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  • prose_nexus 22w

    This is an ode to veterans and soldiers(KIA) around the world. I do not care the race, the sentiment falls to the loss of human life and the objectivity of war.

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    Red Timeime

    A note I once wrote in crimson ink,
    dedicated to a man of war and passion, a man whose pain was livid but not unsightly.
    He expressed himself only with limp fingers that jittered unconventional symbols and letters.

    He was different from the common man.
    He was blind but could taste sweet words within his mind's eye, could control a tower of greatness underneath his speech, and bury a mansion of wealth in objectivity.

    My thoughts of him cannot even be fully expressed by myself nor comprehended by any. For this, I have faltered. I regret one thing and a thing alone; that I have squelched a flame without knowing its abject purpose.

    Deep within the gates of sentiment, I hold dearly this figure as I have learnt never to be put down without enforcing my resilience and I have learnt to strike a balance between right and wrong. I am tender for this, so I write.

    Oh Empyrean nation! return back to me this washed soul so that I too may be cleansed by his purity of heart and tightness of tongue. I speak in solemn tone, grant me this dire request and take me next in his stead.


  • vera_anne_wolf 51w

    #mirakee #veteran #awareness #suicide
    Veterans consist of 13.5% of all deaths by suicide in US adults but only make up 7.9% of the US adult population. Veterans are more likely to commit suicide than adults who never served in the military. Female veterans are more likely than male veterans to commit suicide. You can do your own research. Just something to be aware of especially while COVID has provided a multitude of excuse (yes, some justified) to delay care for veterans.

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    Another One Down

    I admit that I got knocked down
    But I never said I was out.
    Just trying to take another breath
    while these screams keep breaking out.
    I’m not bleeding onto pages
    to beg strangers to look or care.
    It’s a little hard for you to judge me
    When you’re standing over there.
    Whether its calamity or insanity
    I’m just struggling to cope.
    They dangle reason in front of me
    While they rip out every hope.
    Take a pill and you’ll be better
    Just a mindless body left to float.
    They wonder why the numbers keep rising
    While they dig up another moat.

  • james_taumas 72w

    Yesterday's warrior

    War's over
    Return home
    Sanctuary only in words
    Fractured and alone
    Sleep is no salvation
    Scars deep
    The dead follow me
    Comrades return in nightmares
    Battles relived
    Sky illuminated by flames
    Nights filled with screams.


  • da_vidthepoet 74w


    Something is very wrong with me
    Tomorrow will be a better day
    Unless I can't find my way
    Vulnerable is what I feel inside
    What will I ever do to put this all aside?

  • the_writershome 84w

    Even those mightiest warriors were stood soft,
    their eyes were brimmed with tears,
    So unfortunate, even the heavens started raining, shredding it's sorrowful tears...

    However, the dignity of that veteran, didn't let them weep,
    Soon heaven shined it's wisdom over all,
    The band of colours filled the sky with honour and pride...
    And gazing that, whole nation stood up, and bowed to their hero.

    The funeral of a country's soldier.


  • james_taumas 91w


    Old general
    Weary bulldog
    Worn and vigilant
    Veteran and survivor
    Scarred by death's signature
    Warrior spirit still strong
    Domestic and foreign battlefields
    Victory and losses
    Comrades and enemies finale
    Peace a wish ignored
    Warhorns a sweeter song.


  • samhudson 114w


    - Shots pour out, from the bottle to the glass.
    He sits alone, drinking to the memories of the past.
    Thinking back to a different time,
    He's lost in memories when he was fine.
    Back before he became sore,
    Before he had gone to war.
    - Shots ring out, bullets from the gun.
    The bombs go off under the desert sun.
    Every second an eternity,
    Return fire at the enemy.
    Oh my God, we've been hit,
    The truck's on fire, oh shit!
    - Shots pour from the bottle again.
    He raises the glass,
    Goodbye old friend.
    Shots ring out in the back of his mind.
    Some wounds don't heal,
    Even with time.

  • k_loyal1 131w

    Break The Silence

    As service members we believe to ask for help exposes weakness. Because of this suicide takes the lives, from those of us who fought for freedom.

    We need to put our pride aside, and ask for help from one another. We had the strength to fight together, now lets use our courage to save each other.

    Everyday we dig a grave for a veteran who felt alone. Lets work together and make the change, to support the troops returning home.

  • angrycalivet 134w

    4th of July

    Enjoy today the 4th of July
    The end is near for this great country

    We have been invaded by all
    Morals depleted, we need the wall

    It's not racist to stand in line
    To enter this great country of mine

    Soon this streets will be full
    Disease and trash no bull

    Civil war will be the only answer
    The liberal shit is like cancer

    They don't get it, they're not wise
    They are pushing their own demise

    2020 no matter who wins left or right
    This will begin the fight

    We know who is on our side
    GOD, veterans, the blue and pride

  • nocturnal_enigma 135w

    An #OpenLetter to #favourite #star #openletter_wt Entry for a #challenge by @writerstolli #writerstolli

    #RobinWilliams #veteran #actor #comedian #suicide

    Photo Credit: To it's rightful owner

    I've seen him act in some movies: Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting, Jumanji, Hook, Night At The Museum, RV, Flubber, Bicentennial Man etc..

    *P.s Robin Williams was born on #21st of a month, like me and some others. I share description about birthdate number #21 in a post, before #NuEm21

    An open letter to: my favourite veteran actor,
    Robin Williams ~

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

    Dear, my favourite veteran actor,
    Sir Robin Williams.

    Today is 21st June 2019. It's a month before your 68th birthday. But, you are not here anymore, to celebrate it.

    Because, you have already gone. You died almost 5 years ago, on 11th August 2014, at the age of 63.

    It was a shocking and a saddening news for me and other fans, also people who know you, when we knew about your death.

    It's heart-breaking, when we heard you took your own life and committed suicide.

    I've read, that the cause is because of your struggle with Lewy-body Disease.

    It must have been hard for you, to cope with such illness. You have suffered in silence and felt depressed.

    I wish, I can say 'rest in peace', but my religion prohibited me, to say so.

    I hope, I can say, 'may God bless you' despite our different beliefs.

    But, as for faith, there's a thing, called 'spirituality', so I guess, there's no problem, to say a prayer for anyone, right?

    Well, you can't read this, but I'll just imagine you read it, anyway. Please be assured, that you'll always be in our hearts.

    (Your, die-hard fan),
    Nuruliffa Emirah.


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    An open letter to:
    my favourite veteran actor,
    Robin Williams ~

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    Photo Credit:
    To it's rightful owner

    Robin McLaurin Williams
    (July 21, 1951 –
    August 11, 2014) ~

  • pradippk 138w

    Life is like a game of cricket. It has to be played like a champion. A champion knows the twists and the turns in the game. He has to maintain his composure, stay focused and hit the odd ones ultimately to become the winner.

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    Life: A game of cricket

    Life is like a game of cricket;
    Unpredictable till the last ball bowled,
    Excitement thrills every moment,
    A veteran all his nerves to hold.

    It swings like a pendulum
    Towards your end or the other,
    As a player maintain equilibrium,
    Focus and perform to be the winner.

  • ankitpant 141w

    Bahut door

    Aaj phir yaad aaya hai vatan aur vatan ka log vahan ki khusbo hawa mai mehakti udkar jaise aayi hai vatan ki dhul mitti aandhi bankar saat samandar paar kuch inhe yaad dilane aaye hai

  • hmgautsch 156w

    Still Dreaming

    Dreams out weigh my harsh reality
    From my visions,
    I wish you could see me in my sleep
    So why would I want to wake up
    To the ugliness of this world, FUCK!
    I'd rather stay under my rock
    and keep delivering you this art hop.
    "Cold World, High Hopes"
    My definition, my motto.

    I don't always think before I talk,
    But I surely think before I write,
    Pen, Pencil, or Chalk
    Learning my goals, morals,
    and ethical virtue as I draw words
    that form into my walks.
    Words never come empty though
    Some come with pure emotions,
    Others causing my bipolar expressions.

    Irony is this shit keeps me stable
    when people try to tear me down
    when people try to turn my existence into a fable,
    I reverse the power to my persona
    and remain able to keep dreaming.


  • hmgautsch 156w

    The Road to Healing

    Be the change
    I hear it over and over again
    I do what I can, when I can.
    Finding my purpose in life.
    Not an easy pathway, 
    But I think I’ve found the light.
    A new day passes, 
    The end of the tunnel expands.
    The sun rays, I feel on my skin.
    Clouds creep from the distance,
    Threatening the moment.
    I throw out the umbrella; let the storm come.
    I’m at the finish line, I’m done running. 
    Fists up, ready for what may come.
    A passive lover turned aggressive fighter.
    Wanting all that I’ve earned,
    Accepting the gifts I’ve been given,
    Using them to make for a better tomorrow.
    The road to healing is turning its course,
    Arise from the mercy of the knees,
    Re-baptized by the Earthly rains.

    © @hmgautsch

  • chevalier 195w

    Something I wrote for a veterans funeral.

    #mirakee #honour #respect #veteran #beauty #fallen

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    With Honour

    Gathered are we, giving respect to you,
    A hero now passed, just and true.
    This family you joined gathered here in force,
    For although you are gone, you can never divorce.

    The bonds of this world, now cast aside
    Your ship set sail toward the next rising tide.
    A wise man once said 'A life worth living,
    Is a life lived for others'
    This you've accomplished one of our fallen brothers.

  • thomas_prince 202w


    Once, when I was a boy,
    I met an old Veteran,
    Who was a bum on the street,
    Begging for change,
    He told me,
    "The closest thing to love I ever knew,
    Was a whore from Bangkok,
    She'd tell me what I wanted to hear,
    And let me fuck her the way I wanted,
    She'd cry for my soul,
    Whether or not they were crocodile tears,
    I will never truly know,
    But don't you take to the needle, son,
    It'll consume you."
    I ran away from him,
    And I've been running from his words ever since.


  • w_notes 204w

    Rip @sridevi.kapoor you will always be remembered. You are the part of our childhood memories and in that even God cannot snatch you away, from us. We love you ma'am. ❤️ #rip #soul #life #lifequotes #hindi #bollywood #veteran #actor #mother #wife #beautyqueen

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    Yun bewaqt jana zaruri tha kya,
    Dekho to zara mud ke ek baar, ye saara Zamaana ashq baha raha hai.

  • jbmcgraw 207w

    Cereal Box Neurologist

    It took months of fighting just to be allowed to see you,

    And now that I'm finally here, you say you don't know what I expected.

    Well I guess I believed your job title when it said you were a specialist.

    Now you say there's nothing to do.

    In this place I'm used to being rejected,

    But I thought I might finally get treatment if I saw a real neurologist.

    I'm out of here, I'll go private, me and you are through.

    I'm going to a doctor that's actually respected.

    I'm curious where you apprenticed,

    Was the school hard to get into?

    Or was your degree the prize you pulled from your breakfast.


  • misterwise 208w

    You embarrassed me. 
    You played me. 
    You made me feel like shit.
    You penetrated my soul, when your words connect and whip 

    You shamed me.
    You shun me.
    You made me feel so small.
    You told me things about myself which made me tumble and fall. And Fall I did... But

    You held me. 
    You kissed me.
    You guided me to my feet.
    You revitalized my soul as you softly kiss and speak. 

    Your patience was not in vain. 
    And my love for you has no measure.  
    You've awaken a sleeping King. 
    And to you I owe this pleasure. 

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  • jbmcgraw 208w

    Dealing with mental health services at the Veteran's Affairs hospital is a nightmare unto itself. They offer pills, not help. ����������
    @readwriteunite @writersnetwork
    #poem #poetry #veteran #VA #anger #serious #sad #22 #nomore #writersnetwork #readwriteunite

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    I don't know I don't know I don't know,

    What can I do?

    What is this feeling welling up inside me?

    Is there nowhere I could go?

    Maybe I could come see you?

    Right, I should have known you can't help me.

    You're just a shrink how could you know,

    What haunts me the whole night through?

    I'm sorry, I know you're busy, I'll let you be.

    I waited three months for this appointment though.

    I thought you might let me talk to you,

    About these awful feelings tormenting me.

    Am I going to hurt myself or someone else? No.

    I have a family so do not misconstrue,

    My cry for help as a goodbye statement, though admittedly,

    So many others have fallen because you refused to take their hand when they were low.

    I carry on for my loves, and I'll always pull through,

    But at some point there has to be some accountability.

    So when you reach the gates and St Peter says you have to go,

    Remember the faces of all those who reached up for you,

    As you plunge into your eternity.