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  • wilmaneels1 22w

    Some slay their dragons
    I have these wars inside of me
    I just don't advertise them
    I deal, I process and then take action

    They are not always on display
    Because the battle is an internal one
    Trust me though, I don't let it dictate how my day would go

  • emptypen 22w

    Nightmares are the newer reality now.

  • _transient 22w


    Thankyou @writersnetwork for the repost ��

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    Wars inside me

    Tis but a fall of the heart
    to ascertain gravity of tangible
    spaces within a hollow carcass.

    A guilt of unclenched emotions
    soaked in a blob
    of reddish orange sinking sun.

    The gamble of hues to save a pair of eyes.
    Prosaic to a poetic disguise.
    A tart expression.

    Benchmarked timeless laze
    with no propensity for sincere feelings.

    Thou art unending.
    A virtualization.


  • pen_swirls 22w

    @writersnetwork @writersbay @writerstolli #warsinsidec

    There are depths, I am afraid to fall,
    There are heights, I am afraid to reach.
    There are battles, I have to win,
    There are silences, I have to bring peace to.
    There is happiness, I am in search of.
    There is pain, which aches to be cured.
    These are the wars inside me

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  • antarraal 22w

    I thought all was well with me
    but the mirror told me a different story.


  • bubbly_blueberry 22w


    Giving life to dead things in poetry is the art of living
    Giving death to life in licks of lies is the art of dumpyards

    I saw various bodies dumped naked on the ground like rags
    Human body is mere a piece of clothes stained with blood maps
    don't blind from its color
    Many creatures were dragging her in this sinister world against her will
    She tried to run away but so painful to trapped in a hell of lust

    She can't back answer
    This empowered to do everything brutul
    They said after destroying her to zombie level and graveyard
    She deserved it cause this world is not for weak people
    Sublimed a phantom!

  • daffodilpearlzz 22w

    There are piqued marionettes in me dangled with strings of deadly anguish silently fighting the wars of despair to ameliorate the living dead from the hands of vicious astute martinets who chomp the splintered shards of my desires into elusive solitude.

    ©daffodilpearlzz ~ Bhavya
    Thu 20 May 2021 5:44 PM IST
    Tried this too @writersbay #warsinsidec @writersnetwork
    Image credits to the original owner

    DEAD REACH !!!

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  • joybirdpoetry 22w

    White flag

    Moral compass misaligned
    find myself more cruel than kind
    good versus bad is intertwined
    when I fight the wars inside me.

    Integrity easily compromised
    judgement poorly exercised
    self-worth becomes demonised
    when I fight the wars inside me.

    Gratitude lacks sincerity
    humility becomes a rarity
    shy away from solidarity
    when I fight the wars inside me.

    Faith is thrown to the wind
    halo shine a little dimmed
    I'm sorry Lord for I have sinned
    when I fight the wars inside me.

    Courage packs a bag and leaves
    sneaks out with the valour thieves
    the coward moves in and deceives
    when I fight the wars inside me.

    Confidence on a slippery slope
    swinging from the Hangman's rope
    dig the grave now there's no hope
    when I fight the wars inside me.

    Optimism rising from the tomb
    a flicker of light inside the gloom
    marching in with a whole platoon

    I call truce on the wars inside me.


  • re_ms36 22w


    Somedays i feel like the gloomy clouds
    On the verge of bursting my weight.
    But then i defend and defend
    With the most radiant sun.

    Somedays i feel like a dumb parrot
    Craving to speak aloud but unable to.
    But then i defend and defend
    With the most melodious silent tunes.

    Somedays i feel like a parachute
    Challenged by the gusty winds
    But then i defend and defend
    by flying high above the clouds.

    Somedays i feel like an eagle
    Attacked by the bouts of anger
    But then i defend and defend
    By showering the selfless love of dove.

    Somedays i feel like the earth
    Enduring all thumps of shovels
    But then i defend and defend
    By raising above the ground as tree.

    Somedays i feel like a dim star
    Whose absence would not matter much
    But then i defend and defend
    By shining lonely but with the Moon.

    Somedays i feel like the hungry
    Desiring for the things unattainable
    But then i defend and defend
    By valuing the things i am gifted with.

    Somedays i feel like fire
    To burn myself and the things around
    But then i defend and defend
    By sprinkling the calmness of water.

    Somedays i feel like the skies
    In a hubris of being above the lands
    But then i defend and defend
    By embracing the gentle attitude of soil.

    Somedays i feel like a sunflower
    Denied the light of sun though
    But then i defend and defend
    By blooming with Lotuses in the water garden.

    Somedays i feel like a desert
    Nothing to sow and nothing to reap
    But then i defend and defend
    By discovering in myself a hump of fields.

    Somedays i feel like a dead clock
    Not more than a circle of numbers twelve
    But then i defend and defend
    By appreciating the correct times twice a day.

    Somedays i feel like a book
    Forgotten and torn apart
    But then i defend and defend
    By remaining alive in a sonnet of lines.

    Somedays i feel like a loser
    Not knowing how to rebel the evil
    But then i defend and defend
    By battling against all the 'Wars Inside Me'.

    #warsinsidec #writersbay @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod

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    Somedays i feel like a Loser
    Not knowing how to rebel the evil.
    But then i defend and defend
    By battling against all the 'Wars Inside Me'.

  • pathways_of_words 22w


    Fear and Courage unleash their swords.
    Neither having a safe place to hide. 
    Never will they be on one accord.
    Though both are injured, both never die.

    Love and Hate are equally to be taken seriously. 
    Much power is unleashed as both take control.
    Days and nights revealing a times winner, mysteriously.
    All of what is taught, all of what is known.

    The wars inside of me struggle to places that I can't reveal.
    This face doesn't always show.
    The safest havens or injuries to heal.
    Like a plant that dies, like a flower that grows.

    Forever fighting until this body can fight no more.
    Hopefully, I've fed the right beast.
    Easy to reveal the beauty, not the gore. 
    Today is a journey to eat, of which shall I feast? 

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    Wars Inside Me


  • shadowofthoughts_ 22w

    Wars inside me

    Let's put it straight.
    let's spot twisting the words -
    Churning the feelings.
    Let's be like open book!
    let's dream of a new tomorrow
    let's walk hand in hand in the shade of sky.
    let's be our true self.

    In a World where we could find joy
    where we could be ourself
    Let's be it again.

    Let's put an end to the wars,
    let's hope for a new morning
    putting down all the curtains.
    Let's climb the walls
    and make wall-less minds
    let's move on!


  • stelly 22w

    #writersbay #writersnetwork #warsinsidec #alien
    Pic credit to the rightful owner

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    I don't go to the battle field
    And I have no shield,
    A war without an alarm
    Not knowing when it'll bring you harm?.
    Where does this strange creature comes?
    Or how does it forms?
    With poison of death
    It spills over me with anger and hatred,
    It gives me a wound
    With its strangest sound,
    My poor little heart
    Do you even know why you're being hurt like that?
    But don't stop the fight
    To kill this demon inside,
    There's still a war inside of me
    But a war that'll end in victory.

  • heartsease 22w

    @landscape I admire your writings, they are indeed mine favourite ❤️

    Some days you stand alone
    where a part of you wants
    to scream loudly
    deprived of desolation,
    and dig nails deeper till you bleed
    sorrows into strolls of oblivion.

    Some days your eyes are too
    tired to glare,
    but the fate won't stop blinking,
    you need to melt out of chandelier
    to freeze and caress your scars
    before the world rage and the
    winds start burning.

    Some days your soul feel alienated
    while sprouting in the meadow
    of your enduring body,
    and the certainty of hope
    smoulder with each passing uncertainty,
    but you need to hang faith on walls
    and keep your beliefs running,
    for after every wilted autumn
    there blooms the aurora of spring.

    There's a rebellion within each of us
    a war giving birth to battle scars,
    let your heart be at peace
    rather than being armoured,
    for it has chased galaxies
    when no falling star accepted it,
    let your soul pretend now
    rather than kneeling down,
    for it has worn the facade of warrior
    when western skies torn up tranquility,
    let your bones savour serenity
    rather than being rusted,
    for they have rubbed enough
    to comply your existence till eternity.

    #alien #warsinsidec

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  • antarraal 22w

    #alien #warsinsidec #wod #pod @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay @writersnetwark @readwriteunite

    So tried a questionku poem today that I learnt on this platform. Read it from the POV of a woman who doesn't want to have a child.

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    Am an island
    ringed by wordless questions,
    Why my choice less than yours?

    An alien,
    incomplete woman,
    see the wars inside me?


  • renukadeshpande_ 22w

    //Wars inside of me//

    It's hard for me,
    To break out of these,
    The walls of mind,
    My very own agony,

    Everyday I fight,
    Not with someone,
    But with my thoughts,
    That never fail to haunt me,

    I feel myself at loss,
    When before the world,
    I have to win against myself,
    Being my own worst critic,
    While also being my own friend,

    I can't recall,
    As to how many dreams,
    Were killed in my head,
    Before they could even,
    Come out unafraid,

    I now realise,
    That it's not the people,
    Who's preying eyes that I fear,
    It's actually my own critical nature,
    That puts me under pressure,

    Sometimes I wonder,
    What am I really to myself?
    A friend or a foe,
    As I feel attacked,
    More by myself,
    Than even by my enemy,

    And then when someone asks,
    That what is wrong,
    For everything seems right,
    All around me,
    That is when I stare at them,
    With a trickle of tear in my eye,
    As I just smile,
    While mufflying the scream,
    Of the raging wars inside of me.

    - renuka .d


    #warsinsidec #writersbay #alien #wod

    @writersbay @mirakee @writersnetwork @servant_of_words_csk @tomorrow_is_amazing @krishnega @katyayani

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  • thoughtsprocess 22w

    #warsinsidec #wod #pod #mirakee #writersbay
    #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

    @writersnetwork Thank you so much for the kind repost ����
    Means a lot ��

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    Wars inside me

    Sometimes I want to ignore
    everything around me
    When I don't want to indulge
    in anything
    I remain silent
    I close my eyes
    and don't pay attention
    to the noises entering
    my ears without taking
    my permission
    And I think
    I am relaxed now
    I have detached myself
    from everything
    But when I feel so
    I start witnessing
    some known and
    some unknown things
    I see the tussles between
    my own beliefs and
    the customs prevailing
    in society
    I feel that
    I am torn between
    my soft silky dreams
    and my rough realities
    I see my fears are dancing
    on the head of my strengths
    I touch and feel the layers
    of my illusions
    When I remove them
    so many bitter truths
    start laughing at me
    The sound of their
    harsh laughter is unbearable
    I move ahead
    And look at the corners
    of my inner world
    I find my guilts are sitting there
    They are shrinking
    to remain unnoticed
    Whenever I am humiliated
    I suppress my anger and
    always avoid to take revenge
    But here I find my crumbled
    self-respect and my suppressed
    anger both are laying on the floor
    I am searching for my ego
    But here, when I am meeting my
    true self then there is no place
    for my ego
    Finally I look at the ceiling
    I see the stars of my ambitions
    are shining there
    They smile at me
    They are throwing lights
    on me
    They give me courage
    to move forward
    They show me
    the mountains of difficulties
    which I need to climb
    then I will be able to touch
    the sky of my desires
    They show me
    the river of adversity
    which I have to cross
    to reach the bay of
    love and peace
    They show me
    the thorns of
    my guilts and my fears
    I have to eradicate
    them to bloom
    the flowers of
    success and happiness

  • pallavi4 22w

    Wars inside me

    There's an alien in my head
    But it's not me
    Every time I conjure plans to run
    I'm unable to break free

    So caught up in my brain is
    The monster that lives inside
    Making me act like someone
    Whose feelings inside have died

    Akin to a lunatic, my head
    Makes deceptive, devious plans
    The damage is far greater
    Than physically hurting another man

    The craziness that resides deep
    Hidden and sometimes locked away
    Leaves me not in control at times
    Of the foul words that I say

    Unable to recognise that alien
    That stares back at me in the reflection
    I keep waging a war that I often lose
    And fall prey to my own deception

    Isolated by everyone who cannot see
    A semblance of restrain
    There's someone inside my head
    That over my senses reigns


    20th of May, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • inara__ 22w

    The Archangels correspond to days of week and they are Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Selephiel, Jegudiel and Barchiel with their seven heavenly virtues countering the seven deadly sins of the Seven Princes of hell- Mammon, Blephegor, Asmodeus, Lucifer, Bleezebub, Leviathan and Satan.

    A mess lol.

    Wrote something like this long back !!
    So, old me inspired me to write this. Though not sure about it !

    #warsinsidec #alien

    Ayeeee WN, thank you for the repost !! ✨ After ages !!

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    Wars inside me

    On Sunday, Mammon endeavours to pervade greed in my mind, but
    Michael combats the avarice with munificence.

    On Monday, Blephegor strives for triumph of sloth, but
    Gabriel thwarts the accidie with diligence.

    On Tuesday, Asmodeus busts a gut for lust, but
    Uriel defies the lechery with chastity.

    On Wednesday, Lucifer moils for conquest of pride, but
    Raphael salvages the wits from hubris with humility.

    On Thursday, Bleezebub flies to flag off gluttony, but
    Selephiel tackles the fly of gulosity with temperance.

    On Friday, Leviathan opens hellmouth to vitalize envy, but
    Jegudiel lacerates the covet bazoo with lenience.

    On Saturday, Satan dispatches storms of wrath, but
    Barachiel trounces the chargin with forbearance.

    Archangels alienate the princes of hell so acutely,
    that inevitably they never come back in retaliation.

  • shine_king 22w

    Emotion-deserted eyes,
    Atypically thumping chest,
    Against the old wooden hedge,
    Her head's pacing back and forth;
    Radiating eerie sounds of creaking.
    Her mind's reeling;
    Playing vintage reminiscences,
    In hues of vantablack and dark red.
    Thread of profound 'whys' and 'what ifs'
    Were listed among them.

    Deeper as she thought,
    Her long nails are cutting through her skin;
    Heart's filled with remorse and guilt;
    As wrath and solemn course through her veins;
    Still—her features remained stoic,
    Though she's also seeing blinding flashes of light;
    And the crying of the gray-hued clouds,
    Through her old cracked window.
    It's a turmoil—with soothing jazz songs in the background,
    That she's trying listening to.

    #writersbay #mirakee #writersnetwork #poems
    #writersofmirakee #self #war #warsinsidec

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    Wars Inside Me

    'It's a turmoil—
    with soothing jazz songs in the background,
    That she's trying listening to.'

  • thelogophilia 22w

    Was it that easy for you
    To just tell me the mistake
    That wasn't actually my mistake
    And making me feel underestimated
    So easily you alienated me in seconds
    With your nasty words.

    I was sleepless yesterday night,
    With your words recurring in my mind.
    My brain was running at
    A million thoughts per second,
    My thoughts were deadly.
    With silences around my lungs
    Over-thinking , Am I so bad with friction of stress.

    I was trying to sleep, as soon I close my eyes
    Your words were bringing disasters in my mind.
    It is an easy death, in my sleep
    Everything seems to be exhausted to me.
    How much I try to sleep or lie down
    Plethora of crestfallen wars were going on within
    I am incredibly trying to be valorous.

    All till now, I have been heard,
    "Try little longer, it will get better"
    When surviving the false
    has became something
    I couldn't stand anymore.

    But still I am walking through hell
    Struggling to stop the wars of fret.
    I no, prolonged think the idea of
    Someone, somewhere will understand my tenderness,
    Because you only collapsed.

    I am trying to disregard you,
    Because I am running away from facing you.
    Staring myself in front of mirrors
    With tears shredding my eyes
    Begging my ownself to just hold and be indestructible.
    Silence around me was making fun of me
    As I can hear them,
    they were listening to my glaciers groans.

    I thought you understood my emotions,
    But guess what, i was erroneous.!
    Seeing your name,
    Makes my soul tremble with pain.
    My lost soul wandering endlessly,
    Displaying the thoughts of Chaos around me.

    I have so many thoughts of wars inside me
    To say, but I'm not sure how to say them.
    So I just keep them bottled inside my veins.
    But one day, they're all going to knock over
    And I'm agitated of how that's going to turn out.

    You may not believe it
    But I'm going through it little by little.!