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  • truevibes 16w

    Werewolves on a full moon night

    Welcome, desire, haunt me as much as you need,
    Caress the tissues inside with your hungry rage,
    Fasten my rickety palms in yours,
    Squeeze them aggressively until they melt.

    Kiss the dark inside me,
    Turn it into a blinding light.
    Let my hands slide over your velvety epidermis,
    And ignite a fire that relumes my soul.

    Maroon the insecurities you carry on those tender shoulders,
    License your heartbeat to dance with mine,
    Swim naked in my closed eyes,
    I'll do the same and drown in yours.

    Feel alive, feed my life!
    I'll gag your moans with my lips,
    Dip my tongue in your sweat,
    Quench my thirst for a bit;
    That which rejuvenates,
    Everytime your curves and edges slash against me.

    Together, shall we commit a crime?
    A divine sin,
    In the grasslands of pleasure.
    Shall we walk together in those ethereal meadows?
    Hand-in-hand, entwined.
    Shall we be two werewolves making love on a full moon night?

    It doesn't matter if we cannot stay forever,
    Let us not depart like clouds after sharing the rain,
    For the night is young,
    And so could we,
    In each other's arms,
    In the silence of our minds,
    Before we bid our imminent goodbyes.


  • fantom_de_devil 37w

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    I guess you have read this tale .... poem version of it .... like it love it and please share it ...

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    Night as demonic it becomes
    When darkness prevails
    Vampires begins there hunt
    And smell of blood  in gales

    The werewolves are the nastiest
    For them the human are tastiest
    People vanishes in the woods
    Here comes the revolution with angry crowds

    Hefty farmers with shafts and fire
    Marches down the forest
    Enthusiastic to kill the demons
    Falls in the traps of Vermins .

    Then comes the tragedy
    All are dead except the damsel
    The werewolf gets killed by the vampire
    And in the love he fell

    Going against the law of nature
    The vampire falls for a human creature
    As beautiful as the moon she shines
    Takes soulless body in her shrine ..


  • snehant 38w


    It is my cry you hear in the night.
    My eyes that gaze you from shadows.
    It is my heart that beats in your Soul.
    My strength that makes you whole.
    I am a wolf. I am in you. And you are mine, only mine.

  • sean_365 64w

    Perhaps werewolves are in love
    with the moon;
    and every once in a month they howl
    for a love they will never grasp.

  • the_winning_loser 71w

    Once upon a time,

    There was a wolf king,
    Who fought a war,
    For the most precious treasure
    In all kingdom,
    His beautiful little princess...
    But victory came at a price,
    Allies lost,
    New enemies made,
    And so the wolf king stood alone..
    Happily ever after it was not
    But sometimes
    Even the worst endings
    Are not really endings at all..
    And you should know
    My littlest wolf,
    That, even when
    All seems burnt to ashes,
    In our story,
    There's always a another chapter to be told!

  • smart_ghost 124w

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    8 line stanza ababbcbc rhyme scheme
    08 to 10 syllables per line
    PC: Pinterest

    Full moon shines bright in the dark azure,
    Alluring the cursed to lose their facade,
    Changing into a howling creature,
    Lycans are terrorizing since decade,
    Bloodthirsty, hunting in the nightshade,
    Sharp fangs & deadly claws made for killing,
    Immortals, killed only by silver blade,
    Wolfmen are underworld’s most frightening.

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  • aru______ 127w


    Tell the wolves
    I'm home


  • tharisma 131w

    If immortality was blessed for our kind

    In the midst of the sun setting and the moon arising,
    the fear and pain inside me intensifying
    Predicting my darkside , the twilight
    Worst than the daylight

    Don't want to hunt down
    Or hurt anyone in this town.
    Inside me the darkness,
    turning into aggressiveness.

    Beliefs about lycanthropes ceased.
    What the dark witnessed,
    made blind to their eyes.
    the dusk is meant for the dwelling of these mythical creatures.

    That night i felt my infliction
    and i transformed again, running in full action
    This identity, hidden, until the day-
    I become someone's prey.

  • paulwrites 178w

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    *Today I wish to share this little action horror piece with you. Though it is designed to be a short story, it seems like maybe the middle section of a much larger tale. Hope you enjoy!*

    Benton Meyers was nearly asleep in the driver’s seat when the couple slid silently into the backseat of his cab. He barely heard them; it was only his lazily closing eye that saw the flash of shadow behind him in the seat. Startled enough to bring him to full alert, he turned in his seat to see who would slip into his cab at four am without a word.

    The first one he noticed was the girl. Long dark hair framed a pale face, her complexion nearly glowing in the moonlight. Her eyes were a deep brown, in which the longer he looked at her the lighter they seemed to become. Her lips were thin, traces of red lipstick still there, but as she licked her lips, the red disappeared and he thought it could be something different than lipstick. Blood perhaps.

     He next noticed her black dress, the top cut in a low V that revealed the beginning swell of her breasts. His breath caught in his throat as he heard her companion say, “drive.”

    Benton tore his gaze from the girl to see the one who had spoken. The other passenger could have passed for the girl’s brother in wardrobe alone. A black suit minus the vest, a ruffled lace shirt with the top buttons missing revealing his bare hairless chest, with remnants of deep scratches in his flesh. His eyes were not dark as hers. His were blue. And the longer Benton looked, the more they seemed to change in a kaleidoscope of color. From deep blue to cyan, to shades of the ocean and then a summer sky, his eyes never stopping in their rotation of change.

     This troubled Benton and made him uncomfortable, as if he knew something was wrong with this couple. Still taking in the man, he noticed his lips were full, and like the girl, carried a trace of red at the corners. His dark hair cropped close to his neck, framed a chiseled face as if he were a Greek statue breathed to life. Even his physique, visible beneath his attire, reminded Benton of the body and build of figures of mythology, causing him to wonder if for a second these people were real, as the girl’s form was just as perfect as his, if not infinitely more pleasant to look at.

    “Drive,” the man repeated, this time with a more commanding tone, and Benton heard it echo in his head like a mantra: drive, drive, drive.

    “Where to?” he stammered, feeling nervous, for he knew he didn’t have a choice. The voice told him to drive and he would have to do just that.

    “Just drive,” the dark stranger commanded. “Straight ahead.”

    Benton started the cab and put it in gear. Without glancing back at his passengers, he pulled away from the curb and did as he was told. Straight ahead had been the commandment and thus it would be so.

    There was no traffic on the road at this hour, so he pressed the pedal to the floor and gave the cab a little gas. The tires caught pavement and squealed. The stranger issued a new command. “Not so fast. Stay under the speed limit.”

    Benton let up on the gas.

    “For now,” the stranger added.

    The girl glanced behind the cab as if expecting someone to be following them.

    “He’s there,” the man whispered to her.

    “I don’t see him, Nicolai.”

    “He’s there, Lily. Trust me.” He leaned forward in his seat. “Turn left here, cab driver.”

    Benton turned the wheel and headed down another street. This street was just as deserted as the others. One could walk down the double yellow line for nearly a mile without seeing any cars in the road. The world seemed to be asleep at this hour.

    “Here he comes,” Nicolai whispered, as a shape suddenly careened around the corner behind them. It was big and black, running on all fours. Its long snout sniffed the air and saliva dripped from its jaws. A huge wolf bounding after them at incredible speed, its eyes red and angry.

    Lily nearly screamed, but Nicolai grabbed her hand. “He will not touch you, my love,” he said and kissed her lightly on her trembling lips. “Our love will always prevail.”

    Lily looked lost in his eyes for a moment, as if she had descended into a pleasant dream at the sound of his voice. To an outsider, she would have seemed as if she had no control of herself like the cab driver. But she did have control. So much control in fact, the hunger for her lover, the love that overwhelmed her, threatened to wash the streets clean with unbridled passion. She was not hypnotized, or not of her own will – she was in love and trusted her soul mate with her life.

    “Faster, cab driver,” Nicolai urged, and Benton surged ahead leaving the rabid wolf behind. But not for long. The wolf itself gained speed, pushing itself to the limits of the breed’s normal endurance.

    “He’s going to catch us,” Lily said in a worried tone. And as if to prove her point, the wolf gained the cab and pounced onto the trunk. Its claws dug into the metal as if it were cardboard. Looking through the back window at the two passengers, it snarled viciously, a noise coming from its jaws that remarkably sounded like a curse, “Liliana.”

    She screamed, and for a brief moment it appeared the wolf grinned. But brief it was. Nicolai had opened the cab door and grabbed Lily’s hand. “Let’s go!”

    Yanking on her arm, he pulled her out of the cab and they tumbled into the street like a pair of rag dolls. They rolled on the pavement and in one swift motion regained their ground, the pair coming to a stand in the middle of the street.

    Startled over the flight of his passengers, Benton slammed on the brakes. The wolf lost its grip and tumbled across the top of the car to land in the road. The wolf shook its head and snarled at Benton through the glass. Reaching through the driver’s window the beast raked its claws across Benton’s cheek, leaving four bloody gashes.

    Benton screamed and tried to scoot across the seat away from the window. The wolf poised itself to strike again but then stopped. This was not its prey. The beast reared up on its hind legs and with its front paw wiped saliva from its cheek. It was a very human gesture. Then it straightened up as much as it could on its back legs and turned to Nicolai and Lily who still stood in the street, rooted to the spot and waiting on the wolf’s next move.

    The creature laughed at them. A slow guttural sound that became more human by the second. The deep growl became a distinct human laugh and then the beast spoke to the couple.

    “There will never be an escape,” it said. “I will follow you for eternity, tracking you to the end of the earth for my revenge.”

    Nicolai stepped in front of Lily in a gesture to protect her. “Your misguided quarrel is with me, Grigori. Leave Liliana alone.”

    “Oh, she made her quarrel, bard. Don’t you remember the hot burning ash at the castle that was to be our wedding place? I remember it well, how she sent it flying into my face.”

    “The wound seems to have healed.”

    “Ah, you know as well as I do that wounds heal, but pride does not. Too many times have you both trampled on my pride.”

    “Pride goes before a fall, Grigori.”

    He laughed. “We all fell long ago, my once and never friends. And I have chased you across continents to have my vengeance.”

    “She never was yours, Grigori. And she never will be.”

    “She was mine! And you took her! Bewitched her and turned her against me.”

    “You’re wrong. It was you who bewitched us. It’s your own curse that lead into misery.”

    The wolf, Grigori, didn’t say another word, but instead fell to all fours and snarled in anger.

    Finally Liliana spoke. “You can chase us however you like, you pathetic excuse for a prince. But you will never catch us.”

    “Oh my pet, I already have.”

    “Then come and get me, dog face,” she spat at him in contempt.

    That was enough to make the wolf lose his human voice and revert to his more animal nature. He let at an angry howl and leapt at the two lovers. Before he could bridge the distance and reach them however, they changed. In an instant, where they once stood, now were a multitude of rats. They crawled and skittered across the asphalt going in every direction, a cacophony of vermin on the run.

    The wolf stopped, his eyes darting to and fro trying to determine which two rats out of the multitude was his prey. A pair of distinctive larger ones had separated themselves from the group and were heading towards a tree lined sidewalk. Grigori bolted towards them and in a flash had one in each paw.

    “I told you there’s no escape,” he growled.

    But no sound issued from them. It wasn’t the lovers. He held two ordinary rats in his clutches. He howled in a rage, dropping the two rats and spinning back around. Some of the rodents had escaped while he had pursued the wrong ones, and in anger he slew the remaining rats one by one, his rage growing with each death cry. For he knew Nicolai and Liliana had escaped him again.

    2017 Paul D Aronson.

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    Dark Pursuits

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    Where rivers sing,
    Where silence rings;
    Where city lights can't reach,
    Where no one could hear someone's last screech;
    Where full moon shines
    On the weary paths and mines;
    Where darkness swells,
    That's where werewolves dwell.

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    I'm reading a book named shiver and I totally love it. I came across this passage when the boy brings the girl to a library , makes her close her eyes and reads it. This is what he felt but could not explain to her so he read it instead. Afterwards she opens her eyes and kisses him silently saying that I understand what you are trying to say and that everything's going to be fine, I'm here.

    This passage totally touched me in a way I can't explain! so I thought It would be nice to share it with you guys.

    #shiver#books#thoughts#Fear#werewolves #mirakee#passage#relatingthoughts.

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    " 'I am done in the world, and yet not alone enough to make each hour holy. I am lowly in this world, and yet not lowly enough for me to be just a thing to you, dark and shrewd. I want my will and I want to go with my will as it moved towards action.' "



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    The transformation

    "It's really hard to fight it ," Rosa told Charlie. "No it isn't Rosa. Try channelling your inner powers. It's going to help you. Trust me on this," said Charlie. Rosa was determined. Charlie was the first who transformed into a werewolf. Rosa was at peace knowing her best friend was there to get her through this