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  • bushbaby 5w

    The Outcast

    Who are you, sculpted Downcast,
    Bitter, frowning lass,
    Twiddling your thumbs 'fore you speak?
    Missing a tongue,
    Wearing fretful, furrowed brows,
    Smiling, yet, as you lie through your teeth?

    Who are you, befriending Lonely,
    Fibbing you were bored when
    I caught you peeking through the slits in the blinds?
    Longing gaze fixated on the gathering,
    The tender moonlight guiding
    Paths of silent tears hastily running
    From some hidden horror in your eyes?

    Who are you, masked as Mean,
    A side of you I've never seen,
    Barking like a dog demanding
    To be free of its leash?
    You are the outcast,
    Invisible to a tolerant glance,
    Tragic, self-fulfilling prophetic tale
    See, cages create criminals
    Just as criminals play charades;
    And for the two of us,
    It seems
    Our label materialised into a cage.