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  • pensouls_eden 4d

    बहोत उलझने हैं इस दिन में भी,
    उस दिन की तरह।

    किसी कोशिश से ना ये वक्त बदल पा रहा हूं।

    सोच रहा हूं,
    दिन ही बदल दूं उस दिन की तरह।

    pallavi nigam

  • ____om 5d

    Paani sa

    Paani sa rha hu jindagibhar
    Har kisike rang sa banta aaya hu main
    Itna rang chuka hu har ek ke rang me
    Ki ab pura ganda ho chuka hu main

    Jis bartan me rkha mujhe
    Koi shikayat bina raha hu waha
    Dhal dhal kar ab itna thak gya hu
    Ki khud ki rooh se boond boond toot chuka hu main

    Kabhi kisiki pyaas kabhi kisiki khwahishe
    Khud ka wajud chhodkar sab nibhata aaya hu main
    Itna bahta aaya hu har jagah se
    Aakhri waqt me bs baaf bankar ude ja rha hu main

    Hamesha har jagah har ghadi
    Khud ko berang mankar
    Sabke liye unke rang me rangkar
    Bas pani bankar reh chuka hu main
    Khud ki gehrai me kho chuka hu main

    Paani sa saaf rha hu jindagibhar
    Ab har katre me ganda ho chuka hu main


  • b1esshim 1w

    Just a quick little story that I wrote. I didn’t want it to be super negative, but one with very descriptive language. Picture credits go to Mirakee. #pod #water #ripple #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee #mirakee

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    The bubbles slowly caressed my face
    The wind made my arms fill with goosebumps
    I had never liked swimming
    It seemed like a normal day
    But my life forever changed

    I jumped out of the pool, ripping my goggles off
    I crept slowly along the edge
    A timid whisper caught my ear
    “Come! Come! Come with me!”

    Splashing into the pool
    My vision clouding without my goggles
    I grabbed them quickly and took a warning glance
    Someone was being dragged away
    Someone who was supposed to be me

  • leo4teres7 1w


    Ocean has always fascinated me
    At times scared me too

    What lies beneath it
    The deep dark secrets
    Invisible to all
    Yet calm, clear
    and serene
    At surface

    Moulding itself
    Into other's desires
    Yet never deviating
    From its true intent


  • fireflynarratives 1w

    Relations, other things as such.

    It's like trying to hold water with your hands,
    So carefully, so as to not allow even a single drop drip away.
    Little did you realise that, the more you try to clutch it,
    The faster it escapes, through the tiniest gap possible.
    You may wonder, why does the water not stay, despite your efforts.
    Only if you could realise, it's not the water, it's you that's holding on to the wrong things.
    May be that's why you feel so light,
    Once you let go off the things, you can't hold onto.


  • moonyblues 1w


    The chemical reaction might cause a bit of a disaster 

    Because I've long fractured the fraction that was the heart that I left with 

    On this planet its 8 ways of backward, and every harmony you hear is a little bit killer, call it squidward 

    With another sea creature joke but I ain't kraken it like billiards 

    I'm a fluke of sheer genius, full prodigy 100% accident 

    A hundred and one percent accurate with facts and shit 

    Another 1 hundred percent bad as shit

    Sad as shit, a hundred five percent blasphemous and radical

    But I come from the stars too so its a hundred percent natural 


  • napster_47 1w

    Young and Clean

    I am water
    Flowing form the glacier
    Young , young and clean
    Going with the flow
    Going down the stream
    Exploring new places
    Acquiring new things
    Some good some bad
    Few things polluting me
    I am water
    Flowing down the stream
    Stop me
    Stop me
    Before i meet the sea

  • sai_krishna_9 2w

    20 days after I ended 'being 20' & progressed another level, I still can't stop being 20! Feels good to be back, though I've been having this particular one in my mind since last year. Relieved to finally pitch it here.

    #The20Poem #20 #Twenty #TwentyPlenty #20Plenty #Poem #2020 #March11 #2000 #Path #Mind #Body #Soul #Road #Mountain #Water #Home #CalvinKris #Comeback #SK9

    Writer's Note: If you find it hard to keep up with the pace of the piece, read it as if you're on a driving trip & you're looking out of your window. It helps, trust me ;)

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    The 20 Poem - Twenty...Plenty!

    Just like that, another journey began
    And lies ahead of me a clear road
    There comes a rush of blood again
    Faster, slower, have I decided on the right 'road'?

    I'm Twenty and I have to see a lot...Plenty!

    I keep looking ahead with the curiosity of the youth
    To spot a huge hill, cliff, valley or a mountain
    Then strikes a inner moment of truth
    Is my thinking itself a manifested thoughts' 'mountain'?

    I'm Twenty and I have to see a lot...Plenty!

    I wait and wait patiently until I reach the very shore
    For a dive into a lake, river, ocean or sea water
    Where to explode, explore & exploit this wild roar
    Would it work if I did it under my own vessel of 'water'?

    I'm Twenty and I have to see a lot...Plenty!

    Every journey has to come to an end
    Every traveller has to go home
    When I'll need to stop someday and apprehend
    Lying in the laps of what I call my 'home'?

    I'm Twenty and I have to see a lot...Plenty!

    - Calvin Kris

  • thegaia 3w


    WATER is not a resource to consume,
    It’s a source to consume in a certain volume.
    WATER is a source of creation, not a resource of destruction.
    WATER has lost its source of basis and all we talk is to outsource of its crisis.
    WATER was an element of existence and now all we do is argument on its verge of extinction.
    WATER is a lifeline of our ecosystem. Don’t create a deadline coz of our ego system.
    And now the time has come, to embrace and nourish our water bodies because “NO WATER, NO MATTER”

  • kikilove 3w

    Dinner time

    Set the table
    Lay the utensils
    Fill the glasses
    With liters of water
    And don't forget to say your prayer

  • biswajitdev 3w

    // Water of past passes away
    Bridge of love stands by
    Hold my hand to venture
    across bridge of love towards future //

    Dear voyagers of the Universe,
    Drop a ❤ if you feel so within the verse.
    Feel free to convey your suggestions, they're precious to me. #bridgec
    ** Nature has created a serene serendipity, seems like a chimerical dream
    Lighting up the valleys, winsome wildflowers gleam.
    Bedecked with snowdrops glistening by winter sun, splendour of bridge to behold
    Eternal rendezvous of two souls born apart, ecstatic romance yet to unfold.

    Bridge entwines two souls with knot of faith by bridging voids in between
    Ready for venture towards future above raging river of past reflecting myriads of memories scream.
    Building bridge of love so strong that no incoming avalanche can break
    Blessed to be bonded with vow of love that no calamity can shake.

    // Water of past passes away
    Bridge of love stands by
    Hold my hand to venture
    across bridge of love towards future // **

    * GLOSSARY :-
    Serene - Peaceful, Serendipity - Unexpected blessings or good luck, Chimerical - Unreal & Unlikely to happen, Winsome - Attractive, Gleam - Shine bright, Bedecked - Decorated, Glisten - Shine, Splendour - Beauty or Magnificent, Behold - See which is remarkable, Eternal - Immortal, Rendezvous - Meeting place, Ecstatic - Joyful, Unfold - Open out, Entwine - Twist together, Bridging - Connecting, Void - Empty space, Venture - Riskful Journey, Raging - Violent, Myriads - Many, Scream - Loud cry, Avalanche - Flood, Vow - Solemn Promise, Calamity - Disaster *

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay @writerstolli

    #BridgeOfLove #Bridge #Nature #Serene #Serendipity #Chimerical #Dream #Winsome #Wildflower #Snowdrop #Sun #Splendour #Behold #Eternal #Rendezvous #Soul #Ecstatic #Knot #Romance #Faith #Void #Venture #Future #Past #River #Myriads #Memory #Scream #Avalanche #Calamity #Born #Bond #Water #aquac #Eternityc #Dreamsc #pod #mirakee #wod #writersnetwork #writerstolli #holdhandc #writersbay #ceesreposts #Alliteration

    Background Image credit to the rightful owner

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  • rahul_govindan 4w

    No routine, boring auto story this time ��
    But a narrative of what I saw today (a reminder for us)

    Students were waiting for the bus to arrive,
    Under the dazzling sun - a few chatting and a few all alone,
    Their eyes looking all along the end of the road,
    In search of the non arrived bus...

    I picked an auto (I assure you, it's not an auto story ��)
    And many more exhausted souls decided to go by auto...

    It was then I saw a student, an old mate of mine,
    Standing behind a hand cart, left unattended, a few metres
    Away from the bus stop...

    "Why are you standing here!?", I asked
    "It's too hot over there(bus stop) and just making myself
    Stand under the shade of this cart.."

    I gazed at the surrounding, and all I could see was shops,
    And shops and shops, alongside a barren tree...

    I mean it - It's a reminder for us ��

    - G Rahul.

    #trees #school #world #earth #save #future #friend
    #water #land #meme #society #youngster #writersnetwork #poem

    @theboywiththespecs @theuntold8 @a_novice_speaks @davetrotter

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  • fantasyforlife20 4w

    Had a little help with this one :)

    #wod #consonance #water #slish

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    Advantage of Water

    Slish Slosh
    goes the watery way of a slushy summertime’s ice cold water
    a little light in the glass;
    floating like a mystery
    a much needed glass on a hot afternoon
    to cool down a beating heart
    it slides down the neck
    gives refreshments everywhere
    and cools in the pits of your tummy
    Slish Slosh
    goes its watery way

  • shaundele 4w

    If water didn't exist
    We would simply be made of stardust
    Drinking in moonlight
    Showering in the sun's rays
    Gloriously golden
    Luminously lovely


  • jainmary_ 4w


    Be a pluviophile who dances in the rain,
    Be a splattered rain drop
    which still reflects the rainbow colors.
    Show the audacity of a cloud,
    Which let go of everything,
    It had hold on for so long.
    Be a raindrop which,
    Soothes the bruises of a tired soul
    Rain love and kindness
    On a barren heart.
    Be the water to a seed
    Which had long forgotten to germinate.
    Encapsulate the beauty of rain in you,
    And you will be the rain,
    Everyone will crave for,
    On a hot summer's day.

  • rajvis 4w

    You can be whatever you want
    and you can change as per you're
    #water #bewhoyouwantto

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  • sherunlocked 4w

    #water #poetry
    Here secrets symbolises dissolved oxygen
    and demons symbolises water creatures

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    You're like water
    and I'm a scuba diver

    You are a universal beauty
    and I'm just a explorar

    I can visit you
    but can't live with you
    because you have secrets
    that you don't tell me

    You also have some demons inside
    They don't like me
    But I like and admire them
    Because they're your parts
    Because everyone has some demon
    Because no one is perfect


  • khwahishaan 4w

    Happy World Water Day

    एक समय था जब हर जगह कुएं, तालाब, नहर और नदियां दिखाई देती थीं, लेकिन अब पानी का स्तर धीरे-धीरे कम होता जा रहा है, जिससे दुनियाभर में जल संकट गहराता जा रहा है। दुनियाभर के लोगों को पानी के महत्व को समझाने और स्वच्छ पानी उपलब्ध कराने के उद्देश्य से हर साल 22 मार्च को विश्व जल दिवस (World Water Day) मनाया जाता है। 

    नहीं व्यर्थ बहाओ पानी |

    सदा हमें समझाए नानी,
    नहीं व्यर्थ बहाओ पानी ।
    हुआ समाप्त अगर धरा से,
    मिट जायेगी ये ज़िंदगानी ।

    नहीं उगेगा दाना-दुनका,
    हो जायेंगे खेत वीरान ।
    उपजाऊ जो लगती धरती,
    बन जायेगी रेगिस्तान ।

    हरी-भरी जहाँ होती धरती,
    वहीं आते बादल उपकारी ।
    खूब गरजते, खूब चमकते,
    और करते वर्षा भारी ।

    हरा-भरा रखो इस जग को,
    वृक्ष तुम खूब लगाओ ।
    पानी है अनमोल रत्न,
    तुम एक-एक बूँद बचाओ ।
    ©श्याम सुन्दर अग्रवाल

    #worldwaterday2021 #water #life #time #shayari #gazal #poems #hindi #urdu #urdupoetry #shayari #ghazal #writersofinstagram #rekhta #mirakee #yourquote #mushaira #khwahishaan #khwahishaanfoundation

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  • godchild 4w

    Save water
    Save life

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    Life without water
    Is much worse than
    Life without love ...


  • kauthar 4w

    Point of view of water...
    Pic from google

    @writersbay #aquac #water

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    I got one name...
    Water is my birth name
    But humans gave me more name...
    Aqua, h2O, liquid and many more name

    I got no color...
    But I brighten your summer
    You go hugging the sun in yellow color...
    But I got you cover

    I got no shape...
    But I get you in shape
    Some say I got shape...
    But that's only when am freezed to death