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    No strings attached

    You are trying to reach me now,
    Now when I've flown far away
    Away from your reach, like a kite
    On this pink sky painted by my freedom as I sway
    Through the fluffy clouds I realize
    That I'm still attached by a string
    Which pulls me from afar to your longing eyes
    I chop this string now , hoping to fly again
    But I can't go back to what I was before
    Floating in the wind, now all I am, and I can do is
    To lie down like dirty shell by the shore
    Hoping, waiting for someone to choose me and
    Transform me back to that kite again
    But this time with no strings attached.

  • serrenajoy_ 144w

    I miss my own self

    I miss the old happy me, I miss how I was concerned about others, I miss how I could share the love that you once showered me with. I miss how I used to eat and love what I ate, I miss how I could sleep knowing that someday soon it wont be the pillow that I would be cuddling as I slept, that someday it would be us hugging each other as we slept. I miss my own self. I hate knowing that I hate myself more than I hate you. I loved you, I loved everything that we had, I wish for all to replay back. I cant remember the last time I heard your voice or saw your face , I needed that one last time, I know that I deserved it. So I savoured each moment knowing that it was my very last.

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    ~Part 4 of the many thought sessions that I have ... You may call it short stories~
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    Everywhere, everything

    After investing soo much time , energy, and emotions on you, Right now I find no purpose anymore, I don't have anything worthwhile doing.
    Everywhere, everything attaches to you.
    I write but then most of the time its something relating to you, I read something and it somehow relates it to your speech, I watch a movie and find a character annoying yet adorable like you, I meet new people and yet their new voice has something familiar like your soul awakening voice.
    I try to shut my eyes to sleep and yet I see you around me as this joyous cloud, I even see myself feeling better than my usual self.
    I wake up to realize that none of this is true, I force myself back to sleep, to dream more about this "virtual imaginary version of you",
    to touch you and be with you again.

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    ~Part 3 of many, from my thoughts section or short stories as you may call it..
    Also listen to Prateek Kuhad's songs , your soul will thank me later :) ~
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    To be mine again

    10: 47 pm
    Prateek kuhad in his song "For your time" says the words that I long to say or probably shout at you right now - 'I beg you for your time, I beg you to be mine.' Today , the day you officially ended us without explaining anything left me at this space of confusion or if I have to sound poetic then it would denote this dark dusky cloud that seems to blur away everything that this city of promises once held. With thoughts of denial , I question myself on an endless loop - ' how can I accept any of this when everything went by so good. Was I floating away in this dream where things went beautiful between us or did you feel it too? Couldn't you have stepped up to fight for me once , or maybe I was not worth the cause. ' But all I can do is to beg you to be mine again and I will make it worthy enough to have a fight this time.

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    Not wishing to capture

    12:29 pm
    Tracing back those days when I came back home early and still looked well kept that is - the smeared kajal around my eyes , my wind blown hair and the half eaten lip stick that fades on my lips, I would still click a picture of my face (fase as you called it) and I would send it to you. Today I came back home a little too early than the usual unending day because I just couldn't sit there and suffer through replaying our conversations in my head. I looked beautiful or esthetically pleasing as my friends earlier said, but I dont have the courage to look at myself through this camera on my phone or the mirror attached to this bedroom wall. My hands grow numb, not wishing to capture anything about me anymore; Since you wouldn't wish to see it anymore.

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    ~Jotting down a thought series or short stories you may say.. this is part 1 of many~
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    Right now

    10: 34 pm
    Right now we both we sneak into our rooms and stare at each others phone's to capture all the happiness that flows out of our faces as we talk. Right now we both would be talking about how our day went by, good or bad we just heard each other's recap of what happened in our lives. Right now we both would be sneakily capturing screenshots even though I would always catch you red- handed. Right now you would be complimenting the way my messy hair bounces or the way how my tired eyes look and I would say stop but you never would. Right now I would have thought if today I could finally reveal it to him that I not only just liked him, but I had more to add on to that. Right now all I wish is, to go back to those long distance video calls and say , "I loved you like I did since the day we met."

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    ~I wrote this the other day on the metro and found no time to edit the background of it as I had to get down the very next stop. Now I did edit it with a picture which I found from @ thatgirlnamed_nida 's account.~
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    Thinking about death

    I sit here thinking about death
    While through the metro window
    I stare at the dark clouds and their polluted breath
    Do you die when you have the omen of the crow
    Or when you let your soul wander to paths unknown
    Do you die to come back to life
    From the parallel universe that you once were trapped
    Or do you die to just fall in love
    Love with how you once were

    I sit here in this metro thinking about death
    Not in a way to end my soul
    But just curious over how I give out my last breath
    Would it be inside a hospital decaying as a whole
    Or would it be while I'm sleeping in my bed
    Alive today to peacefully rest my head.

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    ~Writing something unfinished after a long break, missed you mirakeans ! ~
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    An un- finished poem of you

    I have written about a lot of souls
    What they meant to me, their actions and their roles
    It surprises me how I am speechless
    When I am unable to write about you
    Though we talk , laugh and share a warmth so reachless
    But when I take up this pen, I remain blank and blue

    I am aware it's nothing to do with you, but something within me that
    Holds me back from dotting this down
    Maybe I am not worthy enough to write , or the fear of being laughed at,

    Or maybe it's the constant worry of losing you around
    Leaving me one day with nothing but old memories so true
    Heartbroken with this un- finished poem of you.

  • serrenajoy_ 174w

    ~Would you write over and over for someone?~
    Capturing Prateek Kuhad's beautiful concert experience with a few "100 words" .
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    100 words

    In an unknown crowd
    I stood peeping high as my toes allowed
    Hoping to get a glimpse of a face so known
    Under the starry night
    While the artist's guitar sturmmed
    People shared hugs and kisses
    What a beautiful sight
    I held close to my friend
    As those soulful songs played
    Singing along without an end

    Suddenly tears came rolling down
    As he sang these words without a frown
    "Do you have a 100 words for me?
    Cause I have only three
    You couldn't even sing for me
    And I keep on writing this song
    Over and over for you"

    While the cold winter wind blew by
    I had more than a hundred words to describe that nigh
    Being ambivalent that moment I lived through
    I realized I'll write over and over for you!

  • serrenajoy_ 176w


    Would it be crazy to seek you
    Just because I need someone to write about
    Would it be crazy if I describe your every move
    Just because it's aesthetics is admired around
    Would it be crazy to pen down our end
    Just because I feel incoherent

    The voices of my head have gone haywire
    To smother this repeated fire
    "Would it still be crazy to seek you
    I just need someone to write about?!"

  • serrenajoy_ 177w

    ~What are your thoughts on the new year new me trends? How do you replay your year of 2018? ~
    You've survived it till now for sure.
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    A New year ___ me?!

    All this noise from the party next door
    As they joyfully celebrate the year end
    While I lie on the bed and
    Replay this year and reminiscense it's lore

    Many are grateful while the rest are remorseful
    Of not fulfilling their so called righteous resolutions
    Or having lost someone so loving and faithful
    I try to describe this period admist a lot of confusion
    I'd already celebrated the great days
    I'd already cried out my pain
    I'd already grumbled about my old ways
    I'd already thanked those for my new gain

    The new party hit seems to be playing
    While I try and describe this last journey
    I feel empty as I had already lived the moments of it
    By laughing, crying, dancing and dreaming
    Now I hear someone being annoyed with the loud music
    I note those starting the new year fighting and yelling.

  • serrenajoy_ 178w

    Not to leave one hurt

    I searched for everything and anything
    Just to turn away my focus from my own broken self
    I reflected upon the small fling
    That I once had and realized how much I needed help
    I embedded upon my shoulders a bundle of work
    Just to keep my brain busy and my hair tied up
    That small fling that once began as just a sneaky lurk
    Further reflecting upon my own mistake I built myself up
    Not to make any random decisions
    And not to leave one hurt.

  • serrenajoy_ 178w


    A year seems like something so long to go
    But yet with someone around the time just flies by
    Someone to play with on the snow
    Or to talk with when you were low
    Someone to share the bitter truths eye to eye
    Or to share those Christmas gifts by
    Thats how a year for me seems like a day
    And these long months like a few hours
    These "someone's" are what I'm grateful for; as I pray
    Who'll keep me safe till I bloom like those flowers.

  • serrenajoy_ 178w

    ~When he said my name I could feel his soul fighting through the grave~
    You never realize how much you mean to a person unless something supernatural like this happens. :)
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    Much left unsaid

    Do you remember that person
    Who says "hi" to you each and every single day
    Do you remember that person
    Who greets you each time you walk through that way

    I can't help but remember you old man
    You led me to my worst and best days as they began
    Now seeing you sick on the coner of the bed
    Shattered my soul, making me realize there's so much left unsaid
    But your grey blue eyes light up
    On the sight of me - a person - a nobody in your life
    You breathe heavily as you listen to your wife
    She tells you that I arrived
    She asks you who's standing in front to check if you survived
    And that's when through those heavy breaths
    You take my name and smile
    Tears roll down my cheeks for a while
    As I held your hand while you battled those deaths

  • serrenajoy_ 187w

    Peace that passes my own understanding

    Seeking peace from the hectic city
    Brought me here up on this hill
    Spending time exploring the wild forests
    Spotting a tiger, an elephant, and a stray kitty
    I knew everything was perfect as it was all God's will

    While I hoped to give myself a break
    That was something that never happened
    As I was dancing wild and singing songs by the fire
    Ended up talking old tales with friends by the lake

    Now while I'm on the road that takes me home
    With a beautiful sunset coming closer as we move
    I believe I found that perfect peace that passes my own understanding
    As I captured all these memories in my heart and not on my phone

  • serrenajoy_ 193w

    Is it weird?

    Is it weird that I spend my day thinking
    What you would be doing right now
    Is it weird that I re-play all our conversations blinking
    Blinking my eyes like a cow
    Just to understand the un-told emotions
    Is it weird that I send you a random text
    Just to remind you that I love you
    Without actually using those words
    While sitting beside this world of blue lonely oceans

  • serrenajoy_ 193w

    ~I feel like a 12 y/o crazy in love after writing this poem~
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    Some stories are meant to be re -told
    Like the first time you held my hand
    I was so scared and confused to behold
    Or like the time when we lay together on heaps of sand
    Talking tales of life and chasing wild dreams
    Or even the time when you taught me how to dance
    While I messed up the steps and fell in your hands
    These stories are just meant to be re-told
    Because that's how we remember the love which unfolds.

  • serrenajoy_ 193w

    ~It's just that weird feeling all over again.~
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    Everytime I get to see you
    I have this butterfly fluttering in my stomach
    But that creature comes out blue
    Blue in emotion and tries to consume me
    In your unfamiliar love

  • serrenajoy_ 194w

    ~ I decided to write once again as I realized that there's still some darkness left in me to be released ~
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    Empty glass bottle

    Have you ever felt like an empty glass bottle
    Washed away by an ocean of emotions
    Yet attractive to those who find you
    Hoping to see a message written down
    Deep down rolled inside you
    You - An empty glass bottle
    They seem delighted to see you
    At times you appear to be a
    Shiny glass bottle as the sun's harsh rays hit you
    Or you were colourful with a rainbow reflecting
    Or you once wrapped in a brand of fame
    But deep down You - An empty glass bottle
    You know that there's nothing inside
    Nothing that they want from you
    Nothing that interests them
    You know that You - An empty glass bottle
    Is still filled with that peaceful darkness that once soothed your ocean of emotions

  • serrenajoy_ 199w

    ~My first interview for college was also my first rejection in life.
    I'm not sure what went wrong that day
    But now I'm glad I'm not a part of that college.~
    Artwork by - pride_mysha
    Tags : #truestory #interview #storylikepoems #readwriteunite #opportunities # rejection #lost #riseabove #writersofmirakee #poetrycommunity #storyofmylife #whispertome #backagain. :)

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    Interviews and rejections

    We all have those interviews to face in life
    Mine was at the age of seventeen
    Where they selected the candidates by a roll of a dice
    My 14 years of education was a mere blank screen
    For those highly educated professors
    Who knew nothing about my personal achievements
    Like how I battled depression while trying to achieve the marks set by my precedessors.
    Or like how I took up not one but many jobs to pay for my brother's treatment.

    It's a messed up system in all I would say
    Where one is trained to achieve a certificate of marks
    Draining the capacity of a kid to dream all day
    Turning them into lifeless corpes!

    Being rejected that day I thought
    I'm not worthy to follow my dreams after all
    But now I know that my story doesn't end with a dot
    And I can stand up by myself after a fall.