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  • stankyryfol 2w

    There's plenty fish in the sea
    But feels like i done checked the whole sea
    Seems there is nothing for me
    Only sea weed

  • stankyryfol 2w


    It's weird sleeping alone
    In some strangers home.

    It's weird I'm stuck in a dome
    Where don't not belong.

    It's weird the faces I see
    That belong in the sea
    I'm drowning in 3


    1 hand reached for me.

    The other sailors have noticed
    So They put in a notice
    To go save the tortuous
    While others ignore it

    Im fighting the truth
    Like I'm stuck in some plastic bag
    Wild life is a metaphor
    And that's what makes me sad.

    Plastic bag- is the fake people who constantly stay attached to you. No matter how much u shake it off.

    Tortuous- a wise slow minded creature.taking his time with life. Knowing there is more beauty behind the hidden eyes.

    Sailors- people riding life like a wave. like they was on a boat just cruising. Watching for any body who needs guidance.

    Dome- my mind , my head that traps me from making steps . Keeps me in a closed in surrounding.

  • stankyryfol 6w

    They are trying to show me love
    Before they lock me away
    I let my birdy fly free
    Before it's locked in a cage
    I don't wanna blame God
    For making me feel this way
    But I wanna thank God
    For always keeping me safe.

  • stankyryfol 6w

    I don't play mind games
    For my brain is too weak
    I don't go on ships
    In fear the boat will sink
    I don't write poetry
    I write what I think
    And if it happens to rhyme
    Then my brain is in sync

  • stankyryfol 7w

    Ur beauty evens out my flaws.
    Ur beauty's dangerous, scratching me like claws.
    Ur that cactus Sharp and strong.
    But interior is liquid let everything fall, in place.

  • ms_lonely 8w

    The problem starts when idiots start thinking they are intelligent and wise people.

  • stankyryfol 10w

    August 11th, on this day. Happy birthday to pain

    Every year I try my best
    One year I felt pain in my chest.
    Another year passed, the cops had made their arrest.
    Another year came but only for tests.

    See every year for 5 years all I had was bad luck.
    On a day where I shouldn't even give a fuck.

    Every year I tried forgetting the rest
    But those days I'll wear it like a vest

    The pain haunts me like the grudge coming out of the TV screen
    I'm screaming and shouting but noone can hear me scream.

    See On this day is my worse day
    Depression hits like back in the day.

  • stankyryfol 10w

    Idk I can't compete

    U guys are good at writing
    Ur words are the fire, firefighters are fighting.
    Instead of anger
    It's the pain that u are hiding
    Then when u are calm u noticed
    How much pain it was , it's amazing

    But how is fire damage so amazing

    Because you are letting the fire burn all the old and a chance for it to regrow stronger.
    Sure it's depressing to look at
    But that's still your negative thoughts thinking
    You are to use to the same old shyt
    Not giving u a chance to make the new begining.

  • stankyryfol 10w


    Another cigar rolled with fine greens
    I split the swisher down the middle
    Put the tree in between ,
    Where I split it
    It all gets filled in
    Take tabaccoo out then the weed u add in

    She playin games like madden
    I'm so high like Aladin
    On a mother ship like the aliens have landed

  • stankyryfol 10w

    I took a leap of faith
    But I trace back my steps
    Fallin off that same bridge I crossed agian

    Instead of building I'm welding up my mistakes
    Fantasizing about cheese cake and stakes.

  • stankyryfol 10w


    My eyes closed but I still see the pain
    My windows fogged from all the rain
    My tunnel vision isn't blocked agian

    I'm just repeating the same thang

    I'm screaming for hours
    I shout with power
    I'm speaking but softly
    Like my words are flour

    Maybe I should bake a cake
    With all this fake, hate I see

    If the science dosnt match up then we have no chemistry .

  • kaiotyk 15w

    My eyes scan the walls of my eyelids for a secret code I have been trying to decipher for over 20 years. I feel like no matter what I do, I am always the technician of my own undoing. 

  • sins_of_creation 18w

    Let me trade
    The cracks in my heart
    For something better
    Even just a part
    But it's okay
    I understand
    Keep it close
    Clenched in your hand


  • benny_lambchop 21w

    Fire Brain

    I hate when I can't relax
    Body shaking
    Soul attempting escape
    Brain stuttering
    I can't even think
    Electrical pulses
    Taking over
    Disabling ambition
    I am freezing
    Trapped inside

  • diabolical_gi 21w

    Slow motion

    Suddenly everything is running, everyone is running, right past me..
    And I just stand there, looking around, what's happening?.. tell me..

    Life, is what.. people running after their dreams, their futures, is what.. and I'm still in slow motion.. walking, just in my own time.. my own pace.. feeling like I'm missing my chances.. chances flying right over my head.. like I'm too slow to grasp at them, at a sliver of hope .. like if I don't start running now, I'll forever stay behind..

    Run, run I say .. my legs don't listen, the floor beneath me is slippery, and everywhere I reach to steady myself, it vanishes into nothingness.. nothing to support me.. I've got only my feet, on slippery floor.. where everything is so fast.. and running is how you last...


  • sins_of_creation 23w

    I am a snake. I used to be an alpha big dog woof woof mfs. But I learned the secret. I'd rather be in the shadows on my own slithering and watching instead of rushing in. I'll creep up and squeeze a mfr to death. My venom is poisonous and lethal. I strike to kill. And I'll protect my family to the death and you won't see me coming.


  • jazzpanda 28w


    Pissed off with myself
    Trying to get off from your thoughts

    But stuck
    Cause I have attached you to
    Around me.

  • moodswingchild 38w

    For my ex

    I am not scared of you. I am afraid of what you'll do to ones I care for. I'm not emotionless nor mentally ill.. I AM SOMEONE WHO GIVES EVERYTHING TO OTHERS TO MAKE THEM SMILE. I'm nothing like you.. So stop.. Your not a dictator anymore.. You just a simple girl who needs help.

  • in_fragments 40w

    "Time keeps moving on too fast.
    Everyone I love just keeps getting older.
    We are all dying. We are all so decrepit.

    I just want to be held like a child again.

    My mind keeps moving on too fast.
    Nothing is real, and minutes don't pass
    properly inside of me.
    I am stuck in so many different places.

    You stole my past and ruined my future.
    The present is hanging on
    by a razor-thin, weakening thread.

    I just want to be safe again, clean again,
    innocent again.
    My childhood is missing.
    Why am I not allowed back there?

    I don't remember what any of this feels like.
    It all seems unattainable,
    like some distant memories I've let rot
    and left to be forgotten.
    Why did I have to forget?

    Time marches on so unjustly, so unfairly.
    Time saw what happened to me,
    it saw them destroying me
    and did nothing but pass to haunt me.

    If time was never on my side,
    is there any reason why I'm still alive?"

    In an abusive relationship with time.
    #pod #poem #trauma #venting #cptsd #abuse #time #thoughts @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Time/No Time

    We are all so decrepit.

    I just want to be held like a child again.

  • mrsalikattyoung 45w

    Seems like the
    only time people care
    is if you
    accomplish something