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  • lifeafterocean 27w

    Here we go(gn)

    This is a multisensory experience
    Visual & sound effects
    Acting folk
    We're acting here
    This is not social time
    Lets get to work
    Sets need to be built
    Builders.. Ignite
    The fires are burning
    The forests all down
    One by one
    The trees are losing the fight
    To this carbon based world

    g to o replace by n. (Gn) +1 sound (consonant)(ai2studyspeech patterns

    Everything already exists
    We just have to make it
    Destroyers of worlds
    Beloved Earth
    May the moon and the sun keep you company
    May your waters grow
    And your land restore
    Not too poetical
    Let's keep this abstract-us
    Who are we?
    That's because ok sure we are one
    But one is infinite
    It is never anything but one
    Unless of course
    You add or subtract
    Easy enough
    Lesson for all
    Lessons for one

    Death scene 1
    Numbers behind
    Let's talk about love
    Or some kind of like
    In likeness of course
    But more so in mass
    I need your matter
    It makes me feel whole
    Like one but bigger
    Three circles
    That's the mode
    Perfect? Let's measure

    To keep it empirical, data let's find.
    What we set out to reach
    Lovely surprise


    Thats death to us baby
    Even galaxies have to die
    Whats death to us baby
    We are the givers of life
    What is dead to us
    Let it just die
    The difference between
    The dead and the dying
    Are we pretending to live babe
    Or are we living to die
    Even galaxies lie
    Not to exaggerate the theme
    But really
    Who even lives
    On lies
    De mente
    El niño se volvio loco
    Negative statements to belittle your potential
    Your truth has power
    Beware of liars
    Thieves, drunks, and whores
    Celestial in the flesh
    Beings of light
    Even we too must die
    We shed our wings and come to Earth
    Here to grow wings again
    Spiritual wings
    Spread and rise
    As a phoenix divine
    As the wise once said
    Beware of the mind
    With the heart in the right
    There's no harm in your way
    So you choose your goals
    Defeat your obstacles
    As if battle was the easiest way
    To accomplish love
    It's not so much about power
    Or disrupt
    It's a different mentality
    A conscious not old enough
    To act blemish and blind
    No sin in their eye
    The judge and redeemer
    All in the business of taking your life
    Go as if willing
    Live as the world will have you
    Would it allow you to grow?
    To reap the fruit thus sought
    In the eyes of a dreamer I'm but futile at best
    Just like the rest
    I'm hollow

  • ciara1 76w

    The Power of Not Caring

    When I first met my boyfriend Bernie back in 2015 at Harold Washington college. We first started out as friends. A few months later Bernie started falling in love with me. As I said in my last poem "A Man With High Status," that I came from a  background where people did not care about their partners or spouse's feelings. I was taught to stab men in the back. Basically, I was raised to be dishonest towards men and myself. My mother taught me to never express my feelings towards a man. I did not know what love was, and Bernie did not either. 

        At that moment when he was falling for me, I was tending to pull back from that. He told me that he loved me, but I did not love him. I did not feel the same way he felt. He wanted me to always see him and be around him at school every day. He would get insecure of whom I hung around, and he did not like it when I was around my family. I would tell him that I needed space, and he did not understand that. It was starting to feel like he was controlling me. That was why I cheated a lot on him because of his insecurities. He was writing me love poems and sending them to my emails of how he felt deeply about me. When I read them love poems he sent me, I was saying in my head, "why is he writing love poems to me, I don't care about this shit, I don't even love this nigga, I don't care how this nigga feel, fuck his poems." I was the type of female back then that did not like romance or celebrate Valentine's day, and I am still the type of female today that do not like romance or Valentine's Day. A lot of people would think that was odd for a woman not liking romance, but I did not care. It is my choice. 

           I told my boyfriend that he does not have to prove himself to me. He does not have to write me love poems, tell me how much he loves me or how much he cares. I am not looking for that in a relationship. I do not believe in deep love or romantic love. My perspective is not going to change on that. I would tell him today that I need a lot of space. I do not like to be around him all the time. I do not even like to be around my family like that. A woman always needs her space no matter what. It does not matter if that woman is married or in a relationship, she needs her space. Men need their space too. I am not just speaking on women's behalf. Men want some alone time too, they need to figure out their purpose in life and seek their goals as much as women does. We all need our space. Now, I have to be honest with myself and God. We all have to be honest with ourselves and with the people that are close to us of what we really want in a relationship. What do you really want in a relationship? What do I really want in a relationship? It is our choice of what we want in a relationship. No one can not dictate on what we should be or how we should act in a relationship, it is our choice. No one can not control our thoughts or our actions. Only we can do that. We ourselves have the power to find our purpose through life. 

        Bernie and I today see each other twice a week. Back then, he did not understand what space was, but now he does. He gives me all the space I need. I would tell him to not prove anything to me because I do not care about that. Just be a man of your purpose in life, and I have to be a woman of my purpose in life. I need space to get closer to God, and to do the things that makes me happy, not the things that makes other people happy.

  • ciara1 76w

    A Man With High Status

    A man with high status is the man who is known to his environment, social media status of thousands or millions of fans, or a celebrity with high status. But in my case and experience, a man with a high status does not necessarily mean he is famous or knows lots of people buy clout or viewers.

         In the year 2016, I did some cheating on my boyfriend Bernie. I was always looking for an upgrade in men. Basically, I was using men for benefits with sex. I was looking for a provider, a man that gives me food, money, and buy me clothes. 

    In that year of 2016, I met a man named Rayshon who had high status in his community. We saw each other once a week, every Monday while my boyfriend was at work. Everywhere we went, this man was well known in his neighborhood. There were people who were calling out his name, and we could not even get inside a restaurant without someone speaking to him. He knew everybody.

    There was a moment where we were holding hands walking down the street in the hood on the West Side. God knows it is ruff on the west side. A lot of gangs and drug activity going on in that environment. There were guys standing by abandoned stores and buildings. One guy spoke to Rayshon and said: "What up bro, that's you?" Rayshon replies, "Yeah this is me." "Ight bro, she cute, " the man said. My response was "thank you, " I said naively.

       Those moments being with Rayshon was a lesson and learned. I think about it today why I did what I did in the past. Rayshon was not the only man who I been with. I have been with tons of guys and females I had sex with that I can not keep count of, but that is a whole different chapter I will discuss later in my poetry and stories. I always had this assumption growing up that I had to always use what I got to get what I want from men. I had came from an unfaithful family background where everyone cheated on their partners and spouses. It has been a cycle that has been repeated in my family over and over again. Today, I have overcome that assumption of being with a bunch of men to make me feel happy. I came to the realization that a man does not make me happy. 

         Today, as a church-going woman, the only man that makes me happy is God. I am committed and faithful to God. God is my man. I put God first before man because to be faithful to God, that is how you become faithful to yourself and others you love. I treat people the way I want to be treated. Do you want to know who the man supposed to be with the high status? That man is God. God is the man with the high status. Know God, know his ways. Spread the word of God in your life and in your community. 

    "Now we know that God heareth not sinners: but if any man be a worshipper of God, and doeth his will, him he heareth." John 9:31 

  • arcane_rhymes 122w

    I even love to watch movies,
    Till the end and from the starting histories,

    Sometimes I too connect when it comes to nation,
    But I only want it in the span of cut and action,

    In some movie scenes we enjoy and fantasize,
    But in real life we oppose them , do we even realize?,

    Sometimes we see a kiss from a random man,
    In real we do protests as much as we can,

    As a movie to appreciate is perfect,
    But to be influenced, to such an extent is something out of your real sect,

    Take them as entertainment peice,
    In real we have much more work to do , such as planting trees?,

    Some good points to be taken into NOTE,
    To other things, in the movie let them float,

    REMEMBER, movie is an agreement for a particular time,
    It has cut and action scenes to which in real we consider as a crime,

    May be call me the one who speaks this, belonging to the category rare,
    But trust me do you think I care?

    Another cinema viewer.

    - Jasmine Kanakhara

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    Cinema viewers


  • prasanth 124w

    Youtube- The Perfect Marketer:

    Receives money from clients for playing their ads;
    And also takes money from viewers for removing the same ads...


  • madhu_netam 134w

    उनसे भी भला अब क्या गिला हैं
    वो जो चेहरे बदल बदल के मिला हैं ?
    #hindi #hindiwriters #poetry #hindipankti #hindishayari #hindikahani #story #kavita #kahani #writers #viewers #thinkers #lovers

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    असली चेहरा उसने भी खुदका ढूंढा होगा!
    जब कभी भी चेहरा बदल के वो हमसे मिला होगा?


  • susmita263 142w


    Let them watch, let them criticise you but you will see them as your viewers.

  • theblessed1 160w

    #prism #flood #help #cries #war #crime #viewers #mirakee #writersnetwork

    Many a times we are just viewers as though flipping through channels of entertainment, when in reality the world out there is crying shouting for help. Will the situations change if we don't change?! Take some time and reflect on it.

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    All the cries of help
    The wrecked homes
    From floods
    The wailing children
    Shouting slogans
    From war stricken lands
    The silent candlelight marches
    For the lost lives
    Of heinous crimes
    And we are but reduced
    To viewers through the prism
    Of television and social media.

  • the_nameless_alpha 161w

    Status updates are like royal proclamations or divulgings of old times.

  • __musafir_ 182w

    Just read the quote ...and I would love to read all your answer ...
    Hit your answer on comment box... ��
    @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork
    #questions #answers #viewers #readers #observers #influencers #writers

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    Someone asked me : Janab aapki tareef ??
    I replied : : "Suljha hua insaan hun, Uljhe hue mazak ka."


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    If your parents are talking, don't disturb them, you could get hurt "physically". Mind it and also mind following me on instagram @letsgojeet