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  • graywoodstudio 1d

    Dear, Matthew

    My heart aches for you...
    .... as a tree lyes dormant in winter.

    With stillness it slowly breaths, long, slow, steady breaths.
    It moans and bends with the cold, sharp, wind never braking.
    It understands spring will come and bares its longing.
    It holds it's leaves in, daydreams of blossoms treasuring them and preventing them from opening too soon...
    As to save itself from an unwelcomed end.
    It stores it's love waiting for the precise moment to grow and bloom into the most perfect tree.
    Forever greatful for the sun that kissed it branches and warmed it roots.

    I wait with a heart filled with love ready to bask in your warmth and welcomed imbrase.

  • a_splendid_wickedness 3d

    Gone Rogue

    Rogue winter
    Softens splinters
    Running wild in
    Lethal fields
    Ablaze with fires
    Of childhood minds
    Rogue autumn
    Killer leaves
    Running where
    The wild one breathes
    Brutal meadow
    Orange sky
    Childhood mischief
    Roguish eye


  • the_inked_script 1w

    Frosted flakes flourish fellow feelings, finches flies from frosty firs.

  • panda_queen 1w

    It seemed that his voice had gotten
    Crispier than the winter chill,
    I buried him in the snow then
    Hid behind my sleeping pills.


  • 3xclusivedreamer_art3 1w

    Rose in a vase

    There lies the beauty
    So bright and red
    Kept on the table
    In a vase that was covered with thread...

    It was lying there
    As if it was dead
    Even though the water was supplied
    It'll live less than it originally can..

  • 3xclusivedreamer_art3 1w

    As time passes by

    The snow melts away
    slowly as the temperature rises
    we can see the grass beneath
    as time passes by..
    My feelings for you
    are melting
    away from my life
    as time passes by..


  • evelovestar 1w

    #wintry ��
    LizzieBarbie is Eve's daughter

    #cold #snow #snowman ☃️ #night �� #winter #outside #hats

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    Wintery is a girl that likes winter. She also likes furry coats. she likes to make ☃️ in the coldest part of winter. She likes hats that are made of snow and her eyes are as white as snow also. Her clothes are as cold as the snow and she likes the cold. She even goes outside when it is night time! It's always winter there and there was so much snow. She loved it!

    LizzieBarbie (8)

  • igautamji 2w

    Trees in autumn

    red, stripping naked
    awaiting winter's embrace
    on gold adorned beds

    #wod #haiku #autumn #winter #pod

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    red, stripping naked
    awaiting winter's embrace
    on gold adorned beds


  • rhythmic_beats 2w

    Poetic roses would still blossom the poetries of my frozen heart, where memories of your love still fires a spark keeping me alive♥️

    Image: Instagram

    #winter #roses #love #poetry
    #frozen #heart
    #rhythmic_beats #wod #mirakee

    Thank you @writersnetwork "♥️"

    Thank you for EC ��

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  • _miku_ 2w

    That feeling & LOVE ❤️

    And then ,
    This feeling i have , when I see him in morning
    Is strangely beautiful .
    When he smiles at me , is simply wonderful ..
    When he hugs me , is honestly perfect ..
    And this very feeling , is like cool breeze
    Kissing me softly on some unseen beach ,
    Warm sun rays falling on me ..
    In winter afternoons.
    What ., may I call it " LOVE " ?

  • vhelmont 4w

    Song of the snowflakes

    I am the voice between the Icicles, that soft noise that slip from the cold. Singing my lost song from the far fields of the north.

    The memory afraid of begin forgotten when the spring comes. Ignored by the passing of time, like a memory that never was remembered.

    I mark the past of the cold breeze you call winter as well his last breath.

  • james_taumas 3w

    Winter Monday

    Chilly winter morn
    Sunbeams sneak in
    Sink into cotton clouds
    Quilt cocoon wrapped
    Rain tapping a lullaby
    Tempting dreams caress
    Heaven stitched by hand
    Times' sands continue
    Siren's shrill song
    Lose to inevitability
    Monday shreds up paradise.


  • simranbawa 5w

    Do you guys ever go to that one unexplored corner of your wardrobe once in a while where all your precious memories from childhood are stored? I do that everytime I clean my room and all those little things fascinate me and take me back to the good old days.

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the lovely repost and thank you so much @mirakee for the Editor's Choice ♥️

    #wardrobe #wod #pod #winter #poetry #rhymes

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Hi! I'm a pink mitten
    Smothered and smitten,
    Discarded in dust and dirt,
    Under the flannel shirt;
    I beg and beseech in this letter
    For reviving days that were better;
    Remember that November six,
    Granny rewarded you a twix
    To ease the wheeze and wail
    Of little you, fragile and frail;
    That brown stain I still behold
    On cuff that you no longer unfold.
    On December Nine,
    A winter morning so fine,
    You sneakily fled to a park
    Chanting chimes of Baby Shark;
    Tear in my soft fabric
    And wear on your thumb
    From twig you swung like wand of magic
    Gosh! You were so dumb.
    Then came December twenty five,
    Christmas spirits came alive,
    I was hung on that tree so high,
    Under the mistletoe you stood, all shy;
    You got your present from Andy
    While I still beheld that candy,
    The snowman with my buttons as eyes,
    The peek-a-boo with unspoken lies,
    Your gleeful giggles,
    Your waddling wiggles,
    Your smelly snot,
    I knew you well as a tiny tot.
    Until the day I was thrown here
    In this dark corner of your wardrobe, I share
    With your barbies and cars
    All memories with no scars.
    As I lay abandoned and abased,
    I look at you and I'm so amazed,
    Eyes that went so bright at any object
    Are now dreary and dull of the abject,
    All I hear inside closet are helpless sighs
    That morph into contemptuous cries;
    Agonizing screams,
    Tremulous dreams,
    Scandalous scribbles,
    And teary dribbles.
    Who are you?
    I ask in rue;
    I understand you're a teen
    But that child, now lost, was so keen;
    She got up whenever she fell
    In lieu of sulking, "It will be well."
    She would go watch the frozen falls
    And not aimlessly lurk in malls;
    She would fight her friend
    For hurting her in the end;
    But I see you cutting your wrist,
    Bruising where I sat, yes, that fist.
    Once you grew big and me so little
    You started to fumble and fiddle,
    What say we turn back all tick-tocks
    And go back to days in flip-flops?
    Me and you on our usual trail
    Where no expectations would fail.
    Both of us agree
    On this proven fact,
    Winter was full of glee
    When we knew no tact.
    Let's wash all our stains,
    Sneak again, but now from pains,
    Weave the wool of euphoria,
    To rediscover our innocent utopia.
    You might have forgotten me altogether
    Still, I beg and beseech in this letter
    For reviving days that were better.

  • _solstice_ 5w

    "SPRING" ❤️��

    I miss you.
    Saying this makes me miss you even more,
    Even though I'm looking at you,
    You're not here anymore.

    Talking to you is more difficult,
    It feels like snow in summer.
    My heart is running alone there,
    In the hope that I can find you somewhere.

    Like the dust floating in the air,
    I could've reached you a little faster.
    If I was a snowflake in the air,
    I could've melted for you sooner or later.

    As these snowflakes fall down,
    And I fall apart little by little,
    I miss you more and more,
    As I'm standing here in the snow.

    How long do I have to wait,
    How many days I need to pass,
    I want to see you soon,
    I want to tear this cold feeling apart.

    Let's pass the end of this winter,
    Until the spring comes again,
    Let's wait for the flowers to bloom again,
    Let's stay here a little longer again.

    Is it me who changed,
    Is that you who changed,
    Or in this moment just like everyone,
    Somehow we both changed?

    Yes, I hate you,
    Cause you left me,
    But yes, I never stopped thinking about you,
    Not even a single day.

    I miss you everyday,
    As I try to erase your memories away,
    Yes, it hurts a little bit,
    But I don't blame you anyway.

    I try a lot to let you go,
    Like the smoke that goes away.
    I say that I'll erase your memories,
    But I can't really find a way.

    You know it all,
    You were the one.
    I know that this morning will come again,
    I know that no darkness will last forever again.

    The cherries are finally blossoming,
    And the winter will be over soon,
    Just wait a little bit longer here,
    I'll be there for you.


    #spring #winter #seasons #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Let's pass the end of this winter,
    Until the spring comes again,
    Let's wait for the flowers to bloom again,
    Let's stay here a little longer again.


  • dapperapple 5w

    I prefer winter but spring is nice. #spring #nature #beauty #warmth #green #snow #winter

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    The flowers bloom this time of year.
    We packed all our holiday cheer.
    The air grows warm and dry.
    Not a single snowflake in the sky.
    The leaves grow green to absorb light.
    So long to every chilly night.
    Some go fishing in a big boat.
    So let's put away our winter coat.

  • iexist 6w

    The Melting Snow

    Snow, shining with such a luster!
    Coruscating at its best so that I won’t feel forlorn
    Endeavouring to smile only to condense my tears
    Pleading me to suppress my mourn.
    Months, we did spend together
    Voyaging different places, hand in hand
    Turning this arduous and thorny world
    Into a tranquil and serene fairyland.
    But soon the summer would be taking advent
    The sun ashes would force my only friend to melt down
    Struggling to mask my grief, trying to conquer my gloom
    Though I know soon enough, in my tears, I’ll drown.
    I stood up, with my eyes still damp
    Picked up the last snow crystal, and ran astray
    Holding it close to my heart
    Shielding it from the obnoxious sunrays.
    Filled with despair, it took its last breath
    But I couldn’t shed any more tears
    For I would certainly be looking forward to
    Embracing it again next year.

  • pallavi4 6w


    Dear diary,

    Far beyond what the eye can see
    Near the dense fog covered horizon
    Are mountains clad with thickets of trees
    And cold that seeps into bones like poison

    Bald eagles glide regally in the grey skies
    Their sharp claws even in the weak sun glisten
    I watch it slowly and gradually rise
    To the mockingbird I peer and listen

    Outside the snow has drenched the countryside
    Readied it like a picture to be framed
    The warmth from the fireplace inside
    Leaves ideas and suspicions maimed

    By the fireplace I sit all alone and weary
    While the raven taps lightly at the door
    The day is icy, long drawn and dreary
    Till the cold stiffens the heart some more

    Frozen roses and their unyielding manner
    Nerves rigid and punishingly stringent steel
    In the eye of the snowstorm lies the manor
    Even the arduous chill it has a strange appeal


    5th of May, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Snow in London” by Ruby and B

    Thank you so much for the repost @writersnetwork ! I’m so happy you liked the poem ☺️

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  • bhavanaanand 7w

    Writing after so long

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    Winter love!

    The mid of December, a warm night,
    The moon light reflecting the shadow of us walking,
    Giggles and laughter filled the silent place,
    He smiled at the silly things she did ,
    Those acts weren't silly things for him!
    She was the light in his darkness!
    She was the brightest star in his night!
    Oh! Then? Asked the 5 year old with excitement filled in his voice and acts
    They both got married and had a cute prince
    He said with a smile plastered in his face!

    Far away at the door she was secretly smiling at her love and the symbol of their love!

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 7w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork
    #birth #wod #pod #decemberbaby #winter #snowflower

    All written rights reserved
    27 April 2021 9.55 am

    Snowflower ~

    I was born when the Wintry Gale kissed the Snowdrop blossoms, leaves warming up to melt the snowflake and buds blooming up to welcome the awaiting Spring

    Gale arrived with the strength of a thousand horses that
    blessed me with courage
    Snowdrops with cherry cheeks of the petals flushing a crimson red to adorn my amorous beauty
    I have a heart of gold warming up myself from the cold hearted blizzards
    Warmth melting the ironclad resolves and impenetrable darkness
    As a bud, I wrapped myself with bells of holy white petals
    demure and dainty

    At long last, spring arrived on the chariot of time to offer blossoms in my feet worshipping me as deity which makes me ' God's Own Angel '


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  • james_taumas 7w

    Seasonal Extreme

    Summer oppressive
    Desire winter
    Frigid air
    Wishing for sun's kiss
    Never satisfied
    Beach life overrated
    Crowded and chaotic
    Snowland just too cold
    Grey pallet overhead
    Cannot choose a season
    All in one-day maybe?