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  • alekya_gsnvl 6w

    That pink dress that I bought today
    Wonder how I'll look on the D-Day?
    I might be on a dreamland now
    But these tiny things are what keeping me sane somehow..
    I'll flash it to my mom in a filmy style
    Might make a reel or two to embarrass myself
    Get the most girliest compliment from my idiot brother
    And who knows my crush might notice me too..
    I'll wear it till I get bored of it
    Until I make enough memories in it
    And then one day
    While rummaging my closet,and seeing this dress
    Might open my memory treasure of something worth holding to it.

  • warriorofthenight 11w

    Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different?
    - C. S. Lewis

  • leena_afsha_ishrot 22w

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    19-5-21 3:33 p.m.

    Origami of cloth
    Stitched with pain, glory, reputation
    Behind there's unseen messy criss-cross, in other words, failure

    Marks of hot iron covered with layers of makeup essential
    Stains of red blood dripping from saree
    Messy hairstyles untied bun
    Every day she glues to it
    By tolerating the abuses of her alcoholic husband
    Sometimes he offers her to his colleagues for some penny

    Her biological parents refuse to take her back
    Only because "what others will comment about them?"

    Instead of jewellery
    Piles of unsolved mysteries in her wardrobes
    Her curiosity chains and entangled with deathbed

    She is breathing but ain't living
    No one cares how she's doing genuinely
    What matters to them is- what she bought, "Dowry"!
    Beaten up, treat as beasts, dominant

    She can neither choose to go back nor she can survive
    Though she's fighting every day for better
    But as of everything goes in vain
    A fail, unhappy marriage!

    Slap, disable to roam free,
    Even if she is an unpaid meal-maker
    Does her existence doesn't matter?

    ~ Leena Afsha Ishrot

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    Does her existence doesn't matter?
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  • inborn_scribbler 22w


    Therapy encourages you to pull out your insecurities from the wardrobe of your mind. The fears hanging high, the ignored inner child folded between files of trauma, the maladaptive behaviours falling out at 4 a.m. when you try searching for your nightdress.

    The space is overstuffed but we won't rush for a picture-perfect moment. Healing is not about perfection anyway. We'll look at the shelves (one by one), understand what the locker has been concealing, plan what needs the laundry service and what we can rearrange.

    It could take months to dry clean the shirts of unpleasant feelings, you may not even want to touch it when you first look at it and it's okay. Whenever you are tired, we'll pause and take a mindful breath. Only after you replenish your energy, will we get back to the blue shirt you were attempting to iron.

    You'll see yourself giving away some clothes that you no longer wear. Sometimes it may be particularly difficult to let go of a few coats and ties because you've had those for years. But you've outgrown old patterns and you have been able to push yourself to buy new outfits. There were doubts and questions that popped up. Yet, you did go to the trial room before making a decision. Some decisions are easily made while some take years. It's alright, it really is. We are not displaying our progress cards on a notice board for public scrutiny.

    The wardrobe is neater on some weeks than others. The graph is not linear, it is unlikely that it will be so. In therapy, we first learn to accept the wardrobe when it is unsettled. We are aware that neatness needs consistent maintenance and it is hard work. The challenges don't go away, we train ourselves to work in their presence.

    And, while you are taking care of the wardrobe, you know that you're not alone. Your therapist is unconditionally rooting for you.


  • preetkanwal 22w

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    I’ve de cluttered wardrobe
    of my mind
    It was overflowing with
    unpleasant memories .
    Since I threw my old stuff
    there’s breathing space in my
    I’ve donated to the needy my fancy gifts
    since then i remain in high spirits.
    I was never rich but now I feel enriched
    weaving muslin of poesies
    out of archives
    and imprint it with simple metaphors of smiles.
    I never lock it n’ have no fear of getting it stolen
    O’ Lord thanks for opening
    the closed wardrobe of my mind
    to live in the verse of life emboldened.


  • the_wanderer30 22w


    Hey there, Wardrobe,
    Give me your only dark robe,
    I wish to see you in colors,
    Of origins from various world flavors,

    You were my favorite hide spot,
    Which I fancied a lot,
    You kept me warm and cosy,
    When my loved ones were tired and busy

    An escape was what I seeked for,
    But you gave me that and much more,
    You kept me save from tragic,
    Yet I still hoped for some magic,

    For a moment I wished to be Lucy,
    For you to pull me into a world of fantasy,
    I waited for you to open a secret portal,
    Where I could roam and be a wandering mortal

    Though it all seemed like pure imagination,
    I wish you bring me to a farway destination,
    But for now just give me a robe,
    And promise I won't probe,

    For, you are my precious Wardrobe....

  • the_fragile_broken_and_lost 22w

    Old & Worn

    My wardrobe is full of my old clothes.
    And none of my new.
    My new are very revealing.
    Really don’t belong in my wardrobe.
    When they are old and worn
    I will just toss them away.
    Because they are not here to stay.

  • frozensun 22w


    Threadbare asunder
    Fibril dimmed through memories
    Uses found plenty
    Scoured stressed torn time again
    Eyes gaze upon glimpse of poor


  • cardelljhardy 22w

    Christening Gown

    Inside my shallow wardrobe.
    Hung a radiant white shiny robe.
    This clothing cane with me in the waters
    Where I was washed clean by my Father.
    The spirit of joy I wore around my body
    I now keep locked in my heart eternally.
    God, remind me again of this clothing.
    Because it was the start of me following.

  • mriduagrawal 22w


    Wardrobe.....was it a another home for me and my siblings !!

    Playing hide and seek for all those years
    Scare friends by getting into a role of ghost
    A place of warmth to get rid of my mom's stick
    Always try to find something new in it making more adventurous everytime

    May be was an another undesirable sibling for me !!

    Wardrobe.... always conceals my ball in his darkest lap and vexes us
    He holds the ball for long time until he could
    enjoy the tickling sensation of small hands with full joy
    Wardrobe....takes the benefit of his height
    Laughs on us as we couldn't reach his topmost room
    Wardrobe....irritates us by his wooden fragrance for not bathing in rain as he made himself busy in romantic gossiping with walls in whole rainy season
    Wardrobe....make us insecure about trust
    As he stores precious moments of elders with expected maturity
    But now , I'm an adult and heightened as he became closer to my heart with these passing years ....
    Wardrobe...cherishes me with his extended wider arms ..
    Wardrobe.... trustworthy sibling

    who captivates my all precious
    Moments in different part of his body ...
    Wardrobe... don't let me forget about
    Scarlet colored dress gifted by my sister and on my 18th birthday....as the journey will full of joy , heat , passion and courage
    The shoe pair gifted by father to chase my goals
    The bangles wrapped in rainbow colours gifted by my mother to shine as sun soaked in water
    The hair clips gifted by brother to stick pure souls on my head
    The gold medal hanging on rod reminds me of star brightening high in the sky
    The jumping rope gifted by teacher to jump as much higher as you can

    But still
    Wardrobe.....giggles silently when I forget about something and start frantically looking for it in a scared way .....

  • earl_maurice 22w

    Old Clothes

    I hung the robes of my old religion in the back of my wardrobe, and I adorned myself in new faith.

    In its drawers my novice notions of God lay packed away, along with false theologies that blocked me from his grace.


  • lalleiy 22w


    Wardrobe! what a fighting name given to the regular rectangular shaped almirah in my room, especially, when I am at war with it daily.

    In my school days, I was very much not concerned with the space and clothes in its limits. When I came from school I found every nook and corner to throw the bag and the school uniform except the WAR-drobe.

    U see I was at war with it and I was regularly scolded by my mother for doing that not only after coming from school but departing for the same in the morning.

    I use to fight a war with the shirt and trousers in WAR-drobe so furiously that mother got to intervene between us and launch the peace keeping measures using bamboo stick so that order was maintained in and around the WAR-drobe area.

    And I used to dance, like a bear dances, to the tune of its madaari. Following the instructions was like automating the software testing process. Each step to collect the uniform from the closet was like a herculean task given the amount of clothes put in the WAR-drobe and I use to struggle at it so I was always late to my school.

    Now, I shifted to hostel for continuing my education and the WAR drobe was bigger from every angle. But fortunately, I used to hang my clothes behind the entrance door.
    But it sounded like a brief truce in my war led room for at least a week. After the Saturday, I used to wash the clothes and this was war(sh) of another kind. Please don't think I was lazy that will be underrated as I was epitome of laziness except for a few legends whom I was succeeding.

    Four years went by and I realised this WAR-drobe is actually a place which made me aware and pushing me some sort of discipline which is necessary for daily life.

    So, I was a veteran during the war against my so called WAR-drobe, so I was pushed aside in this war during the bygone years.

    Now, we all are amidst a war against corona and least number of persons needed for daily existence of the world are working these days, weeks and now months and gradually years and I am not in them.

    I am now missing the same WAR-drobe for the battles and wars I have fought with it over the years. My interactions with it are limited as I pass days in limited clothes and am not in peace with this situation. The wardrobe is not at all moving and is taking a heavy toll on itself by storing my ironed clothes which I use to wear to my workplace.

    Now it's actually awar(e)drobe making me a person aware of the prevailing change...

    Take care people it's gonna change soon.


  • sou_scribbles_ 22w

    A collection of five short stories. I know this is long, but I wanted to try something different this time, and I would be blessed if you kindly give it a read..
    #wardrobe #wod #shortstories #life
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    She stood in front of her wardrobe. Clad in a maroon silk saree, with a golden chain adorning her neck and her hair flowing casually over her shoulders, she glowed with a newfound confidance. It was the day she had always waited for…her convocation. The years of hardwork have paid off, and she was finally about to prefix a ‘Dr.’ before her name. She fished through her locker, till she had found it….her new Littman stethoscope. It was a gift from her dad for this special day. He had sent it a few days ago and the new doctor could not wait to put it around her neck….FINALLY!!
    She sighed, wishing that her dad was here on this special day of hers, but he had a bigger duty to perform….the duty to protect his Motherland. Being posted at Siachen, he could not turn up on his daughter’s graduation day, but he had made sure that his daughter would be taking his blessings and wishes all along with her to the dias…


    She stood in front of her wardrobe. Age had taken its toll on her, and she knew she did not have much time left. Those wrinkles and grey hairs never bothered her…but the failing body would often give in. Her frail fingers trembled, as she took out her wedding saree, smiling to herself, as she tenderly caressed it. How lovingly he used to look at her when she would dress up…
    She sighed, looking at the mirror, the red saree drapped around her thin shoulders. Numerous memories flashed in front of her eye…memories of her younger days…of the days spent in love and utter bliss. She shook them off, and took off the saree.
    In a weak voice, she called for her grand daughter. The little girl had been always fond of her and her sarees. She knew it was time to pass on her legacy…


    She stood in front of her wardrobe. Somewhere in between the stacks of her dresses, she had carefully kept her diary hidden. She needed it today…
    Tears escaped her eyes, as she went through those yellow pages. Each page had a poem written….some of them declaring her love for him…some singing their love story…and some, just missing him, calling him back, asking him to give their relationship one more chance. He never came.
    And there was the yellow oleander, dried, yet perfectly fresh with the memories of their first date. She sighed, as she looked at the flower for one last time, before she kept it between the pages and closed it forever.
    She never knew that she could be this strong, but here she was, standing bravely at the threshold of a new life, as she watched those yellow pages burn…


    She stood in front of her wardrobe. It had been months since her husband had left for his Heavenly abode, yet, the wardrobe still smelt like him. His shirts, his trousers, his deos… they all made her feel that he was just next to her. On lonely nights, after a tiring day’s work, she would still speak her heart out to his shirts.
    “You know, they had always asked me to get married again. Little do they know that I had promised you ‘forever’. They think, it is tough being a single mother. Well, it is…but not as long as I have you by my side. I promise, I’ll bring up our kid with all love and care…I’ll never let him be deprived, or sympathetised. I was looking for a job, remember? Well, today I had received my first appointment letter.”
    A drop of tear unknowingly made its way to the blue shirt….

    She stood in front of her wardrobe. The world had been cruel to her. She has had enough.
    She desperately searched for her sleeping pills. She needed it today….for the last one time. And then, all her problems would end for once and for all. She hunted for the bottle through her dresses, taking them out one by one and throwing them on the floor. And then, she stopped short……
    It was her family pic, that she had laid her hands upon. Her mom, holding her in her arms, smiling like she was the happiest lady on the Earth, with her little daughter in her lap.
    A gush of tears escaped her eyes, as she sat down on the floor, sobbing…her palms covering her face.
    Suddenly, Death did not seem like a good idea. She knew that she wanted to live, again….


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    She stood in front of her wardrobe...

    Five women..
    Five different emotions...
    Five different stories...
    (Read the entire piece in the caption)

  • _beingbeautiful_ 22w


    Wardrobe can be a diary ,
    Which is full of fantacy .
    Used to hide things there ,
    As secrets is present there .
    It never complaints about the things you store ,
    & always smile when you open its door .

  • doc_rohit 22w

    My wardrobe and me

    What else i have to say about my wardrobe and it's belongings. When i met you for the first time, I took out my all unknown colorful cans of expectations. But, from the day you departed from this world all i can found in my subdued wardrobe are shallow promises and pieces of myself to rebuild myself.

  • antheia_ 22w

    #wardrobe #lilacc

    *'Guilt sits heavy like london air in 1850s' & 'churning colours'~ poetconnection & Apanoplyofpoetry


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  • diplomaticqueen_ 22w

    #Wardrobe #wod #pod @writersnetwork @mirakee

    My wardrobe is like the trapdoor to Narnia
    Where time stops indefinitely.
    Where my apparel has stories to tell.
    With each garb that I pick,
    It brings back sad times.
    The times where I was shamed and shunned
    The yellow dress that
    I had to give away!
    Because "My size" was not ideal.
    My ever favourite Jeans
    Was like "the party"
    Only the popular kids got in!
    A green tea stain brought me back
    I put them away.
    And closed my Wardrobe
    And I see Time has indeed
    Passed by.
    I wore my jeans and rode on!
    Forevers are as transient as day!

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  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 22w

    @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork #alliteration
    #wardrobe #wod #pod #alliteration #alphabets #lilacc
    #nightmare #ak_alliterations #ak_alphabets
    BG edit- Bae @arya_abhipsa

    All written rights reserved
    17 May 2021 10.25 pm

    / Z to A - persona + wardrobe - Alliteration/

    Wardrobe of her World ~

    Zephyr caress the zorbeez robes in tangerine hues, humility and humanity at the zenith
    ~ a Zen monk

    Yellow weaves of Youghal lace adorns the yearning soul of a guru to whom world yields
    ~ a Yogi guide

    X-rays of nightmares in a hollow body of mutants, a cloak of misfortune and mystery in a xyst
    ~ an X men

    West wind tickles the woolen coats of a wanderer, a hang watch in waistbag and a warm blanket in backpack
    ~ a wayfarer

    Velvet veiled gowns and velour suits rests in her closet, her hands on the bow, heart on a vow
    ~ a violinist

    Unleashing her virtue and vigour she packed ultrasuede ensembles in her suitcase and her passion, an ukulele
    ~ a unique persona

    Tapestry of daydreams weaved in textiles of amorous beauty - her precious possession, she treads
    ~ a tourist

    Scintillating silks of harmony in hold the entire soul of her, orchestrating a seraphic symphony
    ~ a singer

    Roses of reminiscence, reticella laced attires, she springs with a brimming heart, for her Romeo
    ~ a romantic lover

    Quaffing the ale of ethereal empyrean and beyond, questions encircle her being, quite yet quick
    ~ a quantum soul

    Polaroids of still life moments, an array of albums as prelude to her passionate life, and plush fits, her world shrinks to a picture
    ~ a photographer

    Odes and oracles converge, ottoman silks and ornaments of speech, narrating an odyssey
    ~ an orator

    Nameplates and nemesis urge her to attain more, she flys high, evading nets with notions and novellas
    ~ a nefelibata

    Music awakens her, food for her soul, muslin weaves in magenta shades, and her muse
    ~ a musician

    Love is the embodiment of soul, its eternal attire, linen threads and lilac lace of luck, sometimes lost at life
    ~ a lover lost

    Kaleidoscope of visions and kite-like vibes, knitted dreams, she seeks knowledge
    ~ a kalon beauty

    Jubilant waves of change, she outshines everyone, cwtching the jewel of soul
    ~ a jewel

    Inking stardust on a stellar sky, gleaming over nocturnal life, in her veins is color blue, inscribing imaginations
    ~ an Inara

    Holistic hues of desire splashed on the canvas of life, she paints a holy heaven
    ~ a haven of colors

    Gardens blossoming in spring, awakening the growth of a soul, adoring the garment of nature
    ~ a gardener

    Fragrance in the wind, fragile blossoms surrounding, fashionista of a kind, fusion of flavours
    ~ a florist

    Embodiment of Elegance, embellished in golds and silvers, enchantress in ethinic wear
    ~ an empress

    Dashing and delightful, breathing life to dormant dreams, doleful and dainty, dancing to drums
    ~ a dancer

    Cuddling clouds of white and coloring the welkin in neon, some crumbled notes and coins
    ~ a cloudwalker

    Blues and greys combine, silky silhouette sways, enchanting the audience in the tale of blackswan
    ~ a ballerina

    Array of stars make way for her abode, adorning angelic white, and devoting life to art
    ~ an artist

    Wardrobe of Her

    Halcyon days weaved Habutai silk gowns for her, part hailing happiness, part haunting horrendous... nonetheless left her heavy heart longing for a hiraeth

    Eagerly awaiting phobias in Eolienne,corded curtains, entailing her endeavors, emerging to erase her efforts to embark on an enlightening journey, tempting her to elope with ego... whereas she ensures to engage in embodiments elegantly with energy, envisioning a future well enlivened

    Reveries reformed themselves into raging Russel cords, reminiscence running in warp-wise lines, entangling with her reflexes and veiling her reflection... hitherto rests those rare records of her rosy life, recollections of rains and rainbows reviving in riveting rhythmic refrains

    // She's a Ballerina of Beguiling blue nights
    Inamorata of the Balmy Moonlit sky
    Inking Blissful verses, a Buoyant star //


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  • manasvini 22w

    Suggestions and mistakes are welcomed.
    #wardrobe #wod

    I opened my clumsy wardrobe
    Looking for memories to revive
    I peeped thoroughly in probe
    To mend the seperation which made me strive

    Behind the hat in the upper corner
    Covered with dusky dust cloth
    A box rescued peculiarly, lovely and warmer
    Contains a scarf
    Embroided with hearts back and forth

    Woven with threads of love
    Love of cute little friendship
    Lost in the jungle of adulthood

    Along with a lovely card
    'Jackie'- it reads, crafted with two type pearls
    One sticked on of highly regards
    Another from the eyes of countless emotions
    Scattered together in a beautiful manner

    I closed the box with intense pain
    Filled inside with unknown deep regret
    But I did not let the pain go in vain

    I struggled to find her
    I remembered her smile
    The smile which never changed
    And so our love
    The years felt us long as the river Nile

    Yet our friendship never changed
    in the spiral of ages,
    We cried our heart out,
    Yes we have childhood friendship love
    But it's worthly true than any other

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    Yes, we forget to smile
    Because we don't have a friend
    to walk for a mile


  • inkandfable670 22w

    Some pairs of pants,jeans ,tees and comfy tops
    Shawl, stoles, and colourful scarfs,
    Cleaning, shifting and folding my messed clothes
    As it's weekend days of rearranging wardrobe

    Organizing it again, found a simple suit
    Woven with the thread of warmth
    Died with colours of love , got it last year
    A piece of my mother's love ,I love to wear ,

    In corner, saw a cute little skirt, now it doesn't fit
    But still here, reminding the days when I was kid
    With a smily face I brushed it with hands
    Keep that on place after folding it again,

    There is hairpin grandpa brought me that,
    Seeing it's bright stone, recalls olden days
    When his weak shrunken hands patted my backs
    On doing good deeds or getting good grades,

    While rolling my eyes in every corner
    They stopped on a lemony yellow colour
    It's a Jacket gifted by uncle, a little bit old
    But ,I still put it whenever it's so cold,

    I know ,
    Time possesses the power of making anything old
    By sprinkling of love can turn it valuable than gold
    fashion fades and changes, as long as time passes
    But feelings remain forever on the horizon of our heart ,

    On the upper most shelf, there is some costly attire
    Embroidered with glimmering silvery thread ,
    Embelled with blingy sequins
    Similar to those artificial and sophisticated ones
    Who only look goods ,never comfort in pains,

    Yet I keep them with special care, thinking that
    Regrets shouldn't be called regrets
    As they always teach something new
    So ,I think it's not that bad to have them few,

    There is much more to show, many stories to say,
    Many pieces of emotions ,
    Souvenirs of reminiscences
    Wrapped in a cellophane, stored in another place

    Wish to make them a part of my wardrobe,
    but it isn't spacious as space,
    I know I'm being silly, hope you wouldn't mind,
    'This is how I'm ', as my wardrobe defines.



    Picture Credit- Pinterest

    @writersnetwork thanks for the like ❤

    #wardrobe #pod #wod
    #mirakee #lame

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