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  • ndichuu 2w


    All I asked for was peace,
    Yet all I get isn't even half a piece.
    In my ocean of sorrow,
    My heart had sunken so low,
    I hoped you'd save me.
    Pull me out from the depths of hell.
    Where the flames burn me yet I still dwell.
    But you all think that all is well..

    I need somebody to love me,
    Somebody to hold me,
    Somebody to listen to me,
    Somebody to ask me what is wrong.
    I pulled you off your knees,
    I'm not asking for pay, but something that heals.
    I also want to feel happy!


  • suryaansh 6w


    Pay more attention towards mindset.If mind well then all is well.

  • lovesmessenger 6w

    Another piece about a well lol but hopefully you enjoy it!

    Well of Truth

    A barren land that welcomes the desperate and lonely. Where the springs of the heart runs dry from the drought of love's absence. At the center of this forsaken land. Is a wishing well. Hope dwells in its waters as if it was a water nymph. Its touch makes the water run pure with faith. It calls out the lonely strangers as if it was a beacon of the heart.

    They travel miles to this land to get a glimpse of this miracle. Yet some barely can lift their feet from the weight of life. So they pass away into dust searching for it. Their skeletons litter the grounds of the forgotten. While the few lucky ones cast their coins of destiny into it. Waiting for a miracle to come from it. They wait as the hope filled waters reflect their face of desperation.

    Praying they will be fixed of their problems. Hoping that their hearts will be mended with silver and gold making it precious to someone. Yet as their coins soaks they realize that their search was in vain. Never realizing this was a fable. That this well is not magical. Yet if they had kept peering into the waters they would've seen their very desperation melt away into the answers of within.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay #well

    *Sometimes we search for the answers that lies inside. We fail to realize their is no magical shortcuts or quick fixes to problems that persists inside us. Patience and time with diligent work of self becomes the waters of healing. We hold the well of truth within us all*

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    Well of Truth

    Peering into it causes reflection of the soul yet the peace people seek can't be found within it

  • the_unknown_writer_20 8w


    Amidst the earthquakes of unexpected situations, the hurricanes of unreasonable behaviour, when fortune strikes against me, I will remain unmoved, knowing that finally all will be well.


  • yashvibansal 9w

    The black bird you have seen
    It has been
    Me, me, me
    For alas, it cannot be we
    The fake love you had for me dear,
    Has been the cause of every tear
    That I have wept,
    Many sleepless nights have I slept.
    And yet I see you smile
    With her you zoom around
    Whose heart you will soon break,
    Her pleas resound.
    Alas, I fear
    How I nurtured every year
    In cherished hope,
    While you were slipping around me like soap.
    Ah, love is a curse
    Cast in glittering verse.
    How I loved you
    And thought you loved me too.
    But one fateful night,
    When I was sleeping,
    Oblivious of the sight,
    Of you,
    And of your evil too,
    Near me you crept,
    While I still slept.
    In my heart you drove a knife,
    Hell bent on taking my life.
    I died
    But in my soul I still had life
    Grappling to grasp the wound of your betrayal.
    Off my soul flew like a bird,
    Wounded and hurt.
    I still caw in your garden,
    Your wicked den,
    While the evil in you craves,
    To send yet another young woman to an early grave.
    But fear not, my dear!
    Retribution is near.
    The day your soul flies,
    To the grave of lies,
    When you go to hell
    I shall fly down from heaven
    To your story tell.

    I wrote this when I was thirteen, two years ago.

    #revenge #hurt #betrayal #disorder #chaos #fake #pain #gain #bell #warming #warning #vanished #tears #gravity #air #floating #bird #black #crow #white #sea #sadness #welled #well #long #ring #woe #heaven #hell #hare #hound #wheat #heart #loveNpeace #musings #thoughts #pod@mirakee #daily #challenge #chal #imagination #destruction #whirlpool #emotions #crescent #soul #sprituality #loveNpeace #musings #thoughts

    Image credit to the rightful owner . I picked it up from Google.

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    My Story

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  • delphic_one 9w


    I was digging the dark night for my solace but i didn't aware that I was building a well of sentimentality


  • thejewls 9w

    My poetry is my storyteller. Finding relief in words for a loss so substantial and life threatening. I lost my 2nd baby at 8 weeks, boyfriend left me due to my diagnosis, my heart has completely hit the floor.
    #miscarriage #WrongDiagnosis #Alive #Well #Strong

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    Misplaced feelings

    From start to finish,
    My soul was triumphant,
    Here your first sign of life was brought to our attention, so small yet over the weeks you grew.

    The anticipation from October 6 to November 9th was a long haul to an abrupt stop when your heart wasn’t detected it absolutely broke me apart, not only did I loose you I lost someone I truly loved.

    My soul was insufficient at that moment, gathering the courage to finish this fight all on my own ,these past 3 months have done nothing but suffocated the very life out of me, from doctor to doctor, needle to needle, ultrasound to ultrasound I was left with a misleading diagnosis they never helped me solve for my overall health.

    They told me I have passed the placenta myself, I know I haven’t passed anything on my own come the last week in January I went into labor, eight hours of unknown pain from a placenta the doctor said was not there don’t worry about it, I thought I was dying, my liver gave out, appendicitis, a tumor has busted, those eight hours went by so slowly Before I passed a large mass, blessed to be alive with a force as destructive as a hurricane, relived of pain there was a mess to clean.

    My soul is mending after such a substantial loss, I do not pity myself for what I have went through, my prayers go out casted upon the universe for overall good health in each an ever single individual, for our hearts were built to hold love as much as letting the love go, knowing one day we will all become apart of one another’s soul again.
    My misplaced feelings are being dealt with one day at a time.
    God bless


  • lakshanaa 12w

    Let's hope����

    Hoping For A New Day

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    When in agony, days are bury
    When in content, days become momentary
    Though every one face each daylight
    No one cares after night say–
    Let's hope for a new day

    If nap can cure nerve strain
    Weekly jaunt to picture world
    Spend some time for your genitor
    No one's goin' to shame you
    For livin' like 90's

    Hoping for a new day
    where cruelty teaches humanity
    where rudeness gets melt by kindness
    where sad one experience happiness
    Let's hope for a new era of brightness


  • poetviviyanniki 12w

    The World.
    A Gift, Beauty within...
    Lessons. Revolving growth. Gratitude Creator for the gift of life... The World's innerness ceases from...
    Over-consume, chems, greed, over-control, plastics,5gs...
    Balance sustains well naturally yes. Yes. Ecosystems revolves connects well. When Rivers naturally flow... nature, natural disciplines, structures, Tradition. Earth's balance... the heart thrives. Yes, I adore fashion, people, market; it's in my blood! Though, sometimes we deeply desire to run.. Cleanse from it all... Balance... I walk path proud, steady, bold..innerness heart runs... Learning how to plant groundedness. Much gratitude for this life that I walk, build; grow!! Keep smiling through while giving back... Vivian.

  • deepflowsoul 15w

    Check in

    I hope you are well!
    I hope you got up after you fell
    I hope your healing will begin.
    I hope you embrace any fin.

  • tuliprose 16w


    Across the house...there is a well...
    Something is strange,I can surely tell
    Helpless cries and footsteps are heard
    Some whispers and tales and words
    A lovely woman wearing a white dress
    Don't go near her,even she impress
    Luring people into come near the well
    And next moment,all vanish to the hell

  • poetviviyanniki 16w

    Sleep maintains well, when WIFI is turned off. Let's try and turn off wifi when we sleep please. Much gratitude! v.

  • victoriaibukun 16w

    The year will soon end, with everyday approached my anxiety, disappointment. What would 2021 look like? With the end of the year came that feeling I had let it happen again, allowed it to completely control my life really I had no control over it, I am reminded that I would have been closer to graduating, I would have finally felt being a degree holder, I would have been closer to getting a job while pursuing my masters.

    I look around, the seemingly pleased Nigerians taking pleasure in what little joy nature provided. Nigeria, my country or so my mum, society and school had taught me. Nigeria with what I have observed is where the proverb "monkey works while the baboon eat" is defined, the poor paid as much as the rich leaving them with nothing.

    There was a high difference in the privileges of the president to the rich to the average to the poor Nigerians. Anything that went through the country, the president is always the first consumer before it is the poor segment turn. By that time there is almost nothing left. Thankfully, I am amongst the average, taking pride In the tactics of my parents.

    Sometimes, on the way to school before Corona, before everything became worse, before beggers became thiefs, before more youth became ritualist, I would look out my father's window stopping myself from feeling unsuccessfully because everything I saw broke my heart, the roads in rags, most of the citizens moved around uneducated so did stupid things. I am thankful because they are some places so pleasing to the sight I would momentarily forget my ache. This is just Lagos, I have never been to the north, I have heard things are much worse there.

    Nigeria is said to be the giant of Africa yet we seem to be trampled on. We take everything the outside has to offer. Let me push your attention to the dying talents, the ones unusual here because no one in the outside has thought of it or brought it into Nigeria, so we condemn them.

    To the president.
    Dear Mr President, how does it feel see your people this way thirsting for better and still you take everything we have made a way out of. You take our freedom enslaving us to illiteracy, to people you call our friends, and to debt. How does it feel under the AC on that soft bed most of your people have only in their dreams? Great right? I bet you close your eyes saying it was meant to be.

    To the minister of agriculture.
    Sir, is agriculture not meant to flourish here in Nigeria? I have heard Nigeria is the giant of Africa, yet we seem to be trampled on. Have you discussed with us how you plan to educate us to improve our self worth again? Hmm.


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    To Mr President

    Can we stop being fed everytime? Can we the youth take responsibility of the future we deserve?


  • gutzwvw 17w

    Despite it All

    Despite it all.
    I asked for no respite.
    I lived with no spite.
    I plunged onwards through the night.

    Despite it all.
    I am still a true Gaul.
    I live in waters whole.
    Albeit with a toe in the well, still standing tall.

  • parthvegad 19w

    CARE ❤️

    In Our Life
    I'm Always Be
    There For Your

    When you sick or Well
    I'm Always Be
    There For Your

    When you Think
    I'm Didn't Care You.
    It Means I'm There

    Buy Now You Didn't Talk
    With Me..
    Still I'm Always
    Pray For Your

  • lassiethevar 21w


    Being good is not cheap.

    ©lassie thevar

  • anonymously7321 22w


    Searching for the bliss,
    in the eternal darkness.
    Caged by expectations,
    Burdened by deeds,
    Finding it hard to breathe.
    In this era of updating urself,
    I m searching the lost version of myself.
    Strength I once possessed,
    Compelling Vibes I used to emit,
    Bouncing back was the thing I was known for.
    Now, fallen and trapped in a well,
    Dug out by my own fierce thoughts.
    I don't shout for help,
    In fear of making them afraid,
    They can wronged me as a mad.
    A ray of hope with every sunrise,
    Spreads its light inside the well.
    Somehow, It drags me upward.
    But with it's departure,
    I slips down, goes deeper n deeper.
    That's how, I keep oscillating in this dark well.
    I have the answer, I have the solution,
    Perhaps, Strength is something,
    I am lacking.
    By the way, the answer is above in one of the line.
    That well is dug out by "MY OWN fierce thoughts"

  • yashvibansal 22w


    With me in heaven
    Gone in hell
    Fake friend,I can tell!

    Popped in to say hello on Earth
    Then left when I was covered in dirt.

    Danced with me in the rain
    Yet left me to wince in pain.

    Angel near me
    Devil afar
    Diamond in front of me
    Behind me coal tar.

    Loved me when I was well
    Abandoned me in a difficult shell
    Fake friend, I can tell!

    Praises on tongue
    Envy in heart
    Fake friend, you are worse that a wart!

    Me in your selfish heart
    Till my troubles do us part.

    Arrived at dawn
    Disappeared at dusk
    There at morn
    Took all the wheat
    And left the husk.

    Clung to me in your own sadness and despair
    Yet at the time of my woe
    Vanished like a hound-chasen hare.

    There for gain
    Gone in pain
    Left me to on my problems dwell
    Fake friend, I can tell!

    As long as you get more than your share
    We are a pair
    You were with me while floating in the air
    And vanished when gravity arrived there.

    As the pain swelled
    And the tears welled
    You left,
    Fake friend, I can tell!
    You always ring a warning bell
    Fake friend, I can tell!

    Pic credit to rightful owner. I picked it up from Google.

    #friend #fake #pain #gain #bell #warming #warning #vanished #tears #gravity #air #floating #left #despair #sadness #welled #well #long #ring #woe #heaven #hell #hare #hound #wheat #heart #beats #heartbeats #dusk #dust #hope #selfish #dirt #earth #help #hello #dawn #dusk #diamond #coal #rain #dance

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    With me in heaven
    Gone in hell...
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  • sayarbadnaam 24w

    ठहरना तभी, जब कुएँ का पानी बन पाओ।
    नदी का पानी हो तो बहना बेहतर है।

  • arunpandiansiva 25w

    Always surrounds with the people who can help you out in all the situations of your life.
    If intension is good, then nothing else matters.

    Do good, start with little and then go ahead with top. You can view this later how it's to be really beautiful and powerful.


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    Surrounding and view

    Surround yourself with people who force you to do well. If your intension is right, sometime nothing else matters.

    Start with small and reach the top and then see the view how it's to be really good and powerful.