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  • peacef_pya 8w

    The Sacred River

    Be good!
    Even if no one cares, for sure the birds will care!

  • devilfish 8w


    I remember the floral scent you emit
    So articulate and delicate
    Moonlight dewdrop kiss
    As if a dream could last forever
    Pure bliss

    Time is so cold and intricate
    I'll always be bold and honest
    Forever our love too big
    Not modest enough to fit on a screen


  • alastair_margerman 9w


    truth and love and god, are synonymous forms intimating the formless. you exist in truth and truth exists in you ...

  • unhinderedwriter 9w

    "I don't know" is the beginning and the pinnacle of wisdom.


  • alastair_margerman 9w


    we identify with, and become attached to a form, a thing, a thought; and bind our self to that with which we associate

    the emotional distance, between our self and the object of our association, is indirectly proportionate to the strength of our bond

    we are more tightly bound to family than to a stranger, and associate more readily with our thinking than the ideas of an other

    remove the emotion between our self and the object and bondage gives way to clarity

  • pensouls_eden 10w

    मेहताब की छांव में वो सुर्ख लाल सा खिल रहा था,
    इश्क की चाह में जैसे वजूद चांद से मिल रहा था।
    कुछ दायरों के चलते ख़ामोश हम रह गए,
    उगता हुआ शम्स जैसे रोशनी में घुल रहा था।


  • alastair_margerman 10w

    right and wrong

    decide for your self and learn from experience

  • monosijsen 11w

    Some Like It Hot

    Some like to bully kids
    Some like to shout
    Some like to kill pigeons
    Some like to pout.
    Some like to build muscles
    Some like to smoke
    Some like to pee in the pool
    Some like to choke.
    Some like to play with swords
    Some like to ride
    Some like to spit on authority
    Some like to thrive.
    Some like to break the bed
    Some like to swear
    Some like to roughen his girl
    Some like to hear.
    Some like to save the weak
    Some like to stand up
    Some like to give up life
    Some like to man up.
    Some like to shoot the crowd
    Some like to dance naked
    Some like to burn the world
    Some like to stay crooked.
    Some like to fuck in showers
    Some like to fuck all things good
    Some like to fuck the fuckers
    Some like to fuck in hoods.
    All of us are warriors
    Just lacking the push.
    All of us can conquer the earth
    So go and hit that bush.
    Whenever someone says that you're
    Violent, mad, unhinged or bad
    Tell them not all of us are the same
    And some like to be the dad.
    Some don't care it's right or not
    As long as it is hot.
    Some like life in a boiling pot
    Some like it hot.

  • simplyprofound 11w

    Friendship paradox

    If you feel you're alone. Think again bcoz if you were really alone there wouldn't be things for you to interact with; outside of you :
    Your pet,
    your favourite things,
    the air you breathe in,
    the water you drink,
    the swaying grass,
    the birds chirping around you,
    even silence for you to hear.
    There wouldn't be separation at all, that means for you to be completely alone you would have to include everything as a part of yourself there shouldn't be anything separate from you. But if you do that you won't feel alone because now you're friends with everything !!

    The paradox is, for you to be alone : friendship is the only way to achieve that ! (Because loneliness is friendship in disguise)
    This is the beauty of Friendship, it really means to include something as a part of yourself. To oversee the differences among ourselves n recognise the oneness that exists in everyone.

    Be grateful to have friends even if you feel you are alone; look at the world around, you're never really alone !!


  • czarcasm 12w

    We are many

    I don't mean to be rude with my actions

    Its because if my past that I have them

    Upon the road less taken

    I came upon those who were drinking

    And they showed me

    The map of the stars

    Such wisdom I never knew

    But on the road it slowly grew

    Until my knowledge could only be near by few

    Meticulous was the gathering

    Of the book of the sea

    Heavy was the shouldering

    Of the slave I chose to free

    Seven stitches after I told his master to leave him be

    For we are all human in this large flat surface

    One days men will drive things called cars

    Humanity is everyone

    And just like the stars,

    We are many

  • czarcasm 12w


    A sip of water before I start my early run

    It was sunny out so I though that it's be fun

    But on this day I came across a Nun

    Who sat me down and taught me about what life was like when it's done

    Such wisdom in her beautiful eyes as she smiled with all her teeth

    She somehow knew that in my life I had suffered much greater grief

    'God had a plan for everything down to the air

    Don't worry your heart dear child everything will go right now let's say a little prayer'

    Upon my arrival home I had a lightened heart instead

    And saw a rainbow above my house and a sunflower grew back it's head

  • pzychorockgirl 12w


    Goddess of Wisdom,
    Goddess of War,
    Lend me your strenght,
    For I am a warrior,
    I'll die for your honor,
    For your glory ,
    I'll fight and serve without doubt,
    Athena oh godess of law,
    Give me your strength to smite all my fouls,
    And right all the wrong,
    Goddess , my goddess .
    Lend me your strengh to fight for what is just.
    And in your name evil shall fall.


  • ovais43 12w

    Efflorescence of Truth


    Who is a nice lady who's whore;
    who asked you to rate or score?
    Who gave you the right to judge;
    to tell us who's pure and impure?

    You wander from land and shore
    but never talk about man-whore.
    Who stops you to talk about this?
    Do you think males endure more?

    Aren't men and women are equal?
    Can't both involve in legal or illegal?
    On basis of gender; man and woman
    I don't think we can exempt people.

    Acts are dependant upon intentions
    whoever is wrong faces detentions.
    If we care for humans and humanity
    must bring literature back into action.

    So, we can educate folks sanity
    Deity defined manners and morality
    against vulgarity, comedy, and sins
    for the sake of ideal state and sanctity.

    These matters we need to explore,
    all sins and evils will remain no more
    When sanity will prevail the lunacy,
    of heaven then, God will open the door.

  • thedoctorlaureate 12w

    Doesn't make it any different!

    Killing a female fetus is not considerably different than killing a female infant. The only difference is the gap of 15 centuries and the shift from the middle east to the far ends of the world.

  • himanshuchaturvedi 12w

    वंदे गुरू चरणम्
    छत्रम् गुरू शरणम्

    "Guru" one of the auspicious person in the Indian culture

    Guru is the one who change our life
    Guide us..show us the path of right and wrong..
    Makes us capable and independent
    There's a difference between Teacher and a Guru
    Teacher teach us..and Guru Guide us
    Teacher teach us knowledge..and Guru teach us life and wisdom
    Since from the ancient time to till today they are irreplaceable
    Yes sometimes it's hard to follow their words sometimes they're strict sometimes they're very discplined
    But when we start following them and became consistent
    We can achieve everything what we wish for or even more than that
    And the best thing is irrespective of their physical presence in our life they can help us just we need full faith in them
    Because he's not just a person.. he's a thought which we can apply in our life..and in that way he always lives with us
    And there's a very well known example of Eklavya and Dronacharya from Mahabharata.. we'll know it
    And there's no return for the wisdom and experience they share with us even the God too says this.

    And to all the People who're Gurus even for a single person
    They're so lucky to have that auspicious place.
    They got a chance to make the life of people

    Because (in my view) there're only two people in one's life who can make their life and guide them...first is Parents specially Mother and those Mentors or Gurus

    My heartfull bow in your feet's❤️


  • tonyfresh 13w



    Glory can be heavy.
    Success can smother.

    Build your capacity
    to shelter success.


  • devilfish 13w


    I touch a sunset and it’s warmth
    Freezes as it is my still memory
    Washed out in cool tones
    Indistinct and undefined
    Can I find my home?
    I call out of the conch it echoes as my home is hollowed
    My hollow home
    My heart as it follows it crashes like a comet into my throat
    I’ve always wandered the shadows of thought all alone
    These words comfort me because without these pages to translate my soul they can be there so at least you can if you want to find this one place
    Then welcome back
    I write so my thoughts don’t scare me with unfamiliar concepts
    I don’t want the truth to haunt my morning depth
    Coffee cakes and daisy’s midnight breath
    In between wires sparking my steps
    It’s not going to be of value if it doesn’t resonate in your head as something you can understand and it’s just like I’m stressed
    I’m a mess
    I’ve seen dark days
    I must confess I pray at the feet of my passion and love to see these things livened with ink and my thoughts that dance like flames behind my eyes
    Dancing inside as tired as I am wise
    Crystalline cracks up and down your white pearly composure and time to think over is all that I need tenderness will be my green clover
    Just get here, I’d like it if you’d just come over
    Come over
    Start over…

  • devilfish 13w

    Red Ribbons

    So inviting
    You like it
    I feel it
    See, it’s vibrant
    I’ll walk you off a cliff of reinventing the past
    I’ll be your island
    I’ll be your Midas
    I know you see me
    I’m inviting you to pull into my vibes
    And I’ll move it to you
    The feeling it struck like lightning
    Chaos and it’s violence
    They vibrant
    When we already walked and scuttled barefoot as a matter a fact
    The way they shattered you’d think we were hit by a semi in a compact
    I don’t remember exactly to a precision all the dates I’m bad at math plus my memories don’t come fast
    I’m still whip lashed by the eyelash I made a wish and I never asked to be ripped from the only things that even mattered to be burdened by life’s chaotic apathy in it’s smug shrug
    As it pulls out from me
    The rug
    My tears are filling up these pages
    These aren’t just mugs
    You fill black coffee with
    Like charcoal in stockings of Christmas
    I missed this
    But death crossed my heart out
    Like a pencil to a flimsy list
    I bleed crimson blood bliss
    I cry as I split into fragmented starlights that water rose in gardens where they were kissed by Dewey mists
    Happiness won’t ever be bliss
    If you were just here and this memory lives like It lives in me
    The same emotions that I can’t quite understand
    The same erosion the pollution of a wound they just left open
    As I was bartered by chance
    And eroded by the sand
    How much can a human life endure how much one can be capable is an evil to understand
    No man would wish to ban even the most unholy in the land
    To this dystopian romance
    Where Joanna won’t stop loving you
    A narcissistic slow dance
    We keep taking vyvanse
    Disillusionment I like it
    How the movement of your skin
    Makes me want to tell you
    To slowdown and you go fast
    I bite that
    and they keep hitting like they missed
    I kiss my cyber halo with a cold gun
    To seduce me with it’s sudden kiss
    I dance with my pain
    I sing with my pain
    I bathe with my pain
    I cycle my mind through this process stage by stage phase by phase
    Day by day
    These pills I have to take
    Or else I make bad decisions
    And I stray from my control over my past I have no debt I haven’t fully paid
    My beds are made my truth is said
    It’s no deeper than it seems
    Truth is déjà vu
    Is so weird I just can’t put my finger on it
    I don’t know honestly how I could explain
    The scars they just remain
    I’ll remain aware of my perspective
    I can’t lose it
    I can’t play
    The game
    No time to contemplate
    To revise what I have made
    These decisions in my wake
    I’m but a man
    But I can bend the moonlight and purge the world out of my veins
    As I erupt in fiery rain
    My body hurts so I rain
    My mind it runs from me
    I’m afraid in these dead bodies
    Mine start to feel that mine have hollowed out
    The same
    The dead body is me with my own face
    I’m in tune
    I’m insane

  • prettyinkblots 13w

    Moments, Incidents, Wisdom

    Sometimes the stillness dominates. Sometimes it's the end and the other times it's the adventure you lived for to create moments and in the middle of this there's a subtle approach of life. We react and respond , and then we label then as incidents. These incidents educate us, call them the origin of wisdom.


  • heartthasays 13w

    Even Alice found her Wonderland when she decided to slide down the rabbit hole
    Finding your fairytale needs you to move
    When the epiphany hits you
    It's a calling of your desires
    To move and change your story