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  • iqujiger 5d

    #Wod....#life....@... writerswork..
    Isn't it the #wait for The #forever sleep

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    IS it the fluctuating count of
    OR, The impatient
    wait for the sighful deaths
    OR, IS it the corpse labelled
    with the Random names
    OR, The quest for the
    Temporarily fames
    The handful of timely promises
    OR, The fragile string of
    perishing hopes.
    Few drops of THE specific fragrance
    OR, isn't it the mirage on a road
    Which deceives us all at the end .

  • _flow_of_words_ 6d


    As I was sitting near the door in the darkness, waiting for you to come back to me, I realized how afraid I am of the dark, which isn't so scary when you are around me. But today, I am hoping for you to be at our home, maybe just to let me see you as long as I want to and to stay forever with me, but perhaps you like going away from me because whenever you go away, you are late to be back at home. And the darkness seems never-ending, letting me hear the silence of my own words when you are not around me.

    _ Utkarsha Kalambe
    Dt. 11 Sep, 2021 @20:13 hrs IST

  • stellaire_mystique 1w

    Pyaar karta tha majboori nai bas islie jane diya...
    Agr mein rok leta toh sayad apne hi pyaar ki kimat girani padti...

  • passionate_prism 1w

    I write what I feel. My writing piece are purely my deep heart feelings. #mirakee #writersnetwork #writers #words #feelings #love #wait #heart

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  • surabhig 1w

    I am back after a long long time.
    Actually, I can say that it is my season 2 of the writting era.
    Season 1 was the time when my mom could recover from cancer.
    And now season 2 is when I am just lost in my past...
    Though things are quite straight now, there is stiffness everywhere.
    I have lost in that despair and that disgrace...
    I have lost myself in the process of medically healing myself....
    I have lost the happiness, to listen to the sound of rain...
    I have lost the taste of my perfect coffee
    And infact the desire to make it as well.
    I have lost hope in all,
    And amongst all.
    I have been a machine,
    Operating on some logics that's all.
    A slumber deep sleep and a buffet full of food,
    Topped with cheese,
    I dont believe in fantasy,
    In anything above than these...

    I have lost the faith,
    In the almighty,
    I have lost the cheerfulness,
    Which was in abundance with me always...

    As some sequel have their own charm,
    From season 1 to season 2,
    These characters change a lot,
    A season 1 flashback,
    Holds in my life as well,
    I was that girl, happy go lucky,
    Waiting to flaunt my dreams,
    Always and forever.
    Dreaming of something bigger,
    Deeper and peaceful.

    Season 2, this time,
    The characters and their backgrounds,
    Are locked same now,
    But the only thing changes,
    Is my view,
    I am that woman now,
    Who has become independent,
    To such a core,
    That now she dreams of nothing,
    No man can make her happy,
    Neither she is wanting to give away her happiness
    To any such stranger...

    Seasons change,
    Leaves have their fall,
    Skies empty themselves by raining,
    And the sun rises above all...

    Correlating then,
    I am at stage 1...
    There are 2 more phases of trauma,
    For that sun to heal
    For that sun to come.


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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 1w



    She had never waited too long for someone or something, may be nothing could ignite the lamp of her desires too long.
    The number of times you fail is directly related to the increase in the intensity of your desires. Red lines, yes red lines, which she hated to the core as a student because those red lines in the marksheet invited taunts from her parents and compelled her to re-appearing for the paper she didn't like.
    Time has taken her on a roller- coaster ride. It is the same girl who used to curse those red lines wishes to be blessed by them.
    Every month she buys a pregnancy kit, get herself tested and desires to get those two lines.
    It's been five years, it seems the red lines she used to curse then are too disappointed to visit her. She is still waiting, holding onto hopes firmly.

  • utkarsh2203 1w

    Darling, I have wrapped August
    In your memories and
    Put it aside carefully
    Now I am sewing September
    with the threads of hope
    to meet you but, not in my dreams!

    Awaiting you for ages,
    Your king!

  • sacxse 2w


    The key to trade is to wait.

  • kkk786 2w

    मेरे हाथ आजकल तेरी तसवीर बनाने में व्यस्त है।
    किसी ने कहा था तू किस्मत में नहीं है हमारे,
    रूको, जरा सब्र करो
    अभी हम अपने लिए नई तकदीर बनाने में व्यस्त है।।

  • bebaklavz 2w

    अब कहाँ नीदों में ये राते बीतती,
    सिरहाने बैठे वो मेरा इंतज़ार करती
    ताकती दो टूक मुझे और फिर नज़रे फेर लेती
    जैसे मानों की उसे सच का अंदाज़ा हो और हो भी क्यों ना
    सिरहाने बैठे उसने सब देखा हैं
    वो तब भी वहीं थी जब तुम थी,
    वो आज भी वहीं हैं और कल जब तुम्हारी यादें नहीं रहेंगी वो तब भी सिरहाने बैठे मेरा इंतज़ार करेगी,
    पर अब मैंने उसकी आँखों में अमर होने का गुरूर देखा हैं,
    अब कहाँ नीदों में ये राते बीतती,
    सिरहाने बैठे अब कहाँ वो मेरा इंतज़ार करती

  • fly_little_more 2w


    मिल जाये तो शुक्र करना,
    ना मिले तो सबर करना..!!


  • ricoben03 3w

    Countless nights are needed to meet you

    Different seasons have passed
    Moments I cherished with you, still fresh on my mind
    Always excited whenever I think about you
    Standing front of me
    Waiting for my hugs and kisses
    and tell you that I'm real
    It's no longer a dream but it's me
    The one that you waited for a long time
    The one that truly loves you more than his own pride

    I love you
    Is still exist, and lived lively

  • unknown_9 3w

    બસ આ જ તકલીફ આપે છે.

  • jazbat 4w

    मेरी शाम

    वो जो तुम ले गए थे ना !
    मेरी शाम, उस बार
    जब तय था मिलना और
    ढेर सारी बातें करना
    और ये भी कि
    मुलाक़ातों के सिलसिले
    बनाए जाएँगे
    माना था कि अब हम
    दूर नही रह पाएँगे !
    उस शाम जब मैंने पहली बार
    गजरा पहना था
    और अपने तन को
    सुरमई रंग की साड़ी में
    लपेटा था
    तुम्हारी दी वो चूड़ियाँ
    मैंने हाथों में सरका ली थीं
    जिनकी आवाज़ तुम कहते थे
    कि तुम्हें कहीं जाने ना देगी !
    वो पेड़ अमलतास का था
    जिसके नीचे फूलों का
    बिछौना बिछा था
    वहाँ ढेर सारा प्यार मैंने
    बिखराया था
    और उस शाम को डूबते सूरज
    की ऊनींदी रोशनी से सजाया था !
    पर तुम नही आए, तुमने संदेशा
    भी नही भिजवाया
    ये तो बताओ की मैं समेट लूँ
    अब सब कुछ …
    या तुम मेरी शाम लेकर
    बस अब आने ही वाले हो l

    Ranjana B.

  • uttkarsh_15 4w

    I started this poem some Months ago..... And Now it's completed Finally ��✌️
    PS - Just Ignore the mistakes....
    As I like this poem in the raw form itself ��
    #wait #poem #love #be #happy

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    I'll be waiting For you ....
    Even If It turns From Dusk To dawn,
    We May Share The Late Night Coffees,
    Just To Cope Up With Our Lovely Talks
    And Sleepless Nights,
    Or Just Sit Back Sipping Cup Of Tea,
    In Our Green, Pink And Purple Lawn,
    The Purple Orchids And The Cherry Blossoms,
    Are Enough for Two Of Us,
    To Feel The Amour In Any Of The Mausam,
    Maybe We'll Lay Back On Our Couch,
    For A Thrilling Movie Date ....
    And That Too Horror One
    Because You Insisted The Same as You Knew Me And My Choices ,
    And You were Just Happy Seeing Me Happy,
    When The Movie Really Does the Scare,
    You Just Hug Me Tightly,
    And I too Embrace you In My Arms,
    As Such I'm Expressing.... "I'll be always There for you And With you Mate "
    We'll Have Sweet Evening Walks ,
    Holding Our Hands Entangling Fingers,
    Talking Our day, The Office Or
    Discussing Our Future Plans Together
    With a slow Hand swing-ers
    Just Come when You'll feel like
    As I Know You have
    A life to Live And Make ...
    Your Own Passion and The Dreams,
    When We'll be Together Forever
    We'll Laugh On Our Silly Thoughts And Memories
    Celebrating Our Each And Every Moment Together,
    Sitting Together at The Side of The Lake

  • 7peace 5w

    for a
    Just wait


  • pratibhajadhav 5w

    गर जाना ही था तुम्हें कभी ना लौटने के लिए,
    " मेरा इंतजार करना" ये तो ना कहते..

  • slaughtered_heart 5w

    I don't know what is worse... Waiting in fear or staying with the uncomfortable truth...

    #love #left #fear #uncomfortable #truth #wait @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Every time you try to stay away,
    I fear you will never come back...

    Everytime you come back,
    I know you will leave me again...


  • nishabhartijha 5w

    Waiting ☺

    I wait for your reply like the sun waits for dawn, I wait for your presence in my life like a newbie waits to gain experiences, I have no patience but still I'm waiting for your presence with a hope that one day you will come and hugged me tight and wipe my tears.

    -An introvert naari

  • _little__things_ 5w


    I left my heart at his door
    Yet again, knowing he'll ignore
    All what he said
    And tread
    On my dreams and hopes
    As I skid on his slippery slopes
    Of idiocy or rather mine
    To have trusted him to be so kind

    And then when he asks me why can't we be?
    If only I could say, coz love, years haven't changed who you are
    You are still the prick I so wanted to have as my man!