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  • rishki 12w

    Vision of future is far better than the memory of past.

  • srisaptoawaits22 15w


    So the art revolves,
    Round my heart,
    Infuse in my breathes,
    My arms and my eyes,
    Your dreams vivify,
    Lure softly towards me,
    Often the wonders,
    Visualise the canvas of life,
    Enduring in both of us!

  • _ecstatic_writer_ 47w

    A million thoughts running in my mind,
    Should I pay heed to my intuition or remain blind?
    What you visualise is different from what I see,
    There are myriad masks we wear for all,
    Who we are is actually what makes us free.


  • maolros 48w

    Rip me up and start again
    Your drawing is inaccurate
    You cannot know the finer details
    They are mine to keep

    What do you know of my portrait
    You do not see my face
    You're making guesses at my features
    Based on whispered rumours

    You want to hang me on your wall
    As a prized possession
    But it's not my bust you want displayed
    Just my hunted head

    Maybe next time take pause
    And ask who the artist really is


  • ashuwrites 48w

    I have been thinking from hours to pen down her glory,
    But she is the world with ample of stories.

    She is the ray of inspiration,
    The light towards motivation.

    The sun in the dark,
    The fire without spark.

    She is the one who doesn't value about her tears,
    To make us happy she fights from her own fears.

    You can't capture her in some fascinating words,
    When she is the one who is higher than those birds.

    You can be thankful to anything on this earth
    But you can never thanks her as she is more than a worth.

    I might be frightened and have learn to walk further,
    Like the shadows she is with us and we call her as mother.


  • monkeyscribbles 48w

    Whenever and whatever i visualise,
    I see only you in it

    © MonkeyScribbles

  • soniatuli 48w

    In search of a new facade
    Wanna visualise myself only

  • preetkanwal 48w

    #visualise #mirakee #writersnetwork
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    Wearing a safety guard
    of uprightness
    I can face this world valiantly
    I have nerves of steel
    but I always wear a smile
    A curfew of silence is clamped
    to ward off their malicious eyes.
    Visualising my goals
    against all odds I can survive......

    Preet Kanwal 09.05.2020

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    Wearing a safety guard
    of uprightness
    I am my own guardian angel.....

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    ©preetkanwal 09.05.2020

  • anusha_93 48w

    #visualise #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod
    Confused from the trance
    And watching gossips advance
    I know that people are rumoured upon
    The wire of entrapment nowhere to be drawn
    I blame you not, for passing the lamp
    Speculations found are meant to walk the ramp
    I've been in the chain once
    Passing whispers down the fence
    Walking away from it, I see the difference
    Stories are taken only from an unknown reference
    Surrounding an assumed glory, they pin me out,
    For I've broken the chain, so long and stout
    Reserve your imbecile judgements
    For it can loop out to reach you in abundance.

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  • raykey 48w

    I see them
    They don't see me
    They never do
    What more must I do to be visual, I scream
    For this pain I feel is invincible
    Then a head turned and said
    Do you see me
    Then it struck me
    We all feel invisible
    Struggling to be seen and acknowledged
    Wanting to be praised and loved
    When all we've ever been was nothing but visual

  • ms_speechless 48w


    With lens of pristine perception and clear conscience,
    The world's images are immaculately magnificent!


  • hazar_ 48w

    Even she is in a room full of people she feel alone

  • geniuskwesi 48w

    Whether good or bad, your thoughts paints a whole new world where everything is under your control and also influences your character.


  • madhu1943 48w

    The way they look at me
    All they find is fake
    They see my colour
    But it's not my character
    Due to sun it may change
    But the real attitude
    Is in my bone
    It never change like skin tone
    Cos , it's impossible to sun.


  • wildflower2000 48w

    The feeling of so much pressure to be better than what I am.

    Everyone has a perfect picture of what I should, how I should end up, what my life should be like.
    But does it occur to them I'm not some robot.
    I can think and feel for myself.
    I can plan my life myself on my own terms.
    I'm not some stupid expectation bar.

  • thesunshineloves 48w

    //You pull the time close to you,
    Within the webs that grow in between your fingers
    Was struck something,
    The beginning, The continuity
    The end.

    Everything the time had flows so smoothly,
    That even if you try to pull those moments again towards you,
    You're lacking the strength.
    Your smiles, your tears, your words all struck in your eyes.

    All your world, you're pulling towards you,
    Is still struck in the other world....
    You're lacking the strength in your heart.
    For the blood dripping from your fingertips also weep now.

    How are you to know where the strength comes from
    When you search for it in the air
    In the darker skies
    Which is holding it's tears up like stars?
    When you search for the pair of eyes and a heart that could hear you?

    And you're left with nothing.
    The time is slipping again and you rush to hold 'em,
    In between the webs of struggles ,
    Growing in between your fingers.

    Do you know how much time you have left?
    To gather all those memories again....
    Before you become empty,
    You struggle again to hold those memories in your hands again.//


    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #ceesreposts #visualise #pod

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  • dory_d 48w

    Alone in crowd..

    May be because of different sight,
    Or probably because of different thought,
    Or maybe coz I can't shout out loud
    I am always alone in crowd....

  • zuby_ze 48w


    Our near and dear ones were close by to protect us,
    Now we have to stay apart to protect each other.
    This transformation makes me wonder...
    Now another balancing act of physical and mental health,
    But with different parameters set.

  • leona_ 48w

    I am not you, you are not me.

    I am no more but a spectacle,
    A statue on display for all society to observe.

    I am no more but looks and clothes,
    My intellectual abilities shunned for stupid challenges, how "fashionably" I dress, how skinny I am.

    And yet, I sit and ponder,
    Why the f*** should I care what society thinks of me?
    Why should I be their lab rat?

    I am more than that,
    For a large part of our society right now is just a crazy spiral of insecurities and materialistic people who care more about easy money or fame or being "cool" rather than actually doing something worthwhile.

    Now that's just my opinion,
    But I have this to say:

    I once stepped out of that cycle of constant insecurity.
    I once never cared for what society thought.
    I once only used the media to have fun, connect with friends, share my ideas.

    And you know what?

    I never stepped back into that cycle,
    Because I realised the stupidity.

    I shouldn't feel insecure of my body, Because someone says I'm "too fat".

    I shouldn't feel like a mad person, Because I'm not understood.

    I shouldn't feel like my voice is unheard,
    Because I don't "fit in".

    I shouldn't feel like I'm not "cool",
    Because I don't have the latest brand clothing,
    Because I find it a waste of money.

    I wasn't moulded to be like everyone,
    And everyone wasn't moulded to be like anyone but themselves.

    And do you know what the biggest flaw yet in our society of constant insecurity is?

    It is nothing but a black hole of paradoxes where you can't win regardless of your efforts to do. It sucks you in and it's pretty much impossible to get out if you get far enough into the spiral.

    Here's an example:

    If you're a little larger than others,
    People will shut you down, telling you to hit the gym, to go exercise, that you're "fat".
    Then, people will tell you to be comfortable in your own skin,
    But when you are, people will come and shut you down because still you're too big or "fat".

    Why should I be forced to conform to society's near impossible standards of myself in order to "fit in"?

    Can't I "fit in" by being myself?
    By bringing my own skillset into society to help make it better?
    To help build people up instead of shutting them out?

    To make unheard voices, heard?


  • cyanthoughts 48w

    Paradise for introverts.. that's where we live!��

    #visualise #visualize #mirakee #writersnetwork #thoughts #life #experience @mirakee

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    What an wonderful creation we have..

    It can take you to anywhere you want..
    Can make you experienced
    Anything you like...
    Can make you feel fully alive,
    Or fully dead...
    Can create a new world around you
    Just like you want it to be...
    And can take you
    For a nice trip to your
    Customized future!

    And all Now! At present..