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    Everyone in the family of the Debachevs loves Uncle Wilson. He is the senior brother of Emmanuel Debachev. He is a little too opinionated and believes whatever belongs to Emmanuel belongs to him as well except Emmanuel's wife which he, Wilson, believes is the only area he has no jurisdiction or right over.
    He loves his nephews and nieces so much that whenever he would come visiting, he would always come with bedtime and free time stories for them alongside some other tangible goodies but this traditional routine would soon be queried and ultimately cease too soon.
    'Welcome, Uncle Wilson', Emmanuella, his 13 year old niece screams with joy as she opens the door, giving Uncle Wilson a brief hug before leading him into the house to meet the others.
    'Hello everyone', Uncle Wilson screams as he sees the rest of the family all seated in the sitting room having some family time before the television. Hearing his voice, his twin 6-year old nephews, Franklin & Ferdinard come running to him for a welcome hug while his other 17 year old niece Brittany watches on amazed, waiting for him to relax so she can just pop in and say 'hello, Uncle Wilson' and he will whisper 'there's my senior lady' and gives her a kiss on the back of her hand.
    Days run into weeks and suddenly the wonderful Uncle Wilson everyone seems to love so much has Angela, 30 year old wife and mother of the Debachevs wondering when Wilson will be leaving the house back to his own apartment wherever that is. They feel it would be too crazy to ask him to leave so they decide to wait a little longer enduring what they term to be migrainous excesses.
    'He is driving us crazy too', Mr. & Mrs. Debachev would say to the kids when they come to them with complaints of how they would want him to leave.
    'First it was wonderful to see him after so long a while but right now, I cannot deal with him anymore. Can he just go already?', Brittany asks with some atom of disgust.
    'I do not like Uncle Wilson anymore. When is he going back?', Emmanuella grumpily asks as she walks into her parents' room in a tantrum.
    'Don't worry Emmanuella. It'll be over soon okay?', Angela says to Emmanuella softly and Emmanuella nods her head happily as she flashes a smile. 'Now can you excuse us. I want to have a little talk with your dad?'
    'Alright mom', Emmanuella says as she walks out of the room to go meet the other kids in the sitting room.
    For a few minutes, there is a deafening silence interrupted only by the wall clock ticking. Then Angela and Emmanuel say at the same time, 'So...:' They both want to start the conversation unknown by the other, assuming that the other was unaware of the import of the discussion. But when Emmanuel realizes that Angela has something to discuss, he allows her have the floor believing that her issue may be more weighty than his own discussion and on the grounds of the fact that he had been brought up to always put his lady before himself no matter what,
    'Ok. You go first, my love', Emmanuel says with a smile.
    'Thank you for always being a gentleman, baby', Angela replies. 'It's about Uncle Wilson's
    'Oh wow. We are really made for each other', Emmanuel says with a loving pride. 'That's exactly what I want to talk to you about as well'

    Emmanuel and Angela talk for a few minutes about how they might have made an error being so welcoming of him in the first place.
    'Ok, now we are not happy with his visit anymore. What shall we do to get him out?', Angela asks as they round off their debates and talks on the 'Uncle Wilson' matter.
    Emmanuel strokes his chin and looks up for two minutes and a few seconds as if asking Heaven for direction on the matter and listening for a feedback.
    'I've got it', Emmanuel says as he turns to Angela abruptly shaking her gently by her shoulders. He tells his plan to Angela is a whispery tone and she surely likes it because she would not be directly involved in the plan. It will be all Emmanuel's actions from here on out. Uncle Wilson still has his character in him when Emmanuel approaches him so it makes it quite easy and difficult at the same time to execute the plan. He is aware of the fact that Uncle Wilson may feel hurt and heartbroken by what Emmanuel would say to him but it is for a greater good so he does it anyway.
    'Uncle Wilson, You know I love you right?', Emmanuel asks trying to give a soft landing to the bomb he is about to drop.
    'Of course I do and I love you all too so much and that is why I have decided to....', Uncle Wilson is still talking when he is interrupted by Emmanuel.
    'Uncle Wilson you have to go', Emmanuel blurts out surprising himself.
    'You did not let me finish, Emmanuel', he says defensively. 'I wanted to say that's why I have decided to leave so I can keep things fresh but you did not let me finish. Anyways, I will be leaving this evening. I will miss you all'
    'We'll miss you too, Wilson', Emmanuel says quietly and somewhat emotionally.
    In the evening, Emmanuel drives Wilson to the airport with the rest of the family have mixed feelings about the whole thing. Yes they want him gone but watching Emmanuel drive him out of the compound and to the airport, sort of, makes them want to jump in front of the sedan he is being driven in by Emmanuel and beg him to return to the house but he is already on his way and it would be awkward to turn him back at that moment. They therefore decide to save the longing for the next visit which they hope will be soon.


  • avish_ 80w


    इस समाज को दूषित करने का कैसे तुमने सोच लिया?
    निर्भय चलती निर्भया को कैसे तुमने खरोंच दिया?
    मानवता संवेदनहीन नहीं है, तुम्हें कभी न माफ़ करेगी,
    सबला है नारी, दरिंदों कैसे तुमने उसका रस्ता रोंक लिया?

  • catastrophist_1512 83w

    Justice for Nirbhaya ❤️

    An angel,
    Smiling through the night,
    Having the moment of her life,
    Cherishing the good,
    Enjoying the moon,
    Walking hand in hand,
    Future looking bright
    And she looked to shine !

    Nightmare she never thought,
    The pain she never imagined,
    The fate she never wished,
    The monsters she Never met,
    They laughed, while she screamed,
    Satisfying their needs,
    Bleeding, crawling,
    Horrified yet holding,
    Evil laugh ringing in her head,
    They continued dragging,
    Torning her smile,
    Ripping her soul,
    Taking everything away,
    The memories,
    Leaving her with nothing,
    But just the human cruelty

    The friend who tried,
    While getting beaten up,
    He cried,
    Helpless with situation,
    Nothing to hold on,
    Nothing to hope,
    She gave up and died

    the daughter,
    Killed mercilessly,
    She could have been you,
    Or your sister, or your daughter

    She gave away her soul,
    Hoping for better tomorrow,
    As in day passed,
    She sobbed some more,
    Gave up on the judiciary,
    Refused to enter the heaven,
    Watching from above,
    Back forth trail,
    And guilty pleading,
    Blessed her mother,
    For fighting for years,
    Justice was denied often,
    7 years it took for the nation,
    Finally, it was served in the memory of
    Her painful destruction !


  • irwd_amih 102w

    Can there be two souls in one body....yes!..only if both individuals have accepted each other... wholeheartedly.

  • metoyou 102w

    Religion is a very sensitive matter . We all have views about it but it is best not to throw those views at others because unlike other subjects , religion is not just thoughts, or views. It is a belief. And trying to disrupt a belief has never served well for anyone.

  • nighttimestranger 106w

    I found the meaning of love
    Verdict of


  • scribbling_amor 109w

    Deep down inside
    her heart, she is
    struggling to discern
    the verdict of her

    Is her love worth lying?


  • vera_anne_wolf 123w

    Is It Enough?

    When the sweat drips off my brow
    And my hands won’t cease to shake
    Is it enough? Is it enough?
    When I find the courage to own
    And to face—every mistake
    Is it enough? Is it enough?

    How many times must I be the sinner
    For failing to be perfect.
    Is it enough? Is it enough?
    How many times will you the winner
    On every verdict.
    Is it enough? Is it enough?

    When I’m starving myself to thinner
    Just to face the mirror
    Is it enough? Is it enough?
    When I stress every test, every choice,
    Every question, this life delivers
    Is it enough? Is it enough?

    How many times must I be the sinner
    For failing to be perfect.
    Is it enough? Is it enough?
    How many times will you the winner
    On every verdict.
    Is it enough? Am I enough...

    For You?


  • barefootdoc 129w

    The Verdict

    a classic of genre
    a paradigm of beauty that is of rare
    while the stars align
    giving me the hint of time
    all the good signs attuned
    one glance
    that's all it took
    the search is over
    for the dawn has come
    a genesis is within reach
    a turn of viable page
    in full power and conviction
    it is I
    it is mine
    it will be
    the verdict is vintage.

  • pragyan_mishra 152w

    Judgement is a very basic thing of life and you are at all liberty to judge people.

    What creates havoc is inaccurate judgement sans ample observation and the rush to give a verdict about that.

  • _musannif_ 155w

    There's no fire in the flames of desires,
    There's agony that conspires.
    A conspiracy for the verdict,
    By a victim.
    Here, I stand
    Naked with a bare hand,
    Desiring for the burning fire,
    Fooling myself by being a liar.
    There, thou stand
    Accompanied and occupied,
    Watering the seed of flameless fire,
    Fooling thyself by being a liar.
    It's the lie of yours' and mine,
    Making the myth, absolutely fine.


  • anupama_sarkar 156w


    पवित्र अपवित्र से परे भी सोच लीजिए.. आपका शरीर आपका मन आपके कर्म आपकी आस्था.. निजी है सब..

    सार्वजनिक मुद्दों के चलते अपनी निजता को प्रदर्शित करती स्त्रियां भी वहीं खड़ी होकर सोच रही हैं, जहां खड़े होकर, प्रकृति का आदर करते हुए रजस्वला स्त्रियों को अपनी सुविधा से रहने के विकल्प देने की बजाय, नियमों की कड़ियां पहनाने वाले ढकोसलेबाजों ने कभी सोचा होगा...

    समाज से लड़ते हुए ईश्वर को पूजना छोड़ा था.. अब ईश्वर से लड़ते हुए समाज में वर्चस्व स्थापित करने की कवायद शुरु!! सच में, इसमें आज़ादी या अपनी इच्छा जैसा कुछ महसूस होता है आपको? या फिर सिर्फ भीड़ की भेड़चाल है, जिसमें पलड़ा भारी करने के लिए कभी padman आपको भरमाता है तो कभी Sabrimala..

    महत्वपूर्ण हैं ये पांच दिन, आपकी शारीरिक संरचना और हार्मोन्स के चलते मन तन को कई तरह से उद्वेलित करते.. ज़ाहिर है सबका मन तन अलग है, तो उनमें आने वाले भाव और असर भी जुदा ही होंगें..

    पूर्णतया निजी होता है ये समय, किसी भी महिला के लिए, इसे वही रहने दें.. पूंजीवादी राजनैतिक बहसों में मत ही उलझाएं... अभी अभी तो शरीर से हटकर, खुद को इंसान के रूप में स्थापित करने में सक्षम हुई हैं स्त्रियां.. फिर से सारी चर्चा तन पर ही केन्द्रित क्यों करनी!

  • prabha_prakash 160w

    The Verdict

    Before you ask me if gender matters;
    Let me ask you;
    Do forms matter?
    Do trumpets matter?
    And do the footsteps and the river and the crowd matter?
    What is it, that you seek?
    Is it just the form?
    Or the one within you.

  • kawaljit 163w

    #the morning after 377...

    World looks better today
    Love in its any form is not illegal
    Any more
    Let's work towards not labelling
    It as immoral also.
    Let's spread acceptance .
    Let's spread hope that
    This time it is not crime.

  • theemopoet 163w

    Goliath has been knocked down
    Section 377 has been read down
    Homosexuality decriminalized
    Better late than never realized


  • _mudra_ 163w

    Those hands which were waiting to be held proudly.
    Those eyes which were seeking respect, officially gets a confirmation for the right to dignity and right to live respectfully.
    With this proud moment in our country that decriminalizes homosexuality, its necessary people also do decriminalize their mindset and accept and treat, these people with respect.
    Being different is not an issue, but having a negative different mindset is totally an issue.
    They are free. And no fingers could be pointed out. Free to live together, hug, kiss and be happy.
    LOVE has no Gender.
    LOVE has no Shame.
    LOVE has no Restriction.
    LOVE has no Failure.
    LOVE IS LOVE. Period.
    #writernetwork #lgbtq #lgbt #freedom #section377 #verdict #repost #mirakee #mirakeepost #mirakeeinstagram

    Read More

    "He is a gay."
    "She is a lesbian."
    "That person is bisexual."

    But most importantly,
    "They are human and take them as they are."

  • jen_2990 164w


    Welcome every Shock & Surprise
    An only way to Enhance and Rise
    Elect a Verdict that's Skilled & Wise
    And live a Story, that of Paradise

  • rabina_azrael 171w


    Don't listen to people who judge you,
    they aren't living your life.
    You yourself,don't judge people,
    Because you aren't living their lives.

    Judging and making verdict is easy
    Being responsible for your judgement isn't.
    If the world you live isn't itself perfect,
    How can you expect people to reach the expectation you make?

    Everything has its limitation,
    Expectations have none,
    Realize the truth,
    Before the time is gone.
    -A. Rabina

  • ghule_11 181w


    आज खुदा भी सब देखके पूछता होगा कि ,
    क्या मिला यूँ मज़हब का फरेब रच के ऐेे बंदे
    बनाना ही था तो ईंसान बनाता ,
    कम से कम एक लड़की की इज्जत तेरे मज़हबी
    गलियारों में दम तो न तोड़ती ।।

  • harrinikumar 205w


    She is the goddess of poetry, he is the sinner of language. And when they meet, the universe waits for the verdict. Silence.