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  • stronggirlaj 2d


    Its upto you,
    Either Choose to be brave, happy and strong.
    Or just keep on holding the meaningless connection full of wrong.


  • stronggirlaj 2d


    Selecting the right path is act of courage and confidence
    it will definitely fight for you, whenever you'll be having hindrance.


  • warriorofthenight 4d

    Song Recommendations!

    Memories by Maroon 5
    Shut Up and Dance by Simply Three
    Leaving, On a Jetplane by John Denver
    Permanent Vacation by 5SOS
    Saints by Echos
    Afterglow by Ed Sheeran
    Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars
    Wake Me Up by Avicii
    Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran
    I Don't Wanna Live Forever by ZAYN and Taylor Swift
    How Do You Sleep by Sam Smith
    Hide Away by Daya
    Watching Airplanes by Gary Allen
    Nice to Meet Ya by Niall Horan
    Our Song by Niall Horan and Anne Marie
    Riptide by Vance Joy
    Unpredictable by 5SOS
    Hey Angel by One Direction
    Somebody to You by The Vamps
    Ring Pop by Jax
    In the Name of Love by Bebe Rexha and Maryin Garrix
    Tough by Lewis Capaldi
    Knowing You by Kenny Chesney
    Get You the Moon by Kina

  • warriorofthenight 1w

    Background Music

    I was walking down the hallway
    Another mundane schoolday
    But there you came,
    My greatest restraint fell in vain
    I stared into your eyes, brown like the land
    I studied your hair and how my heart fit in your hand
    And though you never meant to ignore,
    An eavesdropped laugh meant I needed more
    Which is sad, in a way
    Because to you I was lost in the fray
    Yes, to you, I'm background music
    I gather my courage but at your face I lose it
    Background music, like a waterfall and clouds
    Background music, like a lecture or a crowd
    I've tried to get you to notice me,
    Backflips, solos, a shopping spree
    I've tried tripping in the lunch line
    Dipping in to your time
    Today I'm arriving late,
    Trying to rearrange fate.
    You'd make my day if you looked way,
    But I know I'm background music
    Though I'll do anything mortality permits
    To let you see the no one knows you but me.
    I know you drink coffee but prefer tea,
    I know you believe every door has a key,
    I know you believe in a soul that is free.
    My friends try to hinder my affection,
    They tell me if not naturally, there should be no connection
    They say if you don't notice me for me,
    You don't deserve the dream we could be.
    But I'll give you another chance to
    Say hi in the hallway
    Holler up my way
    Darling, let me fall into your arms and stay
    Like a queen that needs a view
    And a home that needs a you.
    I hear the background music,
    It flows to fill the silence
    Such a delicate glass of a balance
    But I feel myself fading into view
    Because yesterday I was paired with someone else but the one who sat down was you.
    You winked though I saw your nervous mind,
    And when you smiled my stars aligned.

  • nevaleepoetically 1w

    Please don't make an enemy of me
    For I'm far stronger than you think me to be
    I may wear my emotions on my sleeve
    Which might allow you to think I am weak
    But I've been raised among wolves, as my breed
    Show me your guts and I'll show you my TEETH!

  • mana1234 2w

    Damaged beyond repair

    What do I feel now? I feel like a human being with gruesome amount of emotions in me but no one to tell or show them. I have so many people around me but am lonely as hell. Blood is every where, life is slowly being taken out through the throat. Somebody so bruised, somebody so weak that standing up is a task. What I did I do to deserve this? When I see inside I see someone bleeding badly, somebody struggling to be alive. Why did it happen with me? Why wasn't justice served?what were people directly involved in pain were doing in my parents bedroom? Why were they served tea in drawing room? For parents nothing is more precious than their child, or is it so???? Karma is real but why don't I see it but I don't want to see it. I have forgiven all of them from core of my heart even praying them for them to have a happy life. I don't know what I am feeling. Tears are rolling down my eyes, as I write but believe me my soul is damaged beyond repair.

  • phuthau 2w


    ©Borrowed ideas from the quotes of @luckygayatri2" Warrior "
    #Free verse poem.

    In the Land where justice and freedom is ignored.
    I will be a fighter with ease among men.
    Lend me a sword of Honjo Masamune not a doll.
    For I will be a shield of Titanium for my Land.

    My heart yearn to avenge for the Lost soul.
    As I heard the cry from the death soul.
    I will not regret for my battle scars.
    For I will wear them with pride as a war paint.

    I will fight the toughest battle,
    With no regret of devastating blow.
    No matter how deep the cut is, it will not define my insecurity.
    I will wear the scars with pride.

    I don't want to be a beautiful princess.
    Let the world define my beauty in bravery and fearlessness.
    May they say I m beautiful not because of jewelry, clothes and my face.
    But may they find beauty in my soul.


    #mirakee#ngaland@mirakee @phuthau #northeast #warrior #poem #poetry @luckygayatri2@writersnetwork#writersnetwork#pod#english#india#dailypoem#dailypoetry

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    Warrioress Queen

  • warriorofthenight 2w

    I didn't trust people, so I fled to books.

  • czarcasm 3w

    My friend asked me to write this for him because he loved history but I also wrote it for all the men and women across the world who serve their own nations... I salute you and thank your for your service

    #warrior #war #pain #death #hope #remorse #brave #history #poem #poetry

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    For all the broken places
    To all the saddened faces
    From all the meadows and glades
    To all of whom remains
    I thank you

    Wisdom learned throughout the ages
    Learnt in many little stages
    Freedom chained in cages
    Documented in pages

    Warriors fallen on the ground
    Won't come home to mama safe and sound
    Two dog tags is all they found
    Of Timmy Walker, 'The Blood Hound'

    Bullets whizzing past everyone's heads
    Explosions making them loose their stead
    Danger he wrote, and crying she read
    The widow of the warrior, dead

    Flags now marking white stone graves
    Showing sacrifices those men made
    But nothing can help the horror the remaining had seen
    Or of the brave soldiers who look on keen

  • warriorofthenight 3w

    Don't bend; don't water it down;
    Don't try to make it logical;
    Don't edit you own soul according to the fashion.
    Rather, follow your most intense obsession mercilessly.
    - Franz Kafka

  • writeress 3w


    Countless fights
    But always
    Crawling back up


  • warriorofthenight 4w


    These are a couple songs I've been obsessed with lately:

    Brown Eyes, Brown Hair by Caleb Hearn
    Permanent Vacation by Five Seconds of Summer
    Ring Pop by Jax
    Imagination by Shawn Mendes
    Fool's Gold by One Direction
    Long Way Home by Five Seconds of Summer
    Afterglow by Ed Sheeran
    Somebody to You by The Vamps

  • crazy_cuckoo 4w

    ♡A message from heart��


    What happened have you forgotten your glee?
    You were the fighter who had fought so many worries
    So what you have broken again sweetie
    You were the fire don't forget your extreme.

    It's ok that your trust had broken again my fairy
    Don't forget you are the princess of your own felicity 
    Why are you so scared because of this-worldly?
    Don't forget you are the favorite slave of Almighty.

    I'm with you can't you listen my voice daily?
    Beating every second with the rhythm of lub dub
    And don't say you are alone baby
    Allah is with you always and every time, your buddy.

    Don't get depressed because of this world
    Allah is sufficient for you and the universe 
    I'm glad you are waiting for blessing being patient 
    You know what Allah loves who is patient.

    And what more do you want my cutie
    Is this not enough for you to be happy?
    Remember you are a fighter and can fight alone
    Just stand up again and show your powerful font.

    You are a fighter, You are a rock
    You are a warrior, Who don't give up!


    #writersnetwork #poetry #fighter #warrior #dontgiveup

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    A Message From Heart


  • warriorofthenight 6w

    I remained too much inside my head and ended up losing my mind.
    -Edgar Allen Poe

  • lovely_rachana 6w

    Undefeated but Forgotten

    When daughter of the land Badamba
    Saw the sword with an awe
    Her eyes became filled with desire
    To learn it's usage was what she had aspire
    Born in the land of equality
    She was taught with precision and quality
    Her sword shined with her glow
    And she used it with smooth flow
    Princess of Badamba became Queen of Banki
    Her beauty grace bravery filled with kindness
    Spread across her kingdom like wildfire
    She showed love and care to everyone
    She also devoted her prayers to Lord Jagannath
    But one day a war out of sudden ensued
    On the land of Ragadigrama bloodshed dued
    In the massive war she lost her beloved
    But it wasn't only tears that she shed
    She held up the sword in one hand
    And commanded the soldiers of her land
    The war wasn't over declared the queen
    She didn't allow sorrow and bravery twin
    She lashed the enemy and won the war
    And became the ever glowing star
    But her glory shined with her kind heart
    She forgave the enemy King for a new start
    She didn't allow another queen to become widow
    But alas the undefeated Queen Sukadei was kept in shadow
    Her glory remaining undefeated
    But forgotten over the generations who fought for equality that's cheated

  • warriorofthenight 7w

    It sucks when you
    want to not care,
    but you know that's
    not how you are.

  • warriorofthenight 7w

    Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different?
    - C. S. Lewis

  • warriorofthenight 7w

    She's always there, staring back at me
    She never blinks, always wondering
    Why I stopped loving,
    Why I started abusing
    Why the comfortable silence
    Turned to dutiful tolerance
    Why I started to criticize every little flaw
    Every waist inch, every untidy stitch
    Why I took beauty as a law.
    I tried to tell her we were naive then;
    That we were as shallow as the devil's amen
    We didn't know what love signified
    We found that out as we watched youth collide.
    And as much as I smile and laugh, I feel our hearts bleeding
    Emotions so in check but our shattered mind pleading
    I feel cheated, I feel moved
    I feel broken and glued.
    I am the girl who was abused,
    The one judged and used
    Yet I am the one who dawned this damage
    The one who created the baggage.
    I am the maker and the made,
    The reason my own smiles fade.
    I never had a chance to love myself
    Insecurities came before innocence left,
    And there was born the hate, allies bereft.
    I don't know who is fighting who,
    My soul I'll keep, my mind adieu
    I'm falling from the inside,
    Wishing my actions to be unified
    I take the assaults
    I'll break over the results
    I'll try to love every freckle and volition
    But just know you're not alone in this condition.

    #youyouselfandi #planstobe #fight #dove #mindandsoul #warrior

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    Heart, Soul, Body and Mind


  • warriorofthenight 7w

    Shawn Mendes quote

    When you wake up your whole world's flipped
    It's just different, and you gotta, you know, you gotta, you gotta go with it
    And that's just simply growing up
    And not see it in a negative way
    If they see it as it has been given to you
    I mean, as much as time can be crazy
    You're gonna feel like that's where you're supposed to be
    You're not going to feel out of place anymore
    You're going to feel like that's where you were meant to be
    You don't have to pretend that it's easy all the time
    You just let it go, and, and grow with it
    And you can't hold on to the old you, or the old this, or the old that
    Because you know you change, and it's not changing in a bad way
    It's just changing because that's what happens life
    You grow up, everyone moves on
    You're just learning
    You stay true to yourself

    Changing isn't a bad thing
    It never was
    But at the end of the day, you know
    You're the same person
    And, and where your heart is
    That doesn't change

    - Shawn Mendes

  • abrahamshan 7w

    My sadness ain't just a temporary state of agony but a broken soul forged to endure eternal torment