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  • bicyclesandpens 1d

    As The Chilly December Afternoon Turns Into Night

    “It's quite chilly today huh”, I mutter with cluttering teeth, and a mischievous smile,
    December chuckles, as the quite afternoon play it's role and I hear the rustling branches from a mile.
    I wrap myself in a cardigan and offer her a muffler but she denies,
    Instead she wraps her arms around me and basks me in her golden sunlight;
    I do not complain.

    “Doesn't it bother you,” I utter with a sadness looming my voice, “all this hate you get?”
    December smiles at me and tells me she is not for everyone to love, for she's a little more cruel to some, than others.
    It's part of her, she softly explains, that's what nature has planed and she dutifully abides,
    I nod but tsk in disapproval, as the afternoon hours pass by.

    In the evening, we share a cup of chai, chai never tasted better,
    We talk about the fall and I tell her all the stories of the summer,
    She gets a little jealous and leaves a sigh, as chilly winds blanket my windows in frost,
    I make smileys on them with my fingers, inturn December smiles.

    In the dark hours of night, we stand in my balcony, with a hot cup of cocoa,
    The moon long hidden and the stars barely visible, yet the early Christmas lights twinkle in the corners of her eyes,
    December yawns and stretches her arms, as I add another shawl and bid my goodnight,
    “Goodnight my friend”, she whispers and makes her way into the night.


  • safoorajahan 2d

    A cold brew

    The coldest month of all seasons
    Feels ironically the warmest
    The sweet snuggle of a cozy bed
    The hot warmth of a cup of tea
    Is all my heart waits for whole year!
    Being the only time something
    Understands the wrath of my heart
    Seemingly silent on the outside
    Unhinged by the shivers inside
    Maybe it's a moment of mirage
    But nothing brings me more comfort
    Than crying a thousand tears
    Hiding under the layers
    Lying next to me, A cold brew

  • chaithra_nayak 1w

    The season of love is
    never ending risk of gloom.
    Edging yourself for the answer,
    fearing of rejection the heart
    can't accept feelings of refusal.

    Each day I add-up the playlist,
    playlist of adorned love
    transforming its cycle;
    from cocoon of teenage crush
    to butterfly of a pure love.

    Every vivid sunset dreamt
    of curling you up my arms,
    Treasuring the memories
    looking up to sky of stars
    resonating for happiness.

    Our hearts wouldn't tangle-up
    in the world of happy space.
    Bubble of love is wounded,
    vanished with passage of time
    A love that is lost in the wind.

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    Opera of Love


  • lokendra__ 1w

    November 30
    08:06 Am

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    He’s not perfect

    “He’s not perfect. You aren’t either, and the two of you will never be perfect. But if he can make you laugh at least once, causes you to think twice, and if he admits to being human and making mistakes, hold onto him and give him the most you can. He isn’t going to quote poetry, he’s not thinking about you every moment, but he will give you a part of him that he knows you could break. Don’t hurt him, don’t change him, and don’t expect for more than he can give. Don’t analyze. Smile when he makes you happy, yell when he makes you mad, and miss him when he’s not there. Love hard when there is love to be had. Because perfect guys don’t exist, but there’s always one guy that is perfect for you.”

  • chaithra_nayak 1w

    The Winter Butterfly

    Satiable urge to confide
    in the heavens of intimacy.
    Flesh clutching bodies,
    lost in the mosiacs of eros
    draped in your tender arms .

    Iris blooming in my heart,
    shy behind the twinkling grin.
    Snuggling on your chest,
    that little shivers in me
    with the engulf essence of love.

  • uzmafaiz 1w

    Meherban nahi itna mera mehboob ke,
    Zakham pr mere marham lagaye wo,
    Sardi lagne pr hath taapta hai,
    Mere jalte hue dil ki aag se...

  • aijaz__writes 2w

    Family in Winters

    Love exists in winters when whole family sits together in a room. The protection from cold brings them together and they end up spending their happiest moments of life.


  • chaithra_nayak 3w

    Winter Rings

    Winter mornings shines like pearl
    mild air rustling your feet
    Whispers of fog controlling you,
    squishy blankets, warmth in bed.
    A new fragrance of winter,
    tendering you to wrap around
    linger with pillow amidst.

    That one ray of sunlight
    blooming you to get up,
    With the brittle cold air arising,
    butterflies in my stomach
    dances on sweet music
    to the beats of mist springling.

  • sicklypoetic 4w

    Winter sun

    A roaring storm
    that rattled my windows
    tells tales of chilly nights
    and implores the sky to
    draw back the curtain
    from the winter sun,
    allowing the amber rays
    to fill my room
    with a sepia-like effect
    as if I am watching a
    sunrise of the past.


  • fortuitous_ly 5w

    Smirking visages.......

    Escorting the clouds in their tearful cimmerian winters,
    "I'm cold! I'm cold!"
    Rather than my body, trembles my heart,
    "Wrap me around! Wrap me around!"
    It's serene but noisy,
    "Where am I?!"
    When people on my way minimised my essence,
    I lost my way....
    An aonaran into the abditory,
    Neither quotidian nor lypophrenic
    Smirking visages have orphic dimensions
    Broken hearts with exquisite agony,
    wail and whine in prostration
    Holding horses at horizon till dawn
    for butterflies to flutter and young springs to flow
    Indeed, the sillage of the gentle breezes
    And the silhouette of the dark clouds
    Will mark the end
    Making it a quatervois
    Willingly will I enter through the gates of querencia
    Let the result of my moxie, MY REVENGE.


  • inkandfable670 8w

    Petunias dangle with the gust of wind
    Seems like maidens dancing in ballroom
    Dressed in gown coloured in violet,
    White, red and pink
    The sun being lazy seeks siesta in noon
    Thick foggy sheets wrap ups the moon
    When Snow and wind befriends with each other
    We grits our teeth and badly shivers
    A huge group of fog block our ways
    And nights are so quit unlike May.


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    #wod @writersnetwork

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    Petunias dangle with the gust of wind
    Seems like maidens dancing in ballroom
    Dressed in gown coloured in violet,
    White, red and pink
    The sun being lazy seeks siesta in noon
    Thick foggy sheet wrap ups the moon
    When snow and wind befriends with each other
    We grits our teeth and badly shivers
    A huge group of fog block our ways
    And nights are so quit unlike May.

  • javaverma 27w

    Aadat (kaifi aazmee)

    मुद्दतों मैं इक अंधे कुएँ में असीर
    सर पटकता रहा गिड़गिड़ाता रहा
    रौशनी चाहिए، चाँदनी चाहिए، ज़िंदगी चाहिए
    रौशनी प्यार की, चाँदनी यार की, ज़िंदगी दार की
    अपनी आवाज़ सुनता रहा रात दिन
    धीरे धीरे यक़ीं दिल को आता रहा
    सूने संसार में
    बेवफ़ा यार में
    दामन-ए-दार में
    रौशनी भी नहीं
    चाँदनी भी नहीं
    ज़िंदगी भी नहीं
    ज़िंदगी एक रात
    वाहिमा काएनात
    आदमी बे-बिसात
    लोग कोताह-क़द
    शहर शहर-ए-हसद
    गाँव इन से भी बद
    इन अंधेरों ने जब पीस डाला मुझे
    फिर अचानक कुएँ ने उछाला मुझे
    अपने सीने से बाहर निकाला मुझे
    सैकड़ों मिस्र थे सामने
    सैकड़ों उस के बाज़ार थे
    एक बूढ़ी ज़ुलेख़ा नहीं
    जाने कितने ख़रीदार थे
    बढ़ता जाता था यूसुफ़ का मोल
    लोग बिकने को तय्यार थे

    खुल गए मह-जबीनों के सर
    रेशमी चादरें हट गईं
    पलकें झपकीं न नज़रें झुकीं
    मरमरीं उँगलियाँ कट गईं
    हाथ दामन तक आया कोई
    धज्जियाँ दूर तक बट गईं

    मैं ने डर के लगा दी कुएँ में छलांग
    सर पटकने लगा फिर इसी कर्ब से
    फिर इसी दर्द से गिड़गिड़ाने लगा
    रौशनी चाहिए चाँदनी चाहिए ज़िंदगी चाहिए

  • inkandfable670 32w

    The knock of December
    Excites my heart ,
    For me, it's full of joy of springs,
    Misty atmosphere , blurry ways
    Snowy woods and icy wind,
    Of those days,
    Never fail, to catch my gaze,
    Chilled night sometimes
    Shivers my soul,
    The smell of mist, l love to soak ,
    Wraps around me and
    Calms me down,
    When quiet night create
    An euphonic sound
    In morning, dew drops on
    Petals reminds me off
    Opportunities are rare,
    Catch them before they fade off,
    Fog of despair often arrests
    My heart and soul,
    Then, the fire in chimney lits
    The blazes of hope,
    After, basking in sunshine, plants
    Babble in my ears ,
    Agony and anguish never
    Lasts forever,
    Sun being regular, lakes
    Are melting,
    Their rippling sound I can
    Clearly hear,
    Seems, summer is waiting at door
    And ready to appear ,
    My favourable days have passed
    Swifter, than I thought ,
    No doubt I will miss it a lot,
    But I'm an optimistic soul
    Haven't lack of hopes,
    Will meet my favourite days
    Again for sure.

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    Idiom - Full of joy of spring.
    ( to be very happy, enthusiastic and energetic)

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    for Editor's Choice ❤❤
    Today ,I'm full of joy of spring ��

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    My favourable days have passed
    Swifter, than I thought ,
    No doubt, I will miss it a lot
    But I'm an optimistic soul
    Haven't lack of hopes,
    Will meet my favourite days again for sure.


  • mshk97 32w

    Winter Nights

    Chilling night walks
    And cozy cozy rooms

    Silence all around
    And soft music sound

    Stars twinkling high
    And moon smiling wide

    Pearl shiny tips
    And mist dripping down

    Walking hand in hand
    With a cup, and coffee it has

    Taking a sip and playing a trick
    Steaming our breaths, letting them meet

  • balaji_venkat 33w


    My heart changed
    just as the seasons - change
    from cold winters to warm summer's

  • _scribbles_by_sneh 35w

    Yes, people are like seasons.
    Some are like winters, warm and cosy.


  • _devsi_ 37w


    Oh, winter come back soon
    cause, you are my minimoon
    I miss those fogging morning
    & sunny afternoon.....
    Those cold breeze
    which touches my cheeks
    & that’s when I got freeze,
    I remember lying in those cozy
    quilt & love giving my honey a
    sweet warm treat.....


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  • innispoetry 43w

    Tell me how you feel when you see it snow?

    #snow #winters #rawthoughts

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    Being a man of the tropics,
    I did crave to see her fall.
    From the heavens above me
    graciously fluttering in the gray sky,
    her touch was cold, yet she melted.
    Warming not just my face but my soul.


  • 7secondsauthor 44w


    When summers look so distant
    In the morning it's so foggy and
    Nights are so freaking frigid
    Then I love it and feel relaxed,
    Easy to sustain these winters
    And I just want you by my side
    Sleeping in my blanket, undressed.