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  • raika_ 20w

    #madnessc #windc #recipe Been months.

    (very sad right now cause my feed is partially grey �� please let the old backgrounds stay ����)

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    Stirring poetry in a pot

    Wash the pot, before you begin;
    wash off all the remnants
    of the dinner from last night
    and of the memories of Eighteen moons

    Add three cups of water,
    and with each, a drop of agony.
    a bunch of dandelion seeds
    you caught in the wind,
    oh! the stories they carry

    Stick with your heart
    and with your madness
    and see where it takes you
    cause questions and
    uncertainties may lead you
    to sunsets and seashores
    where you'll find
    the the special ingredient-
    a spice of your own,
    hidden between
    the infinite hues of the sky
    or in the shells, the wave brings
    from unknown depths
    which will make you hold your breath

    Add a pinch of your home
    and another of all the roads
    that stretch through the globe
    on a journey of the soul

    Stir the pot on light flame,
    and remember!
    Don't listen to the call of the void
    because if you let Mr.void
    walk into your home
    and stir the pot

    all your poems will be incomplete
    and words will never be enough
    to cook poetries anymore

    You'll end up running from store to store
    looking for a way to end it all
    but the missing pieces
    will somehow never be found
    and the hollowness in the verses
    will give it a new taste
    not sweet nor sour
    but something peculiar and strange

    Until you abandon
    the pot
    and the home
    and yourself
    and run away
    into the forests
    where darkness is the only thing
    that prevails

    But hey, poet
    don't lose all hope
    for on a cold night in November
    when you make a campfire
    and shed off some distress
    words will find their way back to you
    and you'll write yourself a poem
    about lost souls and fallen stars
    and you'll learn

    Cooking poetry is a delicate art
    something so precious yet so dangerous
    that it'll leave you
    vulnerable and in harmony
    at the same time

    //of the poems that won't let me sleep
    and of songs that sing me to peace

    - raika // not much of a cook or a poet/ a wanderer


  • _rainfrost_ 69w

    This one has folklore (Taylor Swift) kinda vibes. :3

    ᴘᴀᴘᴇʀ ɪɴ ᴄᴀɴᴅʟᴇʟɪɢʜᴛ

    i'm sitting inside these four walls, soaking my mind in peace. the woodland of emotions, that has grown right within my mind is growing dense by every passing moment.

    chaos keeps clutching my life, like dust covers the attic floor, like cliches linger in poems written on crumpled papers. but right now, i blow the chaos away. for i've realised life is ephemeral. and i want to live it. i don't want to fix my every problem. i don't want my every question answered. not anymore.

    i found peace in changing things. in the wildness of a pouring rain. my life is cracking like glass, yet i pick the pieces to keep em forever and stare at em, as though they are the shards of mirror of erised. and it feels like i'm floating in a concoction of bittersweet gaiety.

    i've written thousands of letters, to my unknown lover. sitting in the candlelight of hope. and i've smelt ecstasy, in sepia papers and gold foils.

    i've felt love in the wind and dandelions, seen enigmas dance barefeet in the winter fog from my window, and heard peace sing slowly from behind the clouds alongwith a chorus of stars on a rainy night.

    i'm a lost poet, and i've perceived silence, dripping slowly inside my saltbox house. silence sounds like the letters from my unknown lover, like a great saga painted out of blanks and pauses, like flames burning an unseen art.

    and my world's been vintage. just like other poets'. i live inside my world. i die inside my world. till my dream breaks and i find myself in a tedious crowd, in the monotonous reality. just like other poets.


    #atticc #aesthetec2 #starc #silencesoundslikec #ecstasyc #bingoc #windc
    @raika alongwith the "peace" prompt you gave :3

    @writersbay Yeehaw!

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  • _mathematics 75w

    Whenever time wound to the bad terms
    I tried every way to avert it
    Upholding the ink of brush
    scribbling turmoil in her absence
    In order to ease the decisive wind
    Once wound down the moment of Joy
    when she left with no answer
    To qualms of him often bestows a dark vision

    #windc @writersbay
    Image credit to the rightful owner

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    How far would you go?

    Until the ebb incited, poised within the heart
    in the absence of her, stranded in a lost world
    Waiting with the promise of life made to her.


  • poeticfarmer 75w

    I always felt your wind from afar
    Your rustling softness
    Brightened by the peeping sun
    And your bubblegum sweetness
    That freshened the leaves
    Offered me solace
    In times when my cloak of comfort
    Got shredded by the shadows of cruel emotions...

  • amrita_n 75w

    er I'm amo
    ng the trees
    and the wind b
    lows, the melodious
    music is heard in my
    ears. Where I get lost and


  • sapphire_scribe 75w


    The words you said to me
    Were like particles in the air
    Like a lifeless corpse
    With no strength to rise
    And sprint somewhere

    My heart was no more vacant
    For your heap of lies
    Empty were your words
    You voiced before me
    I've tried preserving
    Those of the truth
    But they were blown away
    By the invisible winds

    Far far away
    To an abandoned land
    Where memories drift
    Like grains of sand
    And you remain
    A pleasant past
    A painful present
    And a doubtful future.....

  • smily_aina 75w

    �������������������� ����������

    Eyes engulfing me inside
    A world I've yet to explore
    Stardusts embracing us
    As we lie on the rooftop floor

    Under the roof of starry night
    As the gentle breeze grazes by
    With flushed face, lowering eyes
    I fall over your moonlit smile

    In you I see, the me I lost
    Long ago in the dark of doom
    At the moment I find myself
    In a rosy garden full of bloom

    Tingling all over at a casual brush
    Of our finger tips millimetres apart
    Inside I let the butterflies flutter
    Breaking the chain tying my heart

    In the quiet of dimness of night
    Symphony of hearts beating in sync
    Touching even the galactic core
    Intimidating the universe to shrink

    We sing along the humming wind
    Our song of love till the break of dawn
    In hushed tone the dark too chants
    Aubade of amour illuminating the forlorn

    #smilyn_creates #serenadingnight
    #smily_aina #windc #tankac

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    Serenading Night

    Under the roof of (5)
    starry night as the gentle (7)
    breeze grazes by; with (5)
    flushed face, lowering eyes I (7)
    fall over your moonlit smile; (7)


  • bclark2681 75w

    Credit for picture goes to original owner
    Psithurism: wind blowing in the trees
    #pod #MirakeeNetwork #writersnetwork #writersbureau #mirakee #mirakeeworld #thewriterstribe #writerstolli #poetry #writersbay

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    As we stroll, your hand in mine,
    We hear the wind in the trees,
    Rustling the leaves as they indulge
    Our ears in a beautiful symphony

  • thelunareclipse 75w

    W I N D

    Wild unstoppable vigor
    Infinitive abosolute freedom
    Nature of limitless potentials
    Demonstrative impresive power


  • mahtobpensdown 75w


    Listen to what the wind says,
    it's a harbinger of messages
    you were waiting to hear !
    The ruffles of leaves on the ground
    is an indication of the secrets
    it has conveyed
    Pick up one and read what's in there
    You will be amazed at
    the omnipresence; right and fair
    It touches you deep inside;
    else you are just left gasping
    Some things are meant to be felt,
    even if it's an invisible thing

    #windc #dailychallenge #mirakee #writersnetwork #nature #life #shortstory #oneliner #thoughts #scribbler #poetry #poem #life #observations #poems #challenge #poets #pod #repost

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mikeanthony @black_pearl_ @poetryly @rhymers_poetry

    Pic credits - Pinterest

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    Listen to what the
    wind says,
    it's a harbinger
    of messages
    you were
    waiting to hear !

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  • harshad09 75w

    Nuances aren't barely enough
    to describe ,
    its properties ,
    about its expertise
    or those amalgamated niceties ,
    for , what they call , Wind ,
    it's a phenomenon , of a different kind

    Sometimes sweetly slow ,
    at times in extravagant flow ,
    habitually allowing sparks , to glow
    occasionally , overpowering ,
    to put out or blow
    some willowy element
    or some naturally melodious temperament
    wind , more oftentimes ,
    it's a divinely testament ,
    for more than it represents weather ,
    sometimes , it , seems to be connecting with aether

    // Beyond its helpfulness
    and its harsher powerfulness ,
    the wind , seems to be ,
    some kind of panacean theriac
    or some elixir of Life ,
    some exultation for this worldly heliscape
    some nostrum ,
    quack , for every suffocating tantrum , //

    #windc @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay @writers_paradise

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  • pallavi4 75w


    I feel you in the light summer breeze
    I feel you in the soft whispers of leaves
    I feel you in the breathy tufts of air
    I feel you in its embrace even when you’re not there
    I feel you in the busy gusts of dust
    I feel you in the warmth of candles flickering in the puff
    I feel I hear you when the wind speaks in tongues
    I feel I need you like the air in my lungs


  • thoughtsraw_915 75w

    Wind of time..

    My past achievements were all scattered and dissolved by the imperceptible wind of time,
    just like those colourful yet dry leaves of an already withered branch..
    What remains is my distinct personality,
    just like the strong, steady tree trunk beneath.

  • sumiez 75w

    I fall for this genuine craftship of the wind..
    How artfully does it tickle each leaf
    To a coyish giggle, and eventually
    Blows it off mercilessly to the ground!
    How dexterously does it make the
    Fire-coals blush to a deep crimson
    And then consummately ignites it to charcoal!
    Love, I presume,emulates this artifice of the wind..


  • aniket8732 75w


  • bclark2681 75w

    Her Wind

    She came into his life like a calm
    Wind, changed into a hurricane,
    And left like a tornado, leaving
    Behind a path of destruction and
    Heartache, now his broken self
    Must try to piece back together
    The shambles of his old life

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 75w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #pod #aesthethic #scenery #aesthetec #windc
    10 August 2020 7 pm
    Happy belated birthday loves @love_whispererr @nivey14
    I hope you love the scenery. I didn't choose one but all.
    Fireflies and butterflies
    Sunflowers and roses
    Rain and rainbow


    The dark veil of night stretches for aeons
    Layers of land underneath the thick blanket
    Nocturnal life breathes breaking every norms
    Humming, thudding and roaring from afar
    Listen to the wind swinging through the wild
    The pitch black canvas spots golden lights
    Fireflies gather around the dark deep forest
    A torchlight of hope for when the dawn breaks

    The vast riverside valley and the hill way wide
    Fields of daffodils covers the whole land
    Sweet sunflowers welcome the morning sun
    Golden hues touches the yellow petals awake
    Blossoms smile around the Halo of the dawn
    Buttercups and daisies giggling in the breeze
    A red Sea of poppies and garden full of roses
    Butterflies sipping on the laughter of flowers

    Warmth of nature kisses the cold blue sky
    Blue blushes turn soft grey clouds darker
    Wind whispers how thirsty the land gets often
    The heavens pour down the showers of love
    Rain touches the land, bathes the buds of hope
    From the lakeside willows begin the rainbow bridge
    It arches along the skyway and meets the end of valley
    Rain keeps pouring and nourishing as the rainbow smiles


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    Fireflies and butterflies flying
    Sunflowers and roses blooming
    Rain and rainbow smiling


  • beelesley 75w

    _____Blown away_____

    An unseen hand that wavered emotions,
    Gently pacifying the raging conscience.
    Time and again the leaves quivered,
    As it agitated the memories grounded.

    Sweat beads dissolved in that touch,
    The grass of fields swayed gracefully.
    The wind gently played with my hair strands,
    I felt calm and free from the stress shackles.

    If you were the wind and I was the flower!?
    Could I stay alive at the touch of my beloved!?
    I would rather wilt away when you came near,
    If it's you, and you came to leave me forever!

    Image source: Pinterest
    #windc @writersbay

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    If you were the wind and I was the flower!?
    Could I stay alive at the touch of my beloved!?
    I would rather wilt away when you came near,
    If it's you, and you came to leave me forever!

  • wild_aish 75w

    #windc #picturec #mirakee @writersbay

    Was it that fragile
    Our love,
    Like that of wilted autumn leaves
    Or was it just us?
    Who fell, unknowingly
    Yet so deep,
    So lost in making it
    Last an eternity,
    We never knew when
    But the winds of seasons,
    Did us apart and
    Here we lay now,
    Waiting only for those winds
    To bring us back together.��

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    Unfathomable Destiny

    Just like tears, a tree sheds its leaves.
    But tears we know, can be wiped,
    But the fate of fallen leaves my friend,
    Is only to get crushed by
    The unfathomable destiny...

  • mirakeewrites_ 75w

    Its sad to see us fall apart,
    just like that old piece of art.
    which is no longer needed,
    I don't recognize the direction in which we are headed.
    you cut me out when want to talk,
    you leave me behind when with you I want to walk.
    all the meaning of my life is lost,
    its you a I want to talk the most.
    I feel like that withered flower,
    that lies by the road for hours and hours.
    just to be crumbled by the one it waited for,
    but I keep waiting ,they say all is fair in love and war.
    I wait for you far away,
    just to hear you say.
    that thing you used to each day,
    even if its to someone else today.
    I wait to see that smile you wore,
    I wait for your footsteps by the shore.
    I walk along the marks of you feet on sand,
    I still wish to hold your hand.
    I still write our names and smile,
    although I've not seen you in a while.
    I still wish for you upon every falling star,
    I send you messages through the wind passing by,
    through the moon , I send you hi.
    When I miss you , I close my eyes,
    there within our memories all my happiness lies.


    #writersbay @writersbay
    #writersnetwork @writersnetwork

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    Even the wind whispers your name to me even now,
    Yoy seem to have forgotten all about us , I still wonder how?