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    //It was not the end but a beginning with no end.
    She stood calm and quiet and rouse her head against the person and asked him to go for he left her when she needed the most. Of a new beginning she thought of. A dawn that would bring her tranquility and pleasure. A birth that would change her history. A launch that would let her achieve success.//

    She was not the old one , the girl who feared to speak against, the girl who not achieving her career went for marriage. Yes! She could have spoken but it was her fault. Although she said a yes to the marriage proposal in a corner she had the desire to achieve what she thought of. But for the sake of her father's happiness she came forward for it.
    The boy, Shyam was totally attracted by her beauty when he saw her in a death ceremony of a person.
    Long black hairs with two dimples appearing on her cheeks while she don that vivid smile, the black bindi she wore with big jhumkas and a gorgeous figure made each boy in the college fall for her.
    But Shyam was the only person she liked or she had feelings for. But never she knew that this person just fell for her beauty and nothing else. Her inner beauty how self confident, calm, honest she was but he never fell for that all he saw in her was just a look of a fairy.

    Happily married couple they were called but the disease she knew about one day that arrived made everything alter. Yes she had vitiligo, often neglected by other people. She was treated with great care when Shyam's family heirlooms saw her beauty. But this beauty of hers one day turned out to be worse to them. It is to be laughable that even shyam didn't turn up to see her face. The face where hairs of her used to fall and he would gently take them backside through her ears, the face where he kissed with utmost care, the face which he would never forget anyway, now turned up to be the face he would not even be in contact with. And she was sent away with a warning to never come back.

    Screams, loud voices of a dead soul crying was the only thing every neighborhood would hear. But one day beside everyone her friend came to her asking her to start a new journey with loads of good reminiscence. A journey never gonna end. A journey to prove herself she is worth of doing every impossible she heard about. And she did stand up. Stand up for her life, for a journey of a long way. A journey of only optimism. A journey to show how strong she is . A journey to take out the deity hidden in the core. A journey to reveal her beauty in those marks over her anatomy.

    // "Shyam, kindly take your valuable face from my house. I don't want to fall for you again. I don't want to get hurt anymore how much you promise to treat me well. But an impression you made that day would never be erased. I want to be a lady as an inspiration for the upcoming youths to make them know themselves, to make them work on themselves, and to make them fall in love with their own epitome. An epitome that would never leave their side like any sapiens out there. I already started a journey, a new beginning with endless desires. Btw best of luck for your life. Kindly bear with it without me. Bye dear of mine." Divya with a smile of relief after uttering these words closed the door and just looked at the sun and dreamt of starting a journey at the end of horizon.//

    [ This a submission to @writersbay , amazing and creative challenge.]
    The beautiful line that's holding its place in first is taken from the last line of the last post of @diyabedi, hope I didn't ruin your line.]
    Readers, it's a lame piece but do read it. I hope you'll like it.


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    Your blemish
    over your
    indeed makes
    you the strongest
    of all. Just beleive!!!

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    //She looked in the mirror, maybe for the first time in seven years. Her best friend, turned into her greatest enemy. She gulped, and ran to her bed. No one to tell her that she was beautiful. No one to hold her hand anymore.//

    It was friday, and she was busy cooking. Cooking for him. After so many days, she got him free at last. How happy she was! They had made love before, but nothing could be compared to the ecstasy and pleasure she got that day. It was special, and more special it got with the remaining passion left in her.She was different this time. She moaned, for the first time. Her body arched towards his. His sweat was all over hers. They were ready to be entwined till the worst happened. While closing her eyes, and enjoying his ardour, she heard him scream. "What is this, Sumana?" Maybe the entire neighbourhood shooked up. Sumana, who was so busy blushing and controlling her emotions, was shocked at first, "Come on baby, I know you're joking." Saying this, she held his neck to kiss him. And he flung her away. She had no idea what happened.
    "You.. y..y-you have a white blotch on your b-back."
    She wasn't sure how to react. How can this white blotch ruin her perfect evening? She walked to the mirror to figure out. The white blot was big, and she remembered nothing like this from her childhood.
    "Is it an infection?"
    "How dare you not tell me about this. I know you were hiding it from me. Screw you." He thundered and went out of the room.
    She didn't stop him. There were times, he would leave like this. And he would always return. He'll return this time too. She thought and smiled. Only to know, after waiting for so long, that he never did. The white dab wasn't anything other then vitiligo. Leukoderma, they called it. And it spread to every corner of her body. Apart from the pain she got by being ignored by everyone, the pain which agitated her more was him leaving and never returning. She never thought, that night would change everything... Never thought, even her favourite person would leave her alone amongst the ogres. Later she understood, he himself was a beast.

    //The nights weeped, never tired to descend fresh warm water, amidst the cold fog surrounding her. The sun seemed to shine, but her morning never came. The moon played along with the stars but never dared to look up. Never did she get hungry, and never did her appetite descend. Never did she dare to smile again. The smile, which was the weakness to many. No other person would be weaker than her. She was shattered in her own world; in her own circumstances, she never imagined would happen to her.//


    [A story of a girl with Vitiligo. Every girl has her own beauty and her smile says it all. Inspired from 'Mahashweta' by Sudha Murty. The middle para is the story. Idk if this story is any good but the message was important.]

    #mirakee #pod #wn #girl #agony #vitiligo #ecstasyc

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    Earlier, the stars would
    be less
    To describe her glow.
    Now, she never dared
    to look
    Up at the sky.

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    All colors are beautiful!

    I'm fair, black and brown
    I don't care as
    It doesn't take me down
    I am not contagious
    I stay courageous
    I just want to bask under
    The shining sun!

    Colour doesn't define me
    Remarks doesn't contain me
    I want to fly high
    In the crystal clear sky
    Want to Catch butterflies
    And glow like a firefly!

    Who says I'm not beautiful
    Who doesn't tell it
    Is just a fool
    Rainbow isn't complete
    Without the seven colours
    What if I compete with it
    As I am multicoloured?!

    Monotony is not the norm
    Isn't it ?! Nowadays.
    I come in different forms
    It's okay if I don't transform
    Even if I stay the same
    I will be a living example
    For those who think
    That it's an end game!

    Hate me, break me, but
    You can never be like me
    I am a Phoenix
    Will rise from the ashes
    You can not crucifix
    All my feelings!

  • thewildberry01 56w

    Different shades of human

    They want to take a sample of your petels because they believe it will bring them good fortune and wealth, but I promise I will protect you.

    I will use my thorns to shield you against their evil. Your pure patels will not be rushed to grow or be damaged before their time. You will take your needed time to grow so you show them the beauty you are and a blessing you are to all of us. I want them to honour you just like they do to me. You are no different to me. After all I birthed you and I know the creator wanted to put more colour in my life. A pure colour that will give me sincere hope and happiness.

    When winter comes I hide in the darkness, my strength get drained out and I'm left with nothing but the longing feeling of the summer season, just so I can blossom again.

    You were given to me as a gift that I will forever cherish, as you will forever be my light in all seasons. They must know that beauty comes in all colours and there's a reason why every colour has different shades.

  • f_m_daniel 64w


    By F.M. Daniel

    "When you see an old woman, never ever laugh at her.
    She was a girl just like you."

    That was a nursery rhyme still embedded in my memory.
    From the very beginning,
    I had always been taught to not laugh at a situation that might seem gory.
    No, not an old woman
    That was a definite normality.
    For the young know that they'll age.
    Mama would always say never ever laugh at an abnormality
    And my innocent little mind had felt that if I listened,
    Then my body would face no physical malfunctioning.
    Yet the blotches appeared on my skin
    And the colour lightened
    This wasn't a birthmark or a mole
    The doctor confirmed no cure but assured a control
    I became more susceptible to cancer, hearing loss, and iritis
    And as this once melanin-rich skin of mine began to lose colour,
    I vowed that I was going to combat this.
    So I wore my skin and refused to be stripped of my smile.
    Yet I see you shy away.
    Like you did inwardly when that albino neighbor of yours passed
    You shifted like you ran the risk of getting contaminated by me.
    Well, this is Vitiligo
    Why not add this to the list of non-contagious diseases you know?
    So touch me; embrace me
    This isn't leprosy.
    How could you not see that?
    You look so confused
    You scream, 'it's not my portion'
    But whose portion is it?
    Who was designed to wake up to a life of social distress?
    Whose pigment-producing cells were designed to dysfunction?
    Whose portion is it...
    To wake up to an aberrant change?
    To be looked upon like dirt?
    It's not yours, but it's neither mine
    It's no one's lot.

    When you see my tintless patched skin
    Never ever laugh at me
    I am human just like you.

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    Vitiligo is starting to spread.
    From my hands to my face,
    I'm still shocked, though I'm used to it.
    I always look at myself in the mirror,
    Saying, You're still beautiful.
    No matter what.
    Imperfections is not a sin,
    It's a gift, It is now depends on me, on how can I make this imperfection a positive one.
    Though, It is really hard to be done.


  • borntowin 94w

    This year the theme of world vitiligo day was-quality of life of a vitiligo patient.I have tried to portray the feelings of a vitiligo patient who had faced the discrimination but took the treatment and got almost cured.
    Message:Vitiligo is not infectious.
    A tale of Quell

    I was just nineteen;
    When the notorious vitiligo
    Touched my innocent golden skin;
    And turned it,harlequin.
    Those milky white blemishes on my face;
    Had occupied almost every space;
    Leaving my own skin colour in trace.
    The mirror had become my greatest horror;
    And the society had pushed me into a corner;
    My confidence was shattered;
    And most of the time,I lamented.
    Friends and relatives had broken ties;
    Without listening to my cries;
    They considered it to be contagious;
    And their reaction was outrageous.
    My heart was in immense pain;
    But I decided to get up again;
    I accepted my imperfections;
    And took the steroid medications;
    Vitiligo got almost cured;
    And I became an inspiration;
    For all my fellow friends;
    who are still searching for a solution.

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  • punkybarista 99w


    Not a reason to stop you reaching your dreams. Instead, an inspiration that urge you to prove that you can reach your dreams despite of being unique.


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    Link in bio too. Please share and support.

    Click on the link and know the experiences I had with vitiligo/leucoderma. Please support. It's very important for Indians to get their facts right.


  • aakansharawat 113w


    Link also in bio. Share and support.

    I have pinned this link to the video I made. This is about my life experiences with vitiligo/leucoderma. Please support.

    #vitiligo #leucoderma #skinpositivity #bodypositive #notugly #notunhealthy

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    Not everyone who has white spots on their skin has taken milk along with meat.
    It's hilarious when people ask me if I have done something like that.



  • aakansharawat 115w

    I have vitiligo.
    Don't stare at me like that.
    I am not ugly.
    I am not unhealthy.


  • leehans 119w


    Genuine liberty is her skin:
    Melanin that the sun kissed to her soul;
    Lightening that cracked through the storm she is;
    White roses that mapped her contours,
    Claiming vitiligo a form of painting no one can really read.
    Her liberation is one of a kind.
    Even the universe is amazed when she decides to celebrate it when no one is looking.

  • aakansharawat 136w

    She was healthy but had a scar on her face. They treated her like an unfit person.


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    "Life is easier when you are comfortable in your own skin."
    ~ Amy Dickinson.

    #writersnetwork #pod #wod #glow #vitiligo #ssvcj18

    Orb - celestial body

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    Creeping out of den with mask and mantle
    Assuring my cave was unknown unaddressed
    Letting the moon of dawning be a distant stranger
    Befriended the sun of midnight with orb witnessing
    Hide and seek with players of the jungle
    For my Prince dreams had left me without a word
    Helmet glares and armoured suit
    Glow of the world didn't find my bunker
    A spot a glow in teens, smudges unerasable forever
    Devoid of radiance x raying the world from afar
    One day demon was left in darkness, overshadowed
    Breaking the prisons of gowns unwanted
    Renouncing the scarfs, showing off albino islands
    Dermis in white, tresses glowing too much
    I glow in the glory of being the chosen one.


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    I am nothing but a pack of bones and flesh, dancing to the whims and desires of the society..

    I am nothing but a machine who has to pretend taking a shower so that she could hide her body from people..

    I am nothing but a face of plethora of colours who has to avoid prying glances every now and then..

    I am nothing but a creature born to humiliate my parents as I am a shame to them..

    I am nothing but a trial from God to my family..

    I am nothing but an odd looking teenager who has to hide herself from her own selfies..

    I am nothing but an obstruction for my sister's marriage alliances..

    I am nothing but a wife who would have to hide herself from her husbands parties..

    I am nothing but a lady who would give birth to kids who look like zebras..

    I am nothing but a walking form of disgrace as I am unnecessarily rude to people..

    I am nothing but vitiligo to everyone..

    When would they realise that I have a mind and that I am a human being too?

  • honeyplux 210w


    In between my white and caramel
    My soul hides
    I deeply sighed and closed my eyes in ravel
    A noticeable trademark
    Like a hump of a camel
    I'm still me
    I can still be free
    I am who I am
    This is the way God wanted me to be
    Far from racial prejudice
    On me I carry the two race (unity)
    My beautiful life on a coloured face