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  • luckylucy 9w


    I thought that maybe

    This heartbreak could be hidden

    This split could be sewn with gold thread

    Mending is difficult

    Minding even more so

    You say I should mind my own

    And my choices have been made

    And you are right

    But I'm still so angry

    At you

    At myself

    That I want to scream anathema

    And rip it even further

    You say I'm willing to just burn it down

    And that you feel you should tell


    To burn it down for me?

    I won't respond like you asked

    I tried to be friendly before

    But what was there

    Must have eloped with your demons

    Hiding in bottoms of bottles

    Because you ignored me

    until you chastised me

    I am depressed and maybe desperate

    I thought you'd commiserate

    But this God You are frightened of

    Doesn't exist for me

    These souls you are worried about

    Cease after decease

    Temporary happiness is still happiness

    Small hopes are still light

    And this darkness is unending

    You and I stumbling


    Feeling for connection

    Avoiding each other

    Because I never stopped caring

    And you find that abhorrent

  • shinelikestar 10w

    I'm new on this app please sport me guys. #whatislove? #funny #thought

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    What is love??

    We all know what others tell us about love,
    many of you have probably falt it too, but!! really, any of you can tell me in one word what love is? Because you can't explain what love is, you can only feel it, love is a strong feeling which I never felt.
    Sometimes I think that love is beauty, because we all love beautiful things, I'm not only talking about outer beauty, I'm talking about inner beauty too.


  • sunny_ 12w

    Searching for answers

    Everyone around me seems to know what love is
    Everytime I feel something close to it
    I think to myself
    This can't be it
    There has to be more to this
    Or maybe I'm looking for something that doesn't exist
    Or have I just not found it yet?

    Is it supposed to be clear
    Or does it make you doubt and fear?
    Am I looking in the wrong places
    Or is it because I'm not looking?
    Am I supposed to look for love
    Or is love supposed to find me?

    I'm waiting for you to find me
    I'm waiting for the day that I can say
    This is love
    I finally know what love is
    I finally know what everyone has been talking about
    I finally know why it was worth waiting for

    I hope you find me
    Or maybe you won't
    Because maybe that's not how love works
    But what do I know?


  • de_ife_7 18w

    "I want to love!"

    A ray of light sneaked in through the window,
    "I want to love, I want to love"
    As audible as my ears could avail me.
    I wasn't sleeping, was I dreaming?

    Let's make meaning out of this,
    light can make sounds, but it's far fetched, certainly not of this world, for her to speak. Not just words, but those of eternal meaning; "I want to love".

    Perhaps I'm being shallow, perhaps she's waiting, just perhaps she listens too. Well, dear light, errr... love is uncertain, I marvel, your choice of uncertainty is unlike the assurance that follows your speed. You never think twice.

    "I want to love!"
    Ahh this is funny, keep quiet now, or wait, what? Okay what is love?

    Love is beyond words,
    true, an aberation to unleavened affection.
    What can I say?
    What do I know?

    I want to love!
    ©de_ife_7 adeifeoluwaalo@gmail.com

  • venus93 20w


    Among other things,
    love is getting out of your comfort zone
    to make someone else comfortable.

  • aynat_2006 22w


    What is love?
    Is it buying chocolates, roses, or gifts,
    Making out, or giving a kiss?
    Is it something that helps you go on,
    Or something that prevents you from moving on?
    Is it as warm and fuzzy as everyone says?
    Or is that just an illusion we form inside our heads?
    Does it make you feel confident and proud,
    Or does it make you feel paranoid, and down?


  • quotemaster 23w

    What is love?

    What is love? I ask my self everyday
    Is it really that beautiful when it can cause so much pain

    What is love? I ask myself everyday, is there a thing called true love, why does it seem so unreal and fake

    What is love? I ask my self everyday is it really that alluring or just in books and fairytales, if it is why does it make people cry all day

    What is love? I ask my self everyday, is it true?

  • zoeyzoe 24w

    Is it love?

    I will let you into a secret.
    I don't not know what is love,how is it supposed to feel.
    Is it just a feeling or is it actions too?
    I don't not know what it is I am giving you
    Is giving you appreciation, making you feel like you are worth it, caring,trying to be there,trying to empathize and much much more, love?©zoeyzoe

  • storm_king 31w

    What is Love

    Love wo hai jo maa baap pariwar se ho to jindgi abad hai but agr kisi lrki ya lrke se ho to jindgi barbad hai

  • mystique_charm 41w

    What is love to me, you ask?

    To me, love is not a single emotion or feeling.
    It is feeling blue and better at the same time.
    It is feeling joy and hurt at the same time.
    It is pain and pleasure at the same time.
    It is peace and thrill at the same time.
    It is ice and fire at the same time.
    To me, love is you and me at the same time.


  • mia_yham_ 50w

    "Love is unexplainable that no man can ever define it by words." — Mia Palencia

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    What is Love?

    "Love is unexplainable. You will never know when it will come.
    It happens in just a blink of an eye, with an unexpected situation and an unexpected person.
    It is the foundation of every emotions.
    Because of love, we can feel happiness, madness, and loneliness;
    and if you gave your heart to someone, you can't take it back anymore."


  • anetita 53w

    The Little Things

    It is within the silence,
    Not the sound,
    Where infatuation fades,
    And enduring love is found.
    A wordless song in looks exchanged,
    In notes we write with our melodic eyes.
    It is you handing me a larger slice,
    Or saving for me the final, delicious bite.

    In simplicity, love is known to thrive.

    Our heartstrings play,
    The most colorful composition,
    As our fingers paint,
    A portrait of a passion so real,
    It requires not a word,
    Or any contract to seal,
    But a lifetime of quiet artistry,
    And shared moments to feel.


  • soonam 60w


    Everyone wants a partner who loves you more than their expectations,
    The one who understands them..
    Who cares about them..
    Who supports them..
    Not only in their happiness but also in their sorrow & troubles..
    Which treat you like a family member..
    & make you feels like that you are very special person in their life..
    Who despite not being with them but..
    in their life, in their feelings, in their dreams, in their decisions will always be with them in all the time and support them..!!❣️

  • soonam 60w


    In the world there is no power can separate the parents from their children..
    You know that why..??
    Because their bond is very special & pure..
    They are connected by their soul..
    Their love is true & unconditional..
    So always you should love your partner exactly..
    & Make your bonds pure & connected by their heart..
    Because..If your love is true & unconditional, then no one power in the world can separate you from each other..!!
    To be continued..❣️

  • soonam 61w


    All says that.. no one in the world can love more than parents..
    Have you ever wondered why this is happens..?
    Because parents are the only ones who love & support their children in every situation & condition without any reason & any greed...
    So, love is not how much and what you want from your partner..
    Love is that.. give your partner more than what you want from whom..
    & then expect something from them ..
    Because love is a name of giving..!!
    To be continued..❣️

  • suveechar 61w


    Something feels like love. I have not lost myself, I'm quite in my senses, doing my routine well.
    But there are bits of thoughts about you throughout the day. Those times comfort me. Make me want to see you at that very instant.
    But I can control myself. Because something comforts me.
    The fact that you are there, you are fine. Something fuels my patience in the times we are away from one another.
    I don't feel powerful nor weak, and I feel powerful and weak too. In those moments of power, I feel pride, I feel confident about myself. In the moments of weakness, I comfort myself and stand by myself.
    They say love makes you weak, but this doesn't feel that way. This feeling makes me more poised, makes me be comfortable with my reality and with myself. Maybe it even makes me love myself unapologetically a little more. That's why I don't know what to call it.... But something about this definitely feels like love.


  • sujatahansda 61w

    LOVE: A vague expectation of getting everything you lack, from a partner....


  • soonam 61w


    Love is such a beautiful thing..
    It is an art..
    If you will decorate it with your partner as beautifully & play it with as much truth & honesty..
    Then your love will be become more beautiful..
    In love, it is not necessary to be together in every moment.. Love is a feeling.. So whether your partner is with you or not.. He should always be connected to you emotionally, heartily..
    In Love the most important things is that.. Understanding each other..
    Believing each other..
    Respecting each other &
    Supporting each other in every situations & conditions..!!
    To be continued..❣️

  • soonam 62w


    Everyone says that.. love is waste of time..but no..
    If you understand the real love..
    Then you will know that..
    Love is not waste of time or money..
    Love is test of your time.. Your nature..
    Your Patience.. Your Emotions.. Your Heart..
    Your Abilities.. Your Kindness.. Your Anger..
    Your Inner beauty.. Your Mindset..
    & all those things that you done with
    Itself & infront of your Partner.
    How much you are a believable person.
    Your truth.. Your lies..
    How you treat & live with your partner..
    Basically Love is represent that..how you are & what you are..!!
    To be continued..❣️

  • kutelove 65w

    Love is more then lovers. It has many forms and faces. Love is a feeling that two lovers feel. It is a Pride of a Parents Eyes. It is within a child. It is for our Favorite Celebrities. It is the reason for wars and brawls but also for Peace and quiet. For generations we have been given fine examples of Love. Love is in Epic stories we have been hearing from our parents and they from theirs. Love is Radha Krishna , Love is within Ram and his chiidlren luv kush. Love is You , Love is Me.
    To put it nutshell , Love is the Epitome of being. Love is the essence which keeps us going in this Harsh and difficult world.
    Second Part of My 'What is love?', series. This series is exclusive for my Mirakee Fans and Supporters. If you like my writings Do Like , comment and share.
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    What is Love?

    Love is Radha krishna
    Love is Luv kush
    Love is Ram
    Love is You
    Love is Me
    Love is the Epitome of Being