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    Trust the overthinkers who tells you they love you.
    They have most assuredly thought of every reason to be with you rather than not to be beside you.


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    Hey guys thanks you so much for 1000��♥️
    Actually dont write that much good, but thank you very much for 1k I'm blessed that I've met people like you guys, i met lots of people here who changed my life and learnt so much good things�� and bad things too.��

    Actually only you people knows me here that i wrote these write hardly 2/3 people knows in this in my real life.
    My virtual life is too much greater than my real life , like in real life is not that bad though , but you guys know I'm doing engineering so its shit...���� Anyway
    I will write more and more hope my write-up motivate or inspired someone to write some masterpiece ❤️
    Thank you so much for being part of my life
    You all guys are Gems �� and i will keep you guys with me as long as i can, i know i wrote to big for 1k but it came from heart ��.once again thank you so much ♥️��

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    Thank you family ❤️


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    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #raam #rama #ram #sita #seetha #siya #ma #pita #vishnu #madhur #sweet #very #extremely #dussehra #dashami #victory #of #good #over #evil #ayodhya #brothers #mothers #three #vatsalya #father #shri #janki #jaanki #raghav

    Happiest Dussehra!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤����������

    ShriVallabhAcharya wrote MadhurAshtakam on ShriKrishn. It had eight paragraphs describing the various attributes of Bhagwaan, but it had only one adjective that is 'Madhur' or 'Sweet' each line ending with MadhurAdhiPaterAkhilam Madhuram' meaning everything is sweet about the Lord of Sweetness.

    Just like a lover finds everything about his loved one as sweet, his speech, his voice, his gait, his smile, his hands, his feet, his eyes, his eye movements and everything, similarly did Shri VallabhAcharya wrote about our Bhagwan with whom he was in love with.

    It is veryyyyyyyyyyy sweet to hear and recite.
    In fact it is said to be the favourite hymn of Bhagwan ShriKrishna himself!
    No wonder it is a gem in itself!

    My best friend and my sister @aarsha_ns di told me to write something similar on ShriRaam. Since I do not know Sanskrit, I gave my naive attempt to write something like this in Hindi for ShriRaam Bhagwan with eight paragraphs using the adjective Madhur in each line for each of his attribute and the last line for each para being 'Akhil Madhur SiyaNaath', that is 'The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet' ��❤��

    And on this occasion of Dussehra or Vijaya Dashami, I am sharing it with everyone.
    Let's celebrate the sweetness of the King and Queen of Sweetness- ShriSeethaRaam!!!

    मधुर श्रीराघव स्तुति
    -भव्या गोगिया

    मधुर नयन, मधुर चितवन
    मधुर श्यामल सुंदर गात
    मधुर चंचल नेत्र पुण्डरीक
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |१|
    मधुर भुजाएँ, मधुर करपंकज
    अति मधुर धरे शर चाप
    मधुर स्वर, मधुर श्रीमुख के
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |२|
    मधुरतम चरणारविंद अद्वित्य
    अतिशय मधुर वक्ष विशाल
    मधुर श्रीनिवासाल्या प्रभु
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |३|
    मधुर लीलाएं, मधुर कलाएँ
    मधुर आनंद सुख धाम
    मधुर वरदायी युगल करचरण
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |४|
    मधुर चतुरभ्राता की क्रीड़ा
    मधुर वाद्य सा हास
    मधुर मतवारी चाल मतंग सी
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |५|
    मधुर कोशलनंदन की लीला
    मधुर वात्सालय मूरत तात
    मधुर त्रिमाता, सुत जगत्राता
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |६|
    मधुर जानकीवल्लभ श्रीहरि
    मधुर नवनित्य प्राचीन साथ
    मधुर प्रेम अनुपम दिव्य युगल का
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |७|
    मधुर भक्त वत्सल श्रीराघव
    मारुति वंदित मधुर भगवान
    मधुर लवकुश पिता, जग जनक
    अखिल मधुर सियानाथ |८|

    His eyes are sweet, his lovely eye movements are sweet
    His beautiful black body is sweet
    His restless (joyous) lotus eyes are sweet
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |1|
    His arms are sweet, his lotus hands are sweet
    He holds very sweet bow and arrows
    His very sweet Shrimukh (mouth) utters a sweet accent/voice
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |2|
    His incomparable lotus feet are the most sweet
    His large chest is extremely sweet
    The Lord who is the abode of Shri is sweet
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |3|
    His plays are sweet, his skills are sweet
    He, the abode of bliss and happiness is sweet
    Sweet are his pairs of hands and Feet which always bless,
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |4|
    The sport of the four brothers is sweet
    Sweet is their laughter like a musical instrument,
    Their joyous gait like elephants is sweet!
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |5|
    The play of the joy (son) of Kaushalya is sweet
    His father who is the epitome of Parental love is sweet
    The three mothers are sweet, the sons are the guardians of the world
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |6|
    The beloved of Jaanki, ShriHari is sweet
    The comradery which is new everyday and yet the oldest one is sweet
    Sweet is the matchless love of the divine couple
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |7|
    Sweet is ShriRaghav who loves his devotees
    Sweet is the God worshipped by Maruti (Shri Hanuman Ji)
    The one who is the father of Lav-Kush and the whole world is sweet
    The Lord of Siya is entirely sweet! |8|

    ✿ �������� ������������������������! �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

    �������������� ������������: To the original owner
    ���� ������ ��������������: Ever Youthful ShriSiyaRaam (नित्य किशोर श्रीसियाराम) showing their lotus feet to make us completely surrender to them! ��❤��
    ���������� ������������: @dollysehgal

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

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    मधुर श्रीराघव स्तुति
    -श्रीहरि नंदिनी

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    #very present dates

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    Fiery Hell

    The air is sent to blow out,
    But fire sets on air.
    Then water is sent to put out,
    But fire sets on water.
    Then He raises His hand.
    All the race starts to burn
    Blaming on another;
    Cannot able to call Him,
    They forget His original self,
    As they divided Him also.
    Satan with undaunted spirit
    Jumping over the fire only
    To spread it over and over.

  • mintie 63w


    Love day..... Go away,. Like I have anything more to say. It's sad.... Very bad,. Not like you'd change anyway. Pain.... In vain,. The tears I shed everyday. Hurt... But I fought,. I pray you'd regret someday.

  • ant_lover 63w

    #Very good humans very #good ����
    #Yes im #crazy #because I'm #crying.....

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    How cute is Their behavior ,,,
    When she bites you
    in her defense,
    (She says~ Leave me
    or i will bite you)
    And you crush them.....


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    #feeling blissed #most happiest #very glad to have such person in my lyf����������

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    Staying positive gives solution to every single problem which kept us occupied on it whole night, worrying a lot by overthinking the same thing repeatedly...Though we must be positive, if that vibe maybe given by a person who unconditionally cares us then, definitely that would give us great hope and pleasure to get rid off the issue.

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    the only thing actually
    fearful about yer little
    campaign_is that you
    honestly believe that
    you could campaign


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    ©Poornima Gowda

  • dreamsinthepocket 75w

    I'm Missing You

    Confused and in grey
    Do I on my bed lay
    I'm thinking of you
    Do you are doing that too?

    I'm missing you like hell
    So many things I want you to tell
    So less words we said
    Here I lay on my bed

    Alone and with a broken heart
    I'm crying tears
    A new love for me will start
    A love what is still there over hundred years

    Sometimes people come and go
    I think that is the circle of life
    That can make my spirit grow
    Sometimes life make me strife

    Confused and in blue
    I keep thinking of you
    Maybe you miss me too
    But not so much as I do

    By: justexplore

  • mackruis 76w

    Ever imagined what it took you to stay here at this right moment..
    Thinking this in a worst situation will definitely not let you down, but will get a huge smile on ur face...


  • nikithasharmabts_rare 82w

    #missing my college#very badly

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    .....A Small Hole

    When I look from the small hole of my class
    I feel like whole world is in front of my eyes
    Trees dancing with happiness
    Ducks walking like crackheads.
    Whenever birds sit on the saplings
    I see them giggling
    Clouds look like cotton candies without sticks
    Which everyone wants to pick.
    I see five monkeys dropping regularly
    Want to catch the ducks cruelly
    I can listen to the lament of the little ducks
    Who escaped from the monkeys by luck
    Birds flying up in the sky
    Trying hard to reach high
    Air trying to snatch papers from my book
    Me, looking like a crook.
    Rain drizzling with rhythmic sound
    Of which I am very fond
    I see the whole world from the small hole of my class
    Which is the WINDOW of my class.

  • raz_feel 83w

    Vitamin Me!

    There's a kid inside me I always hear
    Is it good or bad that's not clear
    At times rough at times so mild
    Sometimes I wonder what's hidden behind
    Always cheerful, at times so irritating ☺
    That's how I am, not at all faking
    My family says sometimes let us speak
    But I really don't know how to shut my beak
    Innocent face that I carry
    People around me call me a fairy
    Words would be less to describe about me
    To know me u have to deep dive in the sea


  • rakshitakulkarni 86w

    You are far from my eyes but very close to my heart ❤

  • suhana_safar 87w


    उसने कहा कि आप खुश बहुत रहते हैं,
    अब उन्हें क्या पता कि मुझे सबको गम बताने की आदत नहीं!


  • ashish13 91w

    ¤ HaApPy HoLi ¤

    उनको भी हैपी होली
    जो TiMe के साथ
    किसी और की हो ली..!!!!

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    Karke Khud Galt Kaam Dusro Ko Smjhate Hai...
    Na Smjh Hokr Smjhdar Khud Ko Dikhate Hai..


  • musafirwords 98w

    Kabhi Socha Nahi Tha Mene
    Ki Yeh Safar Is Tarah Chalna Padega
    Par Mushkilon Se Fr Bi Lada Main
    Na Hausla Tutne Diya Na Dil Mene...


  • surmam_writings 98w

    #thought #very true #fake face #be aware of your kindly nature

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    When you let other people hurt you by allow them to do what they do by wearing fake face,actually you hurt yourself.
    So dont hurt yourself and be aware of your nature.

  • manjari78621 102w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Balance

    Humans get entangled in relationships.....
    #very #true ��

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    Insaan Rishton main ulaj jaata h