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  • moonyblues 1d

    I Declare War

    I come to you now and I declare war

    My salvation is near so I declare war 

    My body is sore hands no gripping the sword with a dagger in my heart my heart spills when it pours 

    In wonders I'm forged 

    No wonder I'm warped

    I wander in blunder torn asunder by storms 

    But in the thunder its warm 

    I don't know where you are

    I can't feel a thing past the scars 

    It's hard

    I know it is for you too

    But I'm weaker than you

    I'm seeking the deuce 

    But too scared to run cuz I was peeping the news 

    What am I supposed to do 

    My heart's explosive like Cupid

    I think I love you too much am I like closer to stupid 

    It's closer what you did 

    The way that I'll make it is a little bit crazy 

    The tell of it naked is a little bit amazing 

    I'm shady

    And all the blurry spots im shading

    A lunatic maybe

    But I'm crazy for you I'm the craziest baby

    You'll have to save me or slay me 

    I won't leave no room for middle you can't change or persuade me 

    You can't suey or dismay me 

    But I'm loving you always even in hate you just take me

    It's never late when you make me 

    So I'm awaiting the date no patience till you man up and date me


  • _rango_ 2d

    Peace and war

    She gives me the kind of peace,
    That make me to war for her

  • unsung_seagull 3d

    I sell mirrors
    In a kingdom
    Of blind.
    Words of wisdom
    To a crowd
    Of deaf.

    Finding order
    In chaos is
    One thing.

    A knack for
    Stoning the
    Still waters is
    The other.

    Mundane choices,
    Usual noises.
    Between extremes.
    Lost in the grey-

    Hot iron's been
    Cast in shape.

    A sword to
    Wage a war in
    My mind has
    Spilt blood.

    And the paper
    That soaked
    It up has
    Rhymed poetry.

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    War in Head


  • karenallen284 5d

    You've taught me many things. The most important one being - I don't need your love and attention as much as my mind believes it does.
    Oh, how I wish I could tell you, your attention does make my heart flutter though.

    This is the incessant war between my heart and my head.

  • azulonze 1w

    Full Piece Below ���� : "Wars"
    The World's on Fire,
    Silent and Deadly Wars are Taking More Lives,
    The Battle is Getting Longer and Harder...
    With the Raging War inside the Heart.
    Silent and Deadly, But Blind to Been Seen...

    War of the Mind, War of the World, War of the Heart...
    Isn't it Too Much to Take in? All at Once?
    Yet the Tempered Soul... It Keeps Fighting On...
    It Holds on, Just to Feel Life,
    Before Eternal Night Comes by.

    AO[© azulonze]

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    #dark #azulonze


    [Silence is my Language... Do you Hear me?]
    - AO [© azulonze]

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    The World's on Fire,
    Silent and Deadly Wars are Taking More Lives,

    [Read Caption for Full Piece Below ]

    Forever Humbled,
    A Kid with Words


  • sirfsadharan 1w

    Shabd aur Khanjar

    Shabd aur Khanjar dono ek dusre se bilkul alag hai.
    Phir bhi in mein ek Samanta hai.
    Ki Khanjar ki dhar peni hoti hai dikhai deti hai uski dhar ka prayog ham apne anusar kar sakte hai.
    Jabki iske bilkul alag shabd hai jo kbi bi Khanjar ki dhar ki tarha war karte hai.

    Dono ka niyantran ham pr hi nirbhar karta hai.

  • mohua_leo 1w


    Look at the sun shining bright
    The soldiers are off to war with tear filled smiling eyes
    They are leaving behind their loved ones praying...
    Marching forward with bravery in their hearts
    For the last time looking back to sons, daughters, mothers and wife
    And fathers standing with blessings on their lips
    The bravehearts sadly waving happy goodbyes
    Promise of their safe return on their lips
    Doubts in their minds and smiles on the faces
    God knows how the war will end
    Whether they will die fighting for their country or they will remain alive
    But no matter what happens to them, they will make their nation proud
    They are the real heroes, the honoured citizens of the world
    So let there be peace and feeling of brotherhood all around
    No more fighting, no more war
    Let each one be their family's shining star...

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    Heroes of the World

    Look at the sun shining bright
    The soldiers are off to war with tear filled smiling eyes
    They are leaving behind their loved ones praying...
    Marching forward with bravery in their hearts

  • noo_biewriter 1w

    This is the part 2 of my poem "Lost"
    Check out part 1 of poem lost if you haven't

    Tell me how good or bad my poem is

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    Lost(Part 2)

    They say , after this everything will be fine
    the sun will shine on us again
    But now everything went in vein

    Why the hunger of conquering satisfied by the thirst of blood
    Why the rise of someone is in simultaneous with the downfall of someone
    Why is the war the only solution?

    I am lost,
    lost in the guilt of not getting killed along with my people...

  • noo_biewriter 1w

    Poem no. 3 :Part 1
    Poem "Lost" by me is a poem that describes the after result of war, how war is always meant to bring destruction. War can never bring construction, it uproots the lives of thousands living the rest to strave.
    What could be worse than being the only survivor of the war , the only who to see the downfall of their own people.
    Wrote in a pov of a war orphan
    This is the first part of the poem, second part will be posted soon....

    Tell me who good or bad my poem is��

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    I am lost,
    lost on the track of life
    not knowing where I will end up dying

    I pass through every street
    streets that look similar
    Oh ! It's my town
    Town where I am not supposed to live a single breath

    The red colour of evening was mourning
    mourning to the blood on the ground,
    blood of my people which believe it will end up tomorrow

    The town was so silent,
    silent even the breeze of death could be feel
    but am I the only one to feel it??

    Wait, I felt the presence of a living force
    maybe it could be my mom , maybe it could my dad , maybe it could be my friends.....
    No it's just a crow , rumbling over a dead dog

  • james_taumas 2w


    Absolom they cry
    The beautiful warrior
    An angel fallen
    His sword named desolation
    Pestilence his steed
    A lord of war
    Demon host he leads
    Bloody tsunami follows
    Widows and children mourn
    Cities to ash
    The destroyer has arrived.


  • thetramp 2w


    It hurts me you want to keep fighting a war after the white flag has been raised.

  • slaughtered_heart 2w

    This war between my mind and
    my heart hurts me so bad...

    Let the war be between our hearts,
    I will tell my heart to lose everytime...

    Atleast I will have you even if I lose.


  • slaughtered_heart 3w

    The moment you left,
    A war began inside me.
    The one I am still fighting,
    for almost 3 years now.


  • 9794dhruv 3w

    War Saga

    Many wars and casualties count....
    Countries and States win the war
    But what about those who lose their love which had gone so far....
    What about those daughter, mother, brother and sister who lose everything....
    What about those , who lose Mr. Perfect
    And become disable..
    Countries and States win the war
    But what about those who lose their love
    Which had gone so far...
    Capital and casualties the amount they give to win the war....
    This saga is infinite because they fight till the last man dies...
    Human made nuclear bombs but..
    Mouse don't made mouse traps for them
    Fight for relegion,country and state
    Just a small piece of land
    At last they get casualties count....
    This heaven is not for humans
    Because country and state won the war
    But what about those lose their love which had gone so far..


  • devilfish 3w


    A lotus flower
    A mathematically created pattern
    By the object that holds creation
    And shadow it's hidden gem
    It's lost in the ocean's drunken
    State of homicidal rage that echoes
    And comes in waves
    She will wax
    She kills when she has whiskey in her Vains
    A murderous moonlit phase of dark watery haze and concealed pain
    Insane darkness that screams her name
    And conducts the charge to her brains
    She's feeling the reigns as she pulses
    Onto the beach
    In hateful waves
    That are settling as it simmers
    To a glimmer
    Shimmering with energy
    It creates
    Mark your dates
    You'll witness
    Her pain
    She aches to remain while you watch her waste away
    Feeding it full of selfishness and hate
    Waste eating at her tectonic plates
    Delicate like the largest organ we share
    We give it no name
    No fame
    And bitcoins
    And bait are the construct of our consciously
    Constructed course of shifted blame
    While they were hit with the flame
    Of karma and unfortunately the tides will swell in our tears
    Our children are our fate
    Our state is not going to feel fake
    When we cannot eat money
    Trees can't be made to flesh
    We're not waste or scraps
    Beginners because time isn't going to tape
    It's endless clock and create
    An unhealthy pattern that wants to overstate its importance and underneath it's urgency
    Is a percepticide of increasing fervently more
    Aggressively to infect the minds
    Of eyes with blinding binding toxic chemical
    Cocktail and an ego cutting edges of crystals
    Weaving pistol
    Trans lives matter
    Black lives matter
    All shades of all colors
    Whether the absence
    Of an important concept
    That's the public has decided to marginalize any thing that will harm their bank account
    As they exercise genocide in exchange with
    The paper's of it's research from experiments that chain patients down and kill them without anything to sedate
    Or create any interference with the infections
    And their deliverance by Japan
    There's mention of its crimes we
    Let the world commit the most vile
    Bribe of an wronged people
    They called logs
    Why are we littered with hypocrisy
    And settled in seeing through fog
    Insisting things are as they are
    They don't run away and jog
    The victim of the place the other book
    The one that barred windows
    And shook houses that fell into shambles
    I'm not waiting for the truth to introduce itself
    I'll pursue it with a scale
    And 3 candles

    And oleander to honey
    Snake venom

  • saba_alvi 4w


    Sometimes you want to evacuate every thought and want to do nothing even breathing.

  • sayan21 4w

    An evening

    A niece evening,a hungry stomach,the tears,you have everything but you have noone,making fists unknowingly, cursing yourself.....and finally.... looking over the sky ...the stars... the tears...end of a small war, finally.


  • yourpassword 4w


    ये जिंदगी मानो जंग बन गई है,
    और युद्ध में शामिल हुआ केवल में ही हूं।
    जैसे, खुद की खुद से लड़ाई हो,
    जीतेगा कौन मालूम नही।
    पर यह खेल जल्द ही खत्म होगा,
    इसपर यकीन करना मुश्किल है।


  • slaughtered_heart 4w

    When the war is from the inside , no one else can help you.

    #war #within #life #broken #alone #sacrifice #complain #blame @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    To be in my place, taking all the blame even if the mistake isn't mine, taking everyone's stress , not complaining about loneliness is a kind of war you fight over and over again and never win it....


  • roel_gonz 4w

    What this war for?
    Brave men with armor
    Died with honor
    Guns in their arms
    And no food growing in the farms
    Hungry for blood
    Bodies floated in the ocean made of mud
    Decorated with medals
    A casket full of petals
    What a waste of life?
    Love is out of sight
    Give peace a chance
    Take a quick glance
    of a silent morning
    and a new day dawning
    in the peaceful blue sky