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  • himayan_writes 45w

    The Forgotten Wall

    On one of those frozen festive nights,
    Embellished with tiny, twinkling lights,
    Lay the long forgotten wall covered in moss, cold and damp.
    The Wall was revived by the warmth from the lamp.
    Under the dazzle of the faint glow
    The Wall had several marks to show.
    A chip on the edge from a cricket bat.
    A linear scratch, halfway, where the chair sat.
    A tiny hole at the top with rust from an old screw.
    And a big crack down, where the Bougainvillea grew.
    The Wall could narrate a lengthy tale
    From when the paint was fresh to when it got stale.
    The Wall remembers the years when it was left alone.
    It has been age since the twinkling lights shone.
    New voices and new face. New people had come to stay.
    The old Wall recalls that this was always the way.
    The old would leave and the new would come,
    And the Wall would witness and record it, standing numb.
    No one remembered the Wall, once they were gone.
    The Wall always recalled the stories of the marks when it was alone.


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    An invisible,


    A strong


    Made of fear,



    Unpresidented, unplanned


    Loss of




    Of being left behind,

    Oh! What not!

    An invisible virus

    has confined all

    Within it.

    It's the wall....winding around


  • anonymous_jen 47w

    The wall

    One day I was trying to find my myself because I always felt there's something missing. I found many hidden memories which were covered by mud of present worries but still those were not the missing piece.

    I continued to search it but suddenly I cannot see anything I felt Like i was teleported into the darkest part of my mind.. where there was no shine.. I continued walking foreward there wasn't any road to guide were to go... I trusted my instincts and kept going on..

    There was something in surrounding which was hurting me but I can not make out what it was hurting me soo bad that I wanted to cry..

    But suddenly I hit a dead end I thought.. as I couldn't walk even a step forward.. I felt down from impact of whatever I had run into... I got up and tried to guess what it was... I put my hands on it.. It was something hard and big..... I tried to push it but it was sooo strong, I felt that there was no moving it alone. I tried to search around too see if it had an end but I couldn't find any ... It was so large like it was blocking of a whole part of my mind..

    Suddenly I got an idea.. I put my hand on that wall and close my eyes trying to understand the vibes coming from wall... 1st there was noice of many people speaking.. no no shouting at once.. I couldn't make out what they were saying.. but then I concentrated and things became clear.. I was able to listen to all of them one by one... They were the beliefs and rules of so called society which were hammered inside me from the beginning and opinions of others about what I did.. each of that beliefs had turned into a brick and collectively they made this never ending wall..

    Suddenly the feeling of hurt I felt while walking here came.back to me, this time I accepted it and tried to find why it was hurting.. I found those were rasor sharp leaves of surrounding bushes which were born from inscidences when these beliefs has stopped me from getting my own happiness..from inscidences when others opinion had made me.do something I myself didn't wanted to..

    All the memories were flooding inside my mind when I had not listened to myself and given priority to what society had to say.. and I found may be that's why I lost a part of myself.. and this huge wall is the only thing in between my and my lost true self.. and it's me who allowed it to Be built here by always listening to others ..

    Then I decided that it has to stop now.. from that moment I would be in charge of my destiny.. I always would listen to myself and always be true to myself..

    Just then suddenly that area that was pitch black started looking brighter like some invisible source was alighting them and I heard some sounds coming from that wall,
    I looked at it it was clearer to my eyes now.. that huge black wall was not so intact now.. there was many cracks and crevices forming now.. it kept deepening and bright like from another side started seeping to this side... suddenly with a loud boom the wall crumbled into.dust and I was met with beautiful place where light was every where.. suddenly I saw myself in there now smiling at me with pride and joy.. I understood that that is my lost part.. which now I have found... He came to me we held hands it started disappearing.. no no not disappear but merging with me... And just before we become one.. one strong voice said... I'm proud of you my son... Now walk on the path you chose for yourself and you'll meet your true destiny which you have wanted for yourself...this said The voice of Almighty was gone.. you'll ask how I know!? I know because I felt it in my core...
    And now I regained my consciousness and I was filled with new found vigor and start my journey to my destiny with myself as a whole....


  • treble_clef 47w

    Four Walls

    You are kept on a high pedestal
    You are worshipped as the mother of all
    Your beauty is boundless in bards' praises
    Your virtues adorn the Holy pages

    Where are you in reality? I look around
    There! I find you trapped within four walls!
    Walls that protect? Or are you imprisoned?
    Walls that rise high, to keep you trapped.


  • good_soul 47w

    Short Poem on Wall :

    She stands there on the other side
    Quiet and Crying...

    A part of Us has recently died,
    Yet to Love is what we're still trying

    I keep screaming and shouting
    Asking for a sign

    But She never speaks much
    I guess that's just fine.

    To ask for Her Trust
    I'd have to betray my pride...

    I don't know if I could even adjust
    Life has became a Rollercoaster Ride.


    Brick by Brick, Emotion by Emotion
    We build our House of Love...

    I guess I'll just stick to my devotion
    Starting with Breaking Down this Wall, first off.

    It's said that, 'Walls have Ears...'
    But I'd purposely speak aloud

    I want to hear You speak without any fears,
    Our Love has nothing to hide from this weak crowd.

    But until she decides to have me back,
    I'll have to hold the call...

    Because She stands there on the other side
    On the other side of a Broken Heart's Wall.


    #wall #poem

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    W A L L

  • hk55555 49w

    Knock The Door

    Knock the door only when your are ready
    The place behind the door is full of mystery
    There is deep darkness everywhere
    You are not able to find the glance of shine their
    Knock the door only when your are ready
    To put your feet in death man cave
    Which is filled with corpse of dead dream
    Knock the door only when your are ready
    When you able to imagine pain she is going through
    Knock the door only when your are ready
    To accept her darkest past & her reason of pain
    Knock the door only when your are ready
    To understand her not judging her without understanding her reason
    Knock the door only when your are ready
    To combat with her fire which is killing her slowly
    Knock the door only when your are ready
    To climb the Everest & cross the desert to reach her heart
    The heart which is hidden inside the solid steel wall
    Knock the door only when your are ready
    The place behind the door is full of mystery

  • ashish_panwar 49w


    Every day the colours of your love climb the walls of my heart.
    So I smile every day
    be happy.


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    Do not try breaking someone's well built wall if you don't intend to then protect their exposed heart.


  • sayan251 56w

    Just Saying..❤

    Na Haro Housla Zindegi Mae Kabhi

    Humne Footpath Mae Sone Wale Ko
    Yaha Mannat Basate Dekha Hai♡

  • rosez_n_thornez 60w

    Little women with her mask of make up strong and secure.
    She built up a wall she thought was impenetrable.
    One day a man came into her life,
    that little by little chipped away at the wall that she created.
    Until one day, finally the wall she built came crashing down with a great force.
    Behind that clad iron wall He saw the scared little girl she kept hidden inside.
    To see the vulnerability under all her cocky behavior only made him fall even deeper.
    By the wall coming down this left her vulnerable to the cruel world .
    So many people had hurt the little girls like behind the wall it was the reason she builds the wall and the facade of a cocky and bubbly person.
    What she didn't know is that the man would become her Shield and would make sure no one could harm her.
    where she lacked confidence he would build her up to make sure no one could ever hurt his little woman.
    In the end she learned she could let herself be vulnerable
    and she had someone to lean on
    to give her the confidence she never truly had

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    Like a shadow on a cracked wall.

    I don't want to live like a shadow on a cracked wall.

    The pain in the crack is dark, hidden behind the gall.

    No matter how close the shadow is, you can't trace the face.

    Struggling to unveil the face of life as I continue the chase.

    One Shadow in the dark, multiple shadows in the light.

    I love my shadow in the dark to my shadow in daylight.

    Life is a bitch, I built myself and my shadow two kennels.

    Don't judge my shadow, be your own panel.


  • anthonyhanible 64w

    Perpetual Love

    This cave
    This rollercoaster
    Sorry it's cloudy
    So hard to explain
    How the sun still managed to shine
    Holding hands
    Kisses still sends chills
    Never ending bond
    Mountain after mountain
    Climb after climb
    Wall after wall
    Crash after crash
    Breakup after breakup
    Makeup after makeup
    Our love will last forever
    And ever and ever

  • sayan251 65w


    I had long way to go,
    There was nothing I owe.

    The journey of my life
    To achieve the goal, to survive.

    Trees are planted by the people,
    Which has roots of discourage and leaves of evil.

    In the journey I found a river,
    Of my mistakes, which always trigger.

    It wasn't the complication to my journey overall
    The chief problem was the WALL.

    The WALL of fear.
    It was Towering, well built so that no one could bare.

    I perceive that the WALL has no existence in the real world.
    I hunt the origin of the WALL, but I found no where except in my imaginary world.

    I climb the WALL, and saw world behind the WALL.
    As soon as I entered the world behind the WALL,

    Wow! I realize how strong I am, I can achieve my goal,
    Because I saw MAGIC BEHIND THE WALL.

  • the_unheard__voice__ 66w

    The picture on the wall

    The picture on the wall,
    Said it all.

    When I was an infant,
    I was framed on the wall.
    When I was young,
    I was hung on the wall.

    The picture on the wall ,
    said it all.

    When I was married,
    I had a company on the wall.
    When I died,
    I was permanently hung on the wall.

    The picture on the wall,
    Said it all.


  • lim_a_ 67w

    To be loved is dying to live

  • asterich 67w

    Wall of Life

    He Trickled down the broken wall
    Leaving behind a part of himself to travel great a distance.

    But in the end, It was time to go the small journey he was making on the wall of life was coming to an end.

  • itsginiofficial 69w

    You never minded me
    I was Just a shadow on your wall
    That's why when it got dark
    You couldn't see me