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    Daisy white demitasse,
    With asymmetrically chipped edges,
    Around the circumference,
    Preserved in the clinquant coffin of metaphors.

    Copious taunts and rejections,
    Strive to camouflage themselves,
    In the frayed sleeves of blue sweater,
    Bequeathed with love.

    Bronze tinted first love letter,
    Fragile as butterfly's wings,
    Presented with exhilarating angst,
    Tucked away beneath the raiments.

    Bits and pieces,
    Preserved for eternity,
    Relentlessly invigorates,
    The moribund soul,
    Sometimes with kisses, and,
    Sometimes with knives.


  • jomal369 14w


    See the world with a feeling of acceptance of beauty in imperfection!

  • blackdee 15w

    #nature #wod #pod #wabisabi #komorebi

    I know I'm late @miraquill
    Buy I'm her now and it's done

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    As I walked on the trail to my tomorrow
    I look forward and the pathway seems to brighten as it goes
    I look back and I see reflections left behind by the full moon of the night passed
    I look up to the sunlight that warms my soul and it is barely visible
    I look to the ground and I'm put in awe by the dance of shadows that emerge as the sunlight filters through the trees round about me
    KOMOREBI!! I exclaim.

    I walked forward Still and I'm amazed by how beautiful the simplicity of the berm is
    I'm awestruck at how something so imprecise could possess such charm.
    I look back to see Komorebi again
    And I realise that it's no longer there
    WABISABI!! I declare.

    For I realize the effect that time has on even the most beautiful and simple of things.

  • outofleague 16w

    Wabi-Sabi is not
    beauty in imperfection or impermanence.

    Beauty in imperfection or impermanence
    are the results of Wabi-Sabi.

    They are not the same.

    e.g. Consider a condition X,
    because of which any outcome Y occurs or
    is subjected to happen.

    The "condition X" would be something
    that would be called as Wabi-Sabi.
    Wabi-Sabi has no (ahem..) material associations
    to the ingredients that are responsible
    for the "outcome Y".

    You don't consider something,
    you don't put effort to observe,
    you don't think about it,
    you don't judge it to be perfect or not..

    The moment you use any of the word
    to describe it, it will lose its identity.
    As it is unbound from any form of literature
    or language.

    It is what makes us to commit to
    decisions of letting things go.
    It is what makes us forgive ourselves
    for the mistakes that have taught us
    lessons which will be staying with us
    It is what convinces one in surrendering
    to the silence and not spoiling a moment
    that brings peace to your heart
    by trying to understand it.

    (e.g Why do you like a particular dress?
    . . .
    I didn't ask that for obvious reasons. ^_- )


    #nature #wod #wabisabi

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    You know what...

    Forget about it

  • puranidiary 16w

    Thanku @writersnetwork for ❤ (29)
    Just a silly attempt ����

    Wabi -sabi means finding beauty betwixt imperfections
    It is about the aesthetic of things in existence, that are “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”
    @writersnetwork @miraquill #nature #wod #pod #wabisabi #komorebi

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    Imperfect , Impermanent, incomplete thy lifestory
    Seasons of sorrows escorting dust of melancholy
    Thy fingers traces shards of broken heart in dark
    Sombre sunsets keeps on smothering your spark
    For now alienate the ache and cloak the chaos of chide
    Breathe the tranquil breezes and embrace the love of life
    Steal the hues of rainbow and paint your peace with hope
    cherish the myriad memories and let the dark past elope
    Accept the hurdles along with waves of happiness as boon
    Embrace thy flaws and shine along with your scars alike moon
    Beneath the canopy of miseries, chase your targets under komorebi
    Filter all your flaws and let thy soul sway on melodies of
    wabi -sabi !!

  • av_1749 16w

    I stand in a forest
    Not knowing where to go
    "You need to do your best"
    "Go with the flow"
    But I'm tired and want to rest
    I just want to lay and feel the wind blow

    It has become dark
    I feel lost and scared
    I'm desperate to hear a lark
    But I don't dare move with my feet bared
    "Enough!" I decide I need a new arc
    A brave me, who dared

    Suddenly, I see a komorebi
    Highlighting the beauty around me,
    Within me, the concept of wabi sabi
    Now, I no longer want to flee

    The new beautiful me, the brave me,
    The imperfect me, the lost me
    Have all found peace within me

    I bid goodbye to the forest
    Which gave shelter to me
    In tough times and when I wanted to rest
    "Come back soon", I agree
    I promise, this time, at my best.

    #thoughts #perception #wod #forest #nature #lost #komorebi #wabisabi @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Thank you @supasesh @theinkdomain @writeforjoy @inhabited @taekook_maknae @manisha_rameshbabu

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    I stand in a forest
    Not knowing where to go
    "You need to do your best"
    "Go with the flow"
    But I'm tired and want to rest
    I just want to lay and feel the wind blow

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    Wabi-Sabi embraces the things that are imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.....the antithesis of our classical Western notion of beauty as something perfect, enduring and monumental...
    - Leonard Koren


    #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #mirakee

    @mrunaalgawhande @notesfromsoul @_sols_ @whitewings @terriblytinyshards

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    Let's stop looking
    For perfection...
    And value the ones
    We truly are..

    Let's be a little messy..
    Rather than be..
    All organized..
    And boring..

    Let's cherish those scars..
    Those cuts and wounds..
    Buried deep...
    In each heart..

    Let's join our broken parts ..
    With gold..
    On our own..
    And love oursleves first..

    Let's vibe in...
    The Wabi-Sabi vibe..
    As the whole world changes their perception...
    Of perfection!


  • prettyimperfectpieces26 236w


    Amidst the hustle of fashion and communication,
    My idea of love is somewhat, "old fashion".
    I admire love letters, handwritten, not typed,
    Red roses and paper confettis, elegance in mind.
    A big fan old time classics and music,
    Perhaps, not in present but a time travelling trick.
    Not fancy dates, but a coffee or movie liason,
    Not a funky guy, but a well dressed man.
    In simple tee shirt and jeans, I'd wait,
    Search for me , in a crowd unrest, have faith!
    Ask me not to be a plastic control freak,
    As somewhere in between, love has made me weak.
    Be at your Imperfect best,
    Because I am none to put you to test.
    Talk to me about intellect , Wanderlust to the Star,
    And, your bucket list, you wish to complete so far.
    Let's talk about us , if future holds us together,
    And, I will love you the way you are, forever!