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  • littlemisssunshine 1w


    I wonder
    What should we smile for?
    At each wondrous waking
    With a few memories rewinding
    Mind to mind chattering
    Wishes to wishes fulfilling
    Dream within dreams slaying
    Stare to a stare comforting
    Smile to a smile paying back
    Peace to happiness cheering
    Imagining the Imagination playing

    I wonder
    How much should we smile ?
    Eye to eye twinkling
    Or ear to ear unstoppable
    Come it may as you embrace
    Or sound to soundless
    Inhibition free like a thousand careless breeze
    Or to that perfect mouth opening
    As the exhibition of a women's smile;
    often found despising.
    A little to much eye catching
    Not enough accustomed of such glee dangling
    Societal norms and age old taught
    Wrenches time to unlearn that knot.

    I wonder
    Why should we smile ?
    At the prick of the postive molecules in the core
    Added to the signalling of our brains
    Even if judgements pass on eye to eye
    Let's claim our smile as it rains

    Declare it as a constant -
    To infect without being hesitant
    Unescorted by any reason
    To cure and spread across all season

    To disown the pain
    To the formation of hate disdain
    To frown a little less
    To restore that violent mess

    To envelope us
    With our curve of delight
    With its broad and narrow opening
    Wholly tuned to our wish awakening


  • yanni 1w

    The devil

    What do I remember but the feels,
    Because the devil in the details- kills...

  • ankita_singh_2212 4w


    अरे इस कदर डूब के क्या... मिला.,
    जो... मिला... सिलसिला.. मिला
    जिसे बनाना कहानी चाहते थे .,
    वो भी यार एक किस्सा निकला.

    Insta page: love and trust 143

  • daffo_dils 6w

    #what truely completely existing is your soul.

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    And what if one day you get to know..
    The things we are just caring about, running for..

  • lawyer_writes 7w

    सारे रिश्ते तोड़ दिए, खुद को क़ैद कर भी देख लिया
    कई रातें सोया नहीं, कई रातें जाग कर भी देख लिया

    इश्क़ को भुलाने का तरीका, दुनिया की हर हद से जाके पूछ लिया
    सबने यहीं कहा, तेरे इश्क़ को भुलाने मे हर हद को पार किया जाय ।

  • combeau 8w

    I wanna

    Hip hop to the chop shop/
    Get the locks popped/
    Take the top off/
    Of the knock offs/
    With a sawed off/
    With a pop pop/
    Flippin off/
    The cop stop/
    As I drop off/
    And take off/
    We can sound off/
    As we burn out in the parking lot/
    They wanna steal my style/
    You gotta walk my miles/
    And feel my thorns/
    Grow my horns/
    Born a bastard/
    Becoming a master/
    And I'm better than most other rappers/
    But black lives matter/
    Let's give em a Clapper/
    That subjects a disaster/
    Hold in your laughter/
    As I ramble on like the mad hatter/
    In the style of marshal mathers/
    But they say I'm badder/
    At least I heard that from a small bladder/
    Half way up the ladder/
    Just chatter chitter in the rafters/
    As I dunk a three pointer/
    A day after/
    No witnesses/
    No problems/
    No one digs this shit/
    Tractors ya we got them/
    We work smart as shit/
    Like batman in Gotham/
    I'm the joker/
    The one causing all the problems.

  • daffo_dils 8w

    #what builds us matters.

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    What matters

    The day here comes,
    Here comes the night,
    What matters is,
    How high you kept up the flight.

    The days pass away,
    The year too follows.
    What matters is,
    How close you reached to the sky.

    The papers fill up,
    The ink gets dry.
    What matters is,
    In what situations you don’t cry.
    What matters is,
    How much you build up and not wry.

  • arahm_darkwing 10w

    Yes we're the same,
    You have your own darkness and so have I
    But the difference is,
    You chase away yours while I embrace mine

  • slotha 10w


    Some would like to taste it.
    Some crave for it.
    Some lusting it.
    Some wish to never know it.
    And me?
    I am....
    Somehow a giver,
    And a taker at the same time.
    Ah, how I wish I could be like 'em.

  • waterfall_ 11w

    Life Questions

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    What do I want ?
    What am I afraid of ?
    What kind of person do I want to be ?

    true happiness..
    loving someone and losing them..
    a happy person..


  • phoenixblaze 11w

    Barely scratching the surface
    Yet at the same time driving me insane
    Don't you dare come near me
    You make me recall memories I've tried so hard
    Oh so hard
    To forget
    So don't make me go down the same rabbit hole again
    For this time, there will be no Wonderland.


  • swil_swil 11w

    #what is love

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    I thought it was just a feeling
    Till I found myself saying yes
    When I ought to say no

    I thought will always be sweet
    Till it broke me
    Into a million pieces round my feet

    I thought I knew all about
    Like the back of my palm but oops
    Still learning about it

    Like a weird dream
    We'll never fully comprehend
    So what exactly is love

  • thehappypotato 13w

    What's Broken

    How do you fix something
    When you don't even know
    What's broken?


  • brokengypsysoul 13w

    Paint a word challenge
    This is my representation of feelings
    Try it out for yourself, what do feelings look like to you?

    #painting #paintingchallange #feelings #what

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  • puneet_20 13w


    Mhm! Daylight above head
    Yet we are figuring out for the best.
    Smile when you read this
    Coz that matters the most to start day on the top.

  • afza147 15w

    What else do i need to show?
    That i hate living my life

    What else do i need to said?
    That the misery is too deep

    What else do i need to do?
    Im done everything

    But im not free..i still trap in the world made for others interest and not mine

    I just need to run away
    But where?

    The escape that i found is only death.

  • 1solitude 16w

    What is your
    definition of

  • manisha_bhatia 16w


    Why we are so concerned for the number of likes and comments on our post?
    Why do we want a like from the people we don't like?
    Why we need an approval for our pictures?
    Why does it matter?
    We are beautiful the way we are.
    Just be yourself.
    Don't let the numbers define your picture's capability.
    Numbers doesn't define anybody.

  • khushi_kundaliya 17w

    Story time

    रात में मंदिर का दरवाजा बंद कर रहे पंडितजी गुन गुना रहे थे। "राम मेरा मालिक राम तेरी चरण में ........"। रुकिए ..एक आवाज आयी ..पंडितजी देखते है ..एक औरत अपने एक बच्चे को हाथ में लेकर ख़डी थी। आँखो में बेबसी ,लाचारि ,और एक गुस्से का अलग ही तूफान था । पंडितजी बोले मंदिर बंध करना है कल आना । ठंड बढ़ती जा रही थी और अँधेरा भी और एक अलग ही शांति थी । धीरे से आवाज में औरत बोली चार लड़किया है ,और ए पाँचवि । पंडितजी ने हाथ में ताला उठाया ..औरत फिर से बोली ऐसे इसे में पाल नहीं सकती इसे छोड़ ने आयी हु ,ईश्वर से ज्यादा और किसके पास सलामत रेह सकती है ।पंडितजी ने एक ओर का दरवाजा खींचा औरत फिर से बोली रुकिए । पंडितजी बोले यही से आगे एक बड़ा कचरेका ढ़ेर है वहां रख दो । पंडित की ये बात सुनते ही माँ की आवाज मे एक अलग ही शोर मचा ..पूरे गुस्से में बोली ये क्या बोल रहे हे आप ..खुद को पंडित कहते हो.. ऐसे बोलते हुए शर्म नहीं आयी । पंडितजी ने दरवजा बंध कर दिया ,और धीमी आवाज में शांति से बोले "" अंदर पत्थर की मूरत है ...जब ईश्वर का स्वरुप मंदिर जैसी कोख में इस बच्ची को‌ रखकर भी आज नहीं रखना चाहते तो कोन से खुदा ,रब ,ईश्वर इसे रखना चाहेगे ? माँ का गुस्सा आँख के एक बूंद आँसु में कैद हो गया ।पंडितजी गुन गुना ने लगे "राम मेरा मालिक राम तेरे चरण में। " ठंडी हवा के जोके और रात के घने अँधेरे मे एक शांति वहीं थम गए।

  • phoenixblaze 17w

    I'm not letting you tell me who I want to be. If I want to be a star, I'll become one by burning with the fire left inside me until I become a black hole and swallow what's left out here in this wasteland and grow bigger and bigger until I become darkness.