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  • cubiee 1w

    Warm in cold..

    Its a normal winter night..
    Wrapped up in a cosy blanket...
    Cuddle with hand caressing as a kick start..
    The dom in you woke up as time past..
    Moving down along kisses passionate..
    Going slow deep is a hard hit..
    And thats how you do it..
    Balance up the cold with the heat..

  • anthonyhanible 130w


    It's a waste
    Go to the market
    And cook
    Or warm up something

  • vipul7287 137w

    It's a new world every morning


  • youcancallmeflower 167w

    Warm up

    A. L., Senses
    1 your shirt smells exactly how you do when you climb back into bed after showering. snuggled up, face in the dip of your neck. your shirt
    2 holding on to you because we both know im leaving soon. i can feel you in my arms. almost
    3 your voice is all I have to go on more often than not. i love hearing it. but there are no bad connections or dropped calls in person
    4 i taste you in coffee and red bulls. milk, caffeine, but mostly energy. theres nothin quite like it but. close enough.
    5 youre so goddamn beautiful


  • _mari_kalam_ 169w

    "6 साल" The Survival Journey from 25-10-12 to 25-10-18
    I learned many things in those 6 years & it's great to have uh always by my side whenever I need uh whether it's night or day , cold or rain... My Every single day is starts from seeing uh & end up with holding our memories in my eyes...Basketball is Just not a game for their players... It's a heart beat to live life every single day for them ...����������
    #lifeline #Secretstory #holdingmemories #bestdays #basketball #journeyofsurvive #loveoflife #bestteacher #gamechangeroflife #hookshort #rebond #basketballground #shots #scoreboard #warmup #minejourney

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    #"6 साल"

    यू तो साथ हमारा 10 सालों का हैं,
    पर लम्हें बेहद हसीन इन 6 सालों के हैं,
    चोंटे लगी काफ़ि जिनके घाव गहरे आज भी हैं,
    धडकने लडी हर दफा जिनके शोर अब भी हैं,
    महफिलों ने ठुकराया था हर दफा अधूरा कह कर,
    तुने हमेशा अपनाया था हमें अपना कह कर,
    छत के हर कोने वक़्त के वाे बेशकीमती मोती हैं,
    जहाँ चंद लम्हों मे सुकून की माला संग तेरे सजाई हैं,
    अल्फाज़ो को जब सुनना छोड़ दिया लोगों ने मेरे,
    वो हर पन्ने Dairy के गवाह हैं,
    की तुने करीब से समजा हैं मुजे,
    बिखरी थी जिंदगी कई पत्तज़ड हिस्सों में,
    सुकून बस एक ही था,
    पनाह पाना उन कोहीनूरी यादों में,
    आज डर नहीं है किसी के तोड़कर जाने का,
    हर मंजर पर फतेह पाने के लिए,
    बस बंद आँखें में तेरी तस्वीरें ही काफी हैं...||

  • dd_syn 172w

    Sterling Glitch

    She was an ashen light, hazed and still so eye catching. She was the glint of a sunbeam bouncing off a car's side view mirror, and the shadow of a butterfly flittering overhead to a distant blooming weed. She embodied simplicity but in such a way she appealed to even the pickiest eye. Platinum silver strands cascading over rosy, dotted cheeks only blended in with deep grey eyes.

    He was the exact opposite. He was a dark hotel room in broad daylight, shrouded from the sun by iron curtains. The darkness of his heart— a hurricane cresting on a star-soaked beach— only found the sun through her soul's open window. She warmed his cold, melted the ice of his life from his flesh to welcome a renaissance of companionship.

  • dreamscape 202w

    So this was off of a randomly generated story plot.
    "Your main character is a woman in her early thirties, who is very imaginative. The story begins in a cave. A sudden storm blows up. It's a story about an adventure. Your character sees something s/he wasn't meant to see."

    #shortstory #randomlygenerated #random #warmup #adventure

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    A Warm Up

    She fled to shelter herself in a cave from the storm brewing in the distance. After her last adventure, she knew better than to brave the forces of nature without protection. And besides, what she retrieved from the last tomb was far too valuable to the world to lose again. As the storm picked up, it moved closer and closer to her location. So close in fact, that one of the stray lightning bolts knocked her off of her feet and deeper into the cave. Disoriented from the blast, she faced the dark of the cave. Another sudden blast revealed a small tunnel in the wall, and a faint light stayed deeper in. She squeezed herself into the tunnel and found herself above a large cavern a few yards in. As she peered from the roof of this opening, she caught sight nine or ten robed figures in the middle of a sinister ritual. Across from her in the ceiling was a cluster of technology that had metal poles sticking out of it at what seemed like random placement. In the center of the cultists was an massive ornate coffin with wires attached to it. Before she could do anything else, loud crack pierced the room, to which the machine responded with an eerie blue energy. The wires sequentially charged the coffin and the lid popped open, letting loose a deep wind that blew out the cultists' candles, leaving only the machines arcane energy to dimly light the area. As quick as she could, the adventurer squirmed her was back out of the tunnel. She had a mission and wasn't about to blow it on whatever situation she currently found herself in. She hastily packed her things, but before she could snuff the fire, a heavy gale burst from the cave and put it out for her. Terrified, she started running as fast as she could and didn't look back