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  • joybirdpoetry 28w

    #weekendc #writersbay #writersnetwork #miraquill. It's Sunday night again. Where did the weekend go?


    I conjured up
    a sky so blue
    no other colour existed
    save for the whiteness
    of cotton ball clouds drifting
    like ghost jellyfish
    to the the far horizon.

    I conjured up
    an ocean shimmering
    like 24 carats of gold
    that had travelled millions
    of sunbeam miles
    to warm the Pacific Ocean
    at golden grains of sand.

    And just like that
    like a Friday illusionist
    moving the hands
    to four o'clock
    the weekend appeared
    from a dreary day
    to step into the space

    where the blue of the sky
    met the blue of the ocean

    and where a soul can rejuvenate

    just. like. magic.


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    I conjured up
    a sky so blue
    no other colour existed
    save for the whiteness
    of cotton ball clouds drifting
    like ghost jellyfish
    to the the far horizon.

    I conjured up
    an ocean shimmering
    like 24 carats of gold
    that had travelled millions
    of sunbeam miles
    to warm the Pacific Ocean
    at golden grains of sand.

    And just like that
    like a Friday illusionist
    moving the hands
    to four o'clock
    the weekend appeared
    from a dreary day
    to step into the space

    where the blue of the sky
    met the blue of the ocean

    and where a soul can rejuvenate

    just. like. magic.


  • theorphicmind 61w

    Dear poet @soulfulstirrings,

    Your art resonates deep within us. Each piece stirs a new emotion, feeling and memory.
    We call the eyes the windows to one's soul, I feel poems are, too.. Sometimes, even our eyes may betray us in a moment of gravity. But poems are...well, versatile. Sometimes they reflect our minds in plain sight, sometimes they form a maze of emotions, intricately weaved to form a merry verse on one side while the nuances portray an alternate picture on the other, sometimes it holds a bitterness hidden behind an airy facade and almost always hold a unique sense & meaning to each individual. The mosaic of your pieces forms a sacred sight. Like an amaranthine under the apricity of a winter morn, thy spirit glows in the chamber of thy soul.
    Thank you for your beautiful poems and musings ��. Keep inking, keep weaving!! We are always here to read, enjoy and share our love ��

    Yours truly,

    #weekendc #writersbay

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    From: @theorphicmind
    19th April, 2021
    To : @soulfulstirrings

  • natasha_a 62w

    @the_lost_melody This is for you Di❤
    I cant really thank you enough for everything.

    @writersbay Told you I had one person to write about!

    /The lines in brackett are from Badr Shakir Al-Sayyab/


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    She is fire in lanterns leading home,
    magic in words, syrah in pain. She is
    glimpse of paradise, soft pat at my
    back and shelter in drenching rain.

    She is courage in battles, daffodils
    rising at horizon. She is starlight in
    dark, butterflies guiding to the exit
    and glimmering beauty of night.

    She is zephyr of tea gardens, engulf-
    -ing the tress to sleep. She is ground
    for autumn leaves, traces of eternity
    and warmth to demons that weep.

    /Her eyes are like palm-groves refreshed
    by Dawn's breath or terraces the moon
    leave behind/

    She is camellia of a mothers crown, a
    fading unicorn in heavens. She is the
    pink tint in rues, scars of battles and
    tape of bravery that hold the weapon.

    She is ecstatic twilight, the beauty
    and the voice of moon giggling above.
    She is an angel for devil for once she
    taught him how to love.


  • natasha_a 62w

    @still_fragile This ones for you Fray!
    I wanted to say that you are very strong and I wish you power in everything.

    @/writersbay I still have one more person to write about XD

    /The words in brackett are from movie Lord of Rings/


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    She is phoenix engulfed in flames,
    the bearer of gladiolus flox. She is
    the spark of ocean pearls, the crown
    of daisies kept hidden in the box.

    She has been a warrior since long,
    fighting to protect her fort. She is
    the song of willows, firefly of hope
    with a bruised heart coerce of gold.

    /You fool. No man can kill me.
    Die. Now.
    'But I am no man'/

    She is walking on black porcelain with
    tulips rising from her veins. She is a
    river for quenching thirst and the
    strength of kingdom that falls in rain.

    She is an angel with tint of madness,
    invites her demons to dance every night.
    She is desperation of dusk and dawn,
    the excitement in its first flight.

    To all the nightmares that have ever
    haunted her, mind your swords because
    she is coming for you for she ain't a
    victim but a survivor.


  • _mathematics 62w

    कभी-कभी जो मैं तुमको सोचता हूँ
    याद आती है वो क़ुरबतें
    धीरे-धीरे से जो दूरियाँ बढ़ी तो
    फ़ासलों में फँस गया हूँ मैं

    Hope the abiding dusk, and dawn yet to disclose the start of the coming day may fetch the little wide smile for you reading the words, I googled and google have comprehended it( app permissions are in control)

    The above lines might rumble your thoughts amidst reading this. However, I did think of you, to fabricate the torn threads of your hopeless romance to intertwine hopes of what you love, you preserve and you deserve.

    To begin the propagation of blossoms of hope I read and felt betwixt the words easy to carve in these digital sheets of a whiteboard but difficult to hold upon every time the psyche asks for the serene sky, you have cherished the sites of( pardon me for spamming your composed verses and comment section).

    And then, I diverted
    to another end
    that lend me to distance
    same that halves
    the uncountable stars
    in the night,
    appearing as of
    recovered scars and
    hollow voids
    at the same time
    that trapped me
    enclose by elegance

    like you hold
    that felt as if its
    the necessary pill
    which will heal
    the cracked

    I address the
    whereas you
    braid the feelings
    in the chatter
    sheet of composing verses.

    है मीलों चला मैं तुम्हारे लिए
    है इतनी दूरियाँ क्यूँ हुई! पर
    झलक ये अब तुम्हारी हल्की हुई
    है इतनी दूरियाँ क्यूँ हुई! पर

    I have but not for you and You too but not for me in the streets on the side where vehicles are prohibited or on the children parks with the one you write about ( Your notes are similar to sentences placed in a draft folder and just a little of their glimpse is scribbled cause courage crashes when the memories recite what truly should be heard and voice out).

    And it again
    went blurred
    But you
    continued with
    the sermon of
    two souls
    Refined steps
    turning them
    into modern
    I am glad to write even it's one-fourth of what I understood of YOU.
    but enough to walk on with
    in the same side of the street
    but in a different city
    with happiness, you named as him
    wherein everything, I named as her.

    p.s ~ Spamming is not good so forgive me for doing it @seirios . And I don't know what to say more.

    #weekendc @writersbay
    bg: Pinterest
    Lines, written in Hindi are from the song
    ' Milon Chala' Ashu Shukla

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    कुछ इस कदर
    इत्तेफाक इश्क है
    की दर्द भी हासिल
    हुआ उसकी सजी
    महफ़िल में


  • the_lost_melody 62w

    / m y r r h c /

    the universe swirls
    in the depth of
    your curiosity

    few words
    a quote
    wild and unfathomable at times
    you weave them
    into musings and magic

    my nonsensical
    fleeting pondering
    takes on a
    physical form

    they're your words
    and comforting

    often times
    I'm lost
    but with you
    I'm found

    - melody -

    @myrrhc I admire your write ups. Your feed is beyond beautiful. It's so soothing. You're an adorable human ~ and I'm glad I got the chance to write for you. Thank you @writersbay <3


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  • zoya_charmz 62w

    �� �������������� ���� ��ℎ�� ���������� ���� ��������������

    Amidst the shadowy earth and
    the scars of the skies,
    her maroon verses wink red fires
    her skin smells like morning petrichor
    and her giggle seems like ocean's delight.

    She's the first ray of moonlit night
    her silence touches the distant time,
    drenched in the waves of emotions
    her poetries bear the tales of humankind.

    Her deep echoed eyes blink twice
    to suck nectarous drink of art and
    her magical heart dances ballet
    in the glorious purple deserts.

    She's an October mermaid
    sprinkling shades of yellow-ochre,
    she is a vivid soul layered in the
    heart of bright yellow Jupiter.

    Jasmine blooms in her pulses,
    Tulip rises in pride,
    her celestial charm is an armlet
    in her light innocent arms.

    She's beyond marvels,
    She's a radiant star,
    She's the hymns of peace which
    I hope to sing forever and ever.

    ~She, the divine �� �� �� ��


    So embarrassing that the most craziest person wrote the most coolest person here. I'm sorry Kini, facing huge writer's block and I couldn't write you well.�� I adore you so much, (you know that right ��) but sorry for this lame piece. I hope you would smile a lil. I never thought I would get the chance to write you. ��
    Thank you for this wonderful challenge. I loved it. @writersbay #weekendc

    Kini you're in my heart. ❤️��
    @lovethatneverfades @kin_jo (。♡‿♡。)

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  • waitaminute 62w

    She scribbled in her diary secrets she held,
    Penned in her poems her feelings yelled,
    Writing a date doesn't matter, today won't be forever,
    You never let me forget dates ain't you too clever,
    We were never supposed to talk,
    I thought you were a bot like my wall clock,
    When you got a wrong letter for someone else I wrote,
    From there our friendship started note,
    I got a reply from you ,
    younger than me i had no clue,
    May be coming first for you a happiness,
    It makes me feel special for my madness,
    That if no one gonna read me ever,
    I will still get replies from this wrong adress forever,
    Watches can be changed but time could not,
    Time is not living, time not a robot.


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    Today is

    Tere lia likha bro

  • kin_jo 62w

    Vanshi ❤️❤️

    She is the softest gleam of silvery light
    A glittering star, shimmering bright
    A solemn bird in the silent night
    Singing songs of joy under the twilight

    She is a flaring shine
    Gleaming on the rippling waves, that brightly flow
    Beneath the flowering vines.
    Filling up the darkest precincts
    With her alluring rhymes

    She is the fragrant air
    That Comes floating by
    Like a summer wind
    A soothing Zephyr that cares
    Melting frosted hearts of spectre gray
    With her heartwarming gliding rays

    She is the sweetest flower, wild nature yields
    Assuaging worries behind her love shield
    An assiduous personality, Creating new magnetic fields
    She is @mellifluous_soul, strong willed.

    @writersbay thank you for this opportunity ��

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  • nitrousoxide 62w

    He knows-
    This place is never
    what it seems to be!
    Millions of hands
    dipped in their own blood;
    Rotting but preaching silence,
    While wondering in chaotic streets.
    I find people drooling over hypocrisy
    But he would walk past them;
    Shedding poetries off his shoulders.
    He has been nailing truth
    Deep into our hollow skulls,
    And would not stop to look
    For an impact.

    When I look out, I feel tired
    To see people hiding truth and pain
    Under the dermis of metaphors,
    Serving beautiful lies
    In ugly plates.
    But he would carve his agony
    Knowing it's ugly,
    Still he would never wash
    Those stains and blemishes
    For what an artist one could be
    Without being true to his art.

    His words would wake you up,
    And there would be cold shivers
    running down your spine;
    His ideas would baffle you!
    He knows to play with minds
    And words are his tools.
    And if people believe in myth
    That drunkard speaks the truth
    Then he has drunk too much for this life.

    I have tried putting up
    A facade,
    lurking people into treachery;
    With my words but I failed!
    I have been trapped in my own web
    While his words set him free.
    And this indeed makes me envy him.

    He knows life's a bitch,
    Where he couldn't buy nightmares;
    And he wouldn't sell his dreams!
    Like us, he needs a release.
    But he still works hard
    For the may be's
    Of things getting better
    Or of pain leaving his mind.
    He knows time's been rough
    And it will get rougher
    But time is a great teacher
    And this man is a quick learner.

    @thefoxisdead kill me later!

    This man is too talented, for me to appreciate him but I tried.

    Accepting things is a tough job. But it's better to be dead inside with acceptance than faking something and dying everyday.

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    From Nitro to Fox!

  • kaetkey 62w

    Roaming in the wild place
    with a set of wilder thoughts
    moulding in verses neat
    securing them in a cyber way.

    Here's the_fox
    oofé the atmosphere,
    it all turned dark.
    Entered with a smile
    wrote a pile
    on a tile
    of your mind
    get a file
    save it right!
    Exists with a smirk
    leaves a note berserk.
    *thefoxisdead* says it.
    Breathe out, keep calm
    he's more than alive
    in his very own psalms.

    It's summer
    with a thudding bummer
    saturation at its best
    sanity at its rest.
    he'd scratch the paper out
    scribble fire without a doubt.

    It's an autumn
    of criticism.
    sheds a part
    that's holding back
    crushes it apart
    believing the heart?

    Raining in and out
    to be honest, all around.
    Drenched in wittiness.
    would still sing aloud
    a sight meant to be witnessed.

    Oh it's winter
    ah, leave the filters!
    Holding onto real form
    this is the time
    feeds the selve some warmth.

    Spring might spring
    a matter of fling.
    A soul blooming
    flowers of smiles
    unknown to his own power.

    Seasons meant to change,
    keeps the fur as thick and strange.
    Things would seem a lot deranged
    but commendable is the way
    he's always perfectly arranged.


    When they gave me your name I was like “now a noob will write for a pro? *facepalms* Ooffox.” I suck at writing poems but here you get this dumb poem and a �� (it's the first thing that comes in my mind reading your username 乁(ツ)ㄏ)

    @thefoxisdead Surprise, surprise XD

    @writersbay You and your prompts ��

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  • _transient 62w

    Hey there! We've never talked, but I feel a warmth in your presence.
    With such conviction you have written about repentance, forgiveness and acceptance. It's admirable. Whenever you write in Kashmiri, you provide translation too. I really appreciate that.
    I have realised that you are among the few people, who are generous to appreciate other's work and never shy from calling out writersnetwork to read them.
    Thankyou so much and I hope to learn from you because you write amazingly. ❤️
    Wrote a small poem for you after reading some of your posts. Hope you like it.��

    #weekendc @writersbay @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Like a bird,
    you want to betray
    nights with sunsets.

    The beauty of wisdom,
    you look in altruism.

    You talk of an independent girl,
    a vision worthwhile
    and a summer magpie.

    "I'm alive, I'm grateful", your words
    resonate like your beautiful one-liners.

    Poetry for you, is the first beam of sunrise
    and the last beam of sunset
    but your dilemma around
    pure poetic dove
    or unequivocal love
    is the cutest.


  • human_alpha 62w

    Waking up petrified from this ghastly nightmare
    Helped you escape the assail of the gunmen
    Being shot twice for not abiding the rules of the malefactor
    wrote your name next to mine one last time with my bloodsoaked hands
    Oh how grateful I am of these lawbreakers
    Knowing I saw my amigo one last time
    How I wish this was a dream come true.

    #weekendc #aismbff #deaths #imacg #kindredspirits

    @_ashna_ got ur name for the prompt and I cudnt even tell u tht. Sorry for something really short. And I took ages to write this����. You know my lazy ass.

    P.S ; this was an actual dream and @_ashna_ u were amigo.
    By unknown writer

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  • smile_its_sunnah 62w

    THE, clouds signify the arrival of perfection,��
    The seas wave to the strangers profile section,��
    The images captivate the onlookers sight, ��
    But it's the words that provide the clarity light.��


    INK, announces the obsession of love and awarness,��
    Ink allows us to feel minutes of appreciation,��
    Ink will stand on words of clarifaction��
    As she transports your imagination to various dimensions.��


    DOMAIN, is her innocent and sincere page of artifacts,��
    Domain is her place of security and safety,⛑
    Domain is her world of perfection,��
    As she pens her canvas with colours beyond fascination.��


    Her name is imbibed in the words of this poem, because her power lies in the words of her poem. ��She is a stranger by no meeting but I feel a sense of peace when I read her words of serenity.��

    I ask @theinkdomain , to continue pouring your heart on the words of pages, as it's represents the beauty you have within.�� Don't be afraid to express yourself, as your words...are yours, your choice...is yours, and this life...is yours.��

    Continue painting your words with confidence����
    By smile_its_sunnah

    Sunday, 18 April 2021

    #weekendc #writersbay #writersnetwork #mirakee

    Thank you for this amazing prompt��

    Pic credit: iPhone 11 pro max wallpaper hide notch)

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    THE clouds INK their arrival on the DOMAINS of expression.

  • joybirdpoetry 62w

    The Idealist

    She tilts her head
    at the sentimentality
    visions coming to life
    as she soaks in the words
    her heartstrings yearning
    for a sense of return
    to someplace she once knew
    a time traveller
    between woven stanzas
    where nostalgia sings
    the songs of kinfolk
    and the journey
    between yesteryear
    and this year
    is a road traversed
    in the fabrics of her mind
    as her hiraeth
    speaks of longing
    in a universal language
    that makes her soul sigh
    and leaves an indelible stamp
    on her wistful heart
    until she reads again


    #theidealist #weekendc #theidealist #writersbay #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    The Idealist

    ...and the journey
    between yesteryear
    and this year
    is a road traversed
    in the fabrics of her mind

  • bohemian_ballerina 62w

    A beautiful woman is she,
    With dreamy eyes and magical hands,
    Which weave the potion for poetry.
    Her countryside longings
    Bring her close to her folks here,
    She reminisces of the good ol' days,
    And engulfs this sea of writers here
    Into one fraternity of her fanbase!
    For those who don't know her,
    She is one in a thousand,
    Who strives to strike a balance
    Between her home and her passion.
    With words flowing like sweet nectar,
    She always manages to please everyone.
    And with her every read,
    I long for her response!

    @laveenapintoserrao I know I've been quite a stalker here...I got to know you not from our chats but from Ravisha's comment section!( Sorry for that)
    I knew about you a long time back...And thanks for being here and with all of us with your nectar like words!!

    #writersbay #weekendc @writersbay

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    This one's for YOU


  • itsgammynotgrammy 62w

    It was when My Head, My Home
    had risen to fame,
    I was made known of your existence.
    Then the Pandemonium made me realize
    the constant state of mayhem we live in.
    The answer I had been looking for,
    I found it in your Past, Present and Future.
    Language Barriers is what finally
    brought me to you.
    That day, I spent my time in your world
    meeting all your creations.
    A walk in the garden your wise mind grew.
    I kept coming back for more
    To bath in the beauty you created.
    Sending a silent thank you
    for letting an uninvited guest
    stay the night in your adobe
    for I never returned back home somedays,
    as I found home in your art.
    I am clueless as to what it was
    But one day I saw you
    in my crooked garden,
    admiring the tree of words I grew.
    I wondered what brought you here
    for my little garden wasn't as lush.
    Maybe the roses, but they were only a few.
    The days I left my garden untented,
    I found your encouraging notes.
    You got me to water my dying thoughts.
    Immense gratitude to you,
    I'm growing my letters into words again,
    so my garden can be lush
    with poems all could read.
    I wish I did, but I do not know you
    beyond your sign @surefire
    What I do know is your angelic soul
    creating magic with your wand of words.
    Somedays I wish you were in my life
    outside of this tiny screen.
    So I could brag about
    my talented artistic close friend.
    I wish there was a coffee shop
    we both went to,
    where we sit at the same table everyday.
    Not together, but I right after you leave
    and I find the tissues you left
    decorated with your words each day.
    One fine day I catch you as you leave,
    make a beeline to you,
    with that day's tissue in hand and go
    "Hey! I've been reading all of these.
    (shows the tissue)
    You write with such depth
    they are the wisest and most beautiful,
    I get lost in the imagery you create.
    Please never stop weaving these masterpieces.
    I'm a fan of your words!
    (Extends hand)
    I'm Gammy btw, and you?"

    (Instant spike of social anxiety, embarrassment and regret for not choosing better words or being coherent enough right after those words are out. SIGH.)

    Thank you @writersbay for this beautiful prompt!

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  • natasha_a 62w

    @_firefly Here's to you!
    I tried my best and I know it ain't enough.

    @/writersbay Thanks for this. She is one of the best humans here.

    /The words in brackett are by Farouq Jwaydeh/


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    'I love her.'

    She is a hope in abandoned house,
    zenith followed by solace. A refuge
    for both demons and madness with
    freckles of insanity that glow her face.

    She is warrior of the kingdom which
    stand on rues of eternity. An angel
    of history, painted in lavenders that
    grow out of her kingdom's felicity.

    Her brown orbs radiate warmth as if
    the sun is reflecting on honey creaking
    from pine. She is the melody of ocean,
    murmuring to the other side of moon.

    /And if devil was to ever see her, he'd
    kiss her eyes and repent/

    She is the classics of 1870s, the soft
    patters of winters. She is wind that
    gushes through the windows, a bird
    who chirps peace to your nerves.

    You say you love her, but do you?
    The way she does,
    as dusk kisses the stars to sleep and
    as prairies who sing for dawn to keep
    him accompany.


  • fairytales_ 62w

    Goddess of poetry

    She is autumn leaves
    changes hues of poetries
    from yellowish horizon
    to the blueish skies,
    she has weaved it all
    about love and tragedies,
    just like sunsets
    dipped in the ocean
    she dives deep into
    psychological thoughts

    Her poetries resemble
    ancient art and histories
    crouching in the rooftop terrace
    she whispers classic tales
    to the doors and windows,

    Her words speak volumes about
    unheard and unseen,
    she is a magician
    when it comes to
    persuading the readers

    September queen full of mysteries
    artistic soul full of passion and beauties

    If you ask me how to write poetry,
    I would recommend you to read, Aditi.

    She is an artist as well as a poetess
    her hands are a lucky charm
    she creates homemade photo frames
    hide myriad of unsent love letters
    somewhere inside the woods,
    she can make a teddy bear
    and inscribes about the
    entire wildlife,
    Away from the house of sinfulness
    she dwells in the realm of innocence
    She inhales metaphor, exhales craft
    drink tragedies, vomit poetries

    @laus_deo This is for you, Aditi.

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    7'02 pm


    September queen full of mysteries
    artistic soul full of passion and beauties

    ~~ Aditi/ Goddess of poetry

  • someone_you_know 62w

    @qalm_e_afrah @uba____

    Dear Afrah and Uba,
    Like every other teenage girls, I know you too have a lot of insecurities. I know life is always full of a lot of IFs and BUTs. Inspite of all the adversities that come your way, just always remember that YOU'RE THE BEST THE WAY YOU ARE. Some people might always find flaws in you and state that YOU ARE IMPERFECT.
    But it doesn't mean you will believe them and cry over it. Nahh no ways! You're way more strong to prove them wrong and stand for the right cause.
    Show them the power of an imperfect girl!

    Below is a lesson I always wanted every teenage girl to know...

    It's okay!

    It's OKAY to be happy
    It's OKAY to be sappy
    It's OKAY to be sad
    It's OKAY to get mad
    It's OKAY to be busy
    It's OKAY to be crazy
    It's OKAY to try
    It's OKAY to even cry
    It's OKAY to be betrayed
    It's OKAY to be hated
    It's OKAY to be messed
    It's OKAY to be cursed
    It's OKAY to forget the things that have gone
    It's also OKAY to move on
    And at times it's also OKAY
    Not to be actually OKAY

    Keep smiling beautiful girls.
    Your presence is always admired here on mirakee.
    And no matter if I'm here or not, remember that I love you both a lot. You both are a blessing to me❤

    P.S. cuz of some health issues I couldn't write something really good to read but this is all I could write.
    #weekendc @writersbay thanks a lot for the beautiful prompt.
    @fromwitchpen thanks for the help❤

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