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  • moonstar_ 17h

    I love you now,
    I loved you then,
    I will love you forever in time,
    Its so magical and its pure,
    There is no pretend.


    #you #we #us #forever #love #feeling #always

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  • pnnnkssnishu 3d

    Let your unsaid words flow down on the sheets
    Let me hear your shining eyes and see your heartbeats
    Baby, the world has never been a good place
    Let's just make ours best for you and me?


  • babershaik 5d

    Nature and we

    The world's most precious and beautiful
    thing is nature that is being destroyed by
    it's inhabitants only, without realising the
    consequences that if we mess it up than
    we all are putting our lives in danger.
    Keep the environment clean.


  • urmisha_maity 1w

    You and I, we're frame and picture
    Lonely till we come together


  • pranalishah 1w

    - ‘Know it All’ -

    As we proclaim to have an understanding of everything...
    So it must be true... that don’t we ‘know it all’?


  • _auctor_words 1w

    "मुट्ठी भर"

    जरा इंतजार करते हैं.
    बचे हुए जो पल हैं वो भी तेरे नाम करते.
    थोड़ी देर बैठ खुद से भी बात करते हैं.
    जो खो गया हैं, जरा उसे भी याद करते है.
    पल में बिगड़ा पल खोया रिश्ता बनाते हैं.
    जिनसे शिकायत है, जरा उनसे भी दिल लगाते हैं.
    खोते जा रहा हैं जो, उसे साथ बिठा कर रखते हैं.
    मुट्ठी भर तो जिंदगी हैं, जरा मुस्कुरा कर जीते हैं।।


  • shivangij 1w

    Cellphone dependency

    The creation of how our cellphone
    Which was once used for communicating now, becomes a everyday part of our lives

    Once, I neglected it as it was only for calling someone
    Which is to keep me entertained now,
    I am getting used to it more then people sometimes

    I don't know how we become
    Too dependent on this peace of device now,
    One day without it, we feel like something is missing always.

  • shamein555 2w

    #We all need somebody to lean on

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    I searched for the meaning of beauty
    I pursued far and wide and finally found it in the nature around me
    So beautiful and yet so fragile
    I searched for light so bright
    And found it in the stars that twinkled in the twilight
    I found beauty and light to keep me going but lacked on thing
    I knew I had to search for strength
    I searched as far as the horizon and as deep as the ocean
    I came up empty
    My eyes rested on you one day
    All my searching ended and I was mesmerized with my discoveries
    In your eyes I saw the stars twinkling
    In your heart I saw pure beauty
    Deep within you I saw strength
    Behind all the strife and chaos ‘round you, your smile remained fixed
    ‘round you fire raged but your laugh masked the pain
    No words left your lips, no sound was heard
    I was drowning but I looked to where you stood
    You stretched your arms out with a smile and took my hand
    For a split second I was pain but all was replaced by a twinkle
    You smiled and whispered “I’m okay”
    I looked at you once again and found strength
    You might say otherwise but I know what I see
    Alas my search ended as I found all I needed

  • poetibrah 2w

    #we can make the world a better place

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  • poetik 2w

    #feeling of hope#we will surpass the storm

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    I had a dream
    The stars were countable
    The sun rose and shone indefinitely
    Leaders dined with citizens
    In darkness our shadows glowed
    Tears marked happiness
    I saw the light through shut eyes
    Endless was the birds' melody
    In that moment I realized
    We would surpass the storm
    Normal would engrave our lives once more
    This was a season
    Seasons are meant to pass
    This encounters
    Would be a blurred memory

  • garima2612 3w

    #we will meet soon

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    Chit chat with fun

    Hey guys, this is garima, and today is really a big day, because
    This is my first day in miraquill, I'm so happy
    So today we will going to have some fun, at 6:00 let's chat in comment box, it will really being having fun, let's join na plzzz,
    The people's who has gave me likes and support me on first day, thank you so much huh, please follow me na,
    Ok,, who wants to join at 6:00 say yes in comment box who don't want to with the reason of being busy so no problem, itsok then.. I am waiting for the 'yes' reply

  • aachiram 3w

    Hey Love!!
    Let's sit someday on the roof,
    With cool breezes that comfort you,
    And we're gonna talk about,
    How small the humans are,
    How vast this cosmos is,
    How my imaginations are beyond humans,
    And how it makes me and my love alive.....

    #cosmos #love #cosmos_love
    #him #us #nights #dark #love
    #together #reality #physics #humans
    #universe #stars #galaxies #space #we

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    Let's sit on the roof
    2 am in the night,
    And I'm gonna tell you
    how small we are in front of this vast cosmos,
    And how our imaginations can go even beyond that.


  • poetibrah 3w

    #we all grew up...

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  • aachiram 3w

    . . W I wonder like how we look together,
    When stand so close to each other.

    E My favourite place lies there,
    When you come a bit closer.

    T I feel the power,
    A shell that protects me.

    O I breath for the moment,
    When wrap your arms around me.

    G You, the wiser one,
    Stronger one,

    E I wanna make you,
    My only one.

    T I see the past,Face of yours
    Making vibes, years ago.

    H I feel like we are same

    E And I wonder,
    How we look together.....

    R. ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

    I visited that place again after so long,
    And I saw us walking towards me,
    Those shadows were soo real to feel,
    And memories were soo sour to reminisce..

    But we looked different together(≧▽≦)

    So how you feel ,love?
    When we are together..?

    #together #memories #walk
    #we #us #him #she #love
    #talks #aura #protect #dreams
    #illusion #dreams #throwback

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    We together


  • ummi18 4w


    Let your idea of perfection,
    Not make you blind to the pain of others.

  • ninapens 4w

    Happy poetry day to all those amazing poets out there...!❤
    #SHE #poetry #we #quotes

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    She is calm and elegant you see
    The words which crawled and settled
    Like those invisible dusts of the breeze,
    The antique books now speckled.

    The insignia; a girl, now a woman.
    With all her fervours unavowed
    Now reckoned with a precision
    Rose up from above the clouds.

    The whispers of the street
    Trampled over with words
    Which was dead on one's feet.
    Now naked and made herself heard.

    She had words, voice and purpose
    Once concealed; now unveiled.

  • _writeria__ 4w

    What if I tell you that the big bang happened when universe announced that two of us will stick together?

    Will you still love me?

  • prasannakkumar 4w


    Title : #WE

    When storms of life arise
    With waves rising high,
    When problems we face
    On the turbulent sea,
    We need to be strong and wise
    United strength apply
    To conquer by Grace
    The turbulent sea.

    A ship tossed back and forth
    Needs to lower an anchor;
    A vacillating heart
    As a lifeboat can't be offered.
    The heart seat of love and affection
    Through introspection
    Needs a hold - needs care
    Else it'll end up in a nightmare

    ... on a turbulent sea.

    Neither 'you' nor 'me':
    Say 'we'
    I am you - you are me
    Together - we
    Shall conquer the rough sea.

    Come join this turbulent sea,
    a heart needs the heart to cross
    the rough sea,
    Let's hold our hands and
    join thee
    We, together measure
    the abyss of thine - vitality

    When storms of life arise
    with waves rising high,
    Never shall perturb - we,
    with latent courage
    we lap forth facing
    the ferocious waves with a glee,

    Neither "you " nor " me"
    Together - "we"
    Shall conquer the turbulent sea
    of destiny.

    ©Johanna Devadayavu
    ©Prasanna Kkumar

    Image source : google

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  • ninapens 4w

    The opressed voices, the lost songs,
    The silent burns and the rightful wrongs.

    #poem #poetry #quotes #she #we #he #dark
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    The hushed Nightingale

    A nightingale once set out to the land of unknown,
    To have the adventures wrapped in its soul,
    With a beguiling voice to sing alone
    About the great titans and the trolls.

    "Hush", said the goddess Gaea or you will be gone,
    For you must shun your words to the dark dungeons,
    That is where you lay your voice and mourn;
    To see the light when the sun comes.

    Beware here: as, the trespassers are prosecuted.
    The land of unknown is not yours to know
    Not of yours; for you to be embraced.
    Hence tie your tongue and let go.

    The hushed Nightingale; lost its voice,
    And finally it had to make its choice.

  • khumkhuma_kom 2d


    We cry over small things but deal with a severe one,
    We don't care about the important one but we focus on unnecessary,
    We don't remember someone who love us but we see someone who hate us,
    We give to someone who had but ignore someone who really need,
    We want people to treat us well but we never do
    good to people,
    We hope for the best but we are to worse to get it,
    We want to be loved but we never give our love..

    We see We want, We love We hate, We happy We cry, We sing We dance, We give We take, We lost We see, We sleep We sex, We eat We drink,and we do what we want. But what about tomorrow ??

    Tell me what you'll be tomorrow ?
    We couldn't and this is what life is all about. . .


    #we #love #khumkhuma #death #life

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    Sometimes we see what we're not mean to