    well being of their wishes becomes an obsession
    obsession of love that had led them here

    Here lies the wishing well of love
    love is the reason they seek it
    it doesn't dwell in the waters or wishes
    wishes is still sought after by the wicked
    wicked for their hearts has been tainted
    tainted enough that they can't find peace
    peace is the one thing this well can't give

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    Wishing Well

    There is no rest for the wicked still they seek this wishing well

  • miss_anonymous 31w

    wishing well

    for so long i’ve collected pennies and dimes. one turns to two then ten. it started as an innocent hobby, but now it has become a mundane routine. and so they multiply… one, two, ten, fifty. ten dimes for each fleeting childhood crush and an excavator’s handful of coins for something i cannot name. there are smaller deposits accumulated over the years too. and those are no exception to things i cannot name. each day, they anchor me like that of a foreign body part that dangles about unsolicited and each day they lower me closer and closer to the ground to where i trudge on all fours just to reach the wishing well. oh wishing well, oh wishing well, liberate me from the heaviness of my heart-- liberate me from all things taxing so i don’t have to buy silence any longer. exorcise me of every vengeful and spiteful spirit from within-- liberate me… and to that, i have spoken to thee. a deity appears and gestures to the well. your payment? it asks. i hesitantly grabbed a few coins from my pocket and showed it to the deity. my mind swings left right like that of a pendulum between dichotomous choices. but they will know, they will know. all of it. all of it. they can never know. heads, tails, heads, tails-- which side will it lay at the bottom of the well? to have my words of anguish and hopeless wishing rest on deaf ears— sanity sinking like that of tailed coins? or to surrender secrecy— so that my head stays afloat in the deep, dark waters of sorrow? shall i fold and clutch the change in my palms to stay confined in comforting stasis? what to do, what to do? … then and there, i uttered: i fold, for silence is an investment too valuable to compromise.
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    silence is an investment
    too valuable to compromise


  • imkaushiksanyal 68w

    Waters of the wishing well.
    #wishingwell #christmas #mirakee #writersnetwork
    Merry Christmas Mirakeans

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    Then came Christmas,
    with jingle bells and little elfs,
    and everyone asked me;
    What I wanted?
    A bit of love,
    or the kiss of heaven?
    But all I wanted
    was to taste
    the waters from the wishing well.

    Kaushik Sanyal

  • aditii21 72w

    I went to a wishing well,
    and searched for coins
    to throw in there
    and make a wish,
    I did find one,
    but it was demanded
    by a hungry beggar!
    And so I gave him the only coin
    that I had,
    so that his wish could come true,
    if not mine
    Perhaps that way,
    God would listen
    faster than otherwise


  • lee_swallowtail 79w

    Eyes of the World

    So cherry,

    It's come to this.

    This drink ain't swig enough for the Buddha of us.

  • imkaushiksanyal 136w

    Whenever there was wrong,
    The song of
    despair and tears
    and stear happiness
    away from me.
    There was hope,
    The rope
    pulling me out of the silent hell
    and the wishing well
    asking for a coin
    to rejoin with the wishful ones.

    Kaushik Sanyal

  • abhinshub 156w

    I Wish

    I wish lust was never found
    I wish love to be all around
    I wish peace forever aground
    I wish humility everywhere abound
    I wish you wish the same so that our wishes resound.


  • marcellemae 195w

    I wish you well,
    but not from my well,
    and not of my wellness.


  • sherrynamdeo 229w

    His Wish

    It felt as if I was the coin he wished upon, he kissed me and then left me to drown in the darkness of a well.