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  • petrichorune 8w

    एक सूखे से दामन में,
    धधक रहा एक झील का दिल है,
    रक्स करता अंधेरे-उजाले में,
    अपनी ही धुन में,
    किसी मचलती बरसात का इंतजार करते,
    एक राह की खोज में,
    गेहरी किसी खायी को.... आफरीन अबशार बनाने को अंगडा़इयां भरता है....
    एक बाघ की दहाड़ में उमड़ने का दिल करता है।


  • anveet 13w


    कई रास्तों से होकर गुजरा
    पर सही मंज़िल का पता तब चला
    जब सड़क छोड़कर पानी का हाथ थामा

  • anveet 13w


    रास्ता छोड़ पानी के बहाव को पकड़
    मुश्किलें आए तो समझ जाना
    खूबसूरत नजारा उसी दिशा में होगा

  • toreyz 21w

    Waterfalls, Oh dear Waterfall!!

    Waterfalls, Oh dear Waterfall,
    You swirl your water to meet your lover.
    You are so awe-inspiring,
    water gushing from your cliff to fall to the lap of your lover to be serene again.
    Will l learn to love like you?

    A foggy atmosphere of not knowing what is next,
    Will, you fall on the ground or rock,
    Still, you make an unflinching jump into the unknown,
    Knowing there is no looking back hereafter.
    Will I learn to fall like you?

    You're never failing love,
    To reveal the power to keep the heart flowing with love.
    Creating a rainbow with different colors, dark and light.
    Will I learn to bring color to the life of my love?

    Like you are telling your own story of your eternal life by creating a beautiful landscape of life.
    Will you teach me to love unconditionally?

    Oh dear, waterfalls, will you teach me love so that I can quench the thirst of my lover endlessly.

    As budding in you are new hopes and anticipation, the only persistent thing is the tenderness and devotion of a never-failing faith in your lover.
    Ground me to fearlessly face my provocations, to be with my lover ceaselessly.

    Oh! Nurturing Waterfall, teach me to nurture love.

  • sonu99 21w


    Let's fall like a waterfall wild and free and find our own path to chase our dreams and the hurdles on the way will make us more powerful and vigorous.

  • msnunu88 27w


    Thunder roared rapidly powering a sweet cascade melting me into a pool of cunt juice


  • _who_am_i 31w

    What hurts the most
    Is people can go
    From people you know
    To people you don't

    #me #tears #waterfall #life #goodbye

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    A couple of waterfalls side by side
    On my face they will forever reside
    Giving rise to numerous rivers
    Flowing down my cheeks, my nose quivers.

    Oh my wet lashes, my skin burns
    I see people wherever I turn
    But no one gives two fucks about the water
    No one ever even bothers
    To notice my glistening cheeks
    To notice my struggle for the peace I seek.

    My long hair framing my face
    It's not for fashion, it's to complete the charade
    It's so that you won't be able to see my pain
    Its so that you won't be able to see my soul slain.

    And in the end no one cares
    In The end I wipe my own tears
    I say, I've learnt my lesson, I won't cry
    I say, I've learnt to say goodbye
    In the end, I again lie.


  • monali03 33w

    Soul rehearsed.
    My summer,
    Is taking you to,
    All the ocean-dreams.

    Little chirps,
    Of spring.

    Gurgling waterbells,
    Driving us,
    To the end of the times.
    One dusk,
    Of one beautiful sunset.
    One such day,
    When the sun shone,
    With a whole new light.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakeeworld

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    Be my cup of,

  • thelovejedi 37w

    • Hidden Secrets •

    I am a river whose surface might seem calm,
    But viciously swirling in beneath;
    A river who’s sound can heal others,
    But can never heal itself.

    I am a river that bursts into a waterfall,
    But can again flow nicely,
    With no bubbles at all;
    A river you can touch and feel its serenity,
    But if you step deeper.

    You’ll feel the roughness inside of me.
    I am a river that I created myself,
    From each drop that fell
    From my eyes that I always secretly hide.

  • zealous_xpression 38w

    expression of water

    my affection is a lot like a fountain
    gushing proudly to a peak
    and falling uncontrollably.
    it sometimes seems to disappear
    but it is merely recycled and
    waits eagerly to express itself

    a fountain is much like my affection
    it is complex, has many layers
    and often has vast happenings behind the scenes.
    but it is beautiful
    there's just something so majestic in the water's controllable freedom.

    love has its own DNA.
    there are remnants of it on fountain floors but it has a different way of embracing itself.
    much like a waterfall - hard to find for those who search for it diligently but unmasks itself to the lost wanderer.

    it is powerful.
    able to keep dreams afloat and passions buoyant.
    able to give light to a darkened civilization
    and yet it is clumsy.
    it sometimes drops those so sure of its safety.

    as if time itself has been gripped by the neck, its speed decreases.
    you look around and it seems like you have been given a new sparkle.
    one that you have longed for like a breath beyond a mask.
    you see glimpses of rainbows
    filterless reflections
    and caves full of discoveries

    you are still falling.
    you are still enjoying it.


  • artless_mind 45w

    Bliss and bane

    Wandering through woods,
    I heard someone calling
    I searched for that blissful voice and
    Come across a linn.
    That cascade invites me to his empire
    And welcomed me with sparkles
    Those drips
    That drenches my soul
    That voice which cleanses my sin.
    Lost in that love,
    He asked me
    “ Why do you try to kill us ?
    We have always quenched your thirst
    We have always make survive
    Yet you always cage us in dams and set borders for our freedom?”

  • faridkhan 45w

    पानी का झरना

    जब भी देखता हूं इस पानी के झरने को
    तो सोचता हूं क्या उसका नसीब भी है मेरे तरह
    जो बड़ी दूर से निकलता है ऐक उम्मीद के साथ
    मिलेगा कोई हमसफ़र उसको जो रहे उसके साथ
    उस उमीद के खातिर भागता रहता है
    अपने किस्मत को यूहीं झूटलाता रहता है
    लेकिन उसकी किस्मत भी निकली मेरे तरह
    जो दिखने में बाहर से खूबसूरत लगे
    पर अंदर से बहुत उदास और अकेला।

  • moon_child01 45w

    My(stic) Manifest

    Wanderer I am, restless.
    A silent wood is full of soulful sequences.
    Banished myself from the urban life.
    The spectre is seeking for her soul's sound.

    Intuition feels that stillness
    I'm inhaling all of these.
    PEACEFUL! Mind remarks.
    The misty cold breeze heals.
    The dawn, the bright new sun rays
    Amidst the fog; no dealing with vengeance.
    DIVINE! I hear sudden burbles,
    And finds the nature's white music of ripples.

    The heaven comes to me,
    As a celestial being.
    The spectrum reflects, the water
    Bubbles over rocks and brunches.

    The tiny and hurrying ripples,
    Only glides and trickles,
    The bubbles, the blowing winds on water,
    The waterfall is wearing it's day's garment.
    The greenary is so mesmerising,
    The water's continuous pourin';
    I can't hold myself, take a deep breath,
    Take my bag pack of, and come closer!

    The cold water makes me fresh,
    I stand bottom and look up!
    The SPLASH!
    I'm rejuvenated!

    Today I'll play with water
    I'm feeling happy from inside.
    My stresses are bewildered.
    This graceful Majesty's earth's heaven!
    I've never seen such an alluring essence.
    The pleasant beauty delights me;
    The fall's song is the glee of finding me.
    And suddenly the rainbow appears!

    #creativearena #mirakee #writersnetwork #waterfall
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    My(stic) Manifest


  • suthanrag 45w


    Crystal clear, pure and cold,
    Yet not costly, you nature's gold.
    Flexible you are to bend and fold,
    Scarcely scary to fall blindfold.
    Rocks and pillars you flow through,
    They shimmer in a silver hue.
    The ornamentation is not all through
    For summer lets you rest for few.

  • js_jay 45w


    Hello Everyone
    In the middle of summer, while I was travelling to Darjeeling from Jalpaiguri I heard the sound of a waterfall near the bridge
    I stepped down from bus and went to the bridge I saw there is a waterfall It looks so beautiful that caught my eyes.
    I took sometime to observe the beauty of nature
    Flow of water is so fast but in that flow also I can simply feel the water flowing in my head. Water was so chilled and clean that anyone can see what's inside it was mid summer rays of sun was falling on the waterfall sometimes water looks so shiny and wonderful.
    There was lot of noise but when I closed my eyes that noise turned into melody which I simply couldn't resist to listen.
    It's pure and beautiful, like mother nature wants me to enjoy the beauty to feel the love,
    I saw beautiful birds chirping flying high above the waterfall.
    It was so calm and lovely
    I was ready to take bath but the weather was too cold so I just drop the idea.
    I went towards the waterfall
    I simply switched off my phone so that no one will disturb me, simply closed my eyes and sat near the rock
    I felt the sound of water coming from the waterfall finally reached my heart
    This kind of feeling gave me chill I was so excited and completely lost that I simply couldn't resist to enjoy the moment
    I don't want to leave that place and never thought it gets dark soon
    I was so lost that I completely forget that I have to go somewhere after sometime someone came and woke me up that it's not safe to stay here
    After sometime he dropped me near the hotel I finished my dinner and slept so that I can wake up early in the morning.
    This is my experience
    I hope you like it.
    Thank you.


  • serraty 45w

    Water Falls

    I wish that I could see the peaceful tranquility that must lie within you.
    Sadly, I can't.
    I can only see your end, over and over again.
    As your waves crest over the ledge and die upon the rocks at the bottom.
    Did it hurt?
    The first time, I rather.
    Because to see you fall again and again, do I rejoice?
    That I have found life where you have found no peace.
    That your sacrifice is what nourishes me.
    No, this is no waterfall, no haven, no oasis.
    This, this is the slow suicide of mother nature's favorite daughters.
    The dramatic escapades of sprites made of water.
    Enticing us as they dive in, roaring their woes into the mist we frolick in.
    This, to some is peace, magical even.
    And maybe it is.
    Maybe our sisters have found their way into the arms of mother again.
    So, I'll sit at the foot of their final resting place
    Respectfully watching them return to the mother's embrace.
    Sunrise to sunset, as long as it takes for this waterfall to find it's tranquil end.


  • mrnothing 45w

    Down the water falls

    I wandered wide
    And wondered high
    When past the small stoned sands
    I passed through eery smirking lands,
    Thriving on nothing but the harsh,
    Thriving within their loveless marsh.
    You must feel me when I vow
    To you, that the most splendid bowed
    To me, in the moment I gasped
    At a waterfall... I could not grasp,
    Where it had come from.

    But enamored by the bliss
    Offered by this flowing giant's kiss
    Had I not bowed in awe,
    The moment I came and saw
    The splendour of it all?
    Rueful I sat.

    Believe me when I say,
    Water always falls,
    falls and drifts away.

  • bluemoonlight44 45w

    I always imagined you standing with me next to the waterfall watching rainbows escape the universe to put on a magic show for us


  • pranalishah 45w

    - Waterfall -

    The beauty of waterfall is by the force it runs,
    Bridging the gaps and breaks of nature,
    Chilling the breeze that ventilates around,
    Calming souls drenching alone...


  • andressultan 45w


    Like a researcher,
    Like a discoverer,
    Who got to find a waterfall,
    Which is centrally located,
    In a thick undiscovered jungle,
    Baby I feel myself.

    The soothing sound of this waterfall over rocks,
    Draws my mind back the days I used to hear your sound,
    Declaring your love to me.

    Squinting my eyes as these drops of water miss my face as they fall,
    Draws a sense of melancholy deep down in my heart,
    And feel the pain that you brought in my life.

    Having all these memories I declare,
    I did enter the dangerous and not undiscovered jungle,
    If love is just like a waterfall,
    I would rather be the trees to keep witnessing what happens,
    Instead of being the rocks,
    Waiting for a heavy hit from the falling water.

    But as long as I don't feel to stop my eyes from watching this waterfall,
    I also don't know how can I stop my heart from loving you,
    So...wherever you are...you have to know,
    Inspite of all what you did to me...I have an endless love to you sweetie.