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  • malikaaqib 14w

    Every night i look up to the stars with hope in my eyes that one day our nomadic species will cross these vast cosmic distences & master the inter-stellar & inter-planetary travel & I really wish to be a chapter or even a page in that book of Voyagers. Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known & surely the future generations of our nomadic species will venture through the cosmos & will discover the treasures of knowledge & wisdom.Those future generations who will set the trajectory of human life on the cosmic voyage will be the best of our species, with less of our weaknesses & much of our strengths in them. It is really astonishing how far our nomadic species came & I really wonder how far in this vastness are we destined to venture. Exploration is in our nature. We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still. We have lingered long enough on the shores of the cosmic ocean & Now We are ready at last to set sail for the stars.