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  • shabd_sangrah 1d

    ये टूटे सूखे पेड को देखो
    कल इसने ही सबको छांव और फल दिए थे


  • jpwriter 1d

    Stone in water

    Realize I am here to only help you
    A stone in the water, to help you step through
    Time is all we have, maybe less too
    Just so you know you are perfect and God blessed you
    In troubled terrain throughout this jungle
    We are to love one another and help with the fumble
    Putting that ego away and learn to be humble
    And just let things be, like it was bumble
    I know this life has so much gray area
    It will only brings worse making our land hysteria 
    And on this path when you have fallen I will carry ya
    To the promise land where the more the merrier 


  • ririma 4d

    Silent waters

    Beautiful and blue,
    All the waters.
    Tranquil and silent,
    All the rains.
    Deep and mysterious,
    All underground.
    Calming and peaceful,
    All the tears.
    Absorbing and oozing.
    Sloping and splashing.
    Heals within.
    Every water, all the same.

  • cleopatra_verse 1w


    On my worst days,
    I pour a little water
    In my favorite cup,
    Swirl all my problems into it,
    And knock it back like a pro.

    Some days I pretend it's vodka,
    Some days it's the blood of Jesus
    Either way, for me,
    This washing is salvation.

  • dimic007 2w


    It's been half decade, i am blocked.
    Still i find a way to stalk.
    I know i cant talk.
    But still i can stalk.

    I know i have been erased from the menories.
    But your memories will stay on forever.

  • ghost_writter__ 3w

    Water & Pebble

    Time is like water, keep on flowing through the filter.
    Memories are like those small pebbles which are left behind.
    Those memories we once made together
    It's stuck in there...


  • seraiah_smiles 5w

    I sail ahead to uncertain seas. My captain, the one that drives me, he uses his only map to navigate all throughout this journey. Sometimes, the weather is as kind as a clear, refreshing bottle of water. Other times, a gentle breeze or faster wind would compel me to go beyond my usual speed. Oftentimes, rains would meet me like a friend that's politely pouring beverage into my cup, or vice-versa. Rains can also be like friends, fighting, or actually just having a misunderstanding. Anyhow, I continue travelling in these uncertain seas. Looking back, aren't rains actually helpful? Without them, I wouldn't be where I am right now. Why? Of course, it's the water cycle. Without precipitation, these bodies of water I'm on will be gone through evaporation. There are times when these outpours become storms and waves appear overgrown. My captain looks at the map steadfast and decides where I best go according to his judgment. In a number of detours, my captain discovered treasures. However, this time, we found ourselves surrounded by mist: tiny droplets of water in the air makes it difficult to see. I have hope, nevertheless, and always will: like before, I know that this situation will turn for the better. I have hope, indeed, and always will: that my captain and I will certainly arrive someday in the Paradise that we, O, so Hope for.

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    #Paradise #Hope #water #air #wind #detours #treasures #captain
    #rains #helpful #uncertain #seas #only #map #navigate

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    Royal Clipper: An Autobiography Of A Ship


  • perdu1992 5w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #thinking #water #sea #day #night

    Why is overthinking only expected to be experienced in silent darkness?
    Overthinking at night is in presence of peace , where there's no one else but you facing your changing moods
    But when it happens during day , why isn't it justified ?
    Even though it's harder to stay normal outside
    When you carry nothing but pain inside

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    The light striking my windows
    Informed the arrival of another mighty day
    Skies were busy chasing away the dreadful shadows
    While my pillow had something to say,
    "Birds chirping , flowers glazing the sun
    Nature was singing it's daily melody
    Yet your reflex was pensive mournfulness left undone
    One side lying emotionless , the other stabbing for its custody"

    Drowning in the ocean of thoughts
    In darkness is guarded by peace
    Where the body doesn't camouflage the insecure spots
    For the conflicting waves that must cease
    Espying all alone
    Expecting a better tomorrow but will remain an unsung tale

    Drowning in the ocean of thoughts kept unknown
    Under flame is tormented by
    hullabaloo, freed by invader's bail
    The storms at the base of my sea
    Set the motionless rivers
    To which the trespassers couldn't see the plea
    Acused changes , that actually were nothing but scared shivers
    Leaving behind the water bearer alone
    To relive her unnoticed tale

    Aug 19.2021

  • the_fragile_broken_and_lost 6w

    Sunny summer days takes me way back growing up on the slippery creek lines.
    Slippery if you tried to cross the wrong rock. Oh, and I tried the wrong rock many times. Right & left, didn't matter which direction you went. Family was never far away. Tippy toed to safety, when in doubt. I always knew when it was time to go pack up for home. I would feeling very itchy. I used to look in the shallow waters, there is a minut insects swimming around. (Pssst I think it made me itchy.) Was it just me? I will never know. If there was a bug to make me itchy, it would find me. I guarantee nature & I were the best of friends. During those days anyway. Nothing like growing up on the riverbank & on the back roads. The old dirt road the bridge is made out of rope and wood that would go across the big wide creek. We visited year after year. It was always the same places. Nobody else was ever there so it was like our own place. I haven't been there in years though I wonder if it's still the same, untouched and waiting for small hands digging in their waters. What I wouldn't give to go see it again. I don't know maybe it's still the same after all these years people coming and going, taking as they please. Knowing the creek would be here for them day after day. Waiting for our tiny hands to scoop up the water. Tiny toes shimmering through the sun, shining through the shallow waters. Year after year we would be found there. It was always the most peaceful place to be.

    #writersnetwork #water #sun #peace #tiny

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    Found There

    Tiny toes shimmering through the sun, shining through the shallow waters. Year after year we would be found there. It was always the most peaceful place to be.

  • deep13gk 6w

    Waves follow the fragrance of love
    Beauty of waves take
    heart of people all over world
    World under beauty waves
    Full of mystery and dangerous
    World under water is a special
    Creation created by God
    Which is full endlessly things
    Like unique kind flower,
    Stones, spices of animals
    Things we have not saw yet
    That beauty Is can't express
    By any word in world

    #love #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetr #nature #poetrylover #writerstolli @miraquill @writersnetwork @childauthor_345 @im_the_star_of_my_life
    @writerstolli #ceesreposts #readwriteunite #wriers #tod #pod #love_gone_sour @writersnetwark #support #smile #water #fragrance #mirakee #repost #readers #writtingcommunity #comments

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    Waves follow the fragrance of love
    Beauty of waves take


  • kimzee 7w


    Kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink and your thirst increases. Kissing is merging of two lips, two soul and two spirits that makes them divine. Kissing you is like dancing in the rain; it is exciting kind of sensation that you can't help but fall in love with

  • raman_writes 7w

    हर कोई अपने अंदर बहुत कुछ छिपा के रखता है ।
    अब्र - बादल
    आब - पानी

    #shayar #shayari #shairi #shyari #hindi #urdu #poetic #rekhta #ishqurdu #kavita #kavishala #hindinama #poetry #wordsofwisdom #poem #poet #poetry #tag #follow #like #share #comment #hide #water #cloud #happiness #destroyer #inside #atheist #raman_writes

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    बहुत कुछ है इस आँचल - ऐ - अब्र में ।

    बस आब नहीं ख़ुशियाँ और तबाही भी है ।।


  • pallavi4 8w

    The beach

    The delighted foamy waves came and hit
    The indifferent and sturdy rocks once more
    They were ecstatic, joyful and celebrated
    By diving again and again towards the shore

    Their warmth in the gayly bright sun warmed
    The shoals of jiggling coloured fish
    While the plumed corals came alive
    The nearby palm trees swayed and swished

    The clammy drenched sand stood guard
    As the whimsical waves reclaimed their home
    Children built resilient sand castles by the shoreline
    Claiming the almost empty beach as their own

    Industrious little red crabs waddled their way
    Towards the water and were swallowed by the tide
    Vapid seashells and conchs reappeared
    Vulnerable but refusing to any longer hide

    The guileless waves continued their undulation
    Climbing higher and higher every time
    Till eve came and gladly went it’s way
    And the crescent moon came along with night

    The chattering sea subsided considerably
    Calm and quiet it all became docked with the stars
    The placid water was done playing for the day
    And sat nonchalantly till sunrise, counting the hours


    4th of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Picture clicked by me- Koh Phi Phi Don,Thailand 2017

    #wod #patheticfallacy #pathetic_fallacy #personification #beach #waves #water #sea #shore #ode @writersnetwork #writerstolli #miraquill #MirakeeWorld #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • czarcasm 8w

    dancing on the moon

    Pool of silver
    I dive
    Surrounded by bubbles
    I smile
    Unable to breathe
    I'm calm
    For a moment

    Under the moonlight
    In water

    I breathe in the cool air
    Shivering skin

    Fireflies above
    I look down

    From the reflection it almost looks
    As if I'm dancing
    On the moon

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 8w


    Ganga! Our Goddess,
    How generous you could be!
    The dirt of our souls,
    You quaff down with such a grace,
    Still your sweetness stays intact.

    Silently flowing,
    Great lessons of life you preach,
    A bad fish can't spoil,
    All the water of a pond,
    Unless our grit remains strong.

    #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #tanka #poem #Ganga #river #water #lessons #life

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    Tanka chain.

  • czarcasm 9w

    Bird of Flame

    Like a fire I grow


    Like the wind I blow


    Like dirt below


    Like the swift water turns to snow


    Like the Phoenix


  • anveet 9w


    कई रास्तों से होकर गुजरा
    पर सही मंज़िल का पता तब चला
    जब सड़क छोड़कर पानी का हाथ थामा

  • in_fragments 9w

    Once you find your muse, release them before you destroy them. Become your own inspiration, not a creator of desolation.
    #pod #poem #mermaid #diver #ocean #art #heart #soul #life #water #muse #inspiration #story #fantasy @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    The Muses of Merfolk Cove

    The diver
    had heard rumors,
    of more gold and jewels and treasure
    than man could measure in one place
    off all maps
    called Merfolk Cove- murderous merfolk;
    every man
    who ever ventured in
    never made it out of the water-
    but incredulous and desperate,
    and in want of a rare diamond
    for his sweetheart
    and a grand proposal of marriage,
    the man enters a greedy,
    frivolous competition
    with his even more avaricious peers,
    donning their diving helmets
    and atmospheric suits,
    submerging into the expanding unknown
    to see who can swim the deepest
    and find the treasure first.

    In the beginning, there was only teal,
    seaweed and eternity.
    And then, just barely out of focus,
    on the ocean floor, glowing red-
    the treasure he had sought for so long.
    He swims further down, as far as he can,
    and the glowing red orbs
    reveal themselves to be gems,
    stones of great advantage and expense, incredible and crystalline,
    unlike anything
    his weary eyes had ever seen.

    He reaches an arm out to swipe some
    when he spots a bioluminescent figure
    emerging from the dark blue margins.
    As it slithers closer,
    the figure appears to seem like that
    of a mystifying, alien-like woman;
    hair long and splaying out for miles
    like a thousand sleek jellyfish tentacles;
    a chest completely flat,
    neck and arms uncannily similar to ours
    but a sexless and translucent body
    curving down
    seamlessly into a green, pellucid tail
    and two distinct, enormous fins.
    Simply floating there, mesmerized,
    he suddenly forgot
    about the glories in his hands,
    he didn't care as they fell back
    into the sand.
    The strange and sensual mermaid
    made her way closer to him,
    staring at him, emotionless, through
    halo-white eyes with no pupils,
    and yet the diver was still
    not uneasy. Her upper body,
    somehow a mix of sea bed and stardust,
    pressed up tightly against his bulky suit,
    and soon they were face to face
    through the hole in his helmet.
    She was so hypnotic in her movements,
    his eyes were locked onto hers;
    he didn't even notice her
    gently removing the helmet from
    his head- and suddenly he realized
    she cut him off, miles away, from oxygen.

    The diver shudders
    from his sudden death jolts
    as the water overflows in his lungs,
    and the last thing he sees is
    the alluring mermaid staring, smiling,
    stroking his stiffening face like a lover-
    and then, one final kiss
    when the convulsions finish,
    during that brief moment of peace
    as life smoothly departs from body
    and swims away into the indifferent abyss.

    The life leaving through his mouth,
    it is red.

    She pulls it from his lips
    into her own, like swapped gum-
    it hardens into diamond form,
    and she places it methodically
    amongst her pile of other red ornaments-
    her art piece in progress,
    made of other men, other innocent lives,
    ripped away in the name
    of becoming an addition
    to a lovely design.

    All they know in Merfolk Cove is,
    destruction creates masterpieces-
    masterpieces that will live on,
    at the bottom of the ocean, forever.

    Full of sadness, anger, and vengeance
    towards those stealing from
    and murdering her home,
    but still brimming with creativity,
    she wanted to channel it all
    into something beautiful
    that would last even after she passed-
    even if it meant causing harm to others
    or sustaining trauma herself.
    It was all in the name
    of spawning magnificent art,
    with no mention of the souls
    forced into ruin to make it. Destruction was her Muse, and she knew she'd be absolutely nothing
    without it.

    But was she ever really an artist,
    if all she left behind was brilliant
    and blazing destruction?
    What of all the souls she stole
    who will never get to see the beauty?
    Is it still beautiful to them,
    those poor beings, stuck inside
    her glittery debris,
    resting uncomfortably
    somewhere in between
    alive, dead, and artistic idol?

    I ask you this, dear listener of my tale-
    is a muse ever worth it?
    If you require a subject
    of human obsession
    to spur your dramatic finesse,
    if you can't walk away
    without destroying them first,
    are you really a true artist?

    The spellbinding mermaid
    has blood on her hands, and in
    her red diamonds, in the very whites
    of her eyes- she forces others
    to become her unwilling participants
    just because she has enough power
    to do it.

    She is not any being's inspiration,
    she only became like all the men
    who had oppressed her for centuries-
    was she ever really
    the artist she believed she was?

  • raman_writes 9w

    मोहब्बत करने वाले जाने मोहब्बत ना मिलने का ग़म

    #shayar #shayari #shairi #shyari #hindi #urdu #poetic #rekhta #ishqurdu #kavita #kavishala #hindinama #poetry #wordsofwisdom #poem #poet #poetry #tag #follow #like #share #comment #love #through #eyes #pain #water #ocean #atheist #raman_writes

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    दरिया की प्यास बुझाई है मैंने उसके दिये तोहफ़े से ।

    सारा दर्द मैंने आब के जरिये आँखों से निकाला है ।।


  • devilfish 10w


    I touch a sunset and it’s warmth
    Freezes as it is my still memory
    Washed out in cool tones
    Indistinct and undefined
    Can I find my home?
    I call out of the conch it echoes as my home is hollowed
    My hollow home
    My heart as it follows it crashes like a comet into my throat
    I’ve always wandered the shadows of thought all alone
    These words comfort me because without these pages to translate my soul they can be there so at least you can if you want to find this one place
    Then welcome back
    I write so my thoughts don’t scare me with unfamiliar concepts
    I don’t want the truth to haunt my morning depth
    Coffee cakes and daisy’s midnight breath
    In between wires sparking my steps
    It’s not going to be of value if it doesn’t resonate in your head as something you can understand and it’s just like I’m stressed
    I’m a mess
    I’ve seen dark days
    I must confess I pray at the feet of my passion and love to see these things livened with ink and my thoughts that dance like flames behind my eyes
    Dancing inside as tired as I am wise
    Crystalline cracks up and down your white pearly composure and time to think over is all that I need tenderness will be my green clover
    Just get here, I’d like it if you’d just come over
    Come over
    Start over…