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  • rishieee 17w

    HUMAN - Heart - Brain

    Humans have brain,
    Brains do think,
    Think those things,
    You dont really mean.

    Mean those things,
    Things which are bad,
    Badder your character
    You wont even realise.

    Realise your state,
    Real eyes will open,
    Open to the slate,
    Three I's everywhere written.

    Written is past,
    Past can change,
    Change is present,
    PRESENT in its own way.

    Way you choose other wise,
    Wise won't you be called,
    Called you'll be lesser,
    Lesser in terms of being human altogether.

    Human is hard word,
    Words do mean a lot,
    Choose is wisely,
    Or that thing will pierce through someones heart.

    Heart is not only a part,
    Part of human art,
    Art is an emotion,
    Emotion completes heart.

    Heart and brain work together,
    Together they make us complete,
    Brain does overpower,
    Writing its own things,
    Heart is a pencil-ruber,
    Which erases , writes and completes,
    Completes the meaning of human being,
    Which we all are trying to mean.