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  • specially_ordained 4w

    But you pulled the trigger on my feelings and cremated the remains.

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    What died before death?
    I did.
    My feelings for you.
    I made myself bare.
    Like a drain clogged for years finally unclogged.
    We should have grown together.
    Grow crops in our own little farm.
    But you pulled the trigger on my feelings...
    And cremated the remains.

  • venus93 4w

    Set A : what died before death
    Set B : feel

    #combination #wod #feel #whatdiedbeforedeath

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    I died a million times in this lifetime
    Day by day, month by month, year by year,
    Before death embraced me for real,
    Allowing me to sleep peacefully for eternity
    embracing the solace of tranquility ,
    After decades of chaos and traumas
    And misunderstandings and heartbreaks.

    I died a million times in this lifetime,
    Conducted the burial of my own emotions
    with only myself to weep at the burial site.
    Later tears ceased to come too
    Letting me know my heart is the final casualty.
    First casualty being innocence,
    Then followed hope, trust, tender feelings, faith ,
    ability to smile from the heart
    making the eyes smile too.

    The death of the heart was the worst
    Which i could only witness helplessly ,
    dying its slow painful death ,
    At first, shattering to bits and pieces
    which I could gather and join together
    in a way which would only give its outline,
    but never the same order of pieces inside.
    Till finally one last time ,
    I could gather those pieces no more ,
    When it irreparably shattered
    To infinite shards.

    What died before death
    were what made me the person I used to be,
    The core of my very heart and soul,
    Which gave me the feel of me,
    without which I'm me no more.
    Rest of the days I live as someone else
    The life of an impostor inside my own body
    Carrying inside , a poor heart in its coffin.
    Until one day death embraces me for good,
    That day my heart will be buried too,
    along with the shell that was me once,
    the essence of which was long buried.
    But this time ,there would be many
    to mourn and weep over the loss.
    Life is full of ironies, after all.