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  • writtersfeelingz 4w


    Why we do battle
    When we know
    We will be one
    Who will lose .... finally
    Falling and failing in love
    One more time...

  • princessfuzzy 15w

    A Visit

    Atrocious place
    was where I landed,
    smouldering of tobacco,
    heady smell of cigarettes,
    Intermingled with excess, pungent
    smoke from the automobiles
    increasing my urgency to throw up.

    I hadn't fabricated this beautiful artwork,
    Masterpiece of mine,
    to rot like this
    A once prepossessing planet
    now insipid and worthless,
    Instead of lush, tall trees laden with
    scrumptious fruits,
    All I see is cluster of buildings,
    some unwholesome, some novel,
    Factories filled with toxic gases,
    Numerous slums which exceeded
    proper hygienic houses,
    All of which are nowhere near to
    what I had initially created.

    The equality and fraternity
    I had established
    ages ago,
    now lay burnt in ashes,
    the gap between rich and poor
    Widening day by day.

    I walked away as soon as the smell
    of whiskey and rum hit me,
    their indecorous presence,
    making me gag.

    Another day,
    another day I,
    a helpless god who is not
    powerful enough to recreate,
    would visit my once favourite planet,
    to see if it had changed for good,
    even if it is a small change...

  • althea234 17w


    We look at each other,
    we are still stranger,
    Some are sweet some are spicy,
    They all always fighting with their kind,
    Love people close to them,
    Creature filled with emotion,
    After a sad night, they start again with new end

  • blackdee 17w

    An alien seeks to understand a specie that came into his world years back. Having never left home, he's dazed by the differences between here and Ceres (his home) and vows to return again!!

    Hope I wrote a Miraquill worthy work.

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    Trees, that's what they're called here
    Trees, why some are long and others are not
    I understand not.
    Their terra firma feels different underfoot and the little soft trees that they call grass makes me what to stay a lot longer than planned.

    A day away from Ceres,
    An opportunity to visit another planet
    And why I chose milky way...?
    They intercepted our world years ago
    Called themselves scientists and ignited my interest in theirs.
    They were white with long pipes attached to the bowl on their head.
    Spoke in foreign languages that neither I nor my people could comprehend.
    And left as fast as they had come.

    Now I'm here and must say that I didn't come prepared as I thought I had.
    They speak in different languages, having different colors of skin
    None of the white ones that visited us were in sight, maybe they are of another specie?
    Their terrain is rock solid and also full of water
    They make the strangest noises when they run around and call it laughter.
    Their air is not as dry as back home and that tells me that there is more nitrogen here.
    It makes breathing just a little difficult for me.

    They are different, some are small, others are large, most are soft and others are not.
    I look up and the view up there is different
    Unlike in Ceres where I can see Earth from home
    I see nothing here but blue and white.
    The Sky! That's what they call it.
    'Mommy, see! It's a rainbow' a little girl suddenly screams excitedly while pointing up.
    I look towards her point and I see colors.
    What are those colors?
    What is a mommy?
    I realize a day is not enough to know what I need to know about this species

    It grows dark, night comes
    Their sky is full of stars, not as much as back home and not as big either
    It takes me a moment to know that they are stars due to how small they look from down here.
    A bright light, beautiful and as big as the sun but calming unlike the sun appears leaving me in awe.
    I'm left basking in the coolness of this light.

    Suddenly I hear the beep, it's time to go home.
    But I'm afraid I leave more confused than I came.
    I didn't get the answers I came seeking for
    Instead I left with many more questions.
    A visit cannot do, I must come back.
    I shall return!


  • iampratham 17w

    Another Self

    At times I wonder,
    Am I the rain or the thunder?
    Is this the reality or just an escape?
    Am I the righteous one,
    Or just a hopeless blunder?
    At times I wonder!

    Are we to live or just survive?
    What happens after this long drawn purposeful tale when eventually you die?
    We follow the preachings to live for others,
    To give back as much as we can and never shy.
    At times I wonder why!

    Could it've been better if I weren't this way?
    Should I really care to what people say?
    Doubts and questions that often haunt my soul.
    Burdened by the social vows here I am,
    In Another Self, playing an anonymous role.

    So am I the rain or the thunder?
    Am I the righteous one,
    Or just a hopeless blunder?
    At times I wonder, at times I wonder!


  • sproutedseeds 17w


    When I visited this Earth,
    for moment I thought I came
    to a wrong place because
    I was told the human race here
    lacked discipline.

    But I found them to be uniformly
    Each and every human wore a mask,
    carried a small bottle named sanitiser,
    every now and then, cleaning their
    hands with it,
    were not ready to shake hands
    when I introduced myself as alien,
    Spoke to each other standing at a

    What was wrong with them?
    I was curious to know. When I approached
    a shopkeeper, he too, didn't like me
    standing close to him.

    Then when I heard the news on TV,
    I literally got shaken seeing the
    death of many due to some virus
    and the consequences thereof.

    I didn't want to stay here for a minute,
    I flew back to my planet which was
    peaceful and learnt a lesson to
    "Be happy and contented
    with what we have
    instead of craving
    for something more."

  • saheyiduad 17w


    I came from barren birthplace
    And landed in planet Earth's embrace

    When I heard the crashing sound of waves
    I became Thalassophile

    When I look up at the twinkling stars
    I became Astrophile

    When I gaze at the crescent that belongs to night
    I became Selenophile

    When I felt the calmmess of the lakes
    I became Limnophile

    When I felt the coarse bark of banyan
    I became Dendrophile

    When I lay under the pouring rain fall
    I became Pluviophile

    When I felt the yearning warmth from the sun
    I became Photophile

    When I saw the different shapes in the cloud
    I became Nephophile

    When I first sniff the odour of Lavender
    I became Anthophile

    There is so much more left
    In the arms of motherly Earth
    This piece of Stardust
    Became blessed child

  • serrated_ink 17w

    यूही किसी राह पे मिलना,
    कुछ यादें बटोरना
    फ़िर, बिछड़ना



  • _beingbeautiful_ 17w

    Addressing my view to other Aliens about my 1st visit to a planet-"EARTH" !!

    Today i discovered a new planet ,& it was different ,It has life ,it has water ,it has oxygen,everything was quite different ,it has so many colours, atmosphere was also so delightful ,living creatures too look so different from us ,they were walking on the road like some forces of energy is attracting there body to the ground,I was shocked. Also,their body was covered with a piece of cloth,and there was something on their head ,it was like a thread attached on one end ,everyone seems to be so busy with there work but they rather seem to be happy, I met with few peoples, i talked to them , I told them that I am an alien but they laughed at me ,and ya that's true ,bcoz everyone on Earth �� till now ,they don't believe that we exist, that's ok .They took me to a Beautiful place ,I mean that was such an amazing view,they told me ,we are at the top of a valley,from where we could see flowing rivers ,tall tall tress , different flowers, oh my gosh ,all was so green and gorgeous,I think Earth is a heaven and most precious planet in whole universe ,But creatures there ,do not respect there planet ,there was so much pollutions can be seen ,But then also it was a nice visit ,and I wish I again get an apportunity to visit ,so that I can explore it more ,& yes, It was an estatic visit ...❤️

    Thank you!!
    (✿ ♡‿♡)
    #visit #wod

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    Earth is a heaven and the most precious planet in whole universe . ◔‿◔ ✿❤️

  • snehajacob 17w

    Everyone is wearing , mask
    What happened
    Broken hearts everywhere
    Unrequited love is more
    I can't fathom the reason
    Why addiction prevails.

  • 2chinmayee 17w

    Love became poignant,
    hope became a wilted rose

    An incision made
    the heart to visit the light
    And fell with
    the colours of love.
    But when experienced the fact
    all became an illusion .
    The moment was
    a bolt from the sky.
    Love became poignant.
    Hope became a wilted rose.
    Modus operandi of healing
    turned the alphabets
    to verse metaphors.


  • mirakat2pt0 17w

    The Visit

    Where we come from it’s all about us
    Here there are many I’s
    Not a lot of we
    Although a lot are altruistic
    And kind
    They do it for self and self worth
    We are not the aliens
    Truly it is you


  • hoorbanu98 17w

    Oh that was♥

    Place: World
    Date: 26-06-2021
    Day: Saturday
    Time: 8:45 pm

    Dear World,
    But I'm a sunflower, a little funny. If I was a rose, May be you will fight for me. And die for having me as your honey. But the world want money and it is always in hurry. So I'm happy with sunflower in me.

    Your's freak

    《 26-06-2021 》

  • insidesarahsmind 17w

    As a Venusian girl, I'm visiting Earth
    Seeking comfirmation for the rumours I've heard
    The population seems to choose money over heart
    And don't appear to appreciate their nature's art
    My prediction is that this planet is doomed to fall apart

  • pallavi4 17w

    A wrinkle in time

    I seem to have come here in a dream
    With no comprehension of how I arrived
    All I see is people walking fast on the street
    And moving in things called cars and drive

    More than the blinding lights and blaring horns
    I am extremely surprised and horrified
    Looking at young women in tiny skirts
    Without any stockings walking around with pride

    The ruffled petticoats of my skirts
    Are neatly trimmed with handmade lace
    The corset is set with whale boning
    A long cape frames my young face

    Folk stop and stare at me as though I am
    From another world all together
    Not realising how unkempt they look by
    Not wearing appropriate clothes in this weather

    Their bare arms and legs look alien as though
    They’re walking in their underclothes
    They seem to be unconcerned how much
    Nuisance and mischief their clothing may provoke

    In my long trail dress I look overdressed
    As compared to women showing ankles and knees
    I clutch my shawl around me in fear as I look around
    And only see mental asylum escapees

    From a different age I seem to have been forced
    To venture in this strange land of weird dresses
    Strange are their habits and manners to me
    Strange their multicoloured tresses

    Scared my beaded purse I grip and avoid
    Their stares by walking looking at the floor
    Gone are the muddy roads I’m used to
    The carriages replaced by a box on wheels four

    Amazed and astonished at the speed of things
    I wander about feeling lost and out of place
    People almost run carrying tall white glasses
    I just stand gawking at them feeling dazed

    I sit on the bench in the park nearby
    At least the plants have remained the same
    The bench looks sturdier than the wood I’m used to
    They’ve lit the lamps bearing no heat nor flame

    I mull over the day with my head in my hands
    Praying I’m taken back to my time
    I close my eyes and say my prayers
    That’s when I hear the clock in the tower 12 chime


    26th of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    “A wrinkle in time” taken from a movie by the same name, picture taken from a movie called “Mirror,Mirror”

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  • shivani23 17w

    Visit on earth

    My spaceship landed
    Right in the middle
    Of yellow and green
    Found out later
    They were sunflower fields.
    I thought it's the prettiest
    That earth could offer.
    When only moments later
    I saw an alluring figure
    Something yellower than yellow
    Brighter than halo
    Glowing more than sun
    Charging my antennae
    Electrifying my atoms.
    It was moving in circles
    Humming a hymn
    I was left wondering
    If earth had angelic beings.

  • fromwitchpen 17w

    January 26'3031
    Dear diary,

    Neurocognitive functions of my mind
    A drought garrotted my throat's veins
    Calenders broke a mayhem with time
    Rotten the limes, gravitated on a terra
    Where nothin' to shine, shrines to hunt

    _____a pouch of morning rays_______

    A bicycle with a punctured tyre
    belonging to a poor attire, jounced
    Its basket consist of petitions and
    political parties came to blows in
    these papers made of eucalyptus
    they want to cut, halt the clocks
    ringing its bell he threw these on
    the doorstep of his lookalikes, I
    was in awe how the whole country
    is in hands of this newsie, staggered

    ____bunch of alchemists________

    Trying to freeze the broken cobblestones
    in the fire of alchemy morphing facades
    they built castles of abhor in their hearts
    showing cupid's chokehold, begrudging
    This contemplate their narrowed tongues
    whether to be two-faced or mumbling dumb
    cascading the rainbows on helium clouds
    alchemist seems but hubristic hunches

    _____poking mullock at art?_________

    I saw a cloud of chortles taken lead with
    paper planes of destructive criticism and
    yellow munched sunflowers, laughing at
    the art and its artist, I hoped on the railing
    where cactuses grown I touched that rope
    on which a letter hunged blocking the sun
    I read the words, 'dug this well my artist
    gone barmy he mourns', I found a gnawed
    heart on which honeybees were savouring
    I abducted those layers scattered here there
    I asked whose artist you are ? A butterfly sat
    on my nose and said, "My art is alive but I
    died in the labyrinth of their laughter"crippled

    /I went on Earth for a day but now I want a way out from this selfish bay /


    @jeelpatel I love you ❤️ Take care

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    A lampoon voice
    where art reached
    heights now all
    berry-lips talk twice
    and a row of glitches
    in this system called
    Whenever I touched
    a human my mind
    Error Error 1.1 .

  • divshetty04 17w

    Alien On Earth

    Coming from a different planet
    With exhilaration I land on earth,
    I see different flesh coloured humans
    Could sense their similar beating hearts
    Ohh! They have a brain in common too,
    Though being blessed with heart & brain
    Still they are called devilish on other planets,
    I see them worshipping a supreme being
    Still they do many misdeeds & sins,
    I see them running after a paper called money
    For which they have abandoned blood relations,
    I see them abusing & behaving inhumane on feeble
    & pretend to be as if they are the supremes,
    Once the earth was known as paradise
    Now they have made it inferno,
    It's an horrifying experience here
    I wish I have never landed my jet & so-called UFO on earth.

  • bohemian_ballerina 17w

    #visit #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill
    #someonec #writersbay @writersbay

    So an alien speaks this about us...��‍♀️
    Also you can read the first line of the first stanza in connection with the first line of the second stanza...and so on..

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    Someone was loading cargo at the bay
    Someone was sweeping the dusty streets
    Someone was painting a mural on a sky touching building
    Someone was crossing a junction with a briefcase
    Someone was consoling a wailing child
    Someone was eating and talking to wires dangling across their chest
    Someone was singing by the lake and people poured him some metal coins
    Someone was praying at the temple

    But no one noticed

    The gurgling sounds of the ocean
    The yellow flower bed in merry
    The freely swaying giant trees
    The cuckoos cooing a song of peace
    The laughing wind flying by
    The voice of the silence of the valleys nearby
    The carefree squirrels squinting in innocence
    The divine in their own self and surrounding


  • just_another_voice 17w

    It was a long journey,
    arduous but productive,
    confounding but scenic,
    every which way I looked
    wonders bloomed,
    my every step of the way
    knowledge gleamed,
    It was amazing,
    but not so surprising,
    to find this green planet
    resplendent and intricate,
    with its glorious colours
    and puzzling climates,
    with its miscellanea of species
    and complected systems,
    I saw different religions,
    with their varying concepts of an almighty,
    living together for the greater good,
    I saw diverse cultures,
    spreading their own magic,
    to preserve the cords of harmony,
    I saw relationships,
    with its pleasant yet tangled grip,
    cocoon the unity from ruin,
    I saw emotions,
    love, with its purity and serenity,
    anger, with its destructive nature,
    hatred, with its malicious touch,
    happiness, with its radiant smiles,
    many many more,
    playing with hearts and minds,
    of every living creature,
    I saw humans,
    striving toward their dreams,
    with clever and intellectual ideas,
    sometimes slipping but mostly winning,
    fighting adversities,
    and uniting for common purposes,
    with their art embellishing
    every corner of the planet,
    I saw conflicts and chaos,
    deception and treachery,
    bitterness and evil,
    lurking in the shadows,
    but for each wrong,
    I found a right too,
    for each bad, a good,
    Earth with its beauty,
    and enigmatic aura,
    intrigued and enamored me,
    I want to be here,
    amidst these myriad of marvels,
    to experience and experiment,
    as an unique addition to it's
    already huge diversity.