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  • swanlake 1d

    What if

    What if I met you on a different season. Would everything be different?
    What if i met you on a different year.
    Would i be late or early?

    What if we met each other because we're meant to be together?
    What if we met each other to be a lesson in each others life?

    What if i met you on another lifetime
    Would you choose me that time?
    What if?


  • porcupine 4d

    Perhaps (edit)

    Perhaps on another day
    In another way
    Maybe I could have
    Convinced you to stay

    Perhaps at another time
    With a different line
    Maybe I could have
    Kept you as mine

    Perhaps in another state
    In another place
    Maybe I could have
    Made your life great

    Perhaps in a different world
    You would be my girl
    Perhaps in a different life
    You would have been my wife

  • raman_writes 1w


    इल्ज़ाम भी लगे और मोहब्बत भी ना मिली ।

    रमन ज़माने में साथ मेरे क्या - क्या ना हुआ ।।


  • gourishinde 1w

    What if

    What if this goes by the way I thought of and not by other way... Don't we always think in this way instead of trusting our feeling at the moment which gives us way more better idea rather than imaging the scenario.


  • 1008dr 1w

    What if ...

    What if the chapter of the book you are at isn't meant for you ,
    The protagonist whom you relate so much isn't set to be you .
    The page that you've left marked just because you felt it was true ,
    Wasn't appropriate but just a delusion experienced by you.
    The chapters that are yet to come are the best of your life,
    But you are still attached to memories of past that seem a melodious fife .
    The pages that you are afraid to even look for ,
    Will someday relate to whatever you've been looking for .
    The book that peeps out of your shelf for you to read ,
    But you are engrossed in your old ones and pay no heed .
    It's all magical the way world plays with words ,
    Sugar coated are few while others as sharp as swords ...


  • porcupine 2w


    What if everyone was kind
    And everyone cared
    What if nobody will lie
    What if everyone is spared

    What if everyone is nice
    And everyone loved
    What if nobody will cry
    What if everyone goes above

    What if everyone mattered
    And everyone sufficed
    What if nobody is tattered
    What if everyone has a slice

    What if everyone is content
    And everyone rejoiced
    What if nobody is bent
    What if everyone is a choice

    What if this were true
    And everyone is joyful
    What if nobody is blue
    What if this could be truthful

  • shaundele 3w

    If water didn't exist
    We would simply be made of stardust
    Drinking in moonlight
    Showering in the sun's rays
    Gloriously golden
    Luminously lovely


  • lovesunflower20 5w

    What if/regrets

    Sometimes i wonder
    all by myself
    "what if and regrets"
    this words never really
    existed in first place..,
    What happened then?
    can i continue my life without regrets
    without regrets...
    there nothing i have,
    broken promises
    had a grave,
    in my heart...
    not everything's perfect
    just like me..i had
    buried too much,
    deeply inside me
    here i am
    fooling myself that
    "What if and regrets "
    all i have had
    my whole world is torn
    what should I believe in?
    it's not that i wanted a find an answer
    maybe i just wanted to go on a...journey
    like an overflowing flower..,
    i wonder how'd
    i even get here?
    I've completely forgotten..
    maybe fate
    somehow brings me here
    what is the reason
    damned to finding things
    like this
    losing myself..
    and still not knowing
    i cried out of frustration.


    P.S: does this make any sense


    @writersnetwork Thank you for ♡

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  • liepa_malijauskaite 5w

    What If

    What if, I had somebody?
    But what if it weren't nobody?

    What if I had eternity?
    But what if it wouldn't end like it?

    What if there was no if in it?
    And what if I had no choice with it?


  • urvidhake_ 7w

    Dear (not so ex) Lover,
    I know sometimes I am the pain in the ass but please handle it, because, love you too!
    I don't know how you'll react to this letter, but I can't keep it to myself anymore.
    Love, you mean alot to me, I want to be your support, I know you don't need one, you are all grown up and independent and whatever, but I want to help you in achieving your dreams, in anyway I can.
    Doesn't matter if we talk daily or not, if we text each other daily or not, you might not always be there consoling me at a dental clinic or any doctor just in case needed, I might not always be there wishing you all the best before every gig of yours, years will come and years will go, but if you ever feel like talking to someone, or about something, or that you are stressed or happy, on the black side or the white, I'll be just a call away, to turn your rainy day into sunny, or somedays I'll just sit beside you with an umbrella in hand and a pizza in another. Or maybe we can just dance in rain and let it out.
    Ik ik that words aren't enough and that you appreciate if someone's doing this in action for you.
    I'm trying to, I'll keep trying cause you've invested yourself your time, your emotions, your feeelings, your mind, in making me understand things, and I won't let that go in vain. It is taking time, but surely I am moving, it hurts me to see you hurt, you might not give any fucks to these things anymore, but, I do, there are things which sometimes pull me back, which are the times, when we had fight over my past, when you trynna open my eyes, those things are giving me night anxieties, which keeps me  awake, and distracted, while on periods these are felt and I am unable to ignore as the emotions get heightened, somedays I am better, while on others I give up, but still I am perfectly in a good shape, you don't need to worrry, I am studying these thoughts, sometimes I pass, sometimes I fail.
    Back of the mind, I am not scared of the consequences of making mistakes, rather scared of what you will think or what if he broke the connection, or what if he, he just gave up on this, me.
    These things are stopping me to move forward, "What if he cut me off", by that I mean you are important to me, and you matter, not that I am dependent on you.
    I just want you to trust me, I'll face the consequences of my mistakes, if I made any, Ik it hurts you to see me hurt, but I promise you that you'll never see me hurt again, I am not gonna allow anyone to hurt me ever. I'm thinking less of myself and more about you, as if I'm doing things not for myself but because you want them, or because you expect them to be this way, and I want to rise above from this thing, for that this thing "what if" needs to be fixed, please can you assure me that?
    Illustration by me!
    #whatif #dearexlover #dearlover

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    Dear (not so ex) lover,

    Years will come and years will go, but, I'll be just a call away, to turn your rainy day into sunny, or somedays I'll just sit beside you with an umbrella in hand and a pizza in another. Or maybe we can just dance in rain and let it out.

  • shadesofyu 9w

    "My therapist told me that anxious people have tendency to only explore the scary 'what ifs' and challenged me to remember that there is also a flip side. What if you excel? What if it is one of the best experiences of your life? What if it changes you in a beautiful way?"

  • _disha_jn_ 10w

    I Hope.

    Hey, goodbye.
    I hope you remember me this time.
    I hope it left an impact
    I hope it would be different
    I hope you won't forget
    all the laughters we shared
    I hope you won't make me regret.
    I wish it could have been okay
    If only you could stay.
    But I know you have to leave
    I just hope that this time around
    I won't be left alone to grieve
    This time, I know something changed
    It was different and special in a way
    If only you didn't have to leave
    If only you could stay.
    Please don't forget that what we have is only between us.
    Please don't share it with anyone else.

    I'm insecure and afraid.
    Please don't break me again.
    Even though I already miss you
    I'm still anxious about your return
    What if you really don't remember
    What we had between us this summer.
    What if you change?
    Was it a mistake?
    What if it was all a waste?
    What if the memories we had, are recreated never?
    What if it becomes a ghost forever..?

  • reethewriter 10w

    fear seeps into my bones
    loneliness multiplies it
    what if I am an incomplete whole
    never meant to find my other half



  • toxic_girl 11w




  • chandralekha_vw 11w

    1. I hear it last even after roses have withered,
    like the way their scent lingers,
    pressed amidst pages of notebooks.

    2. I know it last as long as words
    strung together with ink and tears
    continues to answer the
    void of unsaid goodbyes.

    3. I was told that it stays in us
    as long as the heart pumps blood,
    as long as the pen bleeds ink, and
    as long as the ink and the blood
    try to glue the heart together.

    4. I read it somewhere that they last as long as
    stardust stay scattered
    in different corners of the Universe:
    little grains shining in the darkness
    filled with hope and longing for the return
    to the grave.

    5. I wonder if true love last as long as one remembers to hide the pain and mask the hurt,
    it lasts as long as we continue
    to breathe unmindfully,
    as long as we remain humane and broken.

    Picture Credit: Pinterest

    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakee

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    How long does true love last?

  • mindtraveller 13w

    Is it wrong to be human?I guess not
    Is it wrong to feel every inch of irritation till tears flow down your cheek?The answer is no.All of this will make you realise at some point of time that life will continue to be like this. Let it sink in,feel every hurt,every failure, every messed up situations. Let it settle,cry out loud.Then you will realise the burden you're carrying is unnecessary trash and you will let go of it eventually.
    (You might as well laugh at yourself for all these things and shake it off)

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    What if I can shield away every word you shoot at me
    if the words get reflected back, will you still say them out loud?
    will they pierce through your frail bones like they did to mine?

    What if I can move forward without any of the heavy burden I let myself carry
    On most days I shake it off
    Somedays I take the burden of your words and put it on my back

    I wish I could leave it completely but I'm still human
    I feel. I let it get me. It is hard to pass by as light as a feather
    No matter how hard I try to convince its pointless, its like placebos to the soul.
    But once you let it sink and let it settle,you will eventually get over it. Unknowingly,you will let go of the burden.

  • ponygirl902 13w

    What if I tried?

    What if I tried to tell you farewell
    What if I tried to tell you Adios
    What if I tried to tell you good-day
    What if I tried?
    Would you accept my goodbye?

    Would you agree we dissolve the past
    Would you let your grudges go
    I never meant to give you scars
    The night we played with those junkyard cars
    I really did try to control those fires

    What if I tried harder?
    What if I fixed those wires
    What if I’d tried to find more water
    Maybe then you wouldn’t have died
    I could’ve tried harder

    Maybe you wouldn’t be haunting my daughter
    Maybe you wouldn’t be tormenting my dog
    Maybe you wouldn’t be causing chaos at home
    Maybe things would be different
    And I wouldn’t feel bad each time I wake

    If I hadn’t told you to come out with me
    If I hadn’t decided we leave our phones
    If I’d brought water
    Or chose somewhere else we go
    Maybe things would’ve been different

    I wouldn’t have caused a death at 16
    Hearing almost nothing as an off duty doctor announces your death
    Watched as an ambulance drove you away
    As I ran back home crying

    I wouldn’t have
    Attended a funeral with grieving parents
    Crying sisters
    And angry uncles

    You wouldn’t have had to watch as your parents spoke at your funeral
    As your siblings cleared out your bedroom because your parents just couldn’t
    Oh, I just can’t even begin to fathom how things could be different

    What if I’d tried?
    Would you still be creating strange noises throughout my house
    Knocking things off my walls
    Creating drafts of wind and loud sounds
    And making me regret ever going forward

    What if I tried to tell you
    Would you accept my apology?
    Well, it was definitely worth a try

  • fatema153 13w

    What if
    I would tell you
    The secrets, I walk
    Up to the roof to tell
    Them to the moon

    What if
    I would tell you
    The wishes, I sit
    For hours under the sky
    To tell them to the stars

    What if
    I would tell you
    The dreams, I wait
    For the day to get over
    To tell them to the night


  • gauravksingh 13w

    What if I lost in woods
    No light reach under its hood
    Will you hold me?
    Will you be my sunshine?

    What if I fall down
    My broken limbs get brown
    Will you hold me?
    Will you be my doctor?

    What if I feel tired
    My mind gets heavily wired
    Will you hold me?
    Will you let me rest beside?

    What if I lost taste of life
    Nothing left for me to strive
    Will you hold me?
    Will you be my melody?

    What if I get broken down
    Want to live alone in town
    Will you hold me?
    Will you be my crown?
    - - - Translation of below lines - - -
    Let me tell you
    There is a lot of ruckus in this locality
    There is a lot of question in this mindless heart
    These eyes have seen many false promises
    Left half in the hardships
    I ask again, are you sure about it?
    #question #whatif #pod #writersnetwork #ceesreposts
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    मैं आपको बता दूँ
    इस मोहल्ले में बवाल बहुत है
    इस नासमझ दिल में सवाल बहुत है
    इन आँखों ने बहुत देखे है झूठे वादे
    मुश्किलों में छोड़ जाते है आधे
    फिर पूछता हूँ पक्के है न इरादे?

  • brokengypsysoul 5w

    Take your time. Sit and ponder these questions for a bit.

    #question #questions #whatif #writingprompt #deepquestions

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    What if...

    What if you stopped caring about what others think
    What if you didn't make assumptions
    What if you loved your body
    What if you truly loved yourself
    What if you didn't take things personally
    What if you stopped talking negatively about yourself
    What if you spoke to yourself with kind words
    What if you only spoke to others with kindness
    What if you didn't push the snooze button
    What if you got up early
    What if you stopped doubting yourself
    What if you saw the lesson in every downfall
    What if you stopped procrastinating
    What if you put your phone down and be in the moment
    What if you listened to your intuition
    What if you realised your worth
    What if you said I can instead of I can't
    What if you stopped judging others
    What if you always tried your best
    What if you truly expressed who you are
    What if you stopped worrying about tomorrow
    What if you lived for today
    What if you follow your heart
    What if you loved and trusted in yourself for who you are and let go of all that is limiting you.