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  • praachii 15w


    Last evening I was in the kitchen,
    Cutting an apple for evening nutrition.
    Suddenly due to the slip of knife,
    In the clock it was almost five,
    With a severe cut and bleeding I ran,
    To apply some meds and sit beside my fan.
    I cleaned and did the dressing of my wound,
    I was in pain and thought of noon,
    How merrily I was moving around.
    But now I have to suffer for this,
    A lot that I could've done will be missed.
    All because of my carelessness,
    Now it created such a mess.
    More the negligence, the more we suffer,
    More the carelessness, more we endure.
    In this situation where so many people are suffering,
    Be cautious with when and where you are going.
    Don't forget your sanitizer and mask,
    Be careful in every task.
    A little carelessness can lead many strives,
    It can cost so much pain and even lives.
    - Prachi Bera

  • virahela 24w


    You live only once
    Make it worth
    Keep the distance, maintain health
    Comply the rules and stay safe
    Your love one's counting on you
    And they care!

  • eccentric_kritik 24w

    शाखे़ं रहीं तो फूल भी पत्ते भी आएंगे
    ये दिन अगर बुरे हैं तो अच्छे भी आएंगे

  • shrajal 24w

    COVID 2.0

    सारे कायनात में एक क़ातिल ज़रा सी हवा हो गयी,
    वक़्त ने ऐसा सितम ढाया कि अब दूरियाँ ही दवा हो गयी।

  • soul_plucker 24w


    Somewhere in 2020, 2 Culprits speaking to each other:

    1st: Bro, topi pehnate pehnate bore ho gya!

    2nd: Le ab mask pehna!


  • harf__ 24w

    गर अभी से लोग बेमौत मरने लगेंगे
    तो कल आने वाले बेचारे क्या करेंगे।

    जबाने सिल रहीं है बाजुए कट रहीं
    अगर हुए भी लड़ने वाले कैसे लड़ेंगे।

    रोजनामों में छपने लगे है इश्तिहार
    जो खबरें पढ़ने वाले है क्या पढ़ेंगे।

    क्या कबीर अब खत्म होने वाले है
    ना कबीर कहें तो साधो क्या सुनेंगे।

    थकन होती है अब जब जब सोते है
    और कब तक ऐसे घरों में बंद रहेंगे।

    और तो कोई नहीं जायेगा साथ मेरे
    संभव हो तो क्या आप साथ चलेंगे।

    हर्फ कर्फ्यू का वक्त है अब कूच करो
    यूं ही जागने जगाने के गुनहगार बनेंगे।

  • yalangiqueeny 26w

    Wearing is the new caring, Wear a mask and spread your love !


  • lifeistooochota 26w

    Switch on tv and watch what is going outside because we are so busy in sharing memes of ipl or trending instagram reels we really don't know how covid is spreading ?

    We are sitting at home and posting everywhere "Stay at home" "Wear mask" are we staying or wearing mask ?

    Everyone knows everything still people are not taking it seriously

    Politicians are holding rally,
    Why people are going ?
    Are they getting money ? But not everyone are need of money(who don't need money?)but if you are alive then only you can spent the money ? What if you go in rally with/without mask and someone has symptoms of covid and what if the whole rally gets covid ? Will that money can cure you from covid ?(you might know or don't,they are no beds in hospitals)

    Kumbh mela people are going,
    What if you go to Kumbh mela and while returning you got covid and you died,whom your family gonna blame ? Will they case on God ?(like oh my god)

    People are marrying as if they won't marry they will die single forever !!
    What if one of the relative has little fever still he/she came to attend marriage so will he/she will give blessing to the married couple or people gonna say he/she RIP ?

    Many people say i stay at home,
    How can i get covid ?
    If someone comes in your house,does they come with a mask ?
    If someone comes in your house,does they wash hand legs or sanitize their hands ?
    A BIG NO

    You order from swiggy/zomato does you really know from whose door to door he goes and comes to you(what if the person has went to a covid house(what if he himself doesn't know about it (how can someone know what goes in house)?

    But still people order and says "Stay at home" "don't eat outside food" !!

    Stop blaming on eachother for this that,because somewhere we all are also part of this,if everyone wear mask,social distancing,if necessary going out than might be the situation will not be this what today it is

    Don't take it so easily
    Don't let it come to you/your family


  • selenophile30 26w

    Na ilaj h, na dawai h,
    Ye Ishq dekh tere takkar ki
    Bimari aayi h.!!


  • anil_123 55w

    "Uggghh!!! Life is so boring!!!
    एक दिन की छुट्टी भी नसीब में नहीं है!!"

    "Uggghh!!! Life is so boring!!!
    इस साल शायद काम पर जाना नसीब में नहीं है!!"

    6 months of coronavirus pandemic
    and nationwide lockdown changed us all...


  • _an_on_ 79w

    Corona seems to be
    a rumour
    that penetrate the vein and nerve
    and affect heart as well as brain.

    But hold...

    Don't go near the instigator
    or you'll get affected.
    Stay away, protect yourself,
    and confine yourself,
    as empty mind is devil's workshop.

    Want to avenge?

    But at first secure yourself, heal the wounds,
    reinvigorate the attenuated portion,
    make yourself equivalent so as to defeat the initiator.

    #coronavirus #wearmask #sanitized #stayhomesavelife

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  • abdulhadhi_official 80w

    Kisi Sey‍♂️Umeed Lagane Sey AchaHai
    Kay️ Insan Muh Pey Mask Aur
    Haath Pey SanitizerLaga Ley

  • anu_linen 82w

    The 189 countries and territories around the world are in panic due to the corona virus and people who recognise these symptoms please take help from the medical hospitals nearby those who provide helpline for the COVID 19 victims and those who have minor symptoms of this viruses can test there blood samples to get wheather the result is positive or negative and if anybody have this virus please don't hide it from others and don't spread it in public. Others who don't have any symptoms of the virus or the people don't have any contact with the victim can "stay home and stay safe".

    #autobiographical #covid19 #corona
    #perspectives #life #facts #stayhome
    #wearmask #washyourhands #staysafe

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    Its me COVID19

    I'm a savage virus spreading across the country and at first I don't have a name much recognised or I'm not popular as now. People recognise me as a deadly disease which has no cure. I was born in the city Wuhan, China, last year (2019) and from there my family started spreading across the 189 countries and territories around the world. There where lot of rumours, gossips & facts about me are trending in social media. There are also lot of fake news had its mark in media which made me a sensation in news and I got a new name called COVID 19 and it's the trending hashtag in social media, Can you believe it.. at first my name was CORONA which is pretty much good name then why the hell they change my name into something else like COVID 19, I hate this name because they are portraying me as a super villain. There are some rumours of how my family spread across the country like people say that we spread from the scientific research laboratory of China and the Chinese people created me for a bio-war and some others say that I'm spreading through the food habit of Chinese culture and the fact is I spread our empire through the human contacts across the country and we are already present in the nature, people didn't notice us because we are keeping a low profile life. After the huge spreading of our empire people recognise us as the COVID 19 and lots of trolls, memes also came making us look like a fool or comedy to the people. But our brand name "COVID 19" made a terrific impact in the public. Lot of people are frightened of our spreading and most funny thing happened in India is the motto "go corona go" I'm not a pet in there house to obey them. The Scientists also find my symptoms of spreading to human as cough, sneezing, fever, shortness of breath and the people who are contacted with me are considered as the victims. These people are isolated from outer world and kept into observation in hospitals. Lots of people died due to me I feel guilty and lots of others who are diagnosed and who are contacted with the victims are in a pathetic situation. I can't do anything about it, I know that some are innocent people but I'm helpless because I can't give you the idea for my own death but you can cure the victims by finding a new medicine other than distroing me permanently and you can take precautions for my mass spreading. People are considering me as a dark curse which engulfed the world with its 100 year timeline disease. There are also lot of safety measures and imposing rules are taken in countries by there government to avoid my spreading. I accept that because of me 14,437 died and the active cases are 220,065. Do you think I'm more powerful than you? And my answer is I don't think I'm more powerful than you because I have less life compared to humans "till they find a medicine I can survive with my full strength" that will be considered as my end but I will not exit from the world fully I may present as a invisible force helping you in other things. Because of me people are self quarantine from there busy world and they also get a free vacation in home. At first it looks like a play to me that people where wearing weird masks and using hand sanitizers or hand washes to protect themselves from me. Of course, I am a deadly virus transmitting from one person to another what can I do? It's my nature. Seeing your unity sometimes I also scared a little bit. As a super villain in your life I'm doing a small hero role by praying that you (humans) may win the battle between me. Thanks for publishing my name as a huge sensation it made me feel like a star and my favourite movie stars are saying my name as their own enemies who have a heavy grudge towards me and saying the mottos to save others from me is quite surprising for me. And sorry for all the inconvenience I have made and seeing your situations touched my heart. I wholeheartedly pray that you will overcome me because I am just a virus and you're humans who will survive with your knowledge and technology you will find a medicine which marks my death and I'm pretty sure about that fact and I'm ready to face it as fearless as you. My time is ticking and as my last wish before my death is becoming the most devastating pandemics in human history and I only covered the first and second milestone of it and I know that I can't complete it fully because humans are more powerful than me now and they are ready to attack me with there all strength and unity.


  • disasterwriter 82w


    They never stop judging
    Till now it was for your
    Disorders, Disabilities,
    Capabilities and fears
    From now on its for the
    Type of mask you wear