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  • spirit_13 8w


    Half blossoms of flowers of understandings

    Every season they wither to the force of eternal winds of questions

    Carried along by the winds to brighten up yet another dull lost soul.

  • sheikh_huzaifa 23w

    Hawayai tere aanay ki sadayai day rahi thi
    Hawayai tere aanay ki sadayai day rahi thi
    Ab humnai hawa say keh diya hai
    Ab humnai hawa say keh diya hai
    Humai joothe tasaliya mat diya kar.....
    Aapnai hi tootay hai
    Aur umeeday jaag k mat tootaa.....

  • inutansharma 24w

    देख लिया हमने भी इन हवाओं का अंदाज़े-बयां
    की बहती हैं यूँ खुले आम जहाँ में झूमती हुई
    फ़िक्र नहीं इन्हें किसी की भी इस ज़माने में
    खुले आसमान को बेतहाशा चूमती हुई

    कभी बावली सी होकर पत्तियों के बीच सरसराती हैं
    कभी बेसुध होकर खेतों में लहराती है
    मुसाफिर हैं ये, ना ढूंढ़ती हैं कोई मंज़िल
    मस्त मौला सा मिजाज़ इनका, संग ले गया मेरा दिल


  • sanyukta 28w

    Beneath the blue skies , those floating clouds and marvelously sparkling stars
    Above the gentle ground
    Along the preety lilies
    We will all bloom !

    Beneath the floating clouds
    Above the rich soil
    Along the drizzling rains
    We will all bloom !

    Beneath the sparkling stars
    Above the crystal clear seas
    Along the calm winds
    We will all bloom !

    Along the bushy mountains
    And those flowing rivers
    We will regain the steadiness
    We will bloom again !


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  • sonu99 30w

    No Pressure,No Winds;
    No Pressure,No Diamonds;
    No Thorns, No Roses;
    No Struggles,No Strengths;
    No Obstacles,No Courage;
    No Hard work, No Success;
    No Failures,No Inspirations;
    No Difficulties,No Life.

  • yuvaagushtakh 31w


    I love wild winds or hill tops where wind goes wild cause it's hard to breathe in it it smashes your face again and again it blows your hairs.
    In admist of this moment I try to suck air as much as I can and feel the very moment it's like a hangovers for days ❤

  • debashankarprasadpati 31w

    Translation :

    "I really like it,when this wind blows
    they add some chill into my breath
    just like a new hope,
    in a deep dark night
    they bring a new beam
    These winds wash each part of my heart
    I get a new life !
    I really like it,when this wind blows.

    @written.by.deb IG

    #shayari #winds #हवाई #रात #mirakee #writersnetwork

    Hope you would enjoy this shayari like we all enjoy standing and looking at the sky and just feeling nothing.You just want to feel these cool breeze on your face and this state of nothingness.

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    अच्छा लगता है,जब ये हवाएं चलती हैं
    ये हवाएं मेरी सांसों में एक नई ठंडक भर्ती है
    एक नई उम्मीद हो जैसे,
    घनी अंधेरी रातों में
    एक नई रोशनी लाती है
    ये हवाएं मेरे मन मन के हर हिस्से को
    धो देती है
    एक नई जिंदगी मिल जाती है !
    अच्छा लगता है,जब ये हवाएं चलती है

  • thefloatingverse 32w

    It's so cold in here,
    Rattling noises made by the withering leaves
    I'm one too, hanging onto my last straw
    So I won't leave before my goodbyes are said
    There goes another one, another one of my kind embraces the earth
    Breeze by breeze their balance hinders
    Gracefully falling to their natural demise
    The cycle of the great fallings repeat
    Until I'm the last one hanging
    Beneath me scattered are the ruins of the accomplices of my growth
    Turning to the branches of my upbringing
    I flutter, sending the message of my departure
    To the great old tree that nourished me
    Then I do as I'm told, told by the law of nature
    And let the wind take me apart
    Down to the place my remains are added to the pile
    The pile of the autumn leaves that brings nostalgia to some
    Some to the the hope of a new life with the changing season
    And just some crinkling noises to the kids with no knowledge of the circle of arisings and ends.

    #autumn #falling #leaves #winds #fall #cylceoflife #branches #earth

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    Autumn leaves


  • mansi_rawat 33w

    Whenever the cold winds touch my hairs and blow them lightly, everytime it feels as if you gently stroaking them behind my face and shoulders..❣️

  • balaji_venkat 33w


    My heart changed
    just as the seasons - change
    from cold winters to warm summer's

  • sugandhswani_ 36w


    You see they are now turning around,
    The winds that once left your side,
    Bringing along thick covers and cushions,
    As they take over the firmament far and wide.

    And they are not planning to return alone,
    They are here to celebrate with pomp and show,
    The onset of summertime and all things fresh,
    You see them trees now taking a bow.

    Welcoming the loud laughter of thunder,
    As it slices the sky with feisty fires,
    Lighting up the deepest and darkest corners,
    Of celestial realms in orange attire.

     Oh, and the winds will roar with rains for days,
    To wash and wet the warm beds of loam,
    Getting them ready for the tints of summer,
    For flowers and fragrance to feel at home.

    29th March 2021

  • caged_inks_ 36w

    Under the yellow-bright sun and below the basil green canopies,
    I sit.

    I sit, and wonder if the caressing winds,
    the swaying limbs and the tiny sparrows are trying to tell me a story, unheard of.

  • mrittika851999 39w

    Trying to write my heart out I guess? What was your experience of the moment when you realised that you have fallen in love? Comment down below and let me know! Would love to interact with you all!

    Thank you so much for loving my content and please keep supporting for more contents like these to show up on your feed!

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    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    Winds hit differently the moment I realised that it was him. Yes, he is the one who has been missing in my life for years. He is the one my heart longs for. I believe nature changes just like everything does, except, it changes gradually and easily. Winds used to be harsh and cold then, they are much more fragrant and soft and warm now. Instead of stiff twigs, blossom petals get showered on the roads. Waiting to fall asleep through all the trauma changes to waiting for that one phone call to ease it out altogether when I am with him. Is this how it feels to be in love? How is it different all the time? Some movie dialogue once talked about that people fall in love once but I think, I would disagree, happily.


  • the_speccy_outsider 41w

    The frame on the wall speaks to me, in a language lost in memories of her. It was as though looking into a mirror, except that there wasn't one. She loathed them for they highlighted her flaws. She felt that the mirrors laughed at her, calling her a chimerical creature. Hence, she loved midnight when everything was dark and pointing out one' flaws was a difficult task.

    It was madness though, for the flakes of winter were announcing their arrival. It was the end of November. The chilly weather worked like a seed for our soulful proximity. It wasn't physical, just plain platonic.

    Never in my wildest dreams I thought that the most romantic thing in this world would be walking down the road under moonlight with cold winds covering us like a cosy blanket. A subtle yet dignified way of expressing admiration. Although, it is nothing but pure madness that makes one do certain things that seem frivolous at first but start to make sense once a revelatory realisation occurs. Of nothing but a feeling, a deep and pure feeling.

    Love is always depicted as a flight of stairs. One goes upwards when a certain chronology is followed. That is how they do it these days, a pre-planned chronological procedure. Gone are those days when one could feel the heat from a distance. When actual fireworks used to take place, bestowing one with the feeling of satisfaction which can be mirrored when November descends into December. Transcending into a world that is astray whilst in the company of tranquility.

    //Like a native shelter it protects us with appease of bewitchingly dignified intimacy//


    #nomirrors #subtle #shelter #talkingframes #stairs #seed #flowerhaiku #winds #eulogyc #flakesc #midnightc #chimericalc #madnessc #picturec

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    Like the blooming of
    Yellow rose that signifies
    The Platonic Love

  • itsmedash007 42w


    I have been walking down these roads for a time long enough now waiting morbidly for someone or something to accompany me in the pinpricks of this world. I feel lonely enough while sitting by the roads again doing nothing but indulging in the game of hope for somebody to show up across me magically carrying me to my destination. The afternoon sun pricking like thorns of the desert and the night so chilly that gives you frost bites of Alaska. Here I'm in this time trying my luck but nothing comes off it. I just keep sitting wandering if I made the right choices. What could become of me if I had been on a different journey with people that tried earlier to stop me. But I don't regret this opportunity traveling down south when the winds offered me to carry in its motherly lap to up north. I refused humbly walked past luxuries denying myself the privilege of enjoying glory. I walked and walked tirelessly like some sage in search of the doors to heaven. Becoming somewhat close to one city haggard myself. No I don't need the sympathies for I'm no destitute but another wanderer unsatisfied looking for love over pleasures. At the end I've traveled far to lands I've never seen before but found very little of what I'd hoped for. But would I stop? No no shrill cries came within me and I set off again on the fiery tracks bound southside. 

  • itsmedash007 43w

    "The Town of the Living Dead"-A Musing

    The late winter's night as I sat across the room eyes transfixed gazing into the blemishes of sky
    filled with a blanket of dazzling diamond like minute entities conspiring to let bystanders lose
    time in awe of their glory and beauty. I too one of these looked into their games of forming
    random shapes or constellations as you may have rightly guessed imprinted in the dark pitch
    black canvas like one of Van Gogh's paintings. The night to me appears like his last painting for
    sure before he suffered traumatically to his grave but I'm in awestruck of this night and not in
    shambles mourning an unfateful death. Amongst all these stars there was the everlasting star of
    the late night show hidden behind the childish nonchalant clouds preying upon the old hound
    unaware of its mighty old existence. The never stopping clouds young, ruthless and filled with
    lust for life moving frantically around the aged but surprisingly undull moon. The actual king of
    the night who has stood his ground, thumping upon the twinkling stars. It's serene light guiding
    the wandering souls through lost nights. Oh! How I'd relish the opportunity to sail my night
    through the luscious sea of stars to my moonland. Far far away from the commotion, the
    madness that runs intricately in our lives that we've become complacent captives of our motives that we can't differ the living from the dead. What are we then 'The Living Dead?' running behind money, power and holdings. Have we thought of the adrenaline rush of the exhuming flare of our youthful days in admiration of some bitter love story which we relinquished with utmost difficulty leaving us broken or remembering those chirpy minutes with friends for old time's sake spending time with people who mattered. We've forgotten to live. To enjoy is to live. To fulfil dreams is to live. To admire the beautiful is to live. I'm living when I'm musing in awe of the moon and its pals the dazzling stars. The boats empty, no commuters wandering are these clouds in search of souls waiting to drop them in moonland. All interspersed in letting us live few moments to lie back in some distant land, on the mountain top bareback and barefoot on soft grass breathing fresh gust of sea wind gazing into the moonlit sky. The damp soil touching my
    soul not skin. My putrified heart and soul blended into one for few moments when I let my
    aspersions not take control of me, I exhumed with all due exuberance the thoughts that latched
    onto me and returned my days of chirpy childishness infront of my dazy eyes like a dream I know in the subconscious if I wanted to I could wake up but no I lived it all again in mere few
    seconds. Those days of living shall remain etched in my memory and I headed back for the
    dead and deserted town of the living dead. The living dead my present my future into continuum
    until then the cloud my wayfarer, the stars my bridge and the moon my destination.

  • distilled_thoughts 43w


  • sugandhswani_ 48w

    Do they answer your questions too? The soft winds that blow at night?
    #wind #winds #night #stars #moon #music #dreams #heart #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    These Soft Winds

    Every night, as I walk up to the roof,
    To reflect on the long day that was,
    There blow these soft winds that join,
    My tête-à-tête with the sheeny stars.

    They sit patient on brawny branches of the trees,
    As I raise questions and express my desires,
    Listening to the silent words the eyes utter,
    In a passage of smoke from the heart’s fires.

    And then they prepare the leaves to reply,
    On behalf of the stars and the moon,
    As they twist and turn and gently quake,
    Almost playing piano as they swoon.

    For I hear tender music as the winds blow,
    The tunes that tie some knots between
    My soul and the soul of the soft subtle nights,
    Whispering the answers to those wishes, and dreams.

    4th January 2021

  • nimmi_r 48w


    I can't change the direction of the wind
    But I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination

  • feuillesfall 48w

    Lost in the track of winds
           The storm maybe has left, but the wind is its aftermath, it blows in any possible direction there is, moving at the fastest perceivable speed. It is wintry, the chills run up my spine as I let it embrace me and penetrate my skin. No piece of clothing could make me feel warm as I keep remembering the bareness, and the coldness of the past.
           I wanted to know why I cannot leave the things that remind me of you, why I cannot leave my own memories behind, now I knew that it was because I still hold onto your words, as your words still linger in the depths of my mind. Your words were the sweetest, you made me feel loved and valued just by talking, but I never did know better than I do today.
           Your words were poison, you left me holding onto it even if the one who uttered all those already left. Your words were poison, as they were the only ones left of you but they  eat me up as I try to reminisce and relive our memories. The poison has brought coldness, it brought the winds to me, and your words, your promises, had lost their way in the tracks of winds.


    This is included in the book I have written and published online on another writing platform called Wattpad.

    #wind #winds #promises #writersnetwork #writersbay #filipino #filipinowriter #filipinopoet @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Lost in the track of winds,