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  • akoijr 5w

    Greeting to everyone.

    I need some guru to please help me with poetry writing.

  • raghavendrabs 5w

    Dreams Of A Derelict Day Out

    The Google map malfunctioned and I was led to a random road,
    Filled with lush greenery on both sides and the breeze gently cradling me!
    The phenomenon was new every single time, and it was time that had slowed,
    Countryside, the fancier term, definitely didn’t do justice for this home of diamonds in a pile of scree!

    As I passed through the village roads, many inquisitive eyes followed me till I was seen,
    A huge peepal tree surrounded by little idols and it’s branches where a few peaceful sparrows had perched!
    It was right next to the village pond, although times had changed people, the pond remained serene!
    I was lost in thought when I was distracted by my phone’s ringtone, although ignored, it had left the vibe besmirched!

    The streets, the fresh air and the little birds and their songs were all refreshing,
    Glimpses of the past kept propping up regularly but fleeted soon enough!
    A sweet aroma, took me back to a suppressed memory, pleasant moments that were equally depressing.
    I smiled at how I used to think life would always remain rough!

    As I found the exit to the highway, I felt a sense of loss,
    Life on this road, in the midst of greenery that was engulfing the soul from all sides.
    Before I could sink it in one more time, I saw a Skype message from my boss.
    The desktop wallpaper was still again but I heard it say the age old proverb of “Time and tides!”

    Raghavendra B S

  • raman_writes 8w


    इतनी हैरत से ना देख वो इसी गाँव का है ।

    शहर में था कुछ दिन तो अलग दिख रहा है ।।


  • thoughts_of_eesh 11w

    The chaos of the city
    Make me recall the peace
    In the village

  • praachii 15w


    How pretty it is, to sense nature around,
    Far away from city and town.
    No horns and beeps on streets,
    But bells of cycles and buzz of bees.
    With different shades of yellow and greens,
    The fields are coloured by God it seems.
    Colourful flowers with colourful butterflies,
    Little kids playing with dice.
    How pretty it is, to sense the cold breeze,
    Calfs and lambs running freely across the mowed fields.
    With every walk, good thoughts arrive,
    Fresh breathe and a calm mind.
    That is why it is countryside,
    Where nature is well defined.
    - Prachi Bera

  • dinakarreddy 16w


    They dream about luxury cars, buildings and cities,
    But finds peace in the villages.


  • anas_husain 24w

    Unfortunately I don't have such place.

    I want to go back to my village in my hut, where no one cares about me.


  • hakikt___malika 25w

    बदलता भारत

    वो प्रेम, प्रीत की गली शियासत मे बह गयी ......
    वो जो थी गाँव मे अपनेपन की खुशबू अब केवल यादों मे रह गयी.......

  • unquiet_spirit 26w

    I was on a trip to a place,
    While I was sick
    It had chandeliers hanging in green
    The roots of that vista
    Pierced my bosom at the first sight

    I felt like, once I was a seed,
    Dormant and lazy
    But this place had an enigmatic ambience
    I bloomed, saw the reality,
    Urbanisation had kept me buried
    In the mud of virtuality, which tainted me

    I felt like a rising shoot
    The vibrant sky, the scarlet dusk
    And the nostalgic dawn were like
    Arrows of tranquility striking me
    I felt colossal amount of solace

    I couldn't help myself but quiver
    In awe of the perfect creator
    My soul pirouetted in tandem with
    The divine music of this place
    It had a charisma
    It recuperated me

    This place is my village
    My hometown
    My paradise.

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    #poem #mirakee #village #pastoralpoem
    #nostalgia #pod


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    Bourg love

    The river flows,
    It has a rhythm,
    In tandem with that of the birds
    A jovial place, with green carpet
    Your vigour never wanes
    It echos, only to reflect back at you


  • dinakarreddy 26w

    My Village

    The mangoes bitten by parrots,
    The tamarind paste mixed with Mirchi and jeera,
    The rainwater that stores nostalgic memories,
    Come to my village,
    To relax with the companionship of nature.


  • poukii 26w

    let us go back to the village,
    to the place of ultimate happiness,
    to the place where our
    halcyon memories reside,
    to defogg our brain filled
    with dark thunderous thoughts,
    to cleanse the bronchioles of our lungs
    filled with toxic poisonous gas,
    to purify our evil-eyed aura,
    to break ourselves from this
    mundane vicious cycle of life.

    let us go back to the place,
    where roads are filled with
    soft fine sand particles,
    and not with plastic filled tar.
    where long branched leaves of
    coconut trees gently flap to welcome us,
    and not the busy congested roads.
    where birds are no longer kept in aviary;
    they fly high with the spirit of freedom.
    where the balagan heavy sirens from factories,
    no longer burst the sensitive drums of ears.
    where people are no longer insouciant,
    rather are tribes having hearts
    filled with viridity and love.

    let us go back to the place,
    You will be amazed to see,
    how they are no longer as greedy
    city flakes living with a mirk hope of future,
    rather are shoshin folks,
    who consider nature as their mother,
    who hug the trees to protect them,
    from being cutted by enchrochers.
    who kisses the soil,and walk barefoot,
    without getting their feets cracked easily.
    who worships their cattles as a goddess,
    drinks their milk as 'honeydew'.
    who knows every small changes in surroundings,
    and can predict climate without the help of,
    any 'so called' modern equipments.
    who are more healthier,
    due to their harmonious way of living,
    and live longer lives.

    let us go back to the fields of joy,
    where streams of flowing water greets us,
    whose each drop is as pure as crystalline solid.
    where paddy dances in the gentle breeze,
    on the either sides of brown mudded narrow path.
    where wildflowers nods their heads slowly
    in the outskirts of meadows.
    where statutes made of straw pale ward off,
    the wild birds coming to eat the grains.

    let us go back to the place,
    where we feel ourselves as humans again,
    rather than machines in a body,
    that works when a key is switched on.

    let us run away..
    let us run away..
    from here.

  • himanshibajpai 30w


    मेरी जन्मभूमि मेरा गाँव है।
    यही पर सबसे पहले चले मेरे पाँव है।

    अब कहाँ वो पेड़ की छाँव है।
    जहाँ खेला करते थे बित्ती बित्ती के दाँव है।

    अब बचपन की तस्वीर के जैसे कहाँ चेहरे पर भाव है।
    अब तो उसका पूरी तरह से आभाव है।

    अब तो इन सब से बहुत दूर मेरे जीवन की नाव है।
    अब बहुत याद आता वो बचपन का गाँव है।
    वो बचपन का गाँव है।

  • abhi_saxena 31w

    गांव की मिट्टी

    गांव की आधी मिट्टी तो ईंट निंगल गई ,
    उससे बना शहर, हमारी रीत निंगल गई ।

  • unknownswarachita 31w

    आम का पेड़़

    कितनी खूबसूरत हैं,
    मेरे गांव के आम-पेड़़ की डालियां।

    जी करता जीवन भर रह जाऊँ,
    इस सुगम से दृश्यम में।


  • wind_chime7 32w

    मुझे यकीन है गांव की स्त्रियां...
    एक दिन ऐसा इतिहास रचेगी
    जिसे पढ़कर गांव की बच्चियां
    अपने स्वप्न को साकार करने के लिए
    समाज की बेड़ियां तोड़कर आगे बढ़ेंगी
    और भर सकेंगी अपना मनचाहा रंग
    अपने आंखों में पनप रहे सपनों में !!

    ~ अर्चना

    Wishing every wonderful women writer on mirakee Happy International Women's Day ����❤️...you are the inspiration for budding talents !!

    #writersnetwork #womensupportingwomen

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    Let's give wings to their dreams...

  • jeetspeaks 32w

    City or village

    Most of the times, we might have faced this question: where do you like to live? In a city or a village? I'd definitely like to live in a village and I've my own reasons to justify my answer. I feel villages are better placed than the cities. Better placed because a village has adequate space for everyone. Moreover, not only in terms of space, but also other natural resources. On the other hand, look at our miserable cities. It seems they themselves are in great trouble, sometimes feeling suffocated, catering an overcrowded population.

  • truman 39w

    उगते सूरज की लालिमा, दूर क्षितिज से आ रही है।
    बिखरी किरणे धीरे धीरे, जग से अंधियारा भगा रही है।
    हल्की तपिश उदयभानु की, मेरे मन को भा रही है।
    निकले पंछी मस्त गगन में,ची ची की आवाज़ आ रही है।

    घर में एक चहलपहल , सबको वो जगा रही है।
    साफ सफाई खत्म कर मां,खाना अब बना रही है।
    कहीं किसान खेत में, बैल की घंटी बज रही है।
    आवाज़ दूध निकालने की हर घर से आ रही हैं।

    बच्चों का एक झुंड , लांद बस्ता जा रहा है।
    कोई गरीब का बच्चा ,भैंस लिए जंगल जा रहा है।
    सूरज भी क्षितिज से नभ में आगे बढ़ रहा है।
    बढ़ते रहो आगे सदा, ये पैगाम दे रहा है।

  • truman 39w

    मै औरत हूं
    गांव की
    किसान भी हूं
    मजदूर भी हू
    मजबूर भी हूं
    मां बेटी पत्नी भी हूं
    पर मेरा जिक्र कहा है
    मेरा त्याग, मेरा सम्मान कहां है
    रिश्तों को निभाती
    पर मेरे निस्वार्थ प्यार की
    दास्तान कहां है।

  • faulty_puppet 46w


    Mai aksar nakshe me nahi ata
    Kabhi kabhi nazar me bhi nahi ata
    Mai hu har jagah, hazaron lakhon mein par
    Kabhi kabhi main ginti mein bhi nahi ata

    Mera aashiyaan choti si hai
    Chote mere logon ke khwaab
    Ek chatt, char kapde, do waqt ki roti, bas
    Itna mil jaye to zindagi hai gulzar

    Sheher to din raat jagmag hai
    Humne taaron ke niche raat kaate
    Sheher me bas yantron se ghire putle
    Khuli taazi hawa se milte hai hum savere

    Aksar mujhe tak koi rasta nahi ata
    Na aati hamesha rail gaadiyan
    Hawaai jahaaj to khwaab me bhi na aate
    Aaj bhi aati nahi pure din bijli yahaan

    School, aspataal, kuch hai kuch nahi
    Par hai nahi kaamiyaabi ki seediyan
    Baap ka khet hai bete ka taqdeer
    Betiyon ko aaj bhi samjhe pareshaniyan

    Mushkilein hai, hai nazook soch ki naadaniyan
    Jaane wale aksar laut ke aate nahi yahaan
    Koi is pinjde se azaad, koi iska qaidi
    Peedi dar peedi, main hi reh jata hoon yahaan

    Khair ye sab to apne hai
    Inke khwabon ki neend meri aanchal me hai
    Koi chor jaye mujhe, shayad mai unme nahi
    Sab kuch samet ke bas mai hi hoon yahaan


  • quotescribe 49w

    काश कि मैं

    काश कि मैं फिर बदल जाऊँ
    काश कि मैं फिर गाँव जाऊँ
    काश कि मैं फिर फसल उगाऊँ
    काश कि मैं फिर सम्भल जाऊँ

    छोटी सी कुटिया मैं रह जाऊँ
    काश कि मैं फिर उछाल जाऊँ
    लहराते हुए पेड़ फिर लहराऊँ
    काश कि मैं फिर चहल जाऊँ

    फिर से वो लहराते खेल देख आऊँ
    विशाल झरनों में फिर से नहाऊँ
    पानी कभी कुए से भर लाऊँ
    नदी के तट पर कुछ पल बिताऊँ