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  • wilmaneels1 66w

    Sometimes your victory can be hollow
    Especially if you left victims in your wake to get to the top

  • tuiethetweety 66w

    " Victory"

    victory isn't always about winning,
    defeating any opponents coming across.
    fighting war without even caring about life,
    finishing the rivals with the inflicted bleeding wound,bruises,torn attires and immense tier.
    finally winning the battle is undoubtedly a great
    achievemental any fighter could ever have.
    Thereby it's definitely win,yet to be victory.
    victory isn't necessarily found in the battle fields.
    It's also not actually found when belittling anybody,or have a final say in arguments.
    achieving success by cashing anybody's
    weakness,vulnerability and politeness.
    cheating someone and getting own's wishes and
    the desired things in a wrong manner can
    be anything but a victory,as it's a temporary phase of time,which later leads to consequences
    Real victory lies in our strength,honesty,integrity.
    if you could control your fury and anger at the
    time of their occurrence and remain calm.
    Then this can surely be called as "Victory"
    almighty says,the one who control their anger instead of bursting out loud,and don't vent it
    onto anybody or anything else,rather they
    get the hold of their temper calmly are more
    victorious and successful than the warriors.
    who fight and destroy their enemies for the sake of their god,and their dearest country are also
    not as much victorious or true winner.
    warrior is the person control, subsiding rage
    victory thus seems quite an abstract thing.


  • we_elude 66w

    "......Few vacant chairs and gleaming eyes were spotted across the vineyard.... beholding the glimpse of 'comet' to rue the peccadilloes of their life....surrendering to the catastrophe every comet was cursed to bring ......their cardinal compass were preluding this comet as the revisitor towards the 'great flood ' ....."

    But the eyes.... their eyes were still gleaming
    Must be of the awe....
    There is an awe.....also at gazing at the fireball of space... to celebrate the victorious fall of the 'falling star'.... to behold its final journey across space. It won't disappoint you even if your wish is not reverberated from this cosmic 'crash' .....

    A peek into fifteenth century (earth was flat...back then..)
    But now in this century you can set a reminder on your phone to get awestruck by any comet ( earth is not flat anymore) And you don't have be worried of it's earliest comprehension as oblivious disaster.

    But disasters is still the constant visitor ...and It turned out to be that its not because of any comet or star .....to be precise ...their is no accurate ' ....because of.....' for disaster or is it because we are afraid to accept the known/unknown '... because of ...' of disaster ..!!

    The eerie repetition of disasters around the world is still terrifying in different ways... From thunders striking to bring rain and subsequently forming deluge to swipe off millions of lives in many countries......the cyclone of Pacific Ocean still cannot put off the Australia's forest fire ......the thunderstorm turning into tornadoes....swirling millions of life in it ......But we do seem to have disaster Management act ....wow ... which is similar as 'trying' to predict the unpredictable earthquake ......whilst the tectonics is terrifying 'seismic' souls....
    With time.... the number of disaster are also exponentially emerging from nuclear explosions to electromagnetic pulse.....the new addition to the disaster management rulebook .

    It may have different forms but every form of disaster....does the same ...takes life away...
    Disaster is macroscopically dragging away
    biotic beings continuously....tearing apart the home ...dreams ...and life of million lives ....lives just like us ...Still we have no solution....and we ...we are left to ponder......

    How many victory are we looking for !!
    How much do we hide behind our ENDeavours !!

    Disasters are distasteful but ain't delusional
    Disasters are the reality ...we can ignore the reality ....but not the consequences of it ......

    So no need to panic
    But concerned and informed ...surely the initial way to go....

    Till then mark on your Google calendar to behold Halley's comet of 2061....
    (P.S - we can't predict it accurately...as its orbit is unpredictable .... So will be our life from here to 2061....to ....)


    Thank you so much for reading !!!

    #disaster #wod #pod @mirakee #victoryc @writersbay #writersnetwork

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    How many 'victory' are we looking for !!
    How much do we hide behind our ENDeavours !!

    Disasters are distasteful but ain't delusional
    Disasters are the reality ...we can ignore the reality ....but not the consequences of it ......

  • chasing_the_serene 66w

    The evils of the living

    Woah so with this victory the battle finally ends...
    Shouted with rejoice a naive little child who had no idea of how the world works..
    No it doesn't.. Explained the mother..
    Sighing deeply she said... "If only it could end with just the amount of blood that was spilled on the battlefield. "
    The battle was won...
    But it wasn't...

  • daffodilpearlzz 66w

    @writersnetwork @writersbay #victoryc
    ~Bhavya Raj
    Thu 25 Mar 2021

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  • treble_clef 66w


    V aliant we are when we enter
    I ndiscriminate in our demeanor
    C atastrophe on land & the sea we strike
    T hreatening everyone's existence alike
    O minous are our names
    R ambunctious attitude we possess
    Y okelish assassins merciless

    We are the natural disasters that befall in many shapes and forms.

    But Victory is never ours.
    Mother Earth's babies are ever so resilient.
    They resurrect, regrow, rebuild, 
    revamp, revitalize, replenish.
    And they move on...
    they live on...
    as if nothing ever can touch
    their will to survive. 


  • go_win_the_hearts 66w


    A King waged war
    taking thousands of soldiers
    and a group of powerful strategoi
    to bring glory and victory!

    Tumultuous Battle
    fought over a fortnight
    from dusk to dawn in order
    turning soil red in blood and gore!
    Vultures and war hounds
    filled bellys happily
    eating flesh at night being pacified.

    Whetting of swords, spears and arrows-
    was heard late in the evening from camps,
    where men talked of maneuvers
    to taste victory at any cost!

    In the stroke of battle
    numerous women got widowed
    and a great many became orphans.
    Many drops of bawling
    remained dark quite unheard!

    Isn't it a disaster??
    Copious lives blown out
    and on the heaps of corpses cold and hard
    was hoisted the Royal Standard!

    25th March, 2021

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay

    Image credit to the rightful owner.

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    A BATTLE..


  • sproutedseeds 66w

    F L O O D

    You came gushing and rushing
    into our home when we were sleeping
    Flooding all the rooms
    Floating all our furniture
    Fearful were my people.
    Do you think it's your victory??
    Victory as "natural calamity"
    a revenge on man made "atrocities."

    You claimed our homes
    we became homeless
    You came with full will power
    we became hopeless
    Do you think you hit on our "ignorance"
    highlighting on the your safety as importance.

    You took away the trees
    what will we do to breathe??
    You carried away our cattle
    our source of income for which we battle.

    Oh dear FLOOD, your victory we embrace
    We promise you to keep our Nature safe
    We plead, please don't show us our grave.

  • bellemoon99 66w

    Here you are again
    Weighing me down
    Causing so much pain
    Nearing me to drown

    My emotions turned to crimson rivers
    I swim within them every night
    Limbs wrecked by effort and shivers
    Please tell me I will be alright

    Finally, I get up once more
    Today I write my own History
    A battle you could never ignore
    This is my mental health Victory!

    #pod #writersbay #victoryc #mentalhealth
    After three days without even being to shower, I was able to smile again. You're not alone in this battle, remember to reach out for help when you need it.

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    Borderline personality disorder (BPD)


  • pallavi4 66w

    Volcano eruption

    Several hundred feet below the surface
    I lay embroiled in my own simmering rage
    Fissures around me lay dormant too
    Slowly gathering momentum through the ages

    After what felt like a thousand years
    One day I mustered up the courage
    Accumulating all the magma tears around me
    Lunged upwards like a savage

    With a mighty explosion in the dead of the night
    I lurched from the crater- a mile high
    I jumped with glee on rediscovering
    The beauty of the star spangled sky

    Gathering all my molten and gaseous power
    Making my way through the closed vents
    I’d erupted free to breathe the air again
    Marvelling at my magnificent ascent

    From magma fuming deep in the earth
    I flowed as lava and poisonous gases
    They’d long forgotten how devastating I could be
    It had been ages since I was last seen by the masses

    The huge eruption caused by me made the world
    Come to a halting stop all of a sudden
    Happy in my victory I gobbled all in my way
    Easing myself all those centuries of burdens

    As molten lava I flowed lustily
    Meandering down the mount’s slope
    Long enough to watch peoples faces of dismay
    The blood draining and the loss of hope

    In my grandeur I forgot all my misery
    Or the fact that I’d been chained for so long
    My mile high excursions were a fantastic reminder
    That the earth was where I truly belonged

    I was dense when I burst out of the crater
    Flowing from the top of the mount
    Slowly the top of me solidified
    Releasing gases in great amounts

    Reaching record temperatures I enjoyed
    Press coverage and other attentions
    Pictures of me decorated the newspapers realising
    Notions about me had all been misconceptions

    Fearfully the village in which I resided
    Was emptied overnight and left vacant
    People ran after not apprehending
    That I was Satan’s own agent

    Singeing the earth and all around
    Melting rock, grass and debris
    I lay cooling finally at ease after having
    Discovering the elating joys of being free


    25th of March, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • absynth 66w

    S(no)w (e)scape

    Rumble rumble rumble!
    The avalanche is coming.

    Tumble tumble tumble!
    Emotions start cartwheeling.

    Grumble grumble grumble!
    As promises start trailing.

    Trouble trouble trouble!
    Forevers are crumbling.

    Fumble fumble fumble!
    With words that are no longer healing.

    A jumble jumble jumble!
    This labyrinth of feelings.

    Bubbles bubbles bubbles!
    Only growing bigger and never popping.

    Shuffle shuffle shuffle!
    Through this playlist of memories unending.

    Labels labels labels!
    Of the stubborn past never peeling.

    Humble humble humble!
    Once were this love's beginnings.

    So simple simple simple!
    Till expectations started barging.

    Subtle subtle subtle!
    Were the mixed signals hearts were receiving.

    Little by little by little
    The cold started encroaching.

    Icicles icicles icicles!
    Grew thicker with each misunderstanding.

    Battles battles battles!
    Where every victory was a losing.

    Sweet sweet truffle!
    Too frosty for the feasting.

    Happy happy couple!
    Too enamored to heed the warnings.

    Amidst the scuffles and ruffles
    Balls of hatred started snowballing.

    Futile hustle bustle
    As frostbite started settling.

    Love in shambles shambles shambles!
    And a silent spectator to disaster incoming.

    Finally gobble gobble gobble!
    The avalanche devoured hearts like dumplings.


  • pooja17 66w

    When you are surviving
    In the most unexpected
    and dreadful situation
    But still you came out to
    Be the shining star..& a superb
    Role model for everyone. .
    That's truly a Victory
    Which remains forever **

  • haruisuzu 66w

    Heart laden with disasters

    Hurricanes, weeping all along the way
    As they unruly wreck harlequin lives all gray
    Hurricane of Cynicism, spiraling with unmet expectations underway
    A wrecked heart is what lies in dismay

    Avalanche, skidding skittishly all along the downfall
    Stifling the breathe away, as zillions of lives are left to haul
    Avalanche of Trepidation,triggered by the dereliction to befall
    Strangled heart is left devoid of life's enthrall

    Hailstorms, grinning at the touch of the earth
    'Cause they are at liberty from fear of tormenting people henceforth
    Hailstorms of Vexation,frozen n longing comfort of the hearth
    The hails of warmth are heavens worth

    Life,confronted with a disaster, lying in wait is another
    Pandemonium it seems altogether
    But victorious Heart, overlooking itself despite the smothers
    Cladded with tranquilties n its outcomes alike but should be affected by nuther

  • myscribbles79 66w

    The trophy of victory may slip from your hands, by a fraction of a second or when luck
    But your outstanding performance in the battle shall always be remembered and
    win you a thousand hearts!


  • _celena_ 66w

    Hello heavy rain n her famous
    crime partner "landslides"
    Do u remember me,
    We had a pleasant meeting
    2 years back

    I was amazed as
    U gave us a visit
    in the mid of may
    Wondering how eager
    U were to see our
    devastated face

    Onn our way back
    The orange red sky
    turned dark grey
    I could see the dark clouds
    Chasing us as if they were
    enchanted by thou

    Mountain on one side
    a deep valley on the other
    with a rocky muddy road
    I sensed ur grinning
    As u were chasing victory
    over our lonely beings

    We started to send
    Our last messages
    to our near n dear ones
    Thought u allotted the wind
    N ur frnd so that we can
    encounter our death

    For that moment I blamed u
    as u crumbled my dreams
    The tomorrow I was waiting for
    was snatched by u in minutes
    We defeated u safe n sound
    But idk how many lives
    were left undone by u
    Ur unwelcomed visits
    Leaves everyone in sorrow and regrets!


    #disaster #wod #victoryc
    @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    An unwelcomed visit!


  • soulfulstirrings 66w

    We build .
    The earth sighs .
    We advance .
    She cries .

    #victoryc #disaster @odysseus
    Image credit to the rightful owner .

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    victory laps on concrete coliseums
    bearing torches of modernization
    whilst glaciers melt
    and seasons turn their back
    for earth sighs
    amidst sights of destruction
    where humans play
    harps of pandemonium


  • gaurangig 66w

    Ma was forged from the fires of the Sun!
    For ages she simmered and burned!
    But Time is an angel of healing,
    And with his help, she slowly turned!

    Though she grew beautiful on the outside,
    Adorning jewels of azure and emerald!
    She had hidden deep within her
    The scars of all the burns she had!

    Although she looks calm to you,
    Only I know how disturbed she is!
    Sometimes nervous, sometimes unhappy,
    It takes a lot of efforts to hide her unease!

    But sometimes, she trembles, every so slightly
    When she sheds a silent tear of despair,
    And I emerge quietly, you don't feel me,
    But on a seismograph dials you stare!

    Some other times, she is a little upset
    And she shakes at the thought of all that's wrong,
    You feel me move you, just for milliseconds
    Or you may not even notice, if you are in a throng!

    But the real bad me, peeps out rarely
    Only when Ma gets really really angry
    Then you will see me in all my might
    When Ma shakes violently, everyone is wary!

    She keeps patience for a long long time
    But the scars are deep and remind her
    Of all her agony, she went through for her kids!
    But now they use her, just don't mind her!

    So like all moms, sometimes she gets mad
    She unleashes me with all her power!
    And I shake all of it up, animals and man,
    I destroy houses and buildings and towers!

    When I come to visit, Ma's expression changes
    It becomes angry, her face convoluted!
    She goes astray, rivers changing course
    Mountains crumbling down, sea waves diverted!

    Ma's wrath am I, I spare no one:
    Innocent animals, birds, and plants,
    I destruct everything in my path,
    I disturb the balance and all the plans!

    Till Ma keeps the pain deep in her heart,
    I will keep returning, that's my curse
    And I will take everything away,
    I will always be the bearer of a hearse!

    She keeps me leashed most of the times,
    But like a naughty child I am,
    When she is busy moping on her scars,
    I escape and burst the dam!

    So when I return, don't blame me
    I am just your reflection
    Be careful with Mother Earth
    You need to give her more affection!

    And over time, if you improve,
    I promise you will see less of me!
    For Ma loves all of you, if I stop arriving,
    It would be her greatest victory!


    #disaster #victoryc #earthquakes #wod #mirakee #writersbay #writersnetwork

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    Mother Earth's Tremor!

    But sometimes, Ma trembles, every so slightly
    When she sheds a silent tear of despair,
    And I emerge quietly, you don't feel me,
    But on a seismograph dials you stare!


  • desiderata_ 66w


    this might be considered
    a waste of time
    to sit still at the window
    of a yellow parlor
    listening her own purrs of desire:

    today, she is going to steal some feathers
    to hang in her hair.

    her face loses its mask
    in the hearts of grass
    as drops of rain
    fill the spaces
    between the bones

    she escapes
    from the scars of
    ring in her nose
    and out of darkness
    she acknowledges her shadow;

    a sculpted dream
    left so long
    in the attic.


  • ayishaparveen 66w

    Word of the day : Victory

    Tag and share with #victoryc

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    Victory is always sugary

    Hardships are just a part.


  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 66w

    Nepenthe (pronounced nuh-pen-thee), which means "the one that chases away sorrow," is the fabled elixir that purportedly cured mental woes by way of inducing forgetfulness. Thank you for reading!

    Under celestine skies
    I await the blessed benediction of nepenthe
    The one earthly redeemer that can deliver us from untold mental anguish
    But dare I really take a sip?
    Dare I press this divine elixir
    Upon my thirsting lip?
    ©Carolyn Glackin 3/25/2021

    by Carolyn Glackin
    Tell me please, nepenthe
    Are you a blessing or a curse?
    And if I should imbibe you
    Will I be better, or much worse?

    Praytell, how can I find you?
    For you are not here in my grips
    Are you off gifting your elixir
    To some other willing lips?

    Oh dearest, don't ignore me
    Can't you see that I'm in need?
    With just one precious taste of you
    From haunting memories, I'm freed!

    Arise with me, dark lover
    For very soon, I think you'll see
    That the two of us together
    Always leads to victory!

    You're my healer and my hero
    And never do you fail me
    For you steal me from the wickedry
    Which so often doth assail me

    Nepenthe, don't be cruel
    Oh you beguile and you bewitch
    And then when I need you most
    You leave me high and dry like this?

    Come! Let me consume you!
    Let me absorb you deep within
    For then the healing process
    Can finally begin

    I shall forever sing your praises
    Oh so divine, your benediction!
    My dear, I crave you like a drug
    Won't you please grant me a prescription?

    Just one final time I'll ask
    As I await you fervently
    I'm swooning for you, love
    Seek me out, sweet nepenthe!
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 3/25/2021

    Art credit: Richard R Young Art.

    *Submitting for the #nepenthec and #victoryc challenges.

    #personification #writersbay #writersnetwork #mirakee #challengepiece

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