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  • amyjoylouise96x 13w

    Wish you could read this.

    Lets talk about all the times you hurt me, God sometimes i wish i hurt you too
    Because everyday i tried to do and be the best for you and after all that we were through.
    All those times you begged me to stay and i did i stayed by your side
    That time you sent me a love song & you pictured me as your bride
    What happened to all of that why couldnt you try to make things right
    I'll never forget that heart sinking feeling when you left me that friday the 13th night.
    You threw away what we had and could have had over a lousy text
    Left me here wondering who was your next
    I begged you to stay and you didnt so i fell down and i've never been the same
    You left someone who would have never given up on you, boy your ass is lame.

    You still hurt me like you did
    & boy you lied about forever
    Because we didnt last that long at all
    Were we ever really together?